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Reese Witherspoon on Arrest: 'We Know Better'

Reese Witherspoon on Arrest: 'We Know Better'

Reese Witherspoon has given her first public interview since being arrested for disorderly conduct while her husband Jim Toth was arrested for DUI on Thursday (May 2) on Good Morning America in New York City.

“I saw [the cop] arresting my husband and I literally panicked,” the 37-year-old Mud star explained. “I told him I was pregnant. I’m not pregnant. I said all kinds of crazy things.”

“We went out to dinner in Atlanta and we had one too many glasses of wine. We thought we were fine to drive and we absolutely were not…We know better and we shouldn’t have done that.”

“I was so disrespectful to him,” Reese admitted about her arresting officer. “I have police officers in my family. I work with police officers every day. I know better. It’s just unacceptable.”

Reese also explained what it was like telling her children, Ava, 13, and Deacon, 8, about the incident. “We have to say when you make a mistake you take responsibility and we are taking responsibility and doing everything in our power to make it right.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Reese Witherspoon’s post-arrest interview???

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Credit: Ida Mae Astute; Photos: ABC
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  • verity

    PR and LIES

  • Claire


  • toria

    She is in full damage control!

  • Juicy Lucy

    Can’t believe one word she says.

  • greasy reesy

    what a liar!!

  • scarlett

    I don’t think much of it. It’s damage control at it’s finest.

  • Dan

    Some people here are idiots. They call Reese Witherspoon a liar when she apologies and owns up to her stupidity. So what would you have her do? Stay quiet on the subject??? Call it PR control or whatever but its refreshing to see a celebrity take responsibility for their actions unlike some others (Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hiliton, Amanda Bynes, etc.)

    If you demand an apology from Reese but then don’t believe the apology she gives then why even have her apologize in the first place??!!

  • Keiko

    I actually believe her because there’s no reason not to. She sounds sincere. I don’t know what she means by “I work with police officers every day” but aside from that she sounds normal and sincere. This is really not a BFD.

  • Keiko

    Yes, and what Dan (#37) said. EXACTLY. Demanding an apology and then tearing the apology to shreds? Insanity. I wonder what nasty little (or big) mistakes the commenters here have made.

  • Cece

    I like that she actually took responsibility – most celebs will tell you that they were exhausted or some other excuse.

    And I assume she works with police officers because they provide protection on her movie sets??

  • Tania

    @Dan, completely agree. And whether anyone believes she’s sincere or not, at least she’s out there taking responsibility whether she feels obligated or not. If she does it again, then I could see you having more reason to disbelieve her.

  • The Bird

    I am not demanding anything. All I hear is blah, blah, Blah! She is a phony and her opening that pie hole of hers in now, nothing more than damage control!

  • Jean

    So they told her to say it, probably to save her carreer. Actors are the best liars.

  • Barbara

    She’s idiot!!!
    She doesn’t a good girl!!!

  • ugh~

    lying about being pregnant just to get out of something?
    are people really defending this crazy b&tch?
    she got caught. done and done.. she’s just trying to get out of it.. honestly, she should just say nothing.. i mean isn’t her husband in the P.R business?

    and stop using the term ‘mistake’ — drunk drivers kill innocent people daily.. its not a mistake it’s a crime.

  • and here we gooooooo

    with the paid fiction, plants! Hollywood, damage control, PR spin at its finest!

  • retrobanana

    i dont see anything wrong with her owning up to it

  • On and on and on

    Everyone involved in Hollywood knows what a b*tch and how difficult she is. All calculated, All scripted, All PR, All Damage Control!

  • Delilah

    Of course, her apology and her explanation is based on her “panic” because her husband was being arrested. So, no. I don’t accept it and yes, it’s damage control. She was drunk. Too drunk to stand up. Her husband was drunk. So drunk he couldn’t stay in the right lane of traffic. Her “reason” for why she got arrested is because she was “scared?” Please.

    The honesty came out with the booze. She was telling the cop he’d be in all the newspapers. Her concern was for her fame and her image. “Do you know my name?” She wasn’t scared for her husband, she was scared for her image.

    What do I expect? Well, I’d rather that her PR team issue a statement to say she & hubby are getting some help for the alcohol problem they both have. This wasn’t the first time. It was the first time they were caught and couldn’t keep it quiet.

    She really shouldn’t do any media right now. Matthew Mc Connaughey will be fine doing the media. You better believe the people on GMA had to agree to all kinds of conditions in order for them to get her first post arrest interview.

  • jackie

    The fact she totally owned it and said she was 100% WRONG and didn’t blame someone else shows she is a good person who made a stupid MISTAKE. Good for her.

  • Luke

    Seems to me that she’s going to be hated no matter what she says. Scripted or not, at least she owned up and apologised, whatever happened. Most people say nothing.

  • Pattycake

    Just who has been demanding an apology? Not me, and not anyone I know. In fact, thinking an apology is all this requires is rather insane. She “knows better.” They both “know better.” Bully for them. How does that mitigate what they did? This is just damage control. And people can fall for it if they want to. I think many more will not.

  • R.

    As refreshing as it should be to see a celeb take responsibility for their actions, given her reputation, as one of the witchiest actresses in Hollywood, it all rings hollow.
    As for those who aren’t happy with those who view the ‘apology’ with a sideeye–you can blame that on the rampant rumors of HER conduct also. If she hadn’t had the very unpleasant rep, her apology would have been applauded.

  • greasy reesy

    she acts sincere because she got caught. she is just an entitlted brat who thinks she is above the law because she is famous “do you know who I am?!?!” she is a straight up self absorbed b*tch who acts like America’s sweetheart. I’m willing to bet large amounts of money that there have been other instances where she has thought she was above the common citizen.

  • verity

    “i saw the cop, i told him i was pregnant”
    life is not a movie Mrs “Do you khow who i am ?”

  • The Truth

    I thought I heard it all in this business but Witherspoon and Toth just took PR spin, damage control to a whole new level!

  • What did I just hear

    WE had to tell OUR kids? Is that what she said? She REALLY wants us to forget that she had a first husband right? She thinks she can say anything and people will believe her.

  • hepsda
  • She’s trying to clean up her image, but at least she is admitting that she was wrong.

  • LaCroix

    just bad judgement? is she serious? they could have hit someone.. then it’s just bad judgement? I never really liked her anyway but these celebs really do think they can get away with anything!

  • mo

    (Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hiliton, Amanda Bynes, etc.)-them are pulled just thus to responsibility. There it is about sedate and it passes nobody.
    The damage limitation is natural. One should switch on his head before. And dismiss not behind it as a stupidity.

  • Jon

    She seems completley disingenous in this interview. That apology or whatever you call it, was not sincere in the least. She’s smiling the whole time! She could have killed someone. I get a feeling that this is all fun and games for her. I could not believe that she was basically laughing throughout this whole interview. And it wasn’t nervous laughter/smiling either. It’s like she was getting a kick out of being bad or something. From this interview alone, she seems like a sociopath, or has sociopathic tendencies. She was smiling throught this whole thing. Sick in the head.

  • josh

    she sounds genuine in her response. She seems to be a good girl who made a mistake. Nobody’s perfect!

    But is she or her husband risking any jail time?

  • mellow

    She looks just…stoned on that picture.
    Ok she’s admitting that she did wrong what she did, but how could someone like her drink many glasses of wine that thinking they were FINE TO DRIVE?!
    She would never ever have done something like this while she was with Ryan and Ryan never like did when she was with him – they have children together as Reese and Toth have a child together. :/

  • Shazzer

    There’s NO EXCUSE. And saying you literally went crazy is just stupid. Why make it worse?

  • HollywoodSecrets

    To all of you defending Reese Witherspoon, you are laughable. Obviously you have NO CLUE how she is in person. She’s a total b!tch and thinks she’s above all, she doesn’t care about fans or even extras. You know.. it means, a lot to fans and extras to look up to someone like her but honestly.. NO ONE should look up to Reese Witherspoon. That’s what’s so dangerous about Hollywood and media, is that people like Reese Witherspoon will always be portrayed as a nice person and what for? Because she’s played nice people most of the time in movies.. Get a grip of reality people..

    She claims she “knows better” than to drive drunk, yet she does. Isn’t that something you should say BEFORE you NEVER EVER drive drunk?

  • Pickles

    I’m amazed at how fake she is acting in this interview. What is she, 12? Say “Sorry.” and that makes it OK? Reese proved yet again she is a complete phony who will say what she needs to say to restore her image. She is over.

  • MnL


  • Jon

    Didn’t Ted Casablance do numerous blinds on her? The shafterella shoshtein or whatever. What she did that night to the police officer, IS THE REAL HER. This, thing, she’s doing on TV, is not the real her. She has no remorse. When she starts saying how sorry she is, she keeps shifting her eyes around (not a sign of a truthful person), and she has a smile on her face. So you’re saying you did this bad thing, and you’re sorry, but you’re smiling the whole time? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out she’s LYING, AND PRETENDING.

  • Jon

    Both her and her husband are psychos. She’s laughing it up in this interview. I’m gonna make a safe bet this isn’t the first time they drove drunk. It’s probably the first time they got caught.

  • Veronica

    I love the way she just handles it, faces it up front! No silly gimmicks or statements released from ‘her people’ etc etc etc.
    Even non-celebrities ask the classic ‘Do you know who I am?’I think she’s alright in my book ;)

  • Harris

    Let’s face it: she is a very nasty piece of work and this comes from a variety of credible sources. I have zero sympathy for her. Glad you owned up and apologize but you might want to rethink your drinking because the truth about someone’s personality always come out when they are drinking.

  • evelyn

    this is the first time I’ve seen a celebrity actually own up to her mistakes. she didn’t sugarcoat or make any excuses for her action. I say give reese a break.

  • Shahz

    CLASSY!!!!! ANd just a little bit SASSY….oooooooh

  • Freestyler

    I never knew her real voice and she sounds so silly and fake. She looks everywhere except her interviewer when she apologizes. That means she’s lieing. Apart from her speed of voice like she knows everything by heart and wants to spit it out as fast as possible.

  • http://@compternerd compternerd

    Reese Witherspoon does not owe you an explanation for anything. She is above the law because she has money, that’s the way it is in America. She doesn’t owe anyone an apology except her family.

  • Cheyenne

    Reese seems like she’s being honest here. We all make mistakes but hers is in the public eye. She owed up to her mistake so it should be forgotten. At least she is apologizing for it. Most celebrities would try to hide their mistake or just not take responsibility at all. I admire Reese for apologizing it and taking responsibility. Besides if anyone were to get arrested, I’m sure they would make up some crazy things because they’re scared and panicking.

  • ddpalmer

    Except she isn’t owning up to her stupidity, she is lying. She says “…we had one too many glasses of wine.” Yet the blood alcohol level that her husband had would have required him to drink a bottle and a half of wine all by himself in just one hour.

    Lies and PR, trying to talk her way out of the situation while hiding the truth.

  • nadine

    Why do some people feel like she needs to apologize to them? Did she do something to you directly? Did she insult you personally? Are the police officer she was commenting to?

    She doesn’t owe You anything.

    They both used poor judgement in him driving while drunk and he should be reprimanded to the fullest extend of the law. But with regards to her saying stupid stuff, who the hell cares? So, she said stupid things because she was panicked and drunk. Okay. She got arrested for it, that’s her punishment.

    I serious don’t understand why people seem to be more upset at her behavior than him driving drunk.

    And calling her out on lies? What is she lying about? Were you there? Did you see it happen? Are you her?

    And with regards to the apology, if it was you, you’d be apologizing too. She just has to do it on a public stage.

  • Delilah

    She doesn’t “need” to apologize to me, and IMO she doesn’t “owe” anyone anything. But here’s the thing. Her entire public image is false. She has been role-playing for years. And today, she went on national TV and did it again. She took a very serious situation where her husband was drunk driving, and she interfered with a police officer who was doing his job, which resulted in her getting arrested, and she is obviously is not appreciating how serious it was. Her attitude is “Let’s get this over with. ” When she puts herself on a national TV show for an interview with a serious journalist who is from E! News, then yes, she is open to criticism. She offers herself up for criticism by going on TV. She is using a PR strategy when she should be at home dealing with her problems in a serious way that they deserve. Who does she think she is to say ” I have no idea what I said!” She is talking to the American public .Not all of us are that stupid. Sorry doesn’t fix this one.