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Jennifer Aniston: I Helped Will Forte Through Breakup

Jennifer Aniston: I Helped Will Forte Through Breakup

Jennifer Aniston rocks a little black dress while celebrating Mandy Ingber‘s new book “Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover” on Tuesday (April 30) in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old actress was joined on the red carpet by the always gorgeous Kate Beckinsale.

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“I was going through a breakup at the time and [Jennifer] was so giving and really helped me through it,” Jennifer‘s Untitled Elmore Leonard Project co-star Will Forte recently shared. “I cannot say enough good about her.”

Will added, “She was just a fantastic person. She was a delight to act with as much as a delight to get to know.”

FYI: Kate is wearing a Monique Lhuillier dress and Ben-Amun cuff.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Kate Beckinsale attending a book celebration…

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  • cassie

    I love Jen. Only the best for her

  • Sherry Steenberg

    I hate to be that person, but BABY BUMP?

  • kelly

    Kate so beautiful and dress classy. Jen trying to hard to dress like she is in her twenties but the hands always give age away.

  • toria

    Wow, Aniston usually looks good with whatever she chooses to wear, but this dress as well as that short set are truly awful on her.

  • Y ech!

    Mutton dressed as lamb …. and I don’t mean Kate B.

  • Florida Babe

    Ugly and an idiot!

  • scotgal14

    Surely that dress on Jen has to suggest she’s hiding a bump?

  • Ulee

    @scotgal14: No, Jennifer is just fat and she has always been thick. I doubt she is pregnant. Looking at her toxic lifestyle it does not seems she can produce a healthy child.

  • Carol

    What lovely words from Will Forte. No wonder she is always in work, everyone enjoys spending time with her.

  • Torros

    Wow Anistons out again right on time to highjack WWZ , I supposed she got the copy of Brads Vanity Fair and couldnt resist to come out again lmao so perdictable her PR games

  • ML


  • meMeME!!!

    Not only is the dress awful on her gosh look at her face in the 3rd pic. is her chin getting longer and the open mouth>>> SCREAM MASK!!!

  • Pepper

    She’s a master manipulator.

  • verity

    kate is beautiul, classy, elegant, no need to show boobs to be good
    love you kate

  • http://google jasper121

    jen looks great

  • yep

    Jen looks pretty, I love the LBD.

  • amy

    Jen and Kate both look stunning. Love their movies! Such talented women.

  • rachel

    Jennifer aniston is a total pig with nothing going on for herself.

  • Yum

    The always hot Queen Jen puts most 30 year olds to shame.

  • LLM

    Jennifer Aniston can helped Will Forte Through Breakup she can also help you to break a relationship based on her experience that she broke Justin Theroux and Heidi Bivens 14 years relationship, so she is an expert for whining a breaking for century at the same time breaking people’s relationship.

  • ShakenNotStirred

    Wow. She looks youthful here. Jen hasn’t looked this vibrant in a long time!

  • JL

    30 year old Check out chick will look better than The Fake Queen MANiston, if she eat salad for 20 years and spend millions and millions for that frizzy black hair, brown eyes.. Botox fillers plastic plastic and more plastic theraphy yoga and the best PR bulldog in HW… wake up Yum Yum… and say Thank you to BP and thanks God for Hair EXTENTIONS!!!!

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  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Amazing pics !!

  • Joanne

    @JL: So, where is this other Joanne?

  • Joanne

    @fake JL: Just shut up and get a life loser!

  • Joanne

    @Rachel: I wonder what you have going on for you dear! Jen has an empire with $150mil. and beauty that never gets old. Look at the mirror next time before you put your bitter input here.

  • Bony Angie

    Hey fake JL!
    Do you think you sound like me?
    What a naive child!
    I can post with ANY nick
    because I care about the sense.
    What a naive child you are!

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    I told about ‘Real Joanne’ on the previous thread.
    What a pitiful trend to steal the nick!
    It’s so childish and SO stupid…
    People know what can write a real Gun, or Joanne, or JL anyway…

  • Bony Angie

    Who care about BP?
    Not Jennifer for sure.
    She is in perfect conditions
    with extensions and without one.
    Yes, her PR works good.
    Why not? :)

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Jen rocks!!!!

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Multi meltdown for loony


    Jared…………I hope youre not taking huvane’s money under false pretencies. On second thoughts………have at it! LMFAO

    I mean, huvsy sends you all the cr@p he makes up about his worthless, talentless clients and pays you mucho dinero to post them here because he knows this is JP Central. But anustain threads FAIL to generate hits and posts. LMAO. All the hens have parked their at JP threads (no matter how old the threads are) waiting for new JP citings so they can be the first to post their closeted luuuuuuuurve of the JPS. LMFAO. While they leave jennypoop hanging. Even tho she/huvsy NEVER FAIL to invoke Brad’s name in order to generate interest in that washed up old hag and her pathetic life.

    Oh btw, Jared…….you can tell huvsy that JP fans KNOW that b!tch aint getting married to the little hipster douche because she knows he aint no Brad Pitt and EVERYONE will continue to compare him to Brad. And we know who’ll come second in that comparison, dont we? LMFAO.

    And hipster douche is having second thoughts about that marriage which is why we’re being fed with the cr@p that theyve postponed it because theyre waiting to see what the JPs will do.


  • Bony Angie

    all she is able to think about –
    F JPs life!
    And so called F “wedding”…
    This wedding will never happen
    because Jolie is a trash.
    A BONY trash.
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  • jilly


  • jilly

    Madox hates his Mom too!

  • Juanita Hernandez

    Jennifer Aniston is a stupid fool. She claims she is rich so why isn’t she retiring from making shtzy movies and disappear. She is a total bore and couldn’t keep a stimulating conversation. We just say no to anything about her.

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Jenny looks lovely

  • Jennifer a Homewrecker!

    Heidi is laughing all the way. You are a fool Jenho. Keep on supporting me.

  • Sista Keisha

    Why is it that so many men have banged and dumped Anuston?

    Men find her distasteful and quick to rid of her. Even pimp keep their ho’s for yrs but not her.

    Oh wait, her only pimp is the short guy wearing leggings driving her around she calls her fiance. LOL let’s see how far he can put up with her.

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    Hi fake “Gun”!
    I can get your troubles.
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    Justin was with Jen on the event

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  • http://Justjarde Gun

    I like her dress

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Jealous loons

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    As always Jen rocks !