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Nina Dobrev: Origins GinZing Moisturizer Launch!

Nina Dobrev: Origins GinZing Moisturizer Launch!

Nina Dobrev gives the new Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer a test on her skin at the launch of the product on Friday (May 3) in New York City.

The 24-year-old The Vampire Diaries actress rocked a Thakoon dress and Jimmy Choo shoes at the big event.

“Another great,Great GATSBY after party photo-they really went the extra mile, beautiful authentic period look. Felt like we were in the 20′s” Nina wrote on her WhoSay page about The Great Gatsby after party earlier in the week – check out Nina‘s look from the premiere in case you missed it!

15+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev launching the Origins GinZing moisturizer…

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nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 01
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 02
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 03
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 04
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 05
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 06
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 07
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 08
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 09
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 10
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 11
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 12
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 13
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 14
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 15
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 16
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 17
nina dobrev new origins ginzing moisturizer launch 18

Credit: Amanda Schwab; Photos: Starpix/JustJared
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  • Helena

    OMG not her again :( horrible

  • sally

    @Helena. I know. Nina is trying to make a name for herself, by attending every red carpet. Instead of Dobrev looking incredibly desperate for media attention, she should be focusing on improving her acting skills. Just saying.

  • sally

    I forgot to say, that she is getting paid to walk these red carpets- like Jessica Alba.

  • Ina

    I agree with you both! I’m so sick of seeing her everwhere. She is so arrogant . And she isn’t that beautiful without all the make up

  • liberty

    i love her

  • Ashley

    Helena and sally It’s funny, because if you hate it, why you waste time commenting about her. She’s amazing person and her actuation is brilliant, she deserves everything because she fight for this.

  • anne

    actuation is not a word. girl.

  • karina

    i agree with you Ashley, She’s amazing person and her actuation is incredible.
    If you hate her, just no comment in a topic about her .

  • nay

    she deserves emmy, oscar all the awards for brilliant actuations .

  • mari

    she’s incredible actress

  • georgia

    The acting Nina Dobrev is  absolutely phenomenal!!

  • ana

    Nina Dobrev everyone! Nina Dobrev is phenomenal
    Ina, sally and Helena please why you comment about her if you hate her ?? for me you have envy because she’s Nina Dobrev and you well is nothing

  • normini.

    I like how she acts!

  • anne

    If Nina is an excellent actress as you say, we’ll see after the end of Vampire diaries. Because now except to the red carpet, Nina does nothing.
    Nina is the new Meryl Streep. lol . Everybody knows that. Lol

  • Celi

    if I do not like someone, I do not waste my time talking bad about her.
    Nina Dobrev is absolutely amazing
    Ian, sally, Helena you speak the same thing about her in all matters, so please go do something instead of losing time talking bad about her

  • bff

    What no julianne? lol.. For those who actually seen her show you would know she is not a bad actress.. She plays two different characters very effectively like it was played by two different actors. seriously. She can even act way better than Kristen Stewart.

  • Celi


  • Josephine

    She gets paid for this and I’m sure I would be first in line if someone wanted to pay me big money for something so easy but I’m tired of all the PR managers and other people responsible for those events who think that seeing a C-list actress pretending she is putting their moisturizer on top of thick layer of foundation, concealer, powder etc. on her face, will make me go and buy their product. It’s insulting to any thinking person’s intelligence. And to think how much money is wasted on this! Some people (Kardashians) think this is hard work because they make millions just on the red carpets.

  • na0cy

    but why you compared her acts with Kristen Stewart. She’s better better and better .

  • anne

    Bff : Kristen stewart is not a good model.
    you are 15 year-old girl. If you think only Nina dobrev can play two character. GET a life. get out in your house sometimes.girl.
    She’s not the first and not be the last actress to do that

  • na0cy

    anne please stop , you ridicules… nobody said that only she can, but she is making two excellent characters, and you anne have envy her . GET a life you

  • normini.

    but if a person do not like it you can not comment on it? is too smart?

  • anne

    I have a life but you , you have to learn to write English. see ya and you’re welcome

  • na0cy

    anne you’re welcome dumb

  • anne

    you must be 15 years old girl to be unable to talk to someone who does not think like you. you need to grow up because in life not everyone will agree with you and you will insult them. You’re Welcome.

  • clear skin always

    I don’t know much about her acting chops cos I’ve never watched her but I do think she’s very pretty and love her smooth skin – flawless

  • na0cy

    you still here hahaha

  • david

    @anne: lol

  • silly

    if you don’t like seeing her skip her post and don’t waste seconds out of your day complaining about her, jarred isn’t gonna stop posting about her just cause you complain, personally I love seeing photos of Nina she is beautiful and great to look at more photos please.

  • mbl

    I think she looks ok, and also her acting skills have improved a lot since the 1st season of TVD, there is such a huge difference between Helena and Katherine.

  • Rosie

    She’s so desperate for fame. Sweetie, you’re a CW actress on a show that is hitting lows every week in the ratings department.

  • love

    If you can not say something good then it is better not to open his mouth. A good rule.
    Nina is cute

  • mia

    Wow a lot of publicity this summer for her!! Well her fake relationship with Ian its over it was a good start and now its time to fly alone!! You have to see these two guys in their daily lives and they hardly interact with each other,actually are tired of each other, but well this summer finally dont have to pretend anymore and will spend it apart. They already have another people in their lives

  • Natalie

    Jared should bring the thumbs up and down, back .. just saying

  • lizzie

    very nice Nina

  • http://@eleitaliana Ele

    Sorry but I don’t like her dress while I loved so much her dress at the Grasby premiere



    “get out in your house sometimes”

    WTF is that suppose to mean? That makes no sense…LEARN SOME F-ING ENGLISH YOU LOSER…

  • Kezlyn

    Really? People are on here bashing Nina? Sureeee “she’s not beautiful without makeup” Don’t hate, you have no lives. ANYWAY, I think she looks really cute in that outfit! Glad to see her (:

  • Jenny

    Just found out you can get this particular Origins moisturizer at 1.7oz for $26.*lol* The best bet to keep away wrinkles are to wear sunscreen everyday. Origins new moisturizer sounds great if you don’ mind paying that much. Sorry about the beauty tip,I could not resist.
    BTW Nina’s skin does look great because she is still young.