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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Birthday Party with the Girls!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Birthday Party with the Girls!

Nicole Kidman keeps it casual while heading to a birthday party with her husband Keith Urban on Saturday (May 4) in Los Angeles.

The 45-year-old Aussie actress and the 45-year-old country crooner were accompanied by their adorable daughters Sunday, 4, and Faith, 2.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

The night before, Nicole watched Keith perform with The Rolling Stones at the Staples Center.

“Just ate at @EatChego before the stones gig – THE best food!!!!!!!!” Keith tweeted with a pic of the couple. Check out the pic below!

FYI: Keith is wearing Levi’s jeans.

20+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban attending a birthday party together…

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nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 01
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 02
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 03
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 04
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 05
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 06
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 07
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 08
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 09
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 10
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 11
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 12
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 13
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 14
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 15
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 16
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 17
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 18
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 19
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 20
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 21
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 22

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  • toria

    Love this family. The kids are so cute. Faith especially!

  • Gemma

    Such a cute family. They’re my favorite!

  • taylor

    It won’t be long before Faith is walking all the time. Kids grow so fast.

  • Louisa

    Beautiful family!

  • x

    Isn’t it amazing how the photographers just happen to be hanging out at an obscure location in LA and VOILA, along comes Nicole, Keith and the girls.

  • KissThis

    so adorable

  • Em

    Seriously, without the help of a stylist, Nicole looks like a crumpled mess. She puts about as much effort into dressing the girls for a birthday party as she does for herself. Very Odd.

  • Karen

    Granny Freez looks worst than usual.

  • Dee

    That is true @Em. Most mothers take pride in dressing their daughters up nicely, particularly for a party. Nicole doesn’t seem to care. The wrapped present looks smarter than all of them.

  • Macy

    Pump it Up is a party place where kids play on blown up slides. Check it out and see that the girls are very appropriately dressed. And my linen outfits get wrinkled too. Lovely family.

  • http://Yahoo Jk

    I imagine Faith is walking now, and is being carried for safety’s sake.
    Nicole has her usual disgusted ‘I’m expected to do these things’ expression; but not to worry, she’ll be smiling all over the place at Cannes. She comes alive when she’s at home with shallow people in a superficial atmosphere.

  • x

    Nice try @Macy. Linen or not, there has been no attempt to iron those clothes. Wearing skirts for a slide party … how is that appropriate? Pump it Up … where is that name advertised?

  • waitak

    Some of the dresses mothers put on their daughters to go to a party are ridiculous. Kids want to play at a party, not stand there looking like a shop display. Sunday and Faith look clean and I hope they had fun at the party.

  • Mollyme

    x, their skirts are fine considering they both have leggings on under them. They look like normal little girls. They aren’t going to a dress up tea party.

  • Mollyme

    Yesterday the haters said Nicole was to dressed up for a concert and today the same haters say she’s under dressed for a kids party. Just admit you’re jealous of her and get off the computer and get a life.

  • x

    Nobody said they need to be wearing shop display or tea party attire. Mom(?) spends very little money on the girls and it shows.

  • /\/\

    @Mollyme Nicole is the jealous one

  • x

    Seriously @Mollyme, do you even realize how absurd you appear when you sit at your computer and then have the gall to tell other people to get off their computer and get a life.

  • ??

    Why does Nicole constantly lie and pretend she lives in Nashville. When she isn’t away filming another box office flop, it is quite apparent the family base is LA

  • Bye Bye Keith

    April 2013: American Idol is getting down to the business end of the season. Do you still watch the show? Do you miss it?
    Steve Tyler “I miss it. I miss J-Lo and Randy. It was a hoot. It gave me something to do for six months. During the second year I was doing American Idol and we were doing an album, and then we started touring with Aerosmith and I had to call it quits. Two years was beautiful, J-Lo loved it, I loved it, Randy was great, especially sitting next to J-Lo every night, being close to that fire. She’s beautiful. I do miss it. I wish it was Randy, me and Nicki Minaj. It would’ve been a hoot.”

    No Mariah or Keith?
    “I like Mariah too and I’m a big fan of Keith, but if you really think about it, you want some drama. Put me in a room with Nicki. Put me in a room with Nicki!”

  • toria


    Keith and his music are based in Nashville and that is their main residence–both have said so in interviews. They have a home in LA. They live in both places. So what? Is this a crime? If you’ve ever been to Nashville you know that the paps don’t stalk this couple so there aren’t a lot of announcements when they are there–much lower key than LA where the paps hang out and try to to get pics of anyone who is anyone. Furthermore their friends,neighbors, etc. in Nashville don’t sell them out. They have favorite restaurants there that they eat at frequently and no one bothers them. In LA not so much, right? They all seem happy with the situation having dual homes, so why are you so upset? .

  • mac

    Steve Tyler is a living legend. A true rock star who has more personality in his little finger than Keith Urban and Mariah Carey combined.

  • Louise

    Beautiful, loving family. Little Faith is just gorgeous and precious. Neither Keith or Nicole’s appearance is that of someone who just came away from the ironing board. Keith’s shirts always look like they need an iron, but, you know what, it is none of our concern. As long as they are comfortable and happy who cares. Keith makes totally awesome music. You rock, Keith and Nicole!

  • ??

    “Little Faith is just gorgeous and precious” … what about little Sunday Rose @Louise. Is she not pretty enough for you?

  • kela

    These pictures of Faith are adorable. Sunday is adorable…. it’s just that she’s hiding her face with her stuffed bunny. I can see why someone would say Faith is adorable after looking at these pictures.. geez

  • x

    I don’t think little Sunday is comfortable being photographed. Mom(?) should probably take that into consideration before she organizes pre-arranged photo ops.

  • Mollyme

    This is a beautiful normal family. Keith needs to be in LA for Idol. Plus Keith was invited to perform with the Rolling Stones Saturday night at their concert in LA which was pretty awesome. The week before they were seen in and around Nashville. They aren’t required to stay in one place. They can be wherever they need to be.

  • 1urbanfan27

    Sunny isn’t comfortable with the paps…And Keith does need to be in Nashville…

  • kela

    Keith is grown man. He can be wherever he wants to be and doesn’t need his “fans” permission.

  • x

    I know you admire Keith @1urbanfan27, so why does Keith allow her to use the girls as publicity props? I do not believe they are her biological children but I have to ask you .. are the two girls Keith’s biological children? If you do not feel comfortable answering my question, that’s OK.

  • tan

    Nicole always ring paps , why she want to frighten daughters .

  • Em

    Keith is a grown man @kela, but he can’t be where he wants to be, he has to be where Nicole orders him to be. He doesn’t need his “fans” permission but he definitely needs Nicole’s permission.

  • Kat

    I find it funny that as soon as Nicole gets back to US, we start seeing pap pics of the girls. Keith has had the girls with him since the Oscars at the end of February while Nicole has been in London filming another movie. She didn’t get back until Mid April. Keith has had those girls with him in LA, Las Vegas, Nashville and you RARELY saw pics of them. Or Keith for that matter. But now that Nicole is back? Not only these pics but new ones of them hiking. Yeah, that’s not ironic at all.

  • Macy

    Nicole is the bigger celebrity and gets more hits on Internet sites. She is more recognizable, and her pictures are worth more. It’s pretty obvious if you look at the shots with the kids that no one was happy to see the paps there.

  • jol

    @Macy maybe the kids aren’t happy but don’t get sucked in by KUNK’s fakeness

  • Mollyme

    These girls are rarely photograped and only in LA and at airports. There were photographs of Keith taking them back to Nicole after Idol tapings. When they leave LA, you won’t see these girls for months.

  • Just Curious

    If the family isn’t happy to see the paps there, how did the paps get there in the first place? Kidman is the only one that doesn’t look upset. Who was having the birthday party – another celebrity child? It doesn’t say that, and if it was, why wouldn’t it say that? Paps don’t sit outside a play place waiting for the guests of “Johnny Smith” to arrive in hopes it is celebrity child. They were photographed hiking in the mountains. I suppose the paps were hanging from the trees with hopes of finding a celebrity there too, Paps aren’t willing to go to such desperate measures for Kidman – she isn’t worth that much in pictures – unless it is an easy scheduled appointment!

  • Macy

    Paps hang out everywhere especially airports, know who’s in town, get tips about what’s going on and where, follow celebrity cars, watch certain restaurants, have people text them with sightings, follow tweets, and sometimes are just in the right place at the right time. Not hard to list dozens of ways paps get the pictures they do without celebrities notifying them in advance.

  • Mollyme

    Nicole isn’t calling any paps. If she was, there would be daily/weekly photos of her girls. Instead, these girls are seen maybe twice a year and mainly at airports. Nicole’s girls aren’t photographed constantly like Suri Cruise and Jennifer Garner’s kids who have new photos everyday. Sometimes twice a day.

  • kela

    Kingston and Zuma Rosdale were photographed at the same party.

  • whocaresitisherlife

    I find it always strange that NK’s haters still find the time to read stuff about her. sometimes i just wonder it they are those weird scientologists trying to discredit her or just australian women who are jealous of her success. who cares if she had botox and lied about it, who cares if she calls the paps. It is her life not yours so she does whatever the hell she wants to do. Talking about flops, she plays mostly in indie movies so in essence those movies would not make money. She is a great actress unlike some overated actresses such as julia roberts, halle berry, jennifer Aniston, cameron Diaz who make money in playing in very bad movies.

  • http://yahoo jobeth


    These ‘women’ are basically one person who has been stalking keith for the last 8 years. she isn’t australian, just a nashville hanger-on who in some capacity knew keith before he met nicole.

  • whocaresitisherlife

    @jobeth: oh i see, that makes sense

  • Little MY

    Haters are just confused admirers they’re obssessed with her.

  • Sheila


    Exactly Jobeth- We all know who she is..a true nutcase

  • Not fooling anyone

    Macy/ Mollyme/ kela/ whocaresitisherlife/ Little MY/ Sheila = same nutcase

  • ..

    @whocaresitisherlife … If you don’t care if Nicole Kidman constantly lies to the public about every aspect of her life, why are you here defending her?

  • x

    Unfortunate photo of Nickers over at DM looking like she has Faith in a head lock. Faith is not impressed with mom(?) and neither of the girls ever look particularly happy in her company.

  • JjO

    Nicole thinks she can persistently lie and outwit people because, due to her time with Cruise and Scientology, she developed a smug belief she is smarter than most. The pathetic truth is she is so transparent and easy to figure out, you almost feel sorry for her. A+ for cunning though Nicole, I’ll give you that.

  • Oh dear

    You are right @Just Curious. Nicole is back after an extended time away filming another flop and it’s time to ring the paps and resurrect the “I get 3am panics because I’m so attached to the girls” false motherly image, before she dumps them again and races off to Cannes.