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Alexander Skarsgard to Star in 'The Crow' Remake?

Alexander Skarsgard to Star in 'The Crow' Remake?

Alexander Skarsgard hops out of his car and heads into his hotel on Wednesday afternoon (May 1) in New York City.

The 36-year-old Swedish stud is reportedly in talks to star in the upcoming The Crow remake after plans for Tom Hiddleston to star in the horror flick fell through, according to Deadline.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alex was supposed to play the title role in a Tarzan remake for director David Yates, but the project has been scrapped by Warner Bros. over budget issues. Sad!

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  • toriiw

    Alex in anything is a victory. He isnalways so hot.

  • Morin

    His hot but not going to make it on the bg screen after true blood

  • Idun

    I think Alex will be very good in this role.
    There should be no movie or actor that is sacred.
    An actor has to take a risk sometimes to become successful.

  • Carol

    He takes a lot of risks… but i adore him.

  • Carol

    Does anyone knows wich hotel is this? :p

  • ….

    Bringing his blonde girlfriend again from art gallery . Then off to stoxkholm .

  • Morin

    No girlfriend…boyfriend maybe

  • trace

    more of Hollywood not having original material trying to destroy classics.
    + Brandon Lee is perfection and can never be topped.

  • Nina

    He looks gorgeous as always. I can’t wait to watch him on True Blood. Eric is my favorite vampire.

  • maria

    @Morin: jealous??

  • Carol

    @Morin: Who cares? Gay or straight he will probably never be ours…

  • Cadulech

    To be a troll at least write well the capital of Sweden

  • Morin

    Jealus of what? i adore him his amazing to be gay is Insulting…

  • Plushs

    @Morin you’re an idiot, like special ed idiot. You type like Keiko. Same BS different name. Losers! He looks fine let him take the movie if it is offered to him they are gonna remake it anyways at least Alex will give it his all and I can see him in it. You all b*tch too much find Bfs for that.

  • Morin

    Sorry if i tipe wrong inglish is not my

  • Morin

    Sorry if i tipe wrong inglish is not my

  • Plushs

    Christ please change your name to Moron because that is what you are. Damn!

  • Carol

    So much hate people.
    Lets talk about nice stuff, such as the name of the hotel and what would you do if you happen to live near by and decided go check on him. I probably wouldn’t do anything even if he was in front of me. I’m a pussy :p
    Sorry for my bad english… it is not my language, just like Moron.

  • .

    Does anyone knows wich hotel is this? +1

  • Retrochick

    I think starring in a remake of ‘The Crow’ would be a fantastic opportunity for him – a chance to show what a versatile actor he is to the public that may not know him from ‘True Blood’.

  • Hotel

    He usually stays at the Bowery hotel.


    you look more sexy and cool as this man can be so good, and only


    alexander is stupid and hates his stepmother and his two younger brothers

  • Carol

    @ALEXANDRA i would understand if he didn’t looove his stepmother, basically because she was the reason his parents split after 30 years of marriage (give it or take), but to say he hates her is a little too much don’t you think?! And i really doubt he doesn’t love the little boys. THAT is stupid.

  • Carol

    AND his stepmother has his same age… it is strange, but i still don’t believe he hates her. i could be wrong though.

  • Sierra

    I do like Alex but I always wanted Stewart Townsend to be in the remake :(


    far do not seem to want because it goes for a walk with them and since her father married and father megan not both alexander


    I think if he’s gay but does not dare to confess

  • CafĂ©lady

    @Cadulech: #12 No, not only that, I guess, you mean the Capital of Scandinavia, of course! :))

    @Alexandra: Why should he hate his stepmother and his little brothers?? I presume, it cannot be the same emotional connection to her, like he has to his mother – which is understandable. And not only because the age of the stepmother. But I don’t think he hates her or his two youngest brothers. And even he himself tells in interviews that his father and his mother are still friends – then I guess, he has also no reason for such feelings.

  • Macy

    Wow, some weird comments on this thread. Nice to see him in NYC again. He certainly seems to love it there, and it always seems to do him good to be there.

  • Disney Villainess

    DAMN. Just………DAMN. This man, for sure, is gonna look like a f*cking walking perfection on Fallon. If only there was a way to send Stellan and My a basket of jams, muffins or something for creating this vision of lusciousness, lol:)………


    alexander dress is fine but your mother dresses fatal and ridiculous clothes her mother is very ugly and hideous. his stepmother megan is prettier

  • cali

    I don’t think the stepmother was the cause of the divorce. I think they separated before Stellan met the new wife.

    And Alex’s mom was an alcoholic. So chances are there were several reasons why that marriage ended after 30 years. But I think they all get along just fine after the divorce.

  • Jojo

    Actually, stellen met Megan in Ireland 2003 when she would have been 25……but like you said, everyone gets along now .

  • Hanna

    I would love to see him take a leading role. I don’t think the Crow should be it, but I guess you have to start somewhere.

    Who gives a hoot about his stepmother? How random.

  • chelle

    @Disney…. I’m total on board with you on the sending a basket of something…. new car…. house…. there’s definitely some fabulous genes running in THAT family…. looks and talent.

  • Megan

    stellan mentioned how we met Megan when he was filming king Arthur?? with Keira knightly? he was still with wife my , I think it was a pub in Ireland where he met Megan ? We don’t know when they started seeing each other first Sweden public appearance was in 2007 he offically divorced my then.

  • D

    He would be wonderful in this role, his array of facial expressions and ability to convey complex emotion is amazing. His conveying the sadness,rage,helplessness and hopelesness would be something to see and him in all black, stunning. I think it will be great, yes Mr. Lee was wonderful in the original, however due to his tragic death, the series pretty much died as well. It was always meant to be several films with the same actor in place. As for those whining about remaking “The Crow” it is not a shrine in the memory of Brandon.Hollywood has been making remakes since the dawn of Hollywood. Brandon gave it his all for the short time he was able, time for someone else, I think he would approve.

  • D

    Alex get’s along with her, now. I do believe things were a bit tense for some time, but then that is to be expected, he is very close to his mum. As he has said, he has not had a lot of time to be around the little brothers, but he adores them. They all have big family dinners together when he is home, he cooks.

  • Charlene

    You all know he is “bi” and leans towards anything. At the end of the day though, I believe he is a great actor. It should not matter who is “dating” whom and who is “fuc*ing” whom, just let it be. Please, just leave the man alone.

  • Sarah

    Interesting comments on this thread! I agree with the others who want to focus on the hotel. :-) There’s no reason to be nasty…in any language. NYC in spring with Alex…..wouldn’t it be sweet.

  • Stunned

    Not sure about him playing in the “Crow” because it was a very dark movie portrayed by a very dark charismatic Brandon Lee. Hollywood must be hard up for new material with all these remakes. Also, it’s very difficult for any actor to attempt to play a character that was already done by someone else. Because regardless of who it is, they will be compared to the original actor(s) and not their own individuality. Remakes always fail. It would be nice to see some original scripts.

  • Tui

    Actually i think this is the greenwich hotel.
    I also loved Brandon Lee, but i don’t feel ofended by a remake. Go for it handsome!

  • tinamarie

    I love him but I hope this isn’t true. Only because I loved that movie so much and they should never attempt to remake it. I would never watch that movie even though I really like Alex and that;s not fair to him.

  • Diane

    I’m not an over the top fan of his, but I do think he is talented. I did love him in Straw Dogs, which ironically was a remake. However, the Crow is a timeless piece and it was famously and brilliantly acted in by the late Brandon Lee. It is a great film, but I don’t think a remake of that particular film, nor to have Alex as the lead role. I just can’t see it being done. He needs to wait for a really great script. Not a remake. Colin Farell has made that error repeatedly. I just can’t see him playing that role, but then again he may surprise many of us, but I think that’s one remake that shouldn’t not even be thought of at all. Bad enough they tried to run it as a franchise. And they all bombed. Not saying anything bad about him, just this is one role he needs to run away from.

  • toria

    He may not be in talks for The Crow. There has been no confirmation from anyone that he is has there? Just “reportedly” or “he is being looked at.” Either way I think he’d be terrific in the role. Like many others tho I really wish they wouldn’t remake some of these classics. When the original is so good it is hard to replace it with anything near it. They day they remake Gone with the Wind or Casablanca or the African Queen etc. I will know the film world has gone totally around the bend. But, mmmm, Alex as Rhett Butler? I can just see him looking at Scarlett with that piercing gaze and saying “Frankly my dear I don’t give a da**.”

  • morin

    He’s always doing auditions to big roles (thour, tarazn, The Crow, 50 shades…) but in the end he loose the part for some other actor…

  • Macy

    I’m not sure what you’re getting at. He hasn’t auditioned for any of those movies, except Thor. There were only rumors that people were interested in him for the movies. He stated he hasn’t even spoken to anyone about 50 Shades of Crap many times. You can’t lose out to other actors if you haven’t even spoken to anyone about the film or script. Good grief! Most of those things were rumors and in the case of 50 Shades, it was just some people wishing he’d get the part. Nobody has been cast for any of these movies, so how is that losing out on parts? Other than Thor, which I already stated.

  • Tui
  • Slinky the Cat

    @D #38 & @Tui #43 I agree 100%. I think Alex would be fantastic in this role. He’s got that same edgy, brooding quality that Lee did. This movie going forward is probably a sure thing, and I can’t imagine anyone better suited to take up the torch. So, if it is going to happen despite objections, I’d prefer to see Alex in the lead. He would give it the respect it deserves.