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Keira Knightley: Wedding Photo with James Righton!

Keira Knightley: Wedding Photo with James Righton!

Keira Knightley rocks a little white dress while arriving for her wedding to James Righton on Saturday (May 4) in Mazan, France.

The 28-year-old actress reportedly tied the knot with her beau in a 30 minute ceremony.

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“It was a very moving ceremony,” a source shared with Us Weekly. “Keira looked emotional during the whole thing. She cried when they exchanged their vows but was still smiling.”

Another source added, “It was amusing to see them being driven away in a battered old Renault Clio. The car certainly looked as though it had seen better days.”

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  • Lucy

    It’s so nice to finally see a celebrity couple who doesn’t sell their wedding Story to some trashy Magazine. Nothing in These Pictures seems staged. She Looks happy and it is amazing that their wedding was actually about them being in love and not about how to make some more Money.

  • sybil

    Awesome, it’s like an indie wedding. They totally made it original and their own. Might do this myself….I find traditional weddings a bit boring and stiff.

  • Isa

    Cpngratulations ! I wish them the best !

  • Mia

    @Alaia : well said !

  • Mia

    Nice couple ! She’s beautiful and the dress choice is perfect shows her sparkling personality !

  • rachel

    this is a real romantic wedding

  • titiparisien

    It looks like Anna Mouglalis ‘ s wedding
    a little wedding in south france , and people in a tiny village
    she owns house there
    her dress is beautiful , congrats

  • Candy

    very nice picture

  • Rob

    Been out of touch with her for so long that only now i find out she got married? To this dude? Hes the luckiest guy inthe world

  • Bing12

    Gorgeous chick. Wow, just wow.

  • Wizzer

    Whimsical wedding in France. Sigh. Me so jealous

  • titiparisien

    in fact , it s her parents ‘ s house

    a simple wedding , classy, elegant , only with close friends and family

    Quelle classe melle Knightley !!

    learn that lesson , KK or others celebrities wannabe with your circus weddings !

  • Nightwish

    Keira does her own thing, shes free and happy, doesnt give a rip about hollywood politics and lives life on her terms… Thats why i love this girl

  • Lexy

    @Sara: Wow you’re an ASSH0LE! Would you rather have big fake titty balls? She’s naturally slender and has no cleavage, women come in all shapes and sizes. You’re a fat, sloppy, nasty woman who spews hatred! Get a life!

  • Lexy

    She is such a beautiful woman and soooo classy!!! I love her and she is an amazing actress! Congrats Keira!

  • Elohim

    @Domino: Wouldnt be surprised if you were shazzer, idiot. What are you, 9 years old that you cant have enough respect to refrain from cheap insults about someone who just got married? Piss off

  • Fer

    @Lucy: You said it all!

  • Fer
  • Hanna

    They look so young almost like a pair of teenagers headed off to prom.

    They look very cute and happy. Congrats to them and I hope they have many wonderful years together!

  • Chris

    Congrats to them !!

  • Shea

    I don’t understand how people get her and Natalie Portman confused. Please Keria is way more beautiful and a heck of alot more talented then Natalie is. Also, Keria husband looks really cute whearas Natalie’s husband is a loser and looks like a slimey pedo. Yuck.

  • sybil


    I prefer Keira way more than Natalie too!! Keira can state her opinions without being smug or arrogant, and doesn’t act like she’s morally superior the way Portman always does. I love how Keira can have a great career without being hungry for an Oscar too. She just does her work and doesn’t go out of her way to campaign for Oscars.

  • Lou

    Keira is so lovely. I like her simple but beautiful dress.

  • Yolo

    That coco chanel teaser looks great, she looks good in it so far

  • Shea

    @sybil: Agree. Keira’s face is so great. Natalie is utterly pathetic an actress. She always seemed needy for Oscar in most of her roles. Yes, Keira doesn’t play politics with Hollywood like Natalie does. Natalie was sucking up to the AA back in 2010/2011 so much lol. I wonder if she considers her loser husband ‘a hollywood prostitiute’( One of her famous dumb qoutes) since she has helped him get jobs through her and gotten him perfume deals. Atleast Keria’s husband doesn’t use her or needs promotion through her.

  • Yolo

    @Shea: lol! One thing i noticed is natalie doesnt come close to keira when it comes to being seductive on film. I also agree that they have a very small resemblance if at all.

  • LC

    Go Keira! You are so loved

  • Saaya


  • Xquisit

    Congratulations to them

  • Micheal

    Congrats to Keira on her joyous wedding day and to the love of her life. She looked beautiful and I wish her and James the best. And btw Keira is not anorexic. She has publicly stated she is not. She is very thin but looks healthy to me. Anorexia is not a pretty sight at all. A person’s health really makes them beautiful, you can see that bright glow about them. Keira will do some fine acting in the years to come.

  • ashley

    If you haven’t seen Last Night, I would absolutely recommend it. Keira looked GORGEOUS in that movie and it really analyzes the topic of cheating. You could fast forward the Eva Mendes/Sam Worthington parts b/c their acting’s pretty weak, but Keira was absolutely radiant in that movie. Her and Gallauime Camet (?) were hot together.

  • Tawny

    A simple dress yet she looks so regal yeah

  • Jack Frost

    @Domino: well we use that excuse because we’ve notice the same pattern of idiot between the two of you, either that or you’re sharing the same brain.

    Either way you incredibly stupid.

  • Tawny

    @ashley: Watched the trailer. her perfect nose, ripe lips and seductive eyes take too much attention away from the other actors and sam worthington is one of the best. Will watch that film, thanks for that. Oh Keira, too beautiful for humanity and it doesnt even appreciate its blessing with her ha ha

  • Harvfrom AZ

    Prob with KEira is she’s way too smart and hifalootin. Actresses has to act kinda dumb to get wide appeal. Jus sayin

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    She looks like rocker’s GF) Still glad 4 them :)

  • Korea loves Keira

    가장 아​​름다운!

  • Isis

    Keira: please do a movie with zoe saldana. Lucasfilm can write a screenplay where you and zoe are the last two remaining jedi aside from yoda and obiwan, and you’re fighting to survive. You guys would be incredible together!

  • Leslie

    @Sara: really??!! If she had a boob job you will still criticize.
    She looks cute and happy that’s the most important.

  • remember da truth

    I love the short, fun dress and that he’s not in a tuxedo! Getting dressed in some heavy, enormously skirted thing like it’s 1790′s France is ridiculous, and the fact they are running in the picture makes it even more light and freeing and exhilerating!
    They should be happy and free on their wedding day, not dressed in uncomfortable clothing they will only wear once and not their usual style. LOVE that they even drove away in their own, old car rather than hire a limo.
    Such down-to-earth people — LOVE IT!!!
    BTW — THAT”S attrractive. Funny how people get so venemous over someone else’s looks, as if that has anything to do with who they are as a person. They must be very lonely people brooding in front of a mirror all the time.

  • Josie L

    See the airport pics on the way to france they look so in love omg

  • XOxo

    Congrats and best wishes to them

  • sweety

    children, if someone think other is ugly it’s not jealousy! kids….

  • Lulu


    So she should be single for the rest of her life?
    I have small breasts too and there’s nothing I can do about it.
    Why are you so mean? Are you “perfect”?

  • Isis

    Keira just signed on for an indie film with Chloe Moretz, sam rockwell among others

  • titiparisien


    Nope , it s an old Chanel model of 2006

    seems that rodarte had just copying it