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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: 'Big Sur' SFIFF Premiere!

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: 'Big Sur' SFIFF Premiere!

Kate Bosworth and her fiance Michael Polish hit the red carpet at the premiere of their film Big Sur during the 2013 San Francisco International Film Festival on Sunday (April 28) at the Sundance Kabuki Cinema in San Francisco, Calif.

“Hello San Fran! So pleased to be here for the @sfintlfilmfest #BigSur,” the 30-year-old actress tweeted.

Big Sur is a recounting of Jack Kerouac‘s (here known by the name of his fictional alter-ego Jack Duluoz) three sojourns to the cabin in Big Sur, owned by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

FYI: Kate is wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress and belt with a Devi Kroell clutch and a Graziela ring.

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Credit: Steve Jennings; Photos: Wire Image
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  • emmaline

    she used to have a cute face with a bangin body.
    now she’s just another skinny blonde with bright red lip color.

  • carrie

    look her legs! she’s too skinny !

  • ron

    His eyes remind me of Steve Buscemi’s character in Mr Deeds. Crazy Eyes.

  • test


  • siennagold

    She’s kinda bow legged. Everytime she wears dresses, she stands that way with those bow legs.

  • Dom – Dom

    She looks nice

  • AbFab

    The dress is very pretty. And the red lip makes a great contrast.

  • Annie

    I can practically see the cloud of white powder following these 2 greasy, sleazy skinny weirdos around. They’re like cocaine personified as a couple.

  • donnadew

    For once I have no criticism. She looks clean, nicely coiffed, grown up and (gasp) even ladylike. He still looks like Uriah Heep, of course, but that’s another story.

  • ladybug

    @donnadew: She does look nice. Well, except for the knees.
    Now as to whether or not this showing at this film fest helps BS get a film distributor, who knows?

    @siennagold: she’s not bowlegged, the toes pointed in drunken baby giraffe pose is very common on the red carpet. This pose isn’t as bad as some of the ones she’s done.

  • Suze

    It’s a cute dress, but I feel like we have seen this look on her before. LBD, sheer top & sleeves. It’s kind of boring. Her hair & makeup remind me of the Met gala from a few years ago when she wore the SM dress.

  • Cherry

    I think she looks pretty good here. Nice to see that she is still on friendly terms with Lisa Larson.

  • lol

    they said she would be the next big thing to watch we are watching it doesn’t look that great. It must suck that she bought into that and now this is all she has got.

  • Amy

    She needs to put on weight. She looked much better in Blue Crush.

  • ND

    I was wondering if this outing would get any coverage… Her JJ appearances seem fewer and further between, mostly limited to official red carpets. And I do think Coachella now falls into that category. Anyway, this outfit is nice but boring.

  • ladybug

    @Suze: She wore a lbd with sheer for the pre GG party in January. Heck, her ‘design’ at Coachella is is a black, mainly sheer, dress.
    Perhaps black is her new beige?

  • Macy

    This isn’t terrible but yeah, she’s done it before.

  • Really?

    She looks nice, but I find it ridiculous that (per her make up artist’s tweet) she flew a make up artist up to San Francisco for such a low-key event. There are only about 5 pictures of the event including twit picks and there was no one else on the red carpet, so it was obviously very small. Is she really so incapable (or has that bad of skin) that she could neither do her own makeup nor trust a local make up artist to do it for an event like this?

  • Outfit looks great

    To be honest I love the dress with the cute belt and love the shoes, but it’s unfortunate it is being worn by the horrible untalented twig,

  • Eresyn

    Dress is gorgeous, but she had to ruin it by doing that silly pigeon pose of hers…it makes her look idiotic and highlights the fact she’s got toothpicks for legs…ugh!

  • ladybug

    @lol: This is true. However, I do have to admire the ability of she and her agent/manager to wring money from companies like SK-II and Topshop. And for getting party appearance fees from Audi.

    @ND: I’ve noticed that this year, she isn’t getting as many posts and not as many blatant pap shops. I don’t know if that’s deliberate-did she decide at the beginning of the year that now she was 30 she was going to be less of an obvious famewhore? Or is she still taking ‘random’ shopping trips but the paps aren’t showing up?

    @Really?: She brought her makeup artist!? Hah! But that does explain why she looks much better than when she does it herself.
    But she did overdress for the event, didn’t she? As she did for Sundance.

  • ND

    @ladybug: I wonder if that Hollywood Reporter article about “mocktresses” had anything to do with changing her tune? They called her OUT. I remember a Met Gala a couple of years ago where she was featured the day before, the day of, at the event and the day after and now it’s coming up next Monday. I don’t care how many errands she has to run in SoHo, I just hope she wears something more interesting to the Met Gala than this outfit!

  • ladybug

    @ND: The HR article was in March, this started happening before that. And even her ‘professional’ appearances haven’t been as many. And when she has them she seems to get less exposure: I think she got just two posts out of Sundance and two out of Coachella.

    As for the Met Gala, this year’s theme is Punk. Oh boy. Fashionistas without a punk bone in their body dressing as punk. This could be entertaining.

  • ND

    @ladybug: If her New Year’s Resolution was to focus more on her career, then good for her. Maybe realizing nobody cared about her engagement after how hard she pimped that ring was kind of a wake-up call. I hope it sticks and the effort pays off to her liking. Re: Met Gala —> Exactly. CANNOT WAIT.

  • Red carpet looks empty .

    Shit were they the only 2 + photogs at the premiere? What no supporters you know other famewhore celebz Who like nothing more then 2 / show up to an opening of an envolope hello oooo Vanessa hudgens, and beau Austin butler

  • Shazzer

    Dude has the lazy eye! Maybe he’s the father of Gwyneth Patrows creepy kid Apple. Seen her eyes? Google it ! Ye-YOW!!!!!

  • ladybug

    @ND: If this is by choice then it’s about time. It’s something that’s long been suggested as something for her to do in order to be taken more seriously and be less disliked. I’m presuming the Topshop ‘designing’ stuff is also part of a career change/plan. It’s something she’s probably wanted to do for awhile and Topshop is giving her that opportunity.
    As for her acting, Black Rock comes out the middle of May. It might not do anything:

    And While We Were Here has another distributer, that’s supposed to go to VOD in August.
    Homefront? Statham’s movies aren’t doing very well.
    Big Sur hasn’t been picked up yet.
    Rememory just finished and if it takes him even half as long to finish post-production on this as it did for BS it won’t be finished until next year.
    So, maybe its actually smart of her to focus on fashion.
    As for the Met Gala, could be very interesting. Rooney Mara is the co-host, so she’ll do better than most. But Kristen Stewart is also attending, KStew as punk? Hah!

  • Keiko

    The dress is gorgeous–probably the best dress she ever wore. Her figure…ghastly skinny as usual.

  • ladybug

    @Red carpet looks empty .: Well, it’s ‘their’ film, so attending the red carpet for the festival showing makes sense. Even though they do seem to be only two who were there, but there were actually 16 whole photos!

    Please note that they spelled MP’s last name incorrectly.

  • Keiko

    Did anyone see the website for Lisa Larsen’s “fashion line” (rolls @@ eyes)? I was very surprised to see she’s connected to both Caroline Winberg AND Kate Bosworth AND that Cher woman. Well, it’s not that being connected to CW surprises me…but Cher and KB does surprise me. So the wife of Alex’s BEST friend is still good friends with Alex’s dreadful EX-GF? I don’t know…it’s a bit yuck. As an aside Lisa is a HORRIBLE writer (her crap on her website couldn’t be more poorly written if a 13 year old came up with those lines) and a major a*s*s kisser for her famous friends.

  • Really?

    @ladybug: She did! And she does seem very overdressed for the event, the only other “red carpet” on Wire Image was more of a nice jeans and t-shirt affair. But it was their movie and they were the only ones in attendance besides a photographer or two so I guess they could dress however they wanted.
    Andre Sarmiento ‏@andremakeup 28 Apr
    Quick trip to SF to glam my lovely @katebosworth. I haven’t even made it to the airport and there are already carpet pictures! #redlips
    Kate Bosworth ‏@katebosworth 8h
    @andremakeup … THANK YOU! 💋💋 💋 💋💋💋💋💋

  • Really?

    Some more from her twitter: She called San Francisco “San Fran” and some local told her: “FYI: Most locals HATE it when San Francisco is called San Fran.” So of course Kate went and used San Fran again 24 hours after someone told her not to. She’s such a wonderful guest and so gracious, isn’t she?
    I remember she said something kind of clueless and rude to her friend yesterday, but it has since been deleted so I’ll spare her friend and not say exactly what it was. I guess she was just being clueless about what she says to other people all around this weekend.
    The #BigSur tag has some really wonderful pictures of Big Sur and the Big Sur marathon (some of which include costumes). Only a handful of tweets about the movie though.

  • ladybug

    @Really?: How many makeup artists does she use? And just a few hours to do a red carpet that apparently had only one ‘official’ photographer and it looks like only one or two media, plus someone from the festival?
    They did have the Australian fan of MP’s who flew to see the festival and meet them. So, maybe three people on the red carpet?
    I guess they’re still trying to get a buzz going for it, but it didn’t work any better than it did at Sundance.

    I noticed the San Fran thing as well. We did a family visit years ago and the first thing my Dad’s friend said was ‘Do NOT call it San Fran.’

    Also, KB tweeted a a photo of a juice drink, trying to convince she’s consuming healthy items?

  • SSgirl

    what a very beautiful dress :)

  • Whycantipost

    I have to admit I think she looks really nice here. The belt gives her a waist and still doesn’t make her that skeleton-looking as usual. The dress is simple yet cute. I like it. Still on the fence about the lipstick, but the hair and make up are good besides that.

  • Macy

    Oh please, do tell. LOL! I’m always intrigued at the garbage that comes out of this girl’s mouth.

  • Really?

    @Macy: I don’t want to drag her friend into it, but it was just your run of the mill friend forgetting that you want to do something with them, but can’t for a very obvious reason if they know even the basics about your life at the moment. I had two friends say something similar to me just a week ago, so it really wasn’t anything spectacularly clueless. It just compounded how earlier she was not thinking about how other people feel or would react to what she said. And maybe she apologized to her friend so the matter is settled between them, who knows.
    Re: The Met Gala
    I forgot to say earlier, but did everyone hear about this?:
    “[A] 40-foot styrofoam nude statue of [Vivienne] Westwood was going to be in the center of this year’s Costume Institute Benefit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The statue would honor the fact that Westwood is known for being the main influence of the punk movement, coinciding with the museum’s ‘Punk: Chaos To Couture’ exhibition this year. However Wintour decided it would not be shown, describing it as a ‘needless distraction.’”
    Oh yeah, high fashion really gets punk. This article didn’t mention it, the sculpture, which was supposed to be the centerpiece of the exhibit, was interactive and would have let guests project different graffiti onto the sculpture.

  • Macy

    So she forgot they had plans? Or the other way around? I would think that’s kind of a private business you wouldn’t want to hash out on Twitter, but that’s just me.

  • Really?

    @Macy: They never had plans. Kate said she wished her friend could do something with her and forgot that there was no way her friend possibly could. And it was private, which is why it was deleted. Sorry, the wording wasn’t clear, I’m not best at conveying my thoughts in the morning. In my first sentence I should have said something like: “just your run of the mill friend [this time Kate] forgetting” so you would know who was “friend” and who was “you.”

  • chelle

    OK I like the dress but I don’t like makeup or hair…. especially the hair. To me it looks oily and very unclean. The makeup makes her face look more weird. But seriously…. kudos on the dress

  • Keiko

    OMG with the “San Fran” thing!! I don’t like the girl but good grief this is how people type on TWITTER. Everything is shortened/abbreviated. I can’t BELIEVE somebody called her out publicly for that. And then she repeated it? GOOD FOR HER. More important things in life to complain about. If I was gonna call out Kate Bosworth publicly in Twitter it would be to scold her lack of weight.

  • Fashionista

    She looks fantastic! Beautiful dress. And those red lips are the perfect accompaniment!

  • Nan

    I live in San Francisco and attended the screening of Big Sur at the SFIFF last Sunday. It’s perfectly fine to say San Fran. The reason why I”m posting is to say Big Sur is a gem of a film. Gorgeous cinematography, wonderful acting by all, a great tribute to Jack Kerouac, his novel, and his style of writing. Michael Polish’s film honored JK and I’m sure if he were alive today he’d be thrilled. It’s also a lovely nod to SF and Big Sur!

  • Really?

    @Keiko: Except San Fran is a famously disliked nickname (at least by most people I know from that area and according to a quick google search) and is much longer than the commonly used and even more twitter friendly “SF.” It would be like calling Los Angeles “Los Ang” on twitter instead of LA because it’s shorter than Los Angeles.
    I disagree with you on the tweeter’s intent. I read it as the person just saying: for your information most locals hate that term so you probably shouldn’t keep saying it while you’re here or you’ll be unintentionally making people mad. It wasn’t a scolding. At least that’s they way I read it. What does for your information mean when you use it? Because I usually see it used as a helpful bit of information. (see above where JJ tells us what the subject of the article is wearing)
    Personally I think it’s funny because she was not only blowing off advice, she was messing up the name of the city that she always cites as the place that she got her start in preforming.
    I guess at least she didn’t call it Frisco.