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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Birthday Party with the Girls!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Birthday Party with the Girls!

Nicole Kidman keeps it casual while heading to a birthday party with her husband Keith Urban on Saturday (May 4) in Los Angeles.

The 45-year-old Aussie actress and the 45-year-old country crooner were accompanied by their adorable daughters Sunday, 4, and Faith, 2.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

The night before, Nicole watched Keith perform with The Rolling Stones at the Staples Center.

“Just ate at @EatChego before the stones gig – THE best food!!!!!!!!” Keith tweeted with a pic of the couple. Check out the pic below!

FYI: Keith is wearing Levi’s jeans.

20+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban attending a birthday party together…

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nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 17
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 18
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 19
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 20
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 21
nicole kidman keith urban birthday party with the girls 22

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# 1

Love this family. The kids are so cute. Faith especially!

# 2

Such a cute family. They’re my favorite!

# 3

It won’t be long before Faith is walking all the time. Kids grow so fast.

# 4

Beautiful family!

# 5

Isn’t it amazing how the photographers just happen to be hanging out at an obscure location in LA and VOILA, along comes Nicole, Keith and the girls.

# 6

so adorable

# 7

Seriously, without the help of a stylist, Nicole looks like a crumpled mess. She puts about as much effort into dressing the girls for a birthday party as she does for herself. Very Odd.

# 8

Granny Freez looks worst than usual.

# 9

That is true @Em. Most mothers take pride in dressing their daughters up nicely, particularly for a party. Nicole doesn’t seem to care. The wrapped present looks smarter than all of them.

Pump it Up is a party place where kids play on blown up slides. Check it out and see that the girls are very appropriately dressed. And my linen outfits get wrinkled too. Lovely family.

I imagine Faith is walking now, and is being carried for safety’s sake.
Nicole has her usual disgusted ‘I’m expected to do these things’ expression; but not to worry, she’ll be smiling all over the place at Cannes. She comes alive when she’s at home with shallow people in a superficial atmosphere.

Nice try @Macy. Linen or not, there has been no attempt to iron those clothes. Wearing skirts for a slide party … how is that appropriate? Pump it Up … where is that name advertised?

Some of the dresses mothers put on their daughters to go to a party are ridiculous. Kids want to play at a party, not stand there looking like a shop display. Sunday and Faith look clean and I hope they had fun at the party.

x, their skirts are fine considering they both have leggings on under them. They look like normal little girls. They aren’t going to a dress up tea party.

Yesterday the haters said Nicole was to dressed up for a concert and today the same haters say she’s under dressed for a kids party. Just admit you’re jealous of her and get off the computer and get a life.

Nobody said they need to be wearing shop display or tea party attire. Mom(?) spends very little money on the girls and it shows.

@Mollyme Nicole is the jealous one

Seriously @Mollyme, do you even realize how absurd you appear when you sit at your computer and then have the gall to tell other people to get off their computer and get a life.

Why does Nicole constantly lie and pretend she lives in Nashville. When she isn’t away filming another box office flop, it is quite apparent the family base is LA

Bye Bye Keith @ 05/04/2013 at 9:47 pm

April 2013: American Idol is getting down to the business end of the season. Do you still watch the show? Do you miss it?
Steve Tyler “I miss it. I miss J-Lo and Randy. It was a hoot. It gave me something to do for six months. During the second year I was doing American Idol and we were doing an album, and then we started touring with Aerosmith and I had to call it quits. Two years was beautiful, J-Lo loved it, I loved it, Randy was great, especially sitting next to J-Lo every night, being close to that fire. She’s beautiful. I do miss it. I wish it was Randy, me and Nicki Minaj. It would’ve been a hoot.”

No Mariah or Keith?
“I like Mariah too and I’m a big fan of Keith, but if you really think about it, you want some drama. Put me in a room with Nicki. Put me in a room with Nicki!”


Keith and his music are based in Nashville and that is their main residence–both have said so in interviews. They have a home in LA. They live in both places. So what? Is this a crime? If you’ve ever been to Nashville you know that the paps don’t stalk this couple so there aren’t a lot of announcements when they are there–much lower key than LA where the paps hang out and try to to get pics of anyone who is anyone. Furthermore their friends,neighbors, etc. in Nashville don’t sell them out. They have favorite restaurants there that they eat at frequently and no one bothers them. In LA not so much, right? They all seem happy with the situation having dual homes, so why are you so upset? .

Steve Tyler is a living legend. A true rock star who has more personality in his little finger than Keith Urban and Mariah Carey combined.

Beautiful, loving family. Little Faith is just gorgeous and precious. Neither Keith or Nicole’s appearance is that of someone who just came away from the ironing board. Keith’s shirts always look like they need an iron, but, you know what, it is none of our concern. As long as they are comfortable and happy who cares. Keith makes totally awesome music. You rock, Keith and Nicole!

“Little Faith is just gorgeous and precious” … what about little Sunday Rose @Louise. Is she not pretty enough for you?

These pictures of Faith are adorable. Sunday is adorable…. it’s just that she’s hiding her face with her stuffed bunny. I can see why someone would say Faith is adorable after looking at these pictures.. geez

I don’t think little Sunday is comfortable being photographed. Mom(?) should probably take that into consideration before she organizes pre-arranged photo ops.

This is a beautiful normal family. Keith needs to be in LA for Idol. Plus Keith was invited to perform with the Rolling Stones Saturday night at their concert in LA which was pretty awesome. The week before they were seen in and around Nashville. They aren’t required to stay in one place. They can be wherever they need to be.

1urbanfan27 @ 05/05/2013 at 2:01 am

Sunny isn’t comfortable with the paps…And Keith does need to be in Nashville…

Keith is grown man. He can be wherever he wants to be and doesn’t need his “fans” permission.

I know you admire Keith @1urbanfan27, so why does Keith allow her to use the girls as publicity props? I do not believe they are her biological children but I have to ask you .. are the two girls Keith’s biological children? If you do not feel comfortable answering my question, that’s OK.

Nicole always ring paps , why she want to frighten daughters .

Keith is a grown man @kela, but he can’t be where he wants to be, he has to be where Nicole orders him to be. He doesn’t need his “fans” permission but he definitely needs Nicole’s permission.

I find it funny that as soon as Nicole gets back to US, we start seeing pap pics of the girls. Keith has had the girls with him since the Oscars at the end of February while Nicole has been in London filming another movie. She didn’t get back until Mid April. Keith has had those girls with him in LA, Las Vegas, Nashville and you RARELY saw pics of them. Or Keith for that matter. But now that Nicole is back? Not only these pics but new ones of them hiking. Yeah, that’s not ironic at all.

Nicole is the bigger celebrity and gets more hits on Internet sites. She is more recognizable, and her pictures are worth more. It’s pretty obvious if you look at the shots with the kids that no one was happy to see the paps there.

@Macy maybe the kids aren’t happy but don’t get sucked in by KUNK’s fakeness

These girls are rarely photograped and only in LA and at airports. There were photographs of Keith taking them back to Nicole after Idol tapings. When they leave LA, you won’t see these girls for months.

Just Curious @ 05/05/2013 at 11:02 am

If the family isn’t happy to see the paps there, how did the paps get there in the first place? Kidman is the only one that doesn’t look upset. Who was having the birthday party – another celebrity child? It doesn’t say that, and if it was, why wouldn’t it say that? Paps don’t sit outside a play place waiting for the guests of “Johnny Smith” to arrive in hopes it is celebrity child. They were photographed hiking in the mountains. I suppose the paps were hanging from the trees with hopes of finding a celebrity there too, Paps aren’t willing to go to such desperate measures for Kidman – she isn’t worth that much in pictures – unless it is an easy scheduled appointment!

Paps hang out everywhere especially airports, know who’s in town, get tips about what’s going on and where, follow celebrity cars, watch certain restaurants, have people text them with sightings, follow tweets, and sometimes are just in the right place at the right time. Not hard to list dozens of ways paps get the pictures they do without celebrities notifying them in advance.

Nicole isn’t calling any paps. If she was, there would be daily/weekly photos of her girls. Instead, these girls are seen maybe twice a year and mainly at airports. Nicole’s girls aren’t photographed constantly like Suri Cruise and Jennifer Garner’s kids who have new photos everyday. Sometimes twice a day.

Kingston and Zuma Rosdale were photographed at the same party.

whocaresitisherlife @ 05/05/2013 at 2:21 pm

I find it always strange that NK’s haters still find the time to read stuff about her. sometimes i just wonder it they are those weird scientologists trying to discredit her or just australian women who are jealous of her success. who cares if she had botox and lied about it, who cares if she calls the paps. It is her life not yours so she does whatever the hell she wants to do. Talking about flops, she plays mostly in indie movies so in essence those movies would not make money. She is a great actress unlike some overated actresses such as julia roberts, halle berry, jennifer Aniston, cameron Diaz who make money in playing in very bad movies.


These ‘women’ are basically one person who has been stalking keith for the last 8 years. she isn’t australian, just a nashville hanger-on who in some capacity knew keith before he met nicole.

whocaresitisherlife @ 05/05/2013 at 3:07 pm

@jobeth: oh i see, that makes sense

Little MY @ 05/05/2013 at 3:37 pm

Haters are just confused admirers they’re obssessed with her.


Exactly Jobeth- We all know who she is..a true nutcase

Not fooling anyone @ 05/05/2013 at 4:25 pm

Macy/ Mollyme/ kela/ whocaresitisherlife/ Little MY/ Sheila = same nutcase

@whocaresitisherlife … If you don’t care if Nicole Kidman constantly lies to the public about every aspect of her life, why are you here defending her?

Unfortunate photo of Nickers over at DM looking like she has Faith in a head lock. Faith is not impressed with mom(?) and neither of the girls ever look particularly happy in her company.

Nicole thinks she can persistently lie and outwit people because, due to her time with Cruise and Scientology, she developed a smug belief she is smarter than most. The pathetic truth is she is so transparent and easy to figure out, you almost feel sorry for her. A+ for cunning though Nicole, I’ll give you that.

You are right @Just Curious. Nicole is back after an extended time away filming another flop and it’s time to ring the paps and resurrect the “I get 3am panics because I’m so attached to the girls” false motherly image, before she dumps them again and races off to Cannes.

I don’t think Sunday likes Nicole either. The child doesn’t smile much around her. She appears very comfortable and happy around Keith and the red headed woman who was giving Sunday a piggyback ride on 7 March 2013 (see photos at BTW, does anyone know who the curly red-headed woman is? I see a resemblance between her, Sunday and Faith.

Bye Bye Keith @ 05/05/2013 at 8:09 pm

May 5, 2013: “The producers gave the Top 4 on American Idol Season 12 one more week to prove themselves worthy of moving on to the American Idol 2013 Top 3 and while the girls were excited, apparently America didn’t seem to care that much and NO ONE TUNED IN and we saw the LOWEST EVER RATINGS for American Idol history! Even as things wind down and we are closer to finding out who wins American Idol Season 12, NO ONE IS WATCHING!”

The cross you like to display on a chain around your neck is not going to save you Nicole.

Hey, ??, cannot see little Sunday’s face because it is blocked by her stuffed animal. You certainly seem a bit chippy; not having a good day?

Do Swisse Vitamins make your hair dry, dull and brittle like Nicole’s hair?

I think these people who make nasty remarks sound just like Joan Rivers!!!!

I have not read them all just skimed over, Anyway if the truth be known they must really like Nicole and Keith other wise why oh why do they even look. Hope some you all have a happy day.

I see granny has her starving and distended “tiny bit of pooch” stomach on display. “Just ate at @EatChego” …….. not likely!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the crazy person with many different names posting the nastiest things about Nicole Kidman here? That person needs mental help ASAP.

granny freez @ 05/06/2013 at 6:49 am

nicoles hair looks like it has not been washed in days and her clothes look like she pulled them out of the laundry basket. stick to your evening wear/ your hair extensions /your push up bras/ your false eyelashes /and your best friend botox you are not good at being natural. keith on the other hand is tres YUMMY!!!!!!!

Yeh, so happy to see this family together on JJ. Love them all.

Barbara Ann @ 05/06/2013 at 7:00 am

Nicole looks 4 months pregnant

45 year old granny freeze is NOT pregnant and has NEVER been pregnant

It doesn’t take long to see how vile, angry, and out of touch with reality the last of the skeptics are. Changing names doesn’t hide their warped personalities. So easy to spot.

I don’t understand all the hate directed to this couple. They’re my favorite celebrity couple and they have a beautiful family. He’s adorable on Idol and she has the same sense of humor. Love them. Haters need a life.

Love Keith and Nicole! Cute kids.

whocaresitisherlife @ 05/06/2013 at 12:56 pm

@..: because i like her as an actress, she seems to be a kind person so i do not care about the rest. Criticising her as a actress is fine but her personal life i do not agree.

Nicole isn’t a liar, she is, however, definitely mercurial. I believe that she really wants to be someone other than ‘Nicole Kidman’ and what all that entails. However, she is who she is. She certainly isn’t to blame, but it must be hard for Keith, not knowing what she’s going to spring next.

whocaresitisherlife @ 05/06/2013 at 1:03 pm

@granny freez: Well for a granny she has everything that i am sure you would want. she’s famous, beautiful, rich, happily married, has gorgeous children.

@JoBeth: Kidman said her face is all natural. She’s a liar. Admit it.

“I truly think there are only two kinds of people in the world” (dishonest people who constantly lie and honest people who tell the truth), Keith says. “There are people who love (believe the PR BS) Nic and people (who can see through the PR BS) who haven’t met her yet. I really do (am contractually obligated to say this). People who say negative (truthful) things about her, I think, well, you just can’t have met her yet (and wouldn’t bother crossing the road to meet her). You can’t have.

“Because she’s sensitive (to chemical peels) and joyous (about fillers), and wonderfully compassionate (about plastic surgery) and empathetic (cold and standoffish) towards people, and she has a heart (bank balance) that is just infinite in size. She has such a zest for (botox) life . And she’s as loyal (calculating) as the day is long. And I still can’t quite believe I got to marry her, quite frankly (but the lure of a lucrative marriage contract sealed the deal).”

@:) – Wow, you sure are jealous of Nicole. It’s not going to change the way Keith feels about his beautiful wife just because you add stupid comments to his quotes. Aww, poor you. If only, huh?

Been There @ 05/06/2013 at 5:12 pm

@:) :
“I truly think there are only two kinds of people in the world” (dishonest people who go on gossip and fansites and lie and make up stories and rumors and honest people who tell the truth like normal people), Keith says. “There are people who love (and adore) Nic and people (who don’t want their fantasy boyfriend taken away) who haven’t met her yet. I really do (passionately love, respect and worship the ground she walks on). People who say negative (childish, bullying, untrue) things about her, I think, well, you just can’t have met her yet (and thank God for our security team because there are nuts out there who are convinced I’m having a secret affair with them).

“Because she’s sensitive (to my needs) and joyous (about fulfilling them in our bed), and wonderfully compassionate (to my mentally disturbed fans) and empathetic towards people (who have zero lives of their own), and she has a heart (she gave to me) that is just infinite in size (like my overwhelming love for her). She has such a zest for (real) life. And she’s as loyal (and sexy) as the day is long. And I still can’t quite believe I got to marry her, quite frankly. (but we’ve been together nearly 8 years and have an absolutely beautiful family and I’ve never been happier or healthier in my entire life.)”

@ Been There @ 05/06/2013 at 5:52 pm


Touché @Been There. Nauseating but clever. Maybe you should take over writing KUNK’s PR BS, because you definitely have a flair for it!!

@Been There’s imagination has gone on to delusional bypass with the “joyous about fulfilling them in our bed” edit. When it comes to Nicole and the bedroom, it is strictly “Ladies Only”.

No lady want keith , he sissy boy .

@Em: yeah… that is what mothers does

Taking the Piss out of Swisse @ 05/06/2013 at 8:06 pm

Bohomoth: “The 45-year-old actress high-kicks and skips her way through a garden – not so well looked after appears to be her own shrubbery – which she flashes as she does a karate move and gives us more of a glimpse of the Australian bush than she intended to.”

More soft porn antics from classy 45 year old Kinky Kidman.

naughty granny

You people are sick. Get a life. Beautiful pics of a lovely family outing. I just love the Urbans!

That’s nice you just love the Urbans ……. because nobody else does!

I’m with you! I love the Urbans too. They seem like a sweet couple. Keith was on Conan tonight and told how they met. Theyre kids are adorable.
To the person who said Nic’s bedroom was for Ladies Only – wishful thinking on your part.

I can tell you how they met … Nicole was on the hunt for a beard. She claps her eyes on Keith, a sitting duck. Nicole waves her check book under his nose. Keith, in no fit state, takes the bait. Nicole fast tracks the wedding. Keith panics and wants out, Nicole reminds him of the terms of the contract and puts him in rehab to think about it. Keith accepts his fate and bides his time …

And that concludes another repetetive redundant performance from the Delusional Skeptic Theatre Company. Delivering the same lies since 2005.

Not buying it @ 05/07/2013 at 5:46 am

Not quite @Duh, so much more to come. Cannes is up next and to celebrate the oh-so-classy Nicole Mary Kidman, let me quote one of her favorite sayings from her time with Cruise … “BRING IT ON”!!!!!!!

Kidman looks like she just rolled out of bed. Lol. But still better than most women look. Must be nice to be tall and beautiful. I wish I could just throw my hair up and leave the house. Keith needs longer jeans that arent narrow at the ankles. The girls are adorable. I feel for them having cameras in their face but the millions $$$ will surely make up for that annoyance. You have to give Keith credit. He seems really down to earth and committed to being a great dad and husband. Nicole is lucky because that is a rare find.

@Pathetic Skeptic: Bring on what exactly? This family will keep living their lives and you’ll keep wasting your life lying.

Not buying it @ 05/07/2013 at 5:25 pm

NK “Bring It On”

- More PR BS
- More lies
- More manipulation

No women I know would actually turn up at a birthday party looking as unkept and disheveled as Nicole does. Red carpet Nicole is a total fabrication. What you see in these photos is the real Nicole Kidman.

You are correct @Me3 … Keith is totally committed … to the $$$

I wonder how many L’wren Scott gowns Kidman is obligated to wear in Cannes as a payback for getting Keith the stones gig?

I love these family , the girls are so cute and gorgeous ! Nicole and her family are very simple in their real and private life . Who cares what they wear as long as they are comfortable and happy .

So wonderful family , Faith and Sunday Rose are so cute and gorgeous , the critics are liars , making bad stories about Nicole and Keith , Nicole is a very fine and nice person and they are a very happy family . They seldom photograph as Nicole love their privacy. Its none of your business how they dress .

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is such a silly joke! Nicole and Keith have been very busy living their beautiful, with their beautiful family and the haters are just abt. to die!
They are really showing their true colors here. Pent up hate does that to ya losers! But no one cares if you show how insane you really are!

FANS of the Urban’s know exactly who you are , and also know you have LOST your audience of slimeballs.

Keith and Nicole & family are living a great life. Never happier and enjoying the fruits of their hard work and it is simply more than you can stand!

Haaaaaaaaaa just jump on here and spew , you make total fools of yourself everytime! Go away before you embarrass yourself anymore than you already have. Try CDAN or some other place.
Your are the joke of internet.

Keep on having a wonderful life Urban family! It is such a lovely payback to a bunch of fat ugle nobodies!!!



Luv this beautiful family. Children are beautiful gifts and you the whole Urban family shine!

Sure have missed seeing this loving family ! Love these pictures of a normal, family day!

Please calm down @Anna. Your irrational rant indicates you are on the verge of losing it completely. BTW, say Hi to your sad alter egos, bonnie and barb.

Granny has NO IDEA @ 05/08/2013 at 5:29 am

Let’s hope Granny’s stylist doesn’t go AWOL at Cannes. Granny has zero fashion sense and can’t dress to save herself.

I just love getting on anything written about Nicole Kidman because Miss Crazy follows Nicole and her family around just to make these outrageous, insults. Nicole always has more comments made because of these ( one or two) crazy women. I have them pictured, dowdy, rear end too big to sit on one chair while on computer hunting for Nicole. Get a life, you really do need help. Must be Scienologist or some weirdo who thinks they have a chance with Keith. Why do you care what she looks like, Keith thinks she is beautiful and that’s all that matters, he loves his family.

@Granny has no idea. Why in the he’ll do you care so much. They don’t read any of the ridiculous crap you write, please tell us why you care what she looks like, or what her children are wearing or if she uses Botox or if she had a face lift or if her marriage is for real or if she said this or that years ago, who gives a damn except you. think about this and run, don’t walk to the nearest mental hospital hospital and don’t forget to sign yourself in.

Wow those women are insane. It’s obvious they can’t stand the fact that Nicole Kidman has everything they want and will never have (a gorgeous, sweet, talented husband, beautiful children, a great career, an Oscar, admiration and respect from her peers). What a bunch of pathetic women.

The pompous, long-winded “cynic” who insults Keith and Nicole elsewhere is probably one of Tom’s people, getting paid by the word, pages and pages of words belittling everything Keith and Nicole do. The “skeptics” are a few former Keith fans who lost their home at E and come here to vent their frustrations because the Urban marriage is still going strong.


Don’t you just love it, how they get on the internet at the mere site of KU or NK and make absolute fools of themselves ?

It is the same BS everytime. LOL I wonder if they realize that ?
So dang silly!

Wish folks would get a clue and ignore their silliness.

How is an actress with limited acting ability credentialed to judge others with talent at Cannes? Movie flop after flop. The recipient of a politically backed Academy Award, only given to ‘Aussie Nic’ as a thankyou to Australia for supporting America in the Bush propaganda war against Iraq. That must have been one hell of a lap dance she gave lecherous old Weinstein to secure this gig.

Wow, a new lie. Nicole Kidman won an Oscar because of the Iraq war. LMAO!

FYI, it’s obvious when fantastic new opportunities happen to these two deserving artists and their girls are photographed looking precious and thriving the troll goes into overdrive trying to manufacture backlash.

She’s mentally ill no doubt. Announcement from Keith there’s new music on Monday must have her reeling.

@Louisa if that’s true, why is Nicole the jealous one?

She certainly didn’t win the Oscar for her acting ability @duh. As for Keith’s new single, according to rumor, it may not be so original after all. On dear, maybe I shouldn’t have said that. @berry will report me to the slander police!! LMAO.

Insanely Jealous ... @ 05/08/2013 at 6:18 pm

… “Speaking of Isabella Rossellini…years ago when Nicole and Tom were seated at a table with Isabella, Nicole freaked out because everyone was staring at Rossellini and she was the center of attention.”

KU and Nicole, just keep living your wonderful lives as you do everyday!

Desperate bored nobodies posting as they do shows us what wonderful people you and your family is.

JJ highlights special moments in pictures.
The nice pictures bother them! I love that it bothers them so so much!!

NK's favorite saying ... @ 05/08/2013 at 7:03 pm

Bring It On @berry … BRING IT ON!!

Looks like the trained monkeys from monkeyVILE are completely losing it. LOL

Vile is what you see in the mirror. Clearly you have a serious case of transference going on. If “losing it” is telling the truth then so be it. It’s your fault you weren’t one of the fans who had an invite to discuss with Keith the fanclub name change. The ‘Ville doesn’t need the handful of skeptics left who don’t have a life.

Nicole was nominated before and after her Oscar win. That’s not a fluke. That’s talent and great roles.

“According to rumor” means “according to the skeptics” who have always tried to plant stories and then quote them elsewhere under different names as if they are true. Nothing changes with you idiots. The same tactics every year and you still don’t have a clue how ridiculous the real world sees you.

don”t you just love it that the haters are so bothered by a few pictures of the beautiful family?

It is wonderful Thanks JJ keep up the good work

@duh, lunatic Leader of the Cult of KUNK … and like all deranged cult leaders, completely oblivious to how unhinged their psychotic obsession appears to the outside world.

Not buying it @ 05/08/2013 at 8:10 pm

I’m not seeing a “happy family” @Joni. I see an extremely unhappy Sunday hiding her face from the pre-arranged photo op Nicole organized.

What happened to the haters new web site? Did they get tossed off another internet site? Or did they just get tired of talking to themselves?

They spend 24/7 stalking Keith and Nicole and it consumes their entire life.
You notice they know every move the husband and wife have make ??

always has been that way.
They hate them yet talk abt. them 24/7 and chase them around the internet even at work! They even make fun of the beautiful children .

Does that seem normal to anyone?

@Not buying it:

Well thats funny! pre-arranged photo op by Nic? Now why would any one cae to take photos of the Urban’s if all you say is true? LMAO


Oh dear, where did @berry’s threatening comment go? There one minute … gone the next!! Keep up the good work JJ.

@Joni – You described the haters perfectly. We have photos and names. We know who they are.

Yep, we know Sewer Mistress likes to hide her true identity behind many different names. You’re gutless SM.

Seriously SM, instead of wasting your time stalking and taking photos of innocent people, how about you join NK’s LA gym, make yourself available and wait for the hit. If you happen to resemble Naomi (which is highly doubtful) it shouldn’t take long, Apparently she is super aggressive. Of course, you will be required to sign a strict confidentiality contract before you get too hot and sweaty but hey, just sign the dotted line as one of your many aliases – too easy!! We want to see those photos SM, just you and Nickers working out!!

Just Curious @ 05/09/2013 at 8:01 am

In the words of Donald Trump, “Keith, you’re FIRED!”

Another KUNK flop; watch Keith go running back to Nashville with his tail between his legs to save his career!

Like I say, Why do you care ???? As one person commented, Nicole and Keith are too busy with their happy lives to be nosing in on anyone else’s lives. I am so happy for them.

@lulu: Oh yeah, I’m sure Nicole Kidman is completely jealous of you and your great life. Insulting a movie star and her family on the internet all day long under several names is so great. You are such a great person lulu / x / Just Curious / Insanely jealous / Skll / ??? / Not Buying it

@Just Curious:

You speak out of both sides of your mouth.

You have posted for years and years that KU has no music career..

but now he does?


Whether Keith returns to Idol or not, he’s made loads of new fans. He’s in the mainstream now and will do just fine. He’s a respected artist, a really nice guy, and people love him.

@Macy: Loads of new fans? Hello! No one is watching. If he was a savior like you think he is, American Idol could have kept him.

Don’t know how you consider about 10 million viewers “no one.” Lots had never heard of Keith before and just love him now. Idol is old and the whole thing has to be revamped if it’s gonna survive. It’s the fault of the producers, not the panelists, and certainly not Keith’s. He shines!


Guess you have been KU /NK stalking all morning AGAIN?

Must be it is big news for you =. Any thing the Urbans do ?


FIRED from a talent show no-one is watching; putting out a new single no-one wants to buy; going on tour with the same old format/music no-one wants to listen to; still publicizing the same old “how I met Nic” stories no-one wants to hear …

@Louisa she’s jealous

Q. How do you fast track the demise of your once successful musical career?
A. Marry ‘kiss of death’ kidman.

May 9, 2013: Even though Keith Urban has only been a judge on ‘American Idol’ for one season, he has been voted as the Best ‘American Idol’ Judge ever, in a recent poll. 1,200 trained Monkeys from MonkeyVILE participated in the poll that included all seasons of the hit reality show.

Just Curious @ 05/10/2013 at 8:01 am

Reality is Keith was not good enough to improve the ratings of the show. Not only that, the ratings are an all-time bad. He had the option in his contract to stay on another year, but obviously he didn’t impress Fox. Hmm, his new BFF Rupert didn’t even help him out. Must be bad!

@lulu: Yes, Nicole Kidman is jealous of you and your pathetic life.

@Louisa if I had a pathetic life would she be jealous? Hmmm, yes,
even if I had a pathetic life she would still be jealous

Very nice family , I love Nicole and Keith and her two kids , Sunday Rose and Faith are not a spoiled children , they are showered with love with their parents and relatives and Grand parents

Nicole and Keith Urban are raising their children in a natural way and they don’t spoiled them , whats wrong with the clothes of Sunday and Faith they looked nice , and it’s none of your business the family life of Nicole and Keith if you are not satisfied and don’t like them why keep coming in JJ , you have to stop and concentrate to improve your own self .Nicole is very successful in her life how about you? My own children though me and my husband are a higher income earner dressed our children so simply .


You are wrong ,Nicole Kidman is not jealous of you and she don’t waist time to read your nonsense message here . You are waisting your time .


Nicole win the Oscar and she was nominated in her various movies , you are basing your story from humors and gossip, and you are having fantacy to create your story with regards to Nicole and Keith accept the facts they are very successful in their life .


You are a liar milluons of people watching the American Idol’s even people from Europe , Asia and other parts of the wolrd watching American Idol in Internet .

@Not buying it:

Sunday Rose hide her face in the Paparazzi , Nicole don’t pre arranged the Camera , the Paparazzi chasing them , they are living naturally in their off movie/show life , did you with them and see actual the face of Sunday she is covering it with her toy .
( Also Suri Cruise dosn’t want the paparazzi to take her photo , she is running away and crying when the photographer chase her to take her photos ) like Sunday she is hiding her face , that’s why Nicole
and Keith love to live in Nashville as they have privacy and free from the Paparazzi .


Nicole and her family are very simple in their real life , what’s wrong with their appearances and clothes , its natural , and a casual / street clothes party , they don’t need a hair style and gown dress for the kids birthday party , the children and having fun and playing with fellow children , they dressed comfortably , and both Sunday and Faith are wearing tights , they can move around very comfortably .


Who told you that Nicole pre arranged the Photographer, its the Paparazzi , chasing these family when they are in LA .

@Dee: @Yasmin:

You are exaggerating , lots of mother’s went to the casual kids birthday party very casual and simple like Nicole Kidman , you were looking all the time the model her in internet and compared it to Nicole Kidman .


Did you have evidence that Keith Urban is still drinking to have a comment he is good in drinking and make people sleep , while he has lots of fans watching American Idol , when it’s just started this current season , one of his fan make a billboard of his photo and asked Keith during American Idol to signed it . It’s the evidence Keith is a good judge and a successful singer .


Both Sunday and Faith are wearing tights appropriate to play with their playmates in the party .


Do you live and always with Nicole and her family to say Nicole spend little money to her kids , you just saw them 3x or 4x per year in just jared , when the paparazzi spoted them , you don’t see Sunday and Faith everyday and how they dressed . It’s none of your business the life of Sunday and Faith , Nicole don’t violate the laws , actually she is very useful to U.S. government as she is paying taxes .


You are making stories , Nicole children seldom photographed by Paparazzi , as Nicole is not selling her kids photos, unlike Angelina Jolie selling her and her family’s photos .


You’re the one who is a liar , Nicole Kidman and Kieth Urban have house in Nashville and LA, aside from their house in Sidney , of course they are staying in their house in L A when they are in LA and living in their house in Nashville when they are in Nashville , none of your business if they are both living in LA and Nashville .


Those clothes not need to be iron , it’s the style of casual clothes .
My family also wearing crumpled clothes when going to casual parties .


Of course ! instead of criticizing Nicole Kidman and Kieth Urban , just go to the mirror and looked at to your self and concentrate with your own life . Nicole and Keith are a hard working parents , they have a good life and they can do what ever they want and Nicole is a UNIFEM goodwill Ambassador , they don’t waist time , work in between raising their children and helping people who are in needs


You are a liar and making Stories , Keith goes where ever his schedule and Nicole Kidman don’t order him what to do. She and Nicole takes turn to be with their children when any of them have a very hectic work schedule .


They are walking on the way to the party when the paparazzi spoted them , Faith is looking to the Paparazzi while Sunday hiding her face to the Paparazzi , they are not happy to be photograped and Nicole did not arranged it to the Photographer ” it said here , Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban with children spotted in LA for a children’s birtday Party” so how you interpret it?


You ‘re the one who is a liar not Nicole , you always making your own stories .


What kind of lied Nicole has? It’s a part of a person’s life to experienced failure , she has a failure in her first marriage ( but its reached to 10 years while Tom Cruise two other ex wives have a short time marriage life)as Tom Cruise met Penelope Cruz and attracted with her so he filed divorce to Nicole Kidman and has a relationship with Penelope but did not last. Nicole accepted her failure and moved on in her life . She is very successful person ever since. It was a tabloid in the media as Tom Cruise News manager at that time is his sister .

Please go and practise your English Writing Skills somewhere else.

@Yasmin: I know your intelligence level isn’t high Yasmin, so I will spell this out for you. I don’t need to have evidence because read the article about why American Idol sucks this season. The writer says Keith would make a better drinking buddy. Not me. Signing an obsessed fan’s billboard has NOTHING to do with being a good judge.

…says the obsessed hater. Must be tough when nothing you do stops Keith Urban from having a great life without you.

Wishful thinking @blindsighted. Urban is finished.

Blindsighted @ 05/14/2013 at 9:00 pm

@Oh dear:

Rock on KU & family

Suck it up loser, I could care one way or other abt. the show. Exposing your lies is great tho.

I agree @ blindsighted. No one cares about the show either because no one watches the show but it will be amusing watching Captain Keith navigate the sinking ship as it hits rock bottom next season.

Blindsighted @ 05/14/2013 at 10:35 pm

@Oh dear:

Not half as much fun as it is to make you look the fool you are today!

Keith and Nic do it everyday as they enjoy THEIR life.

Rock on Ku, enjoy your wonderful life, with your wonderful family. June will soon be here.

Funny, skeptics say this year was rock bottom And they said last year was rock bottom when he was on The Voice. And Keith wouldn’t put out another album or single. You nuts said he put out staged photos of being in the studio and paying off musicians to tweet he was working with them.

New single released and the best you can do is say it’s rumored he didn’t write it. That’s not gossip. You can’t turn common knowledge into some secret you want others to think you heard in a ”back room in Nash” while the reality is your fat a$$ is panic defense mode in front of your computer in B.F.E.

Where’s the train derailment now, moron?


The train derailment is full steam ahead. Box office flop after box office flop and Keith singing live and subsequently generating the worst ratings in AI history!

Oh dear = poor pitiful pearl… Whine, Whine, Whine

Sounds like the gig is up loser.

False @Fran … just telling it like it is :)

Bahahahaha Blindsighted @ 05/15/2013 at 9:17 pm

16 May 2013: Keith Urban told Kyle & Jackie O this morning that he’s not sure if he’ll be back or not.“I don’t know at this stage, I just know we’ve got the finale to do, and of course I’ve been spending all my time in the studio getting this album finished so there’s a lot of plates in the air right now.”

So happy Keith Urban will be back on American Idol, he was the only reason I watched it last year. I hated the two divas fighting, it was just a power play.

@x: You are sick. It takes someone like The Crazy One to come up with this kind of crap. You are goofy as hell.

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