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Amber Heard: Solo Shopping After Night with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard: Solo Shopping After Night with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard puts her sunglasses on while shopping at an antiques flea market on Sunday afternoon (April 28) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 27-year-old Three Days to Kill actress picked up a large antique mirror and had an employee help carry it to her classic Ford Mustang.

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The night before, Amber held hands with her rumored boyfriend Johnny Depp while attending a secret Rolling Stones gig.

FYI: Amber is wearing Cocobelle‘s Mila sandals and carrying Coach‘s Legacy duffle.

15+ pictures inside of Amber Heard shopping at an antiques flea market…

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amber heard solo shopping after night with johnny depp 01
amber heard solo shopping after night with johnny depp 02
amber heard solo shopping after night with johnny depp 03
amber heard solo shopping after night with johnny depp 04
amber heard solo shopping after night with johnny depp 05
amber heard solo shopping after night with johnny depp 06
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amber heard solo shopping after night with johnny depp 15

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  • Lisa

    Amber is sooooo B E A U T I F U L !!!!!!

  • Angie

    Look people! that’s what happens when you assume the truth in your life…
    Amber who has been hiding for months, acting like a scared puppy for months around paparazzis, now walks relaxed around a simple market…
    It seems like she took off of her shoulders the weight of the world, when -at last- she became public with Johnny :)

  • Jenn

    She’s really stunning and has great style

  • Sam

    But she has blonde hair in these pictures and whoever Johnny was holding hands with had brown hair, unless she changed her hair colour that morning, which I doubt.

  • ana

    @Sam: She has ombre hair, just like she had last night. It was clearly her. She was there with her sister, you can see them both in the car

  • TJ

    Uggggh. No longer a fan of Johnny’s. Well, the quality of his recent movies is the main reason. She just closed the deal.

  • LOL

    Fame Ho extraordinaire.
    She has latched on to the more famous middle aged star for $.
    Hopefully her new movie wont follow her other outputs and tank at the box office.
    Wont matter though sugar daddy Johnny can now pick up the checks and relevance

  • ron

    Homewrecker. She knew exactly what she was doing. I’ve had interactions with her and she isn’t the sweetie pie she wants you to believe.

  • Amber Fan

    Amber may not be a saint but unless people have proof she is a home wrecker they need to stop saying she is. Anyways this relationship with JD probably won’t last long IMO. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we saw her with Marie De Villepin again in the future.

  • http://jdwendyjd Wendy Mathews


    I agree with you 100% she does know what she is doing. The only parts she can play in are sexual. She seems sneaky to me one big liar. She is with a woman than John wt*. I’m not sure why JD is so deeply in love with her. I don’t like her at all, and she is dragging John down with her. So Eww to the home wrecker Amber Heard. Just my opinion. Please share any info you can I like your comment.

  • rosie

    you guys sound so jealous

  • sweety

    she is not a good actress but she is beautiful! that’s wahy JD likes her!!!

  • Johnny depp fan

    @TJ: and what does that have to do with anartice about amber?

  • Johnny depp fan

    @LOL: You don’t know her feelings about him to say that !! Do you think all of the ppl thinkof $$ ?? Like you maybe??

  • Jean

    She’s just a vulgar woman trying too desperate to be famous.

  • Anne

    She’s just taking advantage of this stupid relatioship.

  • Lili

    Fame w-h-o-r-e!

  • M

    She’s a pretty girl but needs a stylist. At least a new one. Because that shot from the backside…So not a good look for her! Starting to look chunky.

  • Vic

    So far she has showed very little acting talent and as a model she didn’t get the front pages of high profile magazines. So far. Now that she get’s
    officially f*cked by Johnny Depp it’ll be interesting to see how her “career” developes.

  • Oliver

    @Lisa: Not anymore. She was beautiful

  • Ale

    Amber is beautiful and talented! Stop bitching, she got him, live with it!!
    Since she left her partner of 3 years with whom she was very in love and adored, means she has met a bigger love : Johnny.

  • Kayle

    @Anne: whats the advangate? people call her fame whore and a home wercker? This is a great relationship and they loves each other

  • Didy

    I have so many things to say…
    Many of the comments here make me sad. I do not understand the concern that some people have to judge human beings that they do not even know, and they do it without no compassion and never trying to put themselves in their shoes and try to understand them! Those people certainly think they are perfect and they have the authority to say what is right and wrong even when they do not know what really happened in the lives of others!
    Surely those people are not fans of neither one nor the other because true fans support them!
    These two kindred spirits have been together for a year and a half now. Tabloids and jealous people don’t make things easy to them. They tried to destroy them but they are together, strong, even after so many falsehoods and unfair judgments. For me, there is no doubt that they love each other! And there is much support, cumplicity and respect between them. I see this union between them clearly portrayed in the way he holds her hand in the car. It seems that they are saying to each other: “we’re in this together, I’m here with you.” They have each other, f*ck the world!
    She does not care that he is almost 23 years older than her, or that he has two teenage children, whether he has a beard or is clean shaven, or if his hair is short or long … And he does not care that she is younger than him, that she has dated a woman before dating him (Tasya Van Ree), whether she is blonde or brunette, well dressed or not, with nails painted red or pink … Definitely THEY do not care about looks, age, sexuality and all these external things. They love each other, from heart to heart and accept each other exactly as he /she is!
    Johnny never cared much about the physical appearance of his girlfriends! He definitely has no type, he is eclectic. And Amber has always preferred dating people who are older than her. They have much in common and he looks happy and complete now. He looks so much young! His kids live with him, he is doing everything he loves: good movies, good music (he even sings on the “West of Memphis: Voices for Justice” album), lauching books… I had not seen him so happy and productive for a long time. Being with her is good for him as he even did something that once seemed impossible: he stopped drinking alcohol (yes, he’s been sober for over a year now)! Things could not be better and I thank her for making him so happy and healthy! I wish them much happiness! Jealous people, get a life!

  • jasonb

    Good looking but a little stereotyped and very american !

  • Didy

    What’s the problem? She IS American. But she is also very ecletic and doesn’t dresses always the same. I like her unique style.

  • j hollis

    @Didy damn take a pill. It’s great that you are a fan of these two but calm down. If this thing is real time will tell. You might want to remember that he was having this affair behind his partner’s back. SO THEY SNUCK AROUND-IT’S THE SAME AS LYING. I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THAT BS.

  • Didy

    @j hollis: Johnny did not start to date Amber in the set of the The Rum Diary movie, in 2009! That’s a tabloid lie. They started to date in late 2011 when both of them where already free. She was saw wearing one of his shirts at the Christmas/2011. They weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend before the premieres of The Rum Diary.

  • Ronny

    My friend worked on the set of The Rum Diary. It is a fact that Depp and Heard were hooking up during that movie shoot. It was in 2009. J.D. and A.H. were out drinking and sleeping in each others rooms thru out the shoot. J.D. was doing this all behind vanessa paradis’ back. I would call that cheating. They have carried on this affair for the last 5 years on the down low. But plenty of people saw them together. the tabloids even got it right this time. The paps caught them together many times and up until 2012 Johnny was still denying the relationship. And he denied publicly that anything was wrong with him and vanessa. Those are undisputed and proven facts. So yeah, that makes her a home wrecker. In my opinion, from a guys point of view, I think she is using him to try to further her career. I think he is way more into her than she is with him. That is why he keeps buying her all these extravagant gifts. believe me, he will cool off over her just as soon as he has hooked her. He is just enjoying the chase and she has been playing him like a fiddle.