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Ray J: 'I Hit It First' Video with Kim Kardashian Lookalike!

Ray J: 'I Hit It First' Video with Kim Kardashian Lookalike!

Ray J stars in the music video for his latest single “I Hit It First,” which is widely believed to be about his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

While the 32-year-old singer claims that the song is not about Kim, the fact that he used a lookalike as his love interest in the video may speak otherwise!

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The video also parodies Kim‘s E! reality shows by putting an “F!” logo in the corner while cameras follow her around.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the video for Ray J’s “I Hit It First”?

Ray J: ‘I Hit It First’ Video with Kim Kardashian Lookalike!
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  • freya

    Ray J is a genius YEAH HE REALLY DID HIT HER FIRST. This is much more fun and creative more than every album that Kanye will release combine.

  • Emma

    I can’t stand KK, but this dude has no class…

  • Yas

    The Thirst. The Thirst. The Thirst. The Thirst. Oh Ray J. The Thirst.

  • freya


    Hey He’s just doing what the Kardashian are doing anyway, This family has made a living airing all their laundry on air. Ray J is doing his, by releasing this song unfortunately for the Katrashians he has no legal connection to them so they can’t control it.

  • Linda Lou

    The song and video come across as a little desperate. This kid is riding the Kardashian coattails. You can’t do anything more creative??

  • #lmeus

    This video is disrespectful to the woman who is carrying his child……

  • coco

    sad …

  • nyc

    lmao. michael jackson’s nephew hit it first, ray j.

  • Jime

    I agree. I’m not fan of Kim, but this is rude and disgusting

  • dee

    Gosh..i mean i know it’s kk we are talking about..but still..he should show more respect or at least shut up

  • TC

    Uh, sorry Ray J, but your song says much more about you than it does Kim K.

  • EndOfTime

    he just want some buzz

  • stacy

    a lot of men hit it first before you ray j

  • joy

    Let me ask Ray J who his sister hit first. Oh yeah that’s right. She hit and Killed a mother a few years ago. The girls in video is the same model that Kim sued because she was using Kim’s image and likeness(Kim wan that suit). This 5’6″ little toad has no creativity. He can’t own up to the fact that this is all about Kim. Well he got what he wanted and that was free publicity. This guy has never made real music. He doesn’t realize everyone sees him for a loser who is trying a 2nd attempt at making money at Kim’s expense.I wonder what he would do if someone did this to his niece? Karma is a b*tch.


    Uh for everyone that keeps saying Ray J hit it first he did NOT hit it first he hit it second Michael Jackson’s nephew hit it first also i’m not going lie the song is catchy but I think Ray J is disgusting for making a song and a video like this!!!!!!!!!

  • blueskies

    @#lmeus – Kim is not carrying Ray J’s child.


    @Emma: WHY IS THE KK PR TEAM MIFFED? They made money off of him… with not a worry about the staged porn… Her mom proudly hocked it like the grifter she is. Why cry now..? Turn about is fair play my dear. Their PR team is on every blog trolling saying how could he do such a thing Shut uuuup. the’re pathetic.

  • jane

    dat sextape hahaha

  • lynn

    Good for him! If KIM can get profit from the sex tape why should not he??? And the song is catchy!!!

  • Steph

    he is just as pathetic as her

  • Eewww…

    You can’t get any skankier than appearing in a porn tape, having a man pee on you & then have your mother sell it to the highest bidder.

    KK will always be cheap & nasty no matter how much money she makes….

    Ray J singing I hit it first wouldn’t matter to KK as it’s just more cheap publicity for her…

  • Sammy

    @Joy you sound just as dumb and desperate for attention as ray j with that wack ass post. Get a grip on life. Social media is not for kids

  • Sarah.

    Seriously, a video? I thought it was just a diss track. Which I think is absolutely pathetic and so desperate.. Kim is probably loving it though

  • a

    @joy: omg she didnt kill her. an accident happened where the woman died. brandy didnt made a plan or did it on purpose so this would happen. it was a car accident. it is totally mean and evil of you to just rip of the truth and make false statements out of it.

  • #lmeus

    But his pregnant girlfriend is….

  • blueskies

    @#lmeus – sorry, I didn’t know he had a pregnant girlfriend; I thought you were talking about Kim.

  • Daniel MmMmMm.

    He is so THIRSTY!!!!!!!

  • Danielle


  • FaithHillFANatic

    Ray J. is a has been. He is so desperate for a hit song that he has to resort to singing about having sex with Kim Kardashian. He will NEVER be in the same league as Kim no matter how many songs he releases about hitting it first. Actually in all eality Ray did NOT hit it first. And as I can recall during the filming of their sex tape Kim was more focused on her hair and makeup then what Ray J. was doing with his d*ick and tongue. Apparently he is NOT THE BEST, NOT THE BEST, NOT THE BEST, because when you are hitting it and a woman is really into it, the last thing on her mind is her outter appearance. MHM??? I will forever look at Ray J. in a different light. He should release a song titled, ” I Can’t Hit, I Can’t Hit It….RIGHT”!!! lmao!

  • ari

    This girl is much prettier than KK.

  • sally

    @lynn. I completely agree, even though this is disgusting. Kim Kardashian profited big time from her sex tape. She posed for Playboy several times , and she did a lot of very sexual photo layouts. Ray J. is giving her a taste of her own medicine. Hilariously, Kardashian played the victim with this sex tape.

  • Olivia

    Poor guy, I smell desperation, that sex tape was a long time ago, you can tell he’s mad she became famous while he’s Ray J “the has been/the guy from the sex tape/Brandy’s brother” lmao

  • Alexandra

    Yeaaaahh!! suuuuureee.. you hit it first and Taylor Swift has never dated

    Oh! and why spend money on this video when you guys have a sextape where take footage from?

  • LA girl

    I wonder what Brandy thinks…

  • Rose

    This is halirious first time i heard it finally, he is so nt over her and to be honest after that long apart it is truely pathetic to watch and listen to. He brings the song out after she gets pregnant with someone elses baby, its obvious he wishes it was his.

  • Mkhay

    very classy

  • mariana

    i love the song

  • remember da truth

    WOW, so the guy releases a sex tape of a woman he had sex with, and then is jealous when she’s successful and he’s not, so makes a song about it and is such a weenie he can’t even admit it’s about her??

    This guy is the lowest jerk there is. No wonder Kim rose up as soon as she was away from him. Whether you like Kim K or not, if you have any values at all, you would despise this guy and his video and how he treats women.

  • mimi

    I hope that K does not respond to this nor her baby daddy.

  • Liz

    You know, I can’t blame the guy for having fun with the whole situation. It’s really embarrassing, though, for all parties. They’re all a joke. I can’t believe Kim Kardashian is raking in the dough she is, and she’ll continue to until the day she passes on, probably afterward. He’ll make money in the now, though, through the video hits he wants, that’s for sure.

  • Gp

    so stupid – same level as kardashians

  • broken heart

    what a disgusting attitude this man has.

  • Kate

    Wow you creative, so many different lyrics. I’m not a Kim fan at all, can’t stand her, but this is just wrong. What a sad little douchebag trying to make some from money using someone elses name. He could at least man up and admit this is totally about Kim.

  • Nana

    how childish…

  • Go Ask Alice

    Wow. Cheap shot. Nasty. Low blow. Why bring back something that was awful for both of them. BUT Kim made about 5 milllion off her most private.intimate life and from what is said, ray j did not get the same amt. O r any money, rights. It was never said who released the vid. I think kimk did. Both should not let thst vid go out. Kim k, isgetting hers becuase kayne west is making a fool of. Her

  • xoxsoulja

    Its really depressing to think that his dick made a whole family famous.

  • Terri Lewis

    Ray-J needs to grow up !

  • Terri Lewis

    Ray J needs to row up !

  • Lucas

    Yeah, I agree, that dude needs to take a long, hard look at himself!

  • Alexander

    Whoah back a touch there guys, Ray is a legend and you should stop slagging him off!