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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Great Gatsby' New York Premiere!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Great Gatsby' New York Premiere!

Leonardo DiCaprio suits up on the red carpet at the premiere of his film The Great Gatsby on Wednesday (May 1) at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor recently chatted with MTV about the importance of the music in his film.

“The last two films that I’ve done have been period pieces infused with hip-hop,” Leo said. “So it’s really cool that these directors take that chance, and I think it really connects with audiences today.

“I think it sort of seamlessly meshes into the film in a way that’s almost startling,” he added. “You don’t feel like you’re watching something from a different era. You’re connecting with these people and this time period in a much more subversive way.”

Later in the evening, Leo was the first to arrive at the after party, where he sipped on Moet & Chandon champagne to celebrate.

FYI: Leo is wearing a Prada suit, tie, shirt, and shoes.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio at the premiere…

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Credit: Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty
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  • Naomi Fan

    Leo looks mighty fine in that dark blue suit.
    Is it just me, or his eyes and face expressions show happiness and serenity.

  • ace11

    I still look at this guy and remember

    How could he not marry Giselle??


  • elaine

    we he can do so much better than Giselle and he knew that.
    he is looking real tan.

  • anonymous


  • linz

    Leo is so gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see the movie next weekend :-)

  • anonymous

    Giselle is a dumbass model and she runs off with her mouth. she got Tom Brady in trouble with his team, bad mouthed the team and publicly humiliated Tom in front of his colleagues. She should keep her dumbass mouth in check. Horse face with no waist.

  • Nell

    Leo’s mom is there too. in the post above with carey mulligan, you can see leos mom in the back in the 3rd pic. she looks nice.

  • HollywoodsBest

    This is evidence that some trashy whores from England should simply be annihilated! It is astonishing that the evil coming out of England could be so disrespectful. Carey Mulligan proves to everyone that there really is such a thing as “a trashy whore from England”.

    325 children were murdered in the United States last year because of Ronna Kress’s evil & stupid miscast of Leonardo Di Caprio in an adulterous relationship. They ought to be ashamed of themselves!

    Don’t put your money on the Gatsby piece of crap! It will only cause them to murder more children by promoting more adultery. (2 Peter


  • Odd

    Have mercy. How is it a Leo post on the premiere of a highly anticipated movies becomes yet ANOTHER BS discussion / rantfest about his ex girlfriends???? Gatsby is tracking better than expected and should give Iron Man a run for its money. Cant’ wait for the reviews

  • Wizzer

    Where’s Tobey? I would have thought the principal cast would all pose together.

  • Frozoid

    He looks like he’s 50. All that boozing and chain smoking will do it to you.

  • LOL

    For those of us in Europe, some reviews of the film from any of you guys that see this would be appreciated.

  • Ashley

    Btw Gisele has made millions from her “horse face with no waist.” Besides she was obviously bearding for him.

  • @11

    Agreed. He looks sort of jaded here to me. Who would have thought Tobey Maguire would end up the better looking of the two of them in later years.

  • trackn

    He looks so cute and handsome. Cannot believe he is closing in on 40

  • @13

    `obviously bearding for him` Sure, whatever you say! LOL

  • Rupert Sanders

    wax figure

  • Alia

    can’t wait 2 see this movie

  • anonymous

    @Ashley Horse face with no waist made millions by bedding millionaire men, the head of elite model agency for your information and he confirmed it. She bedded Leo and he knew horse face with no waist is a dumbass.

  • and…

    the hateful losers are out. Typical JJ comments.

  • messi

    sorry barf fans Leo didnt make her career happen because she is a horrid average model who also speaks ill of Leo since their breakup. Atleast Gisele and him remained friendly and who does his mom like? Gisele. they go out to lunch and even her daughter’s godmother. I think that speaks volumes.

  • Misty

    @@11 yep tobey ended up looking better. Leo’s looking like 50 here. This is the gatsby premier and where’s Joel Edgerton?!

  • @messi

    WHO CARES? Is this post about Bar or Gisele?

  • Barfie

    Bar fans still cant get over Leo. LOL that ska&k lost her career once Leo dumped her LMAO.

  • Odd

    Apparently Jennifer Lawrence is @ the premiere too.

  • Leofan

    ^ huh? Bar had a career? Maxim,cheap catalog shoots,red carpet who*ing is not modeling.

  • Fan

    Well, obviously, Gisele fans can’t get over the fact that Leo dumbed her…..

  • @27

    ….Bar fans can’t get over that Leo dumped her 2 years ago too. Unlike Gisele who became the most famous super on the planet, desperate Bar has to kiss fat guys on internet porn sites for attention

  • bleak

    Actually I am a member on model forums and the only fangirls who bash Leo constantly are Bar and Erin’s fans. I’ve never seen Giseles fans even talk about him anymore.

    He is so damn handsome as always.

  • Fan

    GIsele has become so famous…. yeah right she must be in needs of money cause she’s now working for H&M!!! LOL!

  • Shopie

    I’m here for Leo and Great Gatsby, not for some models… I loved the novel so I can’t wait to watch the movie. Leo and Carey are the cherry on top.

  • @30

    Oh ignorance.
    H & M is one of the biggest high street chains. And they just hired Beyonce the most famous female performing artist in the world right now for their Summer campaign. So yep A list model + A list pop star, add Karlie Kloss and Rosie Huntington Whitlely H & M work solidly with established stars and pay BIG BUCKS. Not to mention Gisele’s current contracts with HF Chanel and Alexander Wang and all this after having a baby with a husband. Till the next Vogue cover. Unlike cataloge playboy models who have never smelt a Vogue cover. LOL Even Kate Upton already has 2

  • Leofan

    LOL fan Im not even a Gisele fan but youre making me want to stick up for her because its obvious you are a Barf troll. Beyonce does H&M…. one thing you cant make fun of Gisele about is her career and paycheck. Where is Bar on Forbes? Quit trolling and talking about his ex’s dumba**. He is long moved on weirdo.

  • @28

    And apparently you can’t get over Bar.
    @Fan: so I assume Beyonce must be in needs of money as well since she is working for H&M right now…
    It’s painful to read comments here as usual.

  • @34

    LMAO A contract is for exposure,visibilty for a brand as anyone in marketing knows. Getting the biggest names like Kate Moss, Scarlett Johansson for Mango or Gisele and Beyonce for H & M is about prestige and the name recognition they bring. Beyonce and Gisele’s presence on the top of the Forbes list every year unlike others, proves their power and worth and contradicts BS about them ‘needing’ the money. You tried LOL

  • @27

    …….and you still can’t get over Gisele.

  • Odd

    I made a mistake its Jennifer Morrison NOT Lawrence at the premiere.

  • @35

    I was being sarcastic but thanks for the unnecessary lecture. Like anyone in his or her right mind would actually believe that either Giselle or Beyonce are in need of money…

  • @Odd

    Jennifer Lawrence is at the Gatsby premiere

  • lemm

    Leo is the best of the best. I think this will be his biggest movie since Titanic!!

  • funny witch

    What Jennifer Lawrence doing at The GG premiere? Looking for a way into Leos bed – well, it’s wouldn’t that hard – he likes them young and dumb.

  • ???

    @41: Do you really believe that that`s the reason she is there? I agree with you about Leo but JLaw doesn`t strike me as his usual blonde type. She seems to be smarter than that!

  • funny witch

    What I’m saying that she is totally calculated and she is already sold her soul to Harvey, who knows for with price? And before her blind fans started attacked me – lets explain – back in the days when THG comes up I was(!) the biggest fan who reads every interview and watch videos – but since last autumn she massively changet and turned into major narcissist who can PLAY humble self-deprecating down to earth girl when its BENEFIT to her, rest time she is tough, rude and arrogance AND hypocrite. Unfortunately Im really read to much her interviews to make these conclusions. Dont know reasons for these changes – thinks being around douches like Harvey and David O Russel has something with it. Anyway, she is shows up on premiere with one goal – and its definitely has something with Leo – he is one of the bigest players in bussines and this chiks one said “Hollywood is playground and I wanna be a winner in this game”.

  • ???

    I actually agree with you about JLaw. It seemed like she was selling an image during awards season and I’m quite happy that it’s rather quiet around her right now.
    Let’s see if her appearance at the Gatsby premiere has anything to do with Leo. I doubt but who knows? It’s Hollywood!

  • jackdawsonisOLDnow

    Leo has the craziest fan group I swear. Always insane. you make him look bad little girls.

  • #funny witch

    I agree with you. What ticks me off is that she is/was as calculating as Anne Hathaway in chasing the Oscar. But people oohed when she said stupid things and showed up everywhere and attacked Anne for doing the same. JLaw is as ambitious a player as other starlets she just hides it well.

  • funny witch

    Yeah, but Anne go to her Oscar for a 15 years by doing many-many different roles, always stay devoted to her profession and not running after fame like some Jessica Alba or Biel. She made brilliant performans which came into history of cinema and there is NOW WAY that can be said about Lawrences performans. Even Rachal McAdams was better in Notebook. Chiks just happens be fortunate in Harveys hands who hustling and paid millions for her campaign. Who paid for Emmanuel Riva or Naomy Watts? Did they attend one hundred industry events and kiss everybodys asses? With is why that Oscar is FRAUD! Competitors was in completely different positions, somebody has A LOT power, somebody dont has it a all.

  • 0.o ))

    Totally agree

  • Lulu

    Are you people in delusional land Giselle is worth more money then Leo DiCaprio and more famous world wide. ,Forbes 2 years ago called her the first billion dollar model, and she all of 31 ……and sorry on what planet would you want Leo DiCaprio over Tom Brady , looks alone , Brady is gorgeous, famous athlete and makes 80 million a year., faithful and great dad, while Leo still dating 22 years , which is a indicative of his maturely in real life.

  • Ava

    @Again funny witch… Any comment about Jennifer Lawrence and your in their writing nasty stuff, don’t you ever get tried, it’s looks personal , what did she do not sign for a autograph and it’s always the same ” she’s calculated “, who isn’t you dumb ass, who has a succeful career in any busniess and isn’t shrewd in how they operate, do you think everyone else in Hollywood in walking around with their head up their ass But why is she there ? She never goes to other premiers, shit I hope she isn’t involved in anyway with Leo, that would such a disappointment.