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Miley Cyrus: Sex, Drugs, & Rap Gal!

Miley Cyrus: Sex, Drugs, & Rap Gal!

Miley Cyrus rocks a “Sex, Drugs & Rap” t-shirt while filling up her gas tank on Tuesday (April 30) in Studio City, Calif.

The day before, the 20-year-old entertainer’s fiance Liam Hemsworth was spotted exiting a gym in L.A.

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Over the weekend, Miley was seen grabbing yogurt at Menchie’s.

“I love Miley! She’s just so different from what people would think. She’s so real. I love the realness,” rapper Lil Kim recently shared.

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus donning a “Sex, Drugs, & Rap” shirt…

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miley cyrus sex drugs rap gal 02
miley cyrus sex drugs rap gal 03
miley cyrus sex drugs rap gal 04
miley cyrus sex drugs rap gal 05
miley cyrus sex drugs rap gal 06
miley cyrus sex drugs rap gal 07
miley cyrus sex drugs rap gal 08
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  • Kandace

    Those heels look ridiculous with that outfit, she looks like a boy and I can’t handle her when she talks, her nasal smoker’s voice is annoying.

  • Kate

    i can’t stand her, her voice (singing), her “style”, her attitude! Just stop already!!!!!

  • why

    why does she feel the need to dress up like a slut

  • kris

    that looks like something rihanna would wear

  • J

    She’s got the worst taste in styling and clothing…she looks like a man…go back to cute/glam/cute-glam and stop smoking! Or you’re gonna lose that aussie hottie….

  • trent

    for a momment i thought it was bieber but when i saw the shorts i thouhgt bieber is trying new things. then i saw the pic again and it was miley on her lesbian face.

  • Still

    She should know better to not talk on your cell phone while pumping gas, it even says not to do it at the pump.

  • maddy

    @Still: actually, thats false. There is no “proof” cell phone s caused any explosions, or damage, while used at a gas station or gas pump. It was all speculation for blame. Just like sexondhand smoking, there is no scientific proof that second hand is harmful, or more harmful than smoking. Theres no proof. All speculation, and simply to deter people from smoking around others because its obnocious and the smoke bothers people. In the end, theres alot of speculation, no solid scientific proof.

  • AP

    Anyone else think he should of kept the beard? :)

  • G

    Even if she changed the heels for a pair of chucks she would still look like a douche. Miley is the cliché, the meme of the Yolo, Swag Kids. It’s Embarrasing.

  • Diedre

    Bucktooth Idiot

  • guest

    AHEM. Whatever.

  • Diedre

    @maddy: Your ignorance about second hand smoke is trumped only by your incredible illiteracy.

  • liz

    @maddy: LMAO i have nothing against Miley Cyrus, but that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard a fan of hers say. it’s funny how stupid people are willing to make themselves sound just to defend their favorite celebs. do you think we all live under rocks?

  • maddy

    @Diedre: do your homework before you talk. Show me proof. This is straight from the doctors. Dumbass

  • maddy

    @Diedre: I challenge you to show me solid scientific proof. Go on, show me. :-)

  • jesse

    I actually think she looks great …the heels are awesome and the whole outfit is really good…I’m not even a fan of her …but good for her for marching to the beat of her own drum…. I like the new miley!

  • maddy

    @liz: I challenge you to show me scientific proof on both topics. Go ahead, im waiting. :-)

  • Warren

    Hot Miley legs. Sex Yes, the other 2 No.

  • Oh no!

    Se looks incredibly hideous.

  • L

    wow you look so ”edgy”.. such an attention seeker and try hard !

  • Chris

    hahah loool all the hate comes only from jealous!! xD She looks incredible hot! Her legs are amazing and her voice is angelic!! All her songs till now were great…even the biggest singers said that…so who are you to judge her(especially for her voice)? no one ;)
    And good to know that the couple is happy and that hey keep a low profile!
    Good work!

  • Freestyler

    You cant drive with such heels! I bet she put them on in the gas station before getting out of the car.

  • well

    @jesse: Agree!!! She looks amazing lately. I prefer her because he is not fake and I actually am a fan of her new style and songs!!!

  • ha ha

    Miley will never be cool no matter what a try hard she is and stealing that shirt from Snoop, shame on her!

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Um, idk, but I like how she looks..

  • Diedre

    @maddy: The onus to provide proof does not fall on me. If you honestly think that breathing in other people’s carcinogenic clouds has no ill effects, then go for it….breathe deeply while you can.

  • maddy

    @Diedre: lol. I thought so. Im not so sure why youre so defensive, im only staying the facts. Its the goverment taking tax payers money for propaganda pharma industry support,, etc., wasting our money. The judge threw out all false reports, lack of scientific proof. So please dont be so angry. Im a tax payer, im stating facts that affect us americans that care about our tax money. You clearly are very ignorant. Please get educated dear. :-) these facts are documented by court.

  • maddy

    @Diedre: in addition, you should be ashamed of yourself to wish harm upon someone, anyone, your comment is invalid, though shows why we as a nation are going down. Shameful. I hope yourenot a mother, someones sister, clearly someones daughter, to wish harm to oothersis terrible. I feel sad for you. A normal person woukdve respinded with an open mind to new information you had no clue about, but you chose to attack, when I was only being kind to sharing some facts. To also say in your first response that it had something to do with “defending a celeb” was baffling. …truly ignorant. These fatcs have nothing to do with something so trivial. To base things with no scientific proof is idiocy. Thats like saying we dont need dna. Lol. I just cant believe people like you exist. Please get some education. :-)

  • offtheproperty

    Any white guy who would MARRY this dumb ho street-walking around advertising herself as a n*g g*r rapper pimp’s dream has to be insane.
    I hope she gets what she wants, a crack-den and gangbanger gang-raped.

  • offtheproperty

    And AIDS.

  • Mila

    @offtheproperty What a better malicious person you are. How can you wish that for her or for any one at all. what goes around comes around the same ill that wish upon her it will more likely happen to you instead. you need prayer and counselling you are a very bitter and hateful person.

  • YUI

    she tries so hard, it’s embarassing

  • Shazzer

    She said in her ELLE UK interview “Sex does sell, but you have to find a way that’s not just showing your …,”

    Then does nothing but show her a….

    She’s so smart.

  • Merrier

    She’s ugly

  • Diedre

    @maddy: Wow, talk about defensive….
    In addition to using spell check, you also need to get your posts straight. I did not say anything about ‘defending a celeb’. I simply called into question your ability to spell and to state that I didn’t have to prove anything about second hand smoke.
    You are the one who is confusing who posts what and getting all riled up about inconsequential things.
    Why don’t you and Miley hang out together and smoke some salvia? Maybe you would calm down a little bit.

  • princess

    Lmao cant believe diedre is still coming back to the same post to argue. Face it, you suck. Get a life. Move on!!

  • Jessie

    maddy @ 05/01/2013 at 2:04 am

    You weren’t addressing me, but since this is an open forum:

    This is directly from the CDC with a link to their website.
    Secondhand smoke causes numerous health problems in infants and children, including severe asthma attacks, respiratory infections, ear infections, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).1 Some of the health conditions caused by secondhand smoke in adults include heart disease and lung cancer.
    There have been cases where people who didn’t smoke died from lung cancer from secondhand smoke from their partner. I think you’re able to Google those stories if you want truth and not just to spout nonsense.
    Ok, now claim it’s a government conspiracy lol.

  • rose

    Poor Miley, just went I thought she had gotten herself together she wants to be a hood rat. A rich, talented young woman who is headed for rehab in 2 years. The people she want to hang around with don’t play with drugs, they’re professionals ( as Kat Williams would say) and she cannot keep up with them. She might be smoking salvia now, which can cause hallucinations or other delusions. but she’s going to get her .ass kicked by drugs if she wants to emulate rappers. ,

  • Lizzy

    Wow, she looks like Justin Bieber!

  • Joan Do

    Yep she turned into a lesbo

  • Mrssss

    Damn! She’s so fuc**** horrible! What the hec is she doing with herself? I can not believe Liam is going to marry her :/

  • niko igorevich

    WTF? Miley Cyrus is over the top. CHECK THESE PICS #4 is crazy

  • Beyond childish….

    Can’t believe the CHILDISH comments saying she looks like Justin Bieber just because she has short hair.

    It sounds like young girls brainwashed into believing you must have long hair like a Barbie doll or a Princess in a Fairy tale to be considered a girl.

    Women come in all shapes & sizes & the same with hair, it would be a very boring world if all women looked the same.

    Lucky Liam isn’t so shallow & said in his last interview that he actually loves Miley’s hair & is proud of her that she doesn’t care what other people think of her hair, good for him.

  • danny
  • audrey
    Here is an example of what it would be like if everyine looked the same. Koreans have a preferred beauty, so they dont chop their hair, because they like the long hair look, but instead they chop off their jaw so that they all have that small alien like face shape. Very strange. Here in America, it seems that people have cosmetic surgery, but hardly any of them completely change the shape of their face. Koreans get cosmetic surgery to have same eyes and face. So weird. Boringgggggg to all look the same.

  • niko

    WTF? Miley Cyrus is over the top. Pic #4 is crazy, check them out

  • Leonarda

    She’s got the worst taste in styling and clothing…she looks like a man…go back to cute/glam/cute-glam and stop smoking!