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Katie Holmes: Suri School Drop-Off!

Katie Holmes: Suri School Drop-Off!

Katie Holmes heads out bright and early after dropping her daughter Suri off at school on Thursday (May 2) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress was spotted heading to an SUV after leaving her daughter’s school and going on her way.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Katie and Suri were last seen out and about at the nail salon with her mom Kathleen late last month.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes dropping her daughter Suri off at her school in New York City…

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katie holmes suri school drop off 01
katie holmes suri school drop off 02
katie holmes suri school drop off 03
katie holmes suri school drop off 04
katie holmes suri school drop off 05
katie holmes suri school drop off 06
katie holmes suri school drop off 07
katie holmes suri school drop off 08
katie holmes suri school drop off 09
katie holmes suri school drop off 10
katie holmes suri school drop off 11
katie holmes suri school drop off 12

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  • Shazzer

    She doesn’t look pretty anymore, just kinda run down.

  • missy

    I think she looks pretty considering the fact that doesn’t appear to be wearing makeup. She’s tired and dropping her daughter off at school. She looks fine.

  • Yassine

    Wow, she looks beautiful without make-up, nice one Katie!

  • lol

    she looks haggard. Ok if she were some working class low income single mom juggling job kids bills we’d all say she lloks fine, but this woman has multi millions and she looks like a wash up dish towel. Come on try and make being rich look fun.

  • Brad

    A little tired but she still looks great, I like it!

  • lr

    She has the worst legs!

  • Chris

    Naturally beautiful.

  • siennagold

    She looks worn out.

  • AG

    Looks like a walk of shame.

  • Leon

    Looking great, that’s the sexiest outfit I’ve seen Katie wear so far, sorry ladies …

  • Zerf

    I’m starting to like this woman more and more, she has a cute looking and she is completely normal.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    What’s up with her bras? Or the lack of?

  • Claudia

    She looks a bit like in her Joey Potter days in these pictures. :-D
    I think she only needs a bit more sleep. She looks tired but I’m sure she is working hard on her new movie at the moment. :)

  • Yassine

    You justly are right, she was spotted with Spike Lee yesterday in Bayside working in her new film.

  • Silvana

    Beautiful as always ; )

  • Jayze

    Aww she looks cute here, I think she is a bit tired but as some people said, I think she is working hard for Mania days, work will pay …

  • Cherry

    I think she looks great. I lover her outfit.

  • lydia oh lydia

    She looks like something that was dragged thru a knot hole. I don’t know how anybody could say she looks good! The girl is like 32 years old and looks 50. That’s not just exhaustion. That’s a young woman who is NOT aging well.

    Also, what’s with that goofy elephant that Suri carries EVERYWHERE. That isn’t normal at 7 years old. She’s way too old for that. Lots of kids have a favorite stuffed toy. I took mine to college with me! But she carries that thing everywhere she goes. EVERYWHERE. Its as if she’s insecure and needs it to feel OK. That’s sad. Atleast she isn’t allowed to bring it into school. I think she should be way past that whole stage by now…..then again, having a pair of nutbags for parents would make any kid insecure! Poor Suri. She really hit the parenting jackpot with Katie (I’m either totally braindead or married a lunatic for money) Holmes and Tom (I’m a narcissistic, nutbag, cult freak, closet case) Cruise.

  • Ken

    OMG, Popeye is showing leg? Must be the new men TMZ showed her double dating with her daughter a month ago. YEP! Popeye got a new men, she’s probably pregnant again.

  • Mira

    I love Katie, but she needs better bras.

  • Ken

    @lydia oh lydia: Lady, you read too many tabloids. GET HELP QUICKLY b/c you are f*cked up. All this anger over someone you don’t know means you need help. Trust me, get a freaking life DA.

  • Brad

    @lydia oh lydia: patheticness in his peak, get a life!

  • SAKI

    HOT MESS>. She should have stayed with Tom.

  • Ray

    I didn’t think she could be so pretty make-up free and still young, maybe it is why she is the face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics, make-up just enhances what is there.

  • Ray

    @SAKI: You mean HOTNESS? I say yes in this case.

  • Cece

    Hard to believe that she’s only 34. I like the color of the dress and its simplicity a lot, but it is so ill-fitting. Why can’t she ever where clothes that fit and flatter?

  • Smad

    She looks young, pretty and sensational, poor Tom …

  • guest

    @lr: ?? OKAY –whatever pissy pants.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Suri the meal ticket: I concur. I wouldn’t be talking about being some good catholic girl. Once again: A walking contradiction… She has”WTF” written all over her.

  • Sincerely concerned

    I DO hope she does well with this movie. …..Just get a bra!

  • TOPgirl

    She looks horrible these days and unhappy too!

  • Julie

    She has always been beautiful in my eyes, I love her heels and brown toenail polish, nice outfits, she just need a bra, she sometimes doesn’t wear bras, I wonder why.

  • Anne

    @Suri the meal ticket:

    Friend, I do not understand why so angry at Holmes. She is beautiful, even without a bra.

  • Anne

    People who only see flaws in physical appearance of Katie … are envious. She is perfect. Cruise who lost a beautiful woman, a good mother, talented, and his daughter, out money.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Dear Anne,
    Do you see how her breasts clump together forming a sloppy meatball? If they sag any lower, they will reunite with her belly.
    Not a good look.
    I am not tits phobia, but if someone wants to do without bras, please make sure that the nipples pert, waist line narrow and the shirt fits.

    KHo’s look is just OK. A dime a dozen, actually, that’s how she plays the girl next door type of roles. She’s never dazzling beautiful. I like women and when I see a beautiful woman, I know one.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: Why must opinions insinuate envy? Never grow if u take everything personally…..

  • Anne

    @Suri the meal ticket: @Sincerely concerned:

    You forget that she nursed a baby. In my opinion, Holmes is the most beautiful woman in hollywood, she has a natural beauty. I’m sure you two breasts (if they are women) are worse than breasts Holmes and uglier. Lol.
    By the way, my loves could tell me why TMZ does not talk over Cruise / Holmes? Does Tom paid them not to speak?

  • Brad

    @Suri the meal ticket: “Do you see how her breasts clump together forming a sloppy meatball? If they sag any lower, they will reunite with her belly.” I laughed. This description ain’t in accordance with reality, you can’t be serious?

  • mer

    One of the few celebritis who look pretty without make up.

  • annie

    I like the pics where she’s exiting the school, she looks so cute.
    I don’t mind the dress, goes good with the shoes.
    Katie looks ok without makeup, she’s actually very brave for someone in the public eye, as Bobbi Brown says, pretty without makeup, stunning with.
    She was very pretty on Beauty Road, a Korean beauty programme.
    Katies Bobbi Brown pic is on the busses, over there, and 2 huge HStern beach pics are pictured outside his shop on 5th Ave.

    Soon Alterna hair is going into full swing.
    Mabe at the MET ball , she can wear, Holmes/Yang, they have a pretty coral colour evening dress,she can wear Bobbi Brown makeup, hair products by Alterna, and jewellery by H Stern.
    Well done Katie!

  • Antonio

    Mania days had a night shoot last night around my block, testament to her character as a mum that she still takes her daughter to school the next day! Great mum, hope the film does well.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Looks like she is getting into character. Maybe the bra comments are unnecessary then. Just glad to see her shed the ole ball and chain.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: and hence, the bra. Maybe it’s showing my age (56), but can’t help but to be confused about baring the nipples knowing that daddy could be seeing these pics. I have a 24 y/o dtr. And when she dresses too provocatively, my husband gets very uneasy and usually makes a comment. How can Katie say that she is very conscientious about how her parents see her yet dispels every catholic notion I know of. Still remember one trip to NY. When my husband looked over at my 17 y/o dtr. At a red light. I thought he was going to have a coronary. (You see a lot more in the sunlight than in a hotel room.)…. Found the first clothing store available… What a way to get new clothes. Just like Madonna(the catholic tryst but Madonna is at least honest that she rebelled the whole catholic notion). But Katie needs to come clean with herself.. She says one thing and does another. This movie will hopefully help her. Watched Juan Martinez’ closing argument on the Jodi Arius trial. People do not like to be lied too. I seem some Erie similarities (thinking she can play people). Just a thought with my morning coffee.

  • rubyz

    For all those who love Holmes’ down-to-earth, makeup-free look. The woman is endorsing HAIR and MAKEUP products: expensive ones. At least try to look the part. I can’t imagine, based on her sloppiness, that she’s doing a thing for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics or Alterna hair care. Most of the time her hair looks like a rat’s nest, and she usually looking “down-to-earth and makeup-free” (code for MESS).

  • Rafael

    Pretty though she is make-up free, I think that’s utility of make-up, it potentiates beauty and Holmes represente perfectly this philosophy promoted by BBC.

  • Andrea

    You rock Katie!

  • Clara

    She seems to be a down-to-earth person, I hope her career will get back on track now.

  • Mollyme

    She has that dead look in her eyes that she has when Tom is about to get some visitation with Suri. Although not shown on here, there are some photos with Suri in them and Suri looks pouty and about to have a tantrum. Probably another reason Katie looks worn out in these pictures.

  • Brice

    I saw her in the 5th Avenue for H. Stern, she is hot!

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    I think you’re a big fan of Cruise. I am too. I watched almost all his films. Oblivion saw today, not like this, I found confusing. I do not care his private life, which man has no defects? Holmes is opportunistic to me. More by everything I’ve read, I would do the same thing for my daughter not created by a selfish man who only thinks career and religious fanatic. And perhaps crazy. รจ a shame the “marriage” was a farce, they were cute together. How Hollywood is a fantasy land, maybe they do not come back?