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Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult Spotted Out to Dinner

Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult Spotted Out to Dinner

Jennifer Lawrence and her former flame Nicholas Hoult were spotted leaving The Little Door restaurant together on Monday night (April 29) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old Oscar winner and 23-year-old actor, who are set to film X-Men: Days of Future Past shortly, ended their relationship in January after two years of dating.

Jennifer and Nicholas left through the back door of the cafe and tried to keep a low profile amidst the chaos.

As she left the restaurant, Jennifer carried with her a copy of the novel “Anna Karenina”.

Check out the pics of Jennifer and Nicholas over at the Daily Mail!

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Mark Davis; Photos: Getty
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  • ML

    i think they r engaged

  • ML

    i think they never broke up and r engaged

  • n

    They’re filming togheter again, aren’t they? Exes are allowed to be firends without speculation.

  • Dhdbdj

    Wow, he’s really gorgeous. He makes Jennifer look hideous.

  • RA

    That’s not very hard, she is hideous.

  • funny witch

    This chick is so calculated! She dump him on the days of Oscar noms to make her image *innocent* and even not connected with him on Bafta Awards, when he presenting, but parting and dancing with Michael Fassbender and Cooper. And now when that statuette in her hand – chasing after this Nicolas again.

  • Casey

    They look beautiful. So cuuuute!!!

  • Athena

    That’s one gorgeous looking couple!. Nice to know they are back together, whether it’s romantic or as good friends. Though, I hope their romantic relationship is back on!.

  • Tamara

    I think he has been chasing her after she won the Oscar…

  • http://noraivanova1 J_LawFan

    OMG They are the cutest couple ever. I’m soooooo HAPPY that I see them again. It looks like they are back together but we will see!

  • suspicious

    the timing of them being spotted together is a bit suspicious considering it does not seem like they have hung out with each other since they broke up. hate to say this but smells like PR for X-men film that starts filming soon

  • Mandy


    she is 10x more beautiful then you and she is gorgeous. beautiful eyes, lips, tits, ass, legs.

  • Mandy

    funny witch,

    yes, because she needs to “CHASE” after Hoult. I hope Lawrence doesn;t can back together with him, he is just using her for her fame, influence, and power now that she has this mult million dollar franchise, an Oscar, and critical acclaim. She has everything.

  • Alia

    I like them togerther .Nicholas is a nice guy

  • Clara


    “cough” Hoult and Lawrence had been broken up way before the Oscar noms, since like November. It was just announced they broke up then because she was going to do a lot of red carpet work and they let people know. They had been apart due to schedules and their careers being in different places. They did remain great friends and the split was very amicable, as you can obviously see here.

  • eee.

    She’s a nice person and I think she deserves a hottie like Nicholas. But, he’s such a handsome man…

  • LiamFan

    She was pressured to break-up w/ him during the Oscar race, so Harvey could start rumors about her in Bradley to keep her name in the press & fresh on voters minds (also, to kill some gay rumors about BC..). Now she has the Oscar & they are working on their relationship. Good Luck, Nick. You’ll need it… until next time. LMAO

  • Mia

    She is much prettier than him/.

    Hoult is butt ugly!

  • Mia

    Jennifer was always gushing about Nick. She loves him a lot. They didn’t break up because of Harvey, they just broke up bc schedules and work commitments kept them apart. They had been broken up since NOvember, way before the Oscar race started.

  • Mia

    Lawrence is MUCH prettier than Nick. sorry. he looks like a pug.

  • Isla

    As someone who worked in the film industry, alot of breakups are due to or are MAINLY due to long distance and work schedules. It is VERY hard to maintain a relationship when you arent around each other alot and have busy schedules (look at nonfamous people who have relationships like this…most of them break up too!)

    People just like to assume breakups are due to fame and PR and being a jerk because all celebrities must be horrible people with bad character and not deal with the same stuff and emotions that normal people experience in relationships

  • Sam

    @Funny witch ….why don’t you take a hike,…You’re the same person that was happy for Bradley Cooper and the loser model he’s dating.. Any time there a post about Jennifer Lawrence you’re in there posting nasty stuff.

  • sweetness

    If she did him so cruelly as some of you crazies are bemoaning, why would he even be in the same room with her unless it’s for work…but as the report claims they were out for dinner. So he is most likely using her, because right now she could have ANYBODY in Hollywood, in fact she’s got an admirer in England … Prince Harry.
    Nicolas Hoult probably thought he was going to WOW the world with his two movies and broke off with Lawrence but as we all know his movies tanked…so now he’s happy to be under the shine and brightness of Jennifer!

  • kara85

    @funny witch:

    how do you know she is the one who dump him? idiot *rolls eyes*
    he was the one who was seen with 2 different girls afterwards,enjoying his single status, he was the one with the big movies coming out and it would not surprise me if his management thought it would be better for him to be single so that they could his heartthrob status, he was the one who had more to gain by being single and not being known as Jennifer Lawrence Girlfriend.
    Jennifer is an A-Lister on her own, she does not need Nicholas Hoult to be relevant. I mean the girl won a freaking oscar !
    Besides, when she got her oscar nomination for winter’s bones, they were pretty visible going to SAG awards together.

  • Ava

    He’s beautiful, saw in person , those eyes and cheekbones in person gorgeous, and he’s tall so many celebrities look so small in person. Hope they get back together both seen like nice , normal unpretentious people , who would make beautiful babies , which Jen said she’s always wanted to be a mom.

  • kara85


    Hmm says someone who is a fan of Liam Hemsworth , you know the one who became famous cause he was dating Miley Cyrus lol

  • kara85


    you kidding me? you must have not seen many gorgeous men , he is average at best, and he is hardly anything special

  • elodieee

    nicholas look really ugly!!!!

  • Lulu

    Lawrence is smart she wouldn’t date weirdo , f ‘ d up dudes like Cooper, DiCapario leave that to the desperate model types.. From everything of read about Nicholas Hoult is that he is a really nice guy and dam he’s hot and young, who wants old guys with soft bodies and saggy faces.

  • talia

    @Mandy: nicholas does not need jennifer lawrence, he has plenty of his own fans from being in the british tv show skins( which is 100x better than the c**p american version) and also from being in the film about a boy when he was younger.

  • alexander


  • Cate

    Maybe they were just having a friendly dinner to clear the air before they start working together on X-Men. Isn’t Nicholas dating Riley Keough now unless they’ve broken up?

  • willa

    they’re probably just friends y’all.

  • Mia


    yeah, being in a TV show from that nobody outside of UK even knows about and being a in a movie as a child is something to write home about…

    Lawrence is the number one FILM actress in Hollywood now, with a major franchise and Oscar. If anything he needs her after his two movies kinda flunked to bring up his status. I hope she dumps him.

  • Anne

    @ cate why would they go to a resturant to clear the air, they would have done it some place more personal,, they know once they’re seen together speculation would infer they’re back two together.. Both are not stupid.
    And I hope they are back together, they are both grounded, funny , nice people and in celebrity ville, were there are just too many screwed up people with issues even if they look go on the outside, why bother if they are good together, the grass isn’t greener on the outside.

  • Joyce

    She was picture leaving LA today, she’s probably going to Montreal already. Nick was in NY and flew to see her. It makes no sense if it’s just friendly, they could have waited to connect over there. I think they are back together. We’ll see.

  • Sammy

    I hope they are engaged , they would make such gorgeous babies.

  • ace11

    she couldn’t get Super Cooper…so she is going back to this guy

    quite simple

  • LOL

    JLaw is a very talented actress but why do her fans buy the BS that all the guys in Hollywood or world over are in love with her???
    Many guys I know greatly admire her talent and can see her sassy appeal but don’t necessarily find her hot or sexy or even beautiful with some very unfairly calling her derpy and even fat. That Prince Harry story is BS tabloid wishful thinking. The man is very very very very happy wooing & banging slim triple barrelled blonde fillies in England.
    I also never saw any sexual attraction between she and Coop. They always seemed more like brother/sister chemistry and I don’t believe either of them were attracted to each other that way. Bradley probably made up some BS age excuse to get everyone of their backs.
    But her fans seem to think because a lot of her male peers admire her talent automatically means they want to get with her, and she’s this great object of desire or some nonsense.

  • Cate

    @Anne: I have no idea. It was just a guess and I don;t really care all that much. Whether they are back together or just friends you’d think they’d want a little more privacy. I’m more curious about why they would go to ‘Little Door’ which is a well-known celebrity restaurant and usually has paparazzi hanging around.

  • LiamFan

    @kara85: OK…lol. Yes, I’m a Liam fan. Yes, he’s mostly known for dating Miley. See unlike you I don’t let being a fan make me delusional. This dude was DUMPED to get press for a fake are they/are the not “relationship”. LMAO And it’ll happen again when those awards come-a-knockin’ (also see: Special Uncle Harvey..umph). HA.

  • AprilS

    Compared to the Efrons, Pattinsons, and Pettyfers filling up young Hollywood rn, she’s not going to find any better than Nick. Hold on to this one, girl. Sweet, funny, talented & sooo handsome. :)

  • Mia


    Harry Style , for one tweeted he likes her. Also Russell Brand on Conan was spurting poetically about her. Also COnan , Letterman, etc. Most guy friends i know find her really hot. Also, if you tweet her name tons of guys voice how hot they find her. Bradley on Howard Stern basically said he thinks she is gorgeous and would have dated her if she wasn’t with Nick at the time. Youtube the interview! its there.

  • LOL

    Oh dear. Harry Styles tweets that about almost everyone. He recently tweet gushed on UK TV presenter Holly Willougby.
    Russell Brand? Really?? I guess John Mayer is next on the lap of honour.
    I’m not going to random tweet guys who find her hot. Its not that serious. I could find the same for practically EVERY actress with 1/10 of the hype.There are other actresses in her age range, true NOT as acclaimed or talented but guys would sell their right leg to get with b4 Jennifer – Amber, Amanda, Saiorose, Kate, Evan e.t.c. Oh and Harry Styles also name-checked crushes on both Blake & Dianna in the past which should tell you all you need to know about his fickleness.
    It does not matter what Brad C claimed in an interview. He’s not an idiot and won’t say she repulsed him. Him saying that to Howard Stern and then turning around and claiming ‘dating her would have happened by now if the feeling was there’ should suggest to you, saying what needs to be said rather than truth. His subsequent claiming she was too young for him was also PR BS as we can see from who he’s dating now.
    She’s the IT girl so it appears everyone is obliged to gush about her. But the idea that anyone she talks to is automatically hitting on her or is enraptured by her ‘beauty’ is laughable IMO.Its as funny as Lainey claiming/believing Leo was hitting on Jen (other blogs found it nonsensical too – he was probably trying to get at her Oscar) b4 leaving the Weinstein Oscar party with 3 blondes that very night.
    Its subjective again. Most guys I know think she’s talented but beautiful, sexy? Naah.

  • pup

    Looove them together!

  • Natalie

    Childrens calm down. Back to reality.
    Lawrence need advertising with his ex-boyfriend because although she has her superfans, many people in the industry considered a joke which has won the Oscar.
    She is Not pretty as the publicists sells us, and the truth, that her “funny jokes” with others are quite disrespectful.
    Cooper is smart, never would say anything bad about her, and he never was interested in her as a couple. That was another story to sell the movie!
    DiCaprio has other standards in women and doesn´t date with actresses.
    If other men speak with her doesn´t mean “she is beautiful and hot”,
    Everyone only talk with her because in hollywood, they meet all people in the business, nothing more!

  • Amber

    @funny witch: You’re absolutely pathetic.

  • Amber

    @Cate: because they are people, and as people they have the right to have dinner at whatever restaurant they want, whether it’s a friendly date or a rekindling date.

    It is NO ONE’s business. But of course, today, with pictures being posted the minute they’re taken, and people living on the internet 24/7, every no-life celebrity-obsessed person thinks that it is their business and their right to know what celebrities are doing in their private life, and to speculate whether they are or arent and to dictate what they should do or what they should be doing with their lives.
    People forget that they are PEOPLE too. Regular people, who have the right to do whatever and go wherever the hell they want, like all of us, and have the right to demand privacy, like all of us, and have the right to have bad days, to be angry, to not want to deal, like ALL OF US.

  • kara85


    really? Jennifer Lawrence needs advertising? for what exactly?
    what a stupid comment, some of posters here are really reaching it
    it’s not like X-men or Hunger games needs anymore advertising, they are both big movies lol
    and a iam pretty sure most everybody knows who she is by now, what with her winning the oscar and all

  • Amber

    Lol what the hell are you saying.