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Gerard Butler Shares Personal Washington, D.C. Trip Photos

Gerard Butler Shares Personal Washington, D.C. Trip Photos

Gerard Butler steps out of his car while arriving at an office on Wednesday afternoon (May 1) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old actor shared pictures from his Washington, D.C. trip the day before on his Facebook page.

Gerard was in the nation’s capital over the weekend to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner alongside CNN news show host Piers Morgan.

“I’ve got Washington in the palm of my hand…” Gerard captioned a photo in which he held the capitol building in his hand.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler heading to an office…

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gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 01
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 02
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 03
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 04
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 05
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 06
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 07
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 08
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 09
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 10
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 11
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 12
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 13
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 14
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 15
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 16
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 17
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 18
gerard butler shares personal washington dc trip photos 19

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • GFW

    Maybe he’s in L.A. because of “Gardens” and is, like everyone else, gathering momentum with the project?
    July will be here before you know it. I know nothing about the business or filming particulars other than when I see a film I see zillions of people involved in the making of the movie, this could be why he’s out here and in a huff? What I do know is the credits are long, and getting longer, with more and more CGI stuff. So, perhaps the professional heat is on, but in a good way?
    who loves to see him in any shade of gray

  • KK

    @At Idiot KK: Someone said “imagine being kissed by Gerard Butler fo real” and I said “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” Do you have a problem with me saying that?

  • Sockalina

    @GFW: His struggles are your struggles?

    Put the crackpipe down and walk away from the computer. You can’t possibly insinuate that you and he are “just alike”.

    Geez, can you spell insanity? You are insane.

  • KK

    @Lucky woman!“:Madalina is such a LUCKY LUCKY WOMAN!!”

    But it’s over, because she is still with Marco.

  • KK
  • Emilia Clarke

    Another coincidence as Emilia Clarke is also in Dom Hemingway with Maddie.

  • Elane Barnard

    We have another questionable human leaving nasty messages on MG’s facebook profile. Wonder what she did to Elane?

  • GFW

    Fact. You are a bore. You are an uninteresting snooze-fest. Can you spell boring?
    Have a nice day.

  • PR student

    @Emilia Clarke: The coincidence ends there. That was an inspired casting choice of a real actress, what casting director or director or producer would not want to get Emilia Clarke on their film project. Go Khalessi Go.

    GOT fans can be as obsessive as Star Trek fans. You have a built in fan base already.

    Maybe Mr. Franco will be able to stop producers, any and all, from interfering with his movie as Mr. Muccino complained about for PFK.

  • KK

    @ffs: What are you talking about?

  • GFW

    @PR student:
    “Maybe Mr. Franco will be able to stop producers, any and all, from interfering with his movie as Mr. Muccino complained about for PFK.”
    Oh dear God, Mr. Muccino would have had a better film, and box office returns, had he been more detail oriented with his film or at least stepped foot in Northern Virginia.
    Was Butler a producer on Playing For Keeps?

  • Sockalina

    @PR student: Maybe that’s why Maddie is angry. Is she jealous of Emilia Clark getting the role?

  • GFW

    PS, Mr. Muccino should have listened to his producers… that’s what they’re there for. Details matter. He removed, from what I hear, scenes that could have allowed the film to be less fluff and own more depth, thus more successful.
    Playing For Keeps had a very relevant story. If Gerry was a producer, he should have taken his advice. Actually, I think he was as he wanted the soccer in the rain scene.
    At first, I was like, eh? Who does that? But I’m not a soccer player. So Gerry’s explanation for it (in interviews) helped, which made me appreciate it more when I saw it. I got it. Plus his mom got to see the devotion to his child which set her heart back to the days, those ‘exciting’ days, and he managed to seep back into her heart in that instant. If loss could measure beauty, George became more handsome to her then and there.

  • What’s Missing

    I didn’t get an answer to my #95 question. I understand why after reading it again myself. It is a scary question when looked at in a world international affairs way. Sorry if it is misleading. The question wasn’t meant to be that deep or controversial. It was not about international politics at all. My pondering is more about Hollywood (aka film/cinema industry) politics.

  • Not Happening


    She was at the GG with him in 2012. She was the one standing a bit behind him holding his hand.

    He should change his number too so the Romanian can stop hounding him! I think the married woman was less crazy actually.

    But he says he likes them crazy! One who hides his passport, another who threw away his clothes. Maybe MG will go after him with a knife and that is how he will learn to stay away from those kind of women. He should concentrate more on sanity than looks especially when the looks are so fake like hers.

    She looked much better before the plastic surgery and she shouldn’t have messed up her looks like that.

  • PR student

    @GFW: Yes GFW, hate to burst your happy bubble but I am afraid that Gerry is one of those interfering producers and/or lead actors who think they know better than screenwriters and directors with proven track records. That is what happened to PFK in my opinion starting with the script. LAC was a good movie but some of Gerry’s clear “input” kept it from being a great movie. He has been lucky so far with OHF. Let’s see if it makes money, as in a profit, still too early to say.

    I never understand why people buy a script or base a movie on a novel and then ignore the script or the novel or think they know better. What was the point. A reinterpretation is one thing but messing with perfection is another.

    It was like that blasphemy of a movie The Scarlet Letter where Arthur Dinsdale and Hester Prynne ride off into the sunset with their child because what people wouldn’t know or care about the actual ending let’s give this classic piece of literature a Hollywood ending to make what Demi Moore happy?

    I fully expect that Franco will insist on the movie being true to the book. I hold you to that Mr. Franco and don’t like those bullies at Millenium tell you otherwise.

  • Not Happening



    MG has an adopted son by the name of Nor and she cannot even be a full-time mother to him so how stupid that would be of GB of making babies with her. She’d use them for a reality show and they’d be in rehab before they’re 13.

  • PR student

    @GFW: I think you heard that wrong there but I will have to admit the fault lay with all parties – I finally saw it and wow I thought the Bounty Hunter was more watchable. Everyone was working for the pay cheque on that movie. Shudder shudder.

  • Not Happening


    I disagree with you. I don’t see how not rushing back to her after St. Tropez and choosing instead to party with other women showed any sign of being respectful to her.

    He didn’t even show up for the Rome Film Festival and he had nothing planned elsewhere that would have made it a good reason for him not to be there. I think the last time he respected her was when he took her to Scotland and that was at the end of May last year.

    When they came back whatever happened there made him go back to his old ways as he was seeing another woman at the same time as her when they were both filming the commercial.

  • Not Happening


    If you’re talking about MG, he calls her Maddie but she likes to be called Lina. She said so to somebody in a nightclub in Milan.

    If you’re talking about Lolita, he calls her Lolita.

  • thor’s day

    @What’s Missing: I don’t this so. GB has attacted some new odd trolls since MG entered the picture .

    This troll can’t decide if it is anti-semitic or not, anti American or not, maybe a Russian troll?

  • A thought

    @Not Happening“If you’re talking about MG, he calls her Maddie”

    Are you sure he doesn’t just call her Mad?

  • GFW

    Olympus Has Fallen from IMDb: Budget: $70,000,000 (estimated)
    Last I checked returns were past $100M+.
    Just so you know, no one can burst my bubble. No one can steal my joy. I can get angry, that’s my choice as are my reactions, but it is temporary. I’m an air sign and buoyant.
    Granted, Franco is multi-talented, but he is directing this as well as acting in it, right? Not easy. He’s appears dark and edgy so might not get on well with others, which he needs to. He seems touchy, a tad arrogant, with a sense of entitlement. And Oz did not do well… not that this matters.
    It appears to be a pet project? So hope he does (stick to the book). Butler isn’t staring in it. He’s been invited to be one of the many producers. He also, if wise, befriends James and watches him closely. Gerry might get the directing bug sooner or later? His touch in OHF was significant as it added the need to show women are just as patriotic as men, and often tougher.
    I’ve yet to read the book, but I have time to and will.

  • dargabriel

    Great Morning To You All And Gerard. Everyone Will Be So Proud Of gerard For Quitting The Cigs, Trust Me, He Quit. Also he’s Not With Mg In The Way Many Think, He Is Friends With Her And Has Had Something With Her, But Nothing More, He Remains In Touch And let’s Just Say Whatever Habits His Other Half Has Or Has Not, He Does As Well, I Know This Too. he’s Where He Needs To Be For Now, i’m Serious About The Cigs, Watch. i’m Very Proud Of You Butler And Will Try Not To let You Down. Butler Is Not Anorexic, He Has A Fast Metabolism, His Nerves And Other Half Are A Huge Part Of This. Spiritual Dna Are The Cause For This. Butler Is So Spiritually Powerful And Gets Carried Away With This Gift, Its A Gift And A Curse For His Second Half, Hes Jealous And Very Possesive Over His Other Half, Hands Off To Any Other Men,Ouch, Very Few know he Is Very Powerful Behind The Scenes, And of Course His Other Half, Alot Of Spiritual Fights, Also i’m Positive Some People Know His Spiritual Side On This Site As Well. I Know That i’ve Repeated SomeInfo From The Past, This Is Just For Newbys To Set The Record Straight. Sorry About Every Word Being Capitalized, But My DroId, Lol. Take Great Care. Love,dargabriel

  • GFW

    @PR student:
    Right. It got edited to death apparently. He was eye-candy for the most part. Women roles gave me the hee-bee-jeebees.
    Funny in his part. Not a stretch by any means, but loved the ending and how he handled it. He did that well. He did HIS part well.
    Chasing Mavericks should have been a bigger hit. He’s bloody amazing in it. It’s all there. The stillness. The wisdom. The look. The details. The torment. The surfing. The connection to the sea and Jay that came harder than that to his ocean he understood more. His struggles to remain the surfer rather than grow up. His losses. His promises. Loved that film.

  • What’s Missing

    @thor’s day: What? Can you put that in different words so I can understand your meaning?

  • http://P Yuck

    For those who think it’s ok for middle aged men and above to date girls in their late teens or barely out their teens. The article below explains why it is so so wrong.

  • goodness

    @itsnothappening maybe you’re right
    I don’t normally comment on these things but I do know nobody can be sure what’s going on with the two of them. I believe she maybe a little high maintainence but I think he would have said something if they’d broken up. He has nothing to lose and would most proberbly gather his “fan base” back again. (Although looking at this page I’m not sure I’d call them fans. They don’t seem very happy for the man)

    I do believe he’s not his normal self but I put it down to diet and health choices. I’m not one to believe idle gossip.

  • range rebel

    Wonder if GB notices signs…well I don’t see his RR being towed… :)

  • Grody

    Madalina is what Gerard chooses when he can have any woman he wants?? She takes the cake with all his women. Her face is hideous!

  • Carrie

    “I’m not one to believe idle gossip.”
    Then stop posting on a gossip site. The stupid is deep within you, young one.

  • Carrie

    Why would he discuss it if they broke up? He stopped talking about Maddie in the middle of the OHF press tour when they were obviously still together, because they were walking in Rome after that.
    He hasn’t had an interview since, so you expect him to release a press statement, that he’s broken up with her?
    The only reason fans are assuming that they have broken up (and no, of course none of us can prove it) is because they have seen each other for one day in about two months. That is not a relationship. That is an international booty call. They both moved heaven and earth to travel together last year, and all of a sudden they are both too busy? I don’t think so.
    There is a reason she’s not with him, and he hasn’t flown to see her. And it’s got nothing to do with work.
    And if you’re expecting him to make an announcement that they broke up, then you don’t know G at all.

  • @Not Happening

    Hi Maddie! I know it’s YOU because no one, and I mean absolutely NO ONE would care about this but YOU.

  • @Carrie

    Very true. Not to mention right away she gets nervous and starts talking babies and marriage. Hahaha way to go Maddie.
    And if there is “something going on in her family” like someone said, Gerard would be by her side, not partying with Freddie or going to gym

  • @goodness

    He would not say sh/it hahaha you think he thinks he owes anyone anything???? You reallllly dont know Gerard james Butler.

  • Wow

    It’s amazing how few fans this guys has left. Think about the few years following 300 — like up to LAC…now they are dwindling. He’s got Olympus…but he regularly TANKS at the box office and now he toting around an unattractive woman saying “this is my girlfriend” looking like a fool. Sigh. Read the last 5 pages and ask yourself if this sounds like a “fan base”.

  • romance

    @You Back Off:

    Yes, I agree, but can you imagine how the female base would react if he was very romantic about this woman? You know we love the romantic type. I believe he’d have more fans if he appeared to be really in love with this woman. He may be, but he doesn’t show it. He was on a good roll when he explained how they met at the museum and went back to his house and just talked all night and then how he flew to MIlan to surprise her. But it was all down hill from there. He never looks really into her in pictures and to say he’s in “deep like” with her. Nope! Where’s the romance, Gerry??

  • Carrie

    “went back to his house and just talked all night”
    Sure Gerry.
    That’s what you guys did. Just ‘talked’. LOL!

  • @Carrie 138

    Because she doesnt want to admit she is a h0e and like the rest on his list, Bianca, Kristi, Jasmine, Alicia, Priyanka, Beatrice, Martina and Laurie…AND BRANDI, THEY ALL ‘PUT OUT’ first date!!!
    People say American women are bad but not all those h0es on that list are stateside that’s for sure!

  • nr007

    @romance: I really don’t belive in that story with “trying on hats & just talking”. It’s not in his style, it sounds like fantsy :/

  • PsychoB

    @GFW: the budget does not include any money spent on marketing. And ticket sales is not profit. The opening weekend is huge because the majority of the ticket price goes to the film company but the longer its in the theatres the more of the ticket price goes to the theatre. As this is discussed every movie that he has had come out by now I would have thought you would remember it takes it to bring in double the budget to break even

  • Get a clue

    @romance: Obviously you read too many romances, because if you think these two are in a relationship, something is wrong with you. What’s the excuse for the continued separation for NINE weeks now? Hmmm? These long separations have been going on since last fall. This is nothing but a relationship for the sake of PR only, and it appears that it is all but over.

  • You Back Off

    I know Gerry is actor and if he wants he can totally pretend to love a woman whom he doesn’t love really. Anyway it would be so
    hypocrite to stand it and he failed to keep it this way. Plus he came and realized when it’s not real , fan will know it, doesn’t matter how much he put effort to make it seems real.

  • befor & after
  • CeliaD

    Per comments on Madalina’s facebook page, it appears there has been an emergency in her family. If this is true, can everyone put their gossipy animosity aside for a moment and say a prayer or send best wishes that her family is okay.

  • JS

    @ffs: “@Greta aka JS aka KK
    ” well I have never spread down right lies about anybody”
    Liar. You’re one pathological liar, “Lou”.”

    Ha ha, Oh girl, you are sooooooooooo wrong, so wrong! I barely have time to post as JS let alone any other names.

    And as for Lou, what has happened to her? she hasn’t posted for a long time.

  • what for?

    If she’d posted about it herself, then there wouldn’t be all of the speculation, would there? The commenters are just guessing. The Romanian press say she just went home for Easter. She made one of her cryptic posts on purpose to get attention, like always. And this isn’t a fan thread for her, so if you want to wish her well for whatever reason, you can go post on her facebook. M’kay? She doesn’t have any fans here.

  • befor & after

    @what for?:
    well said!

  • JS

    @CeliaD:” it appears there has been an emergency in her family”

    I think the only emergency is that she has realised she doesn’t have Gerry’s credit card.

  • CeliaD

    @befor & after: @befor & after:

    Well said?

    What for?

    Is that how you felt when the Boston Marathon was attacked?
    The theatre and school shootings?
    Must you be a “fan” of a fellow human being to have empathy?
    Did you not care about any of those people because you didn’t know them?

    I’ll say a prayer for you while I’m at it.