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Ian Somerhalder: BloodyNightCon3 Barcelona Press Conference!

Ian Somerhalder: BloodyNightCon3 Barcelona Press Conference!

Ian Somerhalder is handsome while attending a BloodyNightCon3 Press Conference on Friday (May 3) in Barcelona, Spain.

The 34-year-old actor was joined by his Vampire Diaries co-stars Paul Wesley and Nathaniel Buzolic.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ian Somerhalder

The BloodyNightCon3 kicks off tomorrow and will be the third convention where The Vampire Diaries has been promoted in Spain.

On the same day, Ian‘s girlfriend Nina Dobrev dolled up while attending the new Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer Launch.

10+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley promoting The Vampire Diaries at the BloodyNightCon3 press conference…

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ian somerhalder bloodynightcon3 barcelona press conference 01
ian somerhalder bloodynightcon3 barcelona press conference 02
ian somerhalder bloodynightcon3 barcelona press conference 03
ian somerhalder bloodynightcon3 barcelona press conference 04
ian somerhalder bloodynightcon3 barcelona press conference 05
ian somerhalder bloodynightcon3 barcelona press conference 06
ian somerhalder bloodynightcon3 barcelona press conference 07
ian somerhalder bloodynightcon3 barcelona press conference 08
ian somerhalder bloodynightcon3 barcelona press conference 09
ian somerhalder bloodynightcon3 barcelona press conference 10
ian somerhalder bloodynightcon3 barcelona press conference 11

Credit: Miquel Benitez; Photos: Getty
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  • Rosie

    Stop with the botox, Ian!

  • yasmine

    Paul and Nate looking hot and the there’s Somerhalder with his permasmirk.

  • Stacy

    Why does Ian constantly has that stupid smirk on his face? Does he think its attractive? Natural broodiness is sexy, not forced broodiness.

  • demvfd

    that smirk works and he knows it.

  • kim

    all handsome

  • SC

    What is her wearing? He had so much promise, hope he can get work after VD…seems like a CW lifer.

  • amouna

    OMG Ian !!! stop being so sexy !!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane

    A lot of actors Ian’s age are huge movie actors, with tons of accolades (Oscars, BAFTAs, Emmy’s etc) while he’s on a CW show playing a vampire lol.

  • TJ

    The smirk works? With whom?

  • SilverSprings

    Ian & Nate are handsome. How old is Paul?

  • Marc


  • jackie

    I like Ian but seriously he should lay off the Botox. His eyebrows just don’t look right. I’ve had botox a few times and didn’t like what it did to my eyebrows.

  • LaCroix

    If Ian had Botox you would not see the wrinkles on his forehead or anywhere on his face.. srsly his face looks normal..

  • wtf

    @Jane: You forget that IAN was a model turned actor.. he’s lucky he is even on a show.. srsly.

  • Maria

    Omg Seriously? Again with the hate! People stop being so mean…All three of them are perfect!
    As for Ian if he had botox there would be no wrinkles in his forehead etc. His face is face is perfect and very attractive! And even if he did it;s his job not yours.. Everytime we have the same things…his hat, his smirk, botox etc… Maybe if you don’t like him you shouldn’t look at him. My God why people are so easy to judge an other person? Don’t judge lest you be judged.
    On the brighter note: Ian Paul and Nate looking great as usual. Wish there was a convention made in my country..
    Wish you all a happy day (or nigh t- depends on your location).

  • cristina
  • lenny

    Does Paul cut the sleeves of his shirts? It makes it kinda look like a girls shirt.

  • Ciara

    3 good looking man.Finally Ian can spend this summer without Nina!! he booked the whole summer !! Its just a matter of time that these 2 make it public that they are not together.Ian quietly will spend this summer working but with someone important for him. I hope that he doesnt get caught before everybody knows that this nian relationship is over which its time.

  • Rupert Sanders

    1 out of 3 is gay

  • Guest

    @TJ: Nina Dobrev. Somehow.

  • Renate

    Can People just stop with the hate, its getting boring! They are Actors but they have Feelings too okay! Stop saying things that aren’t true at all!

    @Rupert Sanders: yeah thats obviously you!

    Ian you’re the best<3

  • Renate


    Who cares if they are together or not? I personally think they never had a thing. And I really hope Ian is happy with the woman he is dating now,

    whoever she may be <3

  • Jenny

    Ian looks beautiful! I work in the cosmetic Industrie and trust me I know when someone is using botox! Ian is definitely NOT using it! So if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all because making up things like that just makes you look stupid.

  • love

    Ian has a new girlfriend? Who travels with him to Barcelona?

  • Elisa

    You haters are PATHETIC !
    Get a life please !

    Ian is gorgeous, smart, kind, and a REALLY good actor.
    He deserves the best.

  • Elisa

    And of course there’re together with Nina.

  • normini.

    I read many bad things .. get a life and grow up! if you do not like Nina because always pull her in the middle? you are not able to speak only of Ian?

  • miriam

    Ian 10 days ago called Nina “my girl”, if he really has a new girlfriend compliment him for the sincerity.. but then do not write that with his fans he is sincere!

  • Maria

    For once lets not make an article for three handsome men the nian battle. It’s his life, let it be. That goes for both sides. Thank you

  • sarah

    Paul is looking soooooo HOTTTTT

  • love

    Of course this is Ians life. Sorry for the curiosity.

  • Ina

    Ahhh Ian is gorgeous! Wow! But poor Paul…looks so tired!

    Anyway this not about nian and I hate how JJ always mentions Nina in articles about ian etc. Ian never confirmed anything so i’m not gonna believe in their fake relationship!

    “Katherine and Elena are just as bitches as Nina.” – Paul Wesley!! Aww thanks Paul for speaking out the truth :)

  • florence2

    I wish Ian would just smile normally it looks much better on him than that stupid smirk he does.

  • Caroline

    If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all! Give up with all the criticism. Why don’t you miserable offensive people post your photo so we can all pick holes in you! Bet you’re not perfect.

  • love

    Are you familiar with Nina?
    Paul is a prankster. Sometimes he jokes poorly.

  • Ina

    @love: but that doesn’t chance the fact that he said it. He never has something nice to say about nina. #js

    Btw, I like Ian and Paul a lot, I just doesn’t like Nina or nian.

  • Chrissy Chastain

    Ian Somerhalder is HOT! HOT! HOT! and the money maker for TVD…. he is the one everyone wants to meet.
    The airlines lost his luggage ….that is a real BUMMER!

    Nate is a living doll too! I wish his TVD character, Kol, could come back from the dead and join his “Original” family in NOLA for the spin off series.

    Paul is a cutie too…. and while he is a jokester, he confirmed at the TVD Barcelona fan convention that Ian and Nina live together as a couple by saying when TVD is over he will move in with Ian & Nina because he can’t imagine not being with them. Way to go Paul!!!

  • Jenny

    Wow,Chrissy is that video on Youtube of Paul saying that he wants to move in with Nina and Ian after Vampire Diaries ends? Can you tell us where to find a link of Paul saying that? Very interesting. I know Paul is married and I don’t think his wife Torrey would want to move in with Ian and Nina.*lol*

  • cherie

    LOL, Ian is the most beautifull Man ever with the most mesmerizing eyes. he is also a fantastic actor. He defently has no bot ox , that Man is gorgeous with a great Personality, wich makes him even more beautifull.. Look up what the Author of 50 shades said about Ian. She said I did Ian a injustice, I knew He was gorgeous, but in Person He is the epitome of Male Beauty, he is devastating.

  • Callie

    That smirk makes Ian look like he is having a stroke.

  • K

    Paul Wesley looking handsome, as usual. Sigh. I’d take him in a heartbeat.

  • Hunger Games

    Why does Ian always always wear a hat outside of work? I never see him without one

  • Cronin

    Is Ian out yet? Maybe it would jump start his career?

  • xxlaila

    reallly ? Nate and Paul are there as well and then whoever made this post turned it into and Ian Somerhalder post.

  • likeaboss

    @SC: which are you talking about? they were all there you know! it’s not all about ian!

  • likeaboss

    @lenny: no look at the pocket, its the shirt. and why is hemless a girl trait? how much do you know about fashion? if any of these men are dressed like a girl, i’d point to the one with the most accessaries *cough* ian *cough*

  • likeaboss
  • likeaboss

    @Elisa: so do the other two

  • Never Ending

    I have never seen so much hate spewed. It’s sorta sad and pathetic that some people just sit around waiting for that alert that an article has cropped up and you feel the need to sprinkle your hate all over it. Does it make you feel better? Seriously what do you get out if it?

  • Irina

    Reading some of your comments makes me wanna punch someone! Seriously guys? Why all the hate? Ian, Paul and Nate are three wonderful, talented guys…they do everything for their Fans especially Ian!

    @Hunger Games: really? Are you a Fan of him? Because 1) he’s not always wearing hats 2) he wears them because he likes it 3) mind your own Business

    @Cronin: hahah really funny….this is getting old you know, you are pathetic!