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Amanda Bynes Poses in Bra, Wants to Lose 35 Pounds

Amanda Bynes Poses in Bra, Wants to Lose 35 Pounds

Amanda Bynes shows off her flat tummy while posing in a bra for a picture she posted on Twitter!

“About to put on makeup! I weigh 135, I’ve gained weight! I need to be 100 lbs!” the 27-year-old actress tweeted. We think you look great, Amanda!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amanda Bynes

Amanda added another pic and wrote, “One more pre make up!”

In case you missed it, check out more pictures and a video of Amanda flaunting her new buzz hair cut.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Amanda Bynes’ goal to lose 35 pounds?

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  • Leenah

    This girl is 50 shades of crazy, I see she even got breast implants..someone needs to step up and help her,she’s a funny actress it’s a shame.

  • Brian

    would you please stop posting sht about this cnt seriously

  • LIvely

    She’s crazy but I feel the same way about my weight. I weigh about the same–135 right now. I used to weigh 106. I miss those days–4 years ago.

  • Ulrich

    What an ugly chick. She used to be…not pretty…but endearing when she was on that tv show. Now she’s a mess…

    Fake breasts
    and a butt ugly butter face.

    Put her on suicide watch, ’cause she’s gonna jump off a bridge one of these days- and if not, someone’s gonna push her off.

  • *

    She’ll be nonexistent and unhealthy if she loses 35 pounds. I’d say 10 pounds max if she wants to lose.

  • Jane

    There’s nothing wrong with her…. She likes to take pictures of herself (selfies) just your typical average facebooker does the same.

  • Erin

    She doesn’t need to lose weight but she does need a buy a bra that fits her better.

  • Jordan

    Stop giving her attention. Maybe she’ll get stop this nonsense when she realizes no one is watching to see what she does.

  • Mikaela

    @Brian: WOOORD!! even though I click the f**king button…..

  • NYC

    She does not need to lose weight.
    Amada! wake up! You are fine just the way you are.
    Don’t let Hollywierd destroy your true spirit.

  • Queenie

    I’m sorry, but what does this person DO exactly? She’s seems to get an awful lot of media attention for simply acting crazy in public. Don’t we have Lindsay Lohan for that?

  • Turby

    Whats wrong? If she wants to pose on her underwear its her problem. For me as if she wants to pose naked.

  • Sarah.

    She doesn’t need to lose weight! Somebody needs to talk some sense into her..

  • Daleann

    How about she admits her self to a psychiatric hospital instead.

  • Daleann

    Oh, and she doesn’t need to lose any physical weight. Her face, however, is disproportionate with the rest of her body being the result of bulimia bloat. Very sad.

  • Turby

    @Daleann: oh! And whos guilty for her bulimia? Have you ever wondered? She even probably has bulimia because she wants to throw up her meds. She went crazy agter Hollyweird.

  • Um


    Except Amanda is 5’8″. If she loses 35 pounds she will be a walking corpse with bones popping out everywhere.

  • noprobBOB

    Damn…I used to love watching The Amanda Show & All That back in the day…just sad

  • amanda

    she is clearly on drugs, her eyes look bloodshot and tired

  • solecito

    She takes the worst selfies I’ve ever seen. BTW, nice shot of the toilet paper. About the weight issues, I said baloney, she just wants people to talk about her.

  • silly

    I’m seriously laughing my arse off at this chick she is to much

  • melissan

    All that weight she gained is in her breast implants.

  • Camden

    Oh for crying out loud!
    I thought she’d “quit” the entertainment industry.
    Why don’t you actually do us a favour and go through with it!
    I’ve never seen such an attention seeker, what vapid and uttlerly pointless human being.

  • XOXO

    if she really is 5’8” good luck to weigh 100, her skeleton alone is probably heavier! how stupid can she be!

  • aka

    she just want to hear ‘amanda! you are skinny enough!’

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I think the weight is in her fake boobs.

  • cali

    Jared, your website is exploiting a person who is mentally ill by posting stuff about her. She needs to find help and peace, and she shouldn’t be getting posts on your website. This is the kind of thing Dlisted would post, and I would think that JJ is aiming for a bit higher standard

  • Loiolp

    She’s obviously mentally ill.

  • neena
  • J

    It’s safe to blame the parents in 90 per cent of these types of severe cases.

  • adele

    She doesn’t need to lose any weight.

  • Diedre

    No, Amanda…you do not need to weigh 100 lbs. You need to check yourself into a good psychiatric facility and get treatment.

    This girl is a walking cry for help.

  • emma

    That girl needs help.

  • .:Lea:.
  • Mary

    I’m quite afraid this girl is going to accidently die from meds/ commit suicide soon.

  • James

    I hope Amanda gets help for her mental illness. She looks like she hasn’t slept in a week. And if she thinks she needs to lose 35 pounds when she clearly looks underweight now then she’s crazy.

  • Lawrence

    Look at it this way, if she didn’t act crazy and take pics of herself what would you people have to bitch about?. I’m sure its the fulfillment of some of you to come in here and complain and make yourselves sound so high and mighty. Such a den of hypocrites this site attracts.

  • Jo

    you should stop posting about her, we all pity her and the more you talk about her the more she wants to be relevant

  • ===

    She looks like a porn star

  • Isla

    Girls are this messed up due to the misogynistic, degrading culture of Hollywood where women are valued only for their looks and every body part is expected to be perfect or else you will be ripped apart. (like many of you have done). Most of you commenters are so full of crap its hilarious.

    Men, if you expect women to look perfect all the time, then you will have to deal with the psychological results that result from this expectation.

  • Really

    Just lose the breast implants, ther goes the 30lbs lol

  • Lisa

    Amy Winehouse – talent

  • ac

    i think she’s another hollywood nut job. if she was really conscious about her weight why post the picture. unless it’s for a role or something and she just wants buzz going about her. either way, who gives a frack

  • dayton

    lol she funny

  • scarlett

    I thought maybe drugs was the big problem here but it’s looking more and more like mental illness is the culprit. Not sure if she is bipolar or what the deal is but I absolutely do not understand why her family and friends are not stepping in to try and help her. She needs help and unless someone extends an olive branch, she may not be around in three years time.

  • Ashley

    She looks Beautiful! Amanda uses Bedroom Toys from AthenaToysDotcom to bring the love back.

  • D.Scott

    35 lbs might be a bit much lol

  • retrobanana

    in think she is doing this all for attention…she keeps talking about weight loss just to gain attention….she keeps yelling out numbers but i dont actually se it coming off..she wants to shock us..i doubt she has any attention of losing 35 pounds….she looks pretty happy with her body to me.. the side uzz looks pretty good on her i ussually onlylike it on dark skinned dark haired girls sorry white girls you look like skin heads when you do it…but she looks pretty cute…

  • desi

    What a horrible message to send out to not only young girls, but women – period. Perhaps if she didn’t decide to add weight to her chest, she wouldn’t be wanting to lose weight. She’s lost her mind.

  • attaboy

    And how is facebooking your life normal? You are just encouraging the crazy.