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Alexander Skarsgard: Big Apple Stroll with Mystery Gal!

Alexander Skarsgard: Big Apple Stroll with Mystery Gal!

Alexander Skarsgard walks around the Tribeca neighborhood with a mystery gal on Saturday afternoon (May 4) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actor was seen midway through eating an apple while looking suave in a sleek leather jacket and jeans.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alex is currently in the Big Apple promoting his new film What Maisie Knew, in limited theaters NOW! He appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night and attended the film’s premiere screening with the rest of the cast.

FYI: Alexander is wearing an Acne Studios black leather jacket.

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alexander skarsgard big apple stroll with mystery gal 01
alexander skarsgard big apple stroll with mystery gal 02
alexander skarsgard big apple stroll with mystery gal 03
alexander skarsgard big apple stroll with mystery gal 04
alexander skarsgard big apple stroll with mystery gal 05

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  • Instead of comming…

    out of the closet. He’s going out with a girl. Not suprised!

  • karl

    @Instead of comming…:

    Talking about closets… do you have any down there in your moms basement…

  • Strange

    Well how you doing ?

  • Instead of coming…

    @karl: you must know, since you are such an expert. Be quiet Bjorne aka karl,dieter and oh yeah my personal favorite, hans. HA HA :)

  • ladybug

    He’s cheating on Caroline! /sarcasm

  • Lilla

    @ladybug: Haha! How dare he!

  • karl

    @Instead of coming…:

    yeah… you really are crazy…

  • ladybug

    @Lilla: I know, it’s terribly rude of him! Plus he’s also cheating on Alicia Vikander, Anne V, the Italian skydiver, the Italian actress, etc. :)
    I’m intrigued by the clutch, it looks to be a combination of a clutch and spiky brass knuckles:

  • Instead of coming…

    @karl: Crazy?! For calling you out. You are a true nutcase!

  • maria

    he is looking so good lately. but i like red apples more than green.

  • karl

    @Instead of coming…:

    yup im calling the nuthose to take you home right now… you are right on one point, i used hans as a id long time ago…

  • Hunger Games

    I’m sorry, he’s just not attractive to me. He’s skinny fat and the bags under his eyes

  • lourdes

    @Hunger Games: what exactly is skinny fat?

  • Anne

    I see why he doesn’t do many interviews he’s not very good at them he seems real nervous and insincere he is starting to gross me out he wears the same clothes like everyday I bet he smells bad. The mystery girl is pretty

  • Antonio

    Is Alex gay or not? I need to know!

  • Cadulech

    The only one that smells bad here is you.

  • Anne

    @Cadulech: thanks!

  • ladybug

    @lourdes: You’re expecting logic from a troll? :)

  • Music Fan

    I like her boots…I’m not really feeling this leather jacket though…its not that it doesn’t look good on him, but its like humm..meh.
    Honestly i think this man milks on the fans’ obsessive theory of “each time he is seen with a girl its his girlfriend”. I mean he keeps the fan guessing on who he is linked with…

  • Lilla

    @ladybug: So very rude! haha. Naughty man…

    @Antonio no, he’s not.

  • ladybug

    @Music Fan: I don’t think he does, I don’t think he cares, really. I think he knows that there is a small group that is seriously going to obsess over every female that he’s see with (as opposed to joking about it) and I think he figures it’s their problem.
    Not his fault that some fans and gossip sites get a little carried away with their dating ‘theories’.

  • Antonio


    Too bad.

  • Keiko

    Every single celebrity that is unmarried has to go through this. Every single one. Alex is not alone in this department. Most people who love movies and entertainment have their favorite celebrities even if they are not into fan sites and forums, etc, they still have an innocent curiosity about who single celebrities might be dating. Most of it is innocent curiosity, no more so than being curious about who your next-door neighbor is dating. Some of it is obsession and fixation. No celebrity should have to hide themselves and sneak around because of a handful of obsessives.

    Whomever this woman is she is very tall and very thin.

  • maria

    @Anne: yes, he seem very shy and nervous in this interviews, he was chewing or doing strange gesture with his mouth, but is kind of sweet, i mean , a big big man shy and nervous.

  • Instead of coming…

    @karl: if you are going to argue. At least spell right. You would have the nuthouse’s #. You’re there all the time. Failled director. Wait, you are NOT a director. You can barely direct yourself into the bathroom ha ha.

  • Keiko


    I thought so, too. I have only seen the tail end…not the whole thing. If that tail end is any indication of the whole thing then I don’t know what was going on there. Especially when compared to his previous appearance on Jimmy’s show. He was so composed, so confident. In the video from last night he seemed…off. Probably exhaustion.

  • random123

    At least he is walking next to her and not 5 feet in front with a scowl. They look good together.

  • Cadulech

    ????? Good together? i don’t see any show of love in this pics,just of friendly type.

  • Cadulech

    Now that i see she remind me Alicia

  • one_one

    On all the pictures he is eating the same apple, so it was a short way. They look friendly but not very close. Probably they met by chance and walked together talking for some time. Maybe even this girl accosted him on the street and walked together talking because Alex hardly pays attention.

  • morin

    Still in new york…mmm

  • hm

    Whoo! New gf! Number 26, or something, if you keep counting them as they go by. I kind of sad that he didnt got serious with the italian skydiver.

  • Alex’s girlfriend

    ThT is his GF it’s obvious. There out together alone enjoying company and lives in la and he broygh her with hi. M

  • @33

    Good gracious , girlfriend? Really ? She kept her arms folded all the time NO couply gestures sign of romance? she could have put that tiny purse in the carrier bag what didn’t she want to hold Alexander’s hand , didn’t Alexander want to hold his girlfriend’s hand ?

    Didn’t he not want to take her to any premiere of after parties as his date ? SHIT BF lol Yet old friend Caroline was there instead .
    Also there is a pic of Alexander arriving with Keith at an airport NYC? not sure which airport
    Were was she in the airport pics ?

    She is probably just a friend whom he bumped into or passed on the street and they started chatting walking back to wherever he was going ever considered she might have a boyfriend?
    Unless more pics merge of them enjoying a nice romantic lunch , strolling hand in hand or pops up in LA or Sweden with Alexander.
    put a sock in it

  • Hiyafiya

    Whoaa.. He looks really pissed off…back off paparoaches!! Let him live his life, and let us finaly forget about him!!

  • Jojo

    Are you that naive that you don’t think he could have a casual girlfriend in NY?

  • pliss

    What for him a casual girlfriend like he can have any? ;) Beautiful ladies in NY are plenty, why be limited to only one? He enjoyed free time, let him do, what he wants.

  • ladybug

    @Hiyafiya: Actually he doesn’t look that pissed off at all. Maybe briefly annoyed but that’s about it.

  • Tweet bird

    @@33 Post 34 …So do they have to show affection in public to be a couple, both look comfortable maybe it’s in it’s early stagesI am glad he choose a model type someone tall and really thin because Alex is tall and thin Leave her alone let then be a couple

  • FirstTime

    What will that Keith guy do when he does get a girlfriend/wife and he decides to takes her places?

  • FirstTime

    (Whoops hit enter by mistake) I mean he goes everywhere with him, so I assume he is still in New York with him now right? Just leaves him alone during the day and hangs out with him at night? Has all his secrets? Alex can’t go alone to New York by himself?

  • ladybug

    Not a bad little interview with the NYPost, though the Post writer doesn’t seem to know that Tarzan has been shelved.

  • Hanna

    They have similar facial features. Interesting.

    I like her jacket. I somewhat like her boots too, but they are a little too slouchy for my tastes.

    He is so tall, no way he is just 6’4″

  • toria


    I wonder if it is his sister? I can’t find any pics of her smiling, but this woman has some similar features.

  • Cadulech

    Let them be a couple because he is tall???? what kind of comments i am reading lately.
    His ex gf were small so he can date small girls as well.

  • Cadulech

    I agree with you,she looks as be a girl who met him on the streets.He doesn’t pay attention to her.

  • She

    There are instangram pix from friday with him and 2 guys hè carrying
    À small blue bag gf here is carrying small blue bag hè bought something
    For his new gf sp she os the reason he frequent in NY

  • Cadulech

    If so then why there were no pics of them before? serious, i don’t see nothing of what you saw.
    Stop trolling! she is a random girl.He never met her before

  • Cadulech

    Ok lets put it,
    The man walks by himself eating an apple,the woman appear and wants a chat,he obvious walks miles away from her and not pay attention,next days goes to the airport with to show of her.
    So what means? she was not even a friend but someone who saw Alex walking.

  • ladybug