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Halle Berry: I Initially Thought My Pregnancy was Kidney Stones!

Halle Berry: I Initially Thought My Pregnancy was Kidney Stones!

Halle Berry covers up her growing baby bump in a long sweater as she arrives at LAX Airport on Thursday (May 2) in Los Angeles.

The 46-year-old actress recently chatted about how shocked she was to discover she was pregnant.

“I was at the doctor’s when they told me and I was completely shocked,” Halle said. “I didn’t see it coming. I went to the doctor because I thought I had kidney stones or something. Olivier and I have always wanted to be parents. But I didn’t want to get my hopes up.”

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry covering up her baby bump at LAX…

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halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 01
halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 02
halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 03
halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 04
halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 05
halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 06
halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 07
halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 08
halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 09
halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 10
halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 11
halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 12
halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 13
halle berry baby bump cover up at lax 14

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  • Canuck

    This woman is so full of sh*t. Kidney stones my a**. Who does she think she’s kidding that she would even equate the two as being anything at all similar?

  • Uytre

    Evil bítch who’s using her pregnancy to win back her fans. She is nasty and vile. That poor boy.

  • Swollen

    Agree Evil bitch a FAKE LIAR AND CANNOT ACT

  • WSup

    I have a lot of respect for Sofia Vergara who admitted on Good Morning America that things don’t happen naturally at 40. She was very open about her plans to have a baby at her age and what she would need to do to make that happen. She also went on to say she froze her eggs and will use a surogate because she won’t be able to carry a baby herself.

    Halle will be 47 when the baby is born. I know Halle wanted another baby for her daugther and was probably trying to get pregnant for a while but based on the statistics of getting pregnant over 40…..not to mention over 45…………and being Diabetic, makes you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. If it happened naturally, which it very well may have, then she is one lucky woman.

    I wonder if the story will be different a year or two down the road.

    Just sayin.

  • SunnyAutumn

    Why is she lying? No point in it. The lies will come back to haunt her when she goofs up. She knows dang well she and Oliver had help.

  • tammy

    Liar!Simple as that.

  • WSup

    Tammy and SunnyAutumn, I first thought that too.

    Oliver does not strike me as the type who will back down from a fight. When he has his own child, I think he will fight to the bitter end. Then again, he could just walk away if it get’s ugly but for some reason, he comes across as a “don’t F with me” kind of guy.

    Halle just may have met her match.

  • mimi

    That is a change of life baby, she is most likely pre-menapausal.

  • Laura

    Her fiance doesn’t photograph well because he’s so sharp featured but I saw him in person a few months ago, up close, and omg, I’d let him knock me up too. He’s stop and gawk hot and he’s very friendly! No wonder they wanted a baby, this kid is going to be amazing looking. A little crazy, but gorgeous.

  • Eli-7

    More Halle Spin to keep herself current while OM has been in France over the last several weeks. No logic.

    If she really was having an ecotropic (tubal) pregnancy which symptoms are actually similar to passing a kidney stone, she wouldn’t be flying and site seeing all over Brazil and Argentina and playing Storm in Montreal (no matter if she has a stunt double and the use of CGI).

    Seriously, doubt she had the problem corrected in between Award season, promoting The Call, the “family” Hawaiian vacay and reprising her role of Storm. Any sane doctor would have her resting after such correction.

    Who knows what the story will be in a year? She’s already changed the story on the child’s sex. They very well could have had help. Or it could have happened naturally.

    The same with Nahla. Known fact regardless of what she said on Oprah, she did admit on Tavis to having her eggs harvested as well as saying in other interviews she took fertility drugs. Doing such doesn’t always mean multiple births. There used to pix floating around of she and Gabe going to some LA fertility clinic. So, who knows what’s real and what’s not.

    Who knows how OM’s going to be? Or what their future will be? Wish them the best.

  • oh please

    @Laura: and I have heard the total opposite that he’s a total $hit by folks who know him around Paris.

  • @Eli-7

    @Eli-7: Even if she would actually be telling the truth for a change, I agree for health reasons she wouldn’t be traveling or working on the Xmen DOF set due a very high risk of miscarriage. Her age and diabetes amplify this. Google this info yourself. Trust me. Nor do I think Halle Berry is that cray cray to set up her own miscarriage.

  • kidney stones/tubal pregnancy

    @Canuck: google it. you might be surprised. but she’s lying.

  • Laura

    haha oh really? He must have been having a good day then because he was really nice to us!

  • Marie

    Dang, nice to see such kind and sweet people on this site.

  • ESI

    @Marie: remember this is a gossip entertainment page not a fan site. however, the posters alike can be pretty rough.

  • halle is that you?

    @Marie: Halle is that you? If so, you gotta do better than that.

  • kayla

    I must admit she’s pretty brave to tackle a pregnancy at her age, I would be freaking out. Think about it, she’s close to menopause, so you know her body internally is going through some crap and now she’s pregnant !
    I bet she is hell on wheels right now, I know I would be ! As far as Olivier, he is her match and no if they should ever part ways, he is going to give her the fight of her life so she better change her tune.
    Where is her mom, she used to be photographed with Halle and Nahla, and now you don’t see her or even hear halle speaking about her.

  • @kayla

    @kayla:True , it has been awhile. Guess, Momma Judith is letting her twirl and practicing tough luv? She was quoted in the press after Ollie’s Folly that things would be resolved between Halle & Gabe very soon. You are right that they haven’t been photographed together in a couple of years nor has JJ posted Halle doing her daily/weekly visits to her mothers.
    RE:Ollie–not an accident he’s been keeping his distance more in France this year even when Halle wasn’t preggers. All on JJ.

  • @kayla2

    @kayla: when is she not hell on wheels normally?

  • sea

    Most women enter menopause after 50, even at 55. She is 46.
    She looks healtier than KK and JS.

  • Laura

    Yes she’s very lucky, and i wish her all the best, I got pregnant two years ago, I was 46, a total surprised for my husband and I, we got our hopes very high, knowing what the outcome could be, but I lost the baby when I was six months pregnant, it broke my heart and I cry for months, truly from the bottom of my heart I hope she comes full term and delivers her baby,and that she and the baby turn out to be fine, ….my best wishes for Halle and my prayers……….:)

  • hm

    She’s 46 yrs old for god sake.
    That is too old for a baby.

  • Simone

    too old??? SO WHAT? Jesus Christ! A lot of people who live in other century !!! What’s wrong with you, people??? I can’t belive!!!

  • Simone

    @hm: and???

  • Taddaaaa


    Why do you care so much?

  • Jealous, Jealous, Jealous

    Lots of jealous women on this board… wonder why, lol.

    If a woman has regular periods, she can get pregnant , end of story.

    You must have all flunked biology class. Now go back to being jealous … toodles.

  • grow up

    @Jealous, Jealous, Jealous: oh please , grow up

  • Elaine

    @Uytre: Thank God your not a “FAN” !!!!! You Wicky Uytre how sad to speak evil words about someone you don’t even know! Just go away!

  • Elaine

    @Simone: I so agree with you:) I wish Halle a healthy baby:)

  • mamanas


    Really?? Well that is why some can do, while other’s shouldn’t. She can be premenopause. She has access to the best medical attention and will be just fine. Now if indeed she used harvested eggs or donor eggs the complications decrease.

    From someone who gave birth to two healthy daughters- NATURALLY at the age of 41 and 42.

  • Pinkrose

    Actually, I understand that the medication for diabetes assists with infertility so I can understand Halle getting pregnant at 46. People should not be so ugly about matters they have no personal knowledge about. Readers actually know very little about Halle personally. It’s all impressions gained from gossip sights. And when she does say something personally, people do not want to believe her.

  • Shivonne

    OMG! Why is it people are saying she’s lying like they know her personally. That makes no sense. I wish she would just not say anything in the media b/c are haters are soo ignorant. It’s her life and her baby and I’m happy for her and Oliver. People still love her regardless of all of these hateful comments.