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Adam Levine: New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Performer!

Adam Levine: New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Performer!

Adam Levine is all smiles while performing at the 2013 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival on Friday (May 3) in New Orleans, La.

“New Orleans…jazz fest…rain…can you dig?” the 34-year-old Maroon 5 frontman tweeted.

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It was recently announced that Adam will appear with other The Voice judges Blake Shelton, Shakira, and Usher to promote the show with Extra at The Grove on Monday (May 6).

20+ pictures inside of Adam Levine performing at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival with his band Maroon 5

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adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 01
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 02
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 03
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 04
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 05
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 06
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 07
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 08
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 09
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 10
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 11
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 12
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 13
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 14
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 15
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 16
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 17
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 18
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 19
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 20
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 21
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 22
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 23
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 24
adam levine new orleans jazz heritage festival performer 25

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  • Chezza

    Looking good.

  • evangeline

    looking his usual douchey self.
    thumbs up.

  • Sam

    Awwe <3

  • Hmm

    Rumor around twitter is he’s dating Hannah Simone now. Interesting.

  • qira

    @Hmm: I would say there is zero chance in hell he is dating her since she is way too old for his tastes.

  • wista

    but I haven’t seen Jared give him and wanna-Behati the yellow bolt of lightning……….

  • KSB

    Hannah Simone is pretty, hell anyone is better than behati

  • quack quack quack

    this dude is such a poser , you think he wore out that blue strat by playing it ? LOL him and his tuff tattoos can go below me !

  • Rachel

    It’s nice to see that InTheKnow is tweeting about Adam’s love life on Twitter. She sounds like a bitter Behati fan. I saw this because someone pointed out to me the Hannah part, which is why I mention it here.

    Maybe she tried to hook up with him and got rebuffed. The reason I can tell is because she makes Behati sound all innocent and like she doesn’t invite herself along with Adam’s friends. People, Adam and his bandmates rarely, if ever, hang out together when it’s not related to the band. They’re not close. Adam’s close and trusted friends aren’t hanging out with Behati. Don’t let some anonymous person tell you any differently.

    InTheKnow’s wannabe “insider” Clairebloomy (LuvMom) should perhaps spend more time with her kids, if she has them so that they don’t go shooting up a school in their teens. That is instead of spending time gossiping on the Internet.

  • Rachel

    The same people, by the way, who kept trying to convince all of you that Adam and Behati were still a couple and “private” are now acting like Adam is a major jerk and that Behati loved him. Don’t be fooled by anything they say.

    They’re simply moving their hate onto the future girlfriends because they know they’ll never get to date Adam.

  • AmyR

    Didn’t Behati dump a 7-year relationship with another model to go after Adam? She sounds like a not-so-innocent piece of work. It’s amazing how defended she is by some people. Behati used her relationship with Adam to get press. No one cared about her or knew who she was until him. Her VS contract is up soon. She better hope it’s renewed. Her PR agent must pay Jared to run stories about her. She has nothing else going on.

  • confused

    @Rachel: the hannah part is confusing me, is this person just saying they hooked up/are dating because adam’s following her now?? so random

  • Lisa

    There is no truth to the Hannah story. The only reason those people are saying her is because he just started following her, so they picked her. Also if you read those people twitter, they are sayings its someone named K and that she is friends with Hannah and not actually hannah herself.

  • RumorhasIT

    Douchelevine used Bee to get back at Anne, she’s not innocent but was USED!! Douchebag also cheated on Bee with new girl K. Probably already cheated on K with others, and why is he hidiing her???

    @Rachel you protest too MUCH

  • Shevine is real

    Oh dang it……..Adam is so pretty like forever…..

  • RumorhasIT

    @Rachel by the way K is that you?

    Already screwed OVER??? boohoo

  • Rachel

    @RumorhasIT: InTheKnow, let it go. You’re the only person continuing this saga. I don’t even believe there is a K or a Hannah girlfriend. You all are trying too hard to piece together a relationship for Adam by using false stories found on the Internet.

    Adam and Behati dated for all of seven months and he was never in love with her. Their “friends with benefits” arrangement lasted all of seven months, which tells you that he was never serious about her.

    And before you start defending Behati, she helped Adam cheat on Anne, so she’s no innocent. The fact that Behati feels “used” is her own fault. She knows all about Adam’s past reputation. I don’t feel sorry any girl who gets involved with him.

    Quit defending Behati all over social media. If she’s using you to get sympathy, then it’s obvious she hasn’t moved on. While you’re at it, tell her to quit inviting herself along with his bandmates and their girlfriends. They’re talking about her behind her back anyway.

  • Rachel

    @confused: Behati’s fans are coming, once again, out of the woodwork to make Adam sound like a jerk while Behati is some innocent rube caught up in his web of lies. InTheKnow/Rumor has it sounds like a Mermaid/Mermaid poser and so doesn’t her Twitter buddy Clairebloomy. You can tell by how they write. It’s too funny. And very transparent. They can’t let this “never was” relationship go.

  • RumorhasIT

    @Rachel you don’t believe there is a K or Hannah but you said in the past that Adam will bring his new gf out when he feel it’s the right time, backtracking???? Cheating seems to be recurring theme doesn’t it??

    JJ by the way Adam didn’t play Jazz Festival by himself did he??? He has a band, you should know that!!

  • Lisa

    @Rachel: Agree! These mermaids can’t let it go and now that there is hardly anyone who believes Adam and Behati are dating, they are now attacking Adam so Behati looks like the victim. It’s so sad. They have no respect for Adam and honestly for Behati because unless she is telling them to act like this they are hurting her even more too. I don’t like Behati, don’t get me wrong, just saying they are using her too.

  • Lisa

    @RumorhasIT: You have no proof that Adam cheated. He has cheated once and regrets it. He is loyal to the girls he is with, he just moves on really really quick!

  • RumorhasIT

    @Lisa Never said Bee was a victim just USED!!

    Cheated once…really?? Do you have proof that he didn’t?

  • Lisa

    @RumorhasIT: She used him! He was her ticket to fame! On the cheating, look at the track record, he is a classic serial monogamist and they don’t cheat. Adam is honest about his life and he admitts to being attracted to others but he doesn’t do anything about it. He admitted to cheating once in his younger days and that he never felt worse.

  • Rachel

    @Lisa: RumorhasIt is an idiot. She obviously thinks I’m someone else. I’m just someone who’s been observing the b.s. here for quite some time. The fact that she thinks I’m K, Hannah, whoever is funny. Especially since she’s pretending to be someone new.

    The Mermaids need to move on. The fact that Behati is playing “tag along” with her ex boyfriend of SEVEN months’ bandmates is very telling. Adam’s family and “friends” didn’t even know Behati that long to become best friends forever with her. She just can’t let things go.

    She screwed up a longtime relationship with a model, whose friends, etc. talk crap about her too. Now she’s all left alone. Oh, and there have been rumors in the modeling world that Behati goes after other models’ boyfriends, so they need to cut it out with the “innocent victim” thing. Everyone knows she’s a skank.

    And for people who have no problem calling people who don’t like Behati “haters,” they sure have no problem calling other women Adam hangs out with (ex-gfs and rumored new girlfriends) wh0res and other nasty names. What a bunch of hypocrites. They should stop hating. If Behati’s using them to get sympathy, then they are truly stupid. No one cares about Behati. Not then, not now.

  • Rachel

    @RumorhasIT: You have NO proof that Adam has a new girlfriend. None.

  • AmyR

    Here’s an idea: If you think Adam is a jerk and a cheat, then don’t waste your time thinking or posting about him. I’ve never understood people who constantly talk about those they claim to hate.

  • RumorhasIt

    @Rachel I might be an idiot but you are lying you said Adam will bring he new girlfriend out when he’s read and all the fans stop bugging. Which by the way his fans have made him who is, but I think he has forgot that!!

    And again you protest TOO much!! People need to read between the lines she isn’t who she pretends to be!!

  • Rachel

    @RumorhasIt: Nope. You are stupid because you have the wrong person. And you keep returning here, which means I’m touching a nerve. I return because I enjoy it. Now go back to Twitter and pretend like you know something with your one follower.

  • Rachel

    Adam doesn’t owe his fans anything regarding his personal life. You might want to rethink that part of your equation. If that’s the case, then we have every right to know more about your persona life.

  • confused

    @Rachel: judging from last night and other models’ tweets it seems like behati’s relationships with models (including anne) are just fine.

  • Rachel

    Do you really think they’re going to air their problems with one another over social media? Their social media accounts are an extension of their public relations.

  • confused

    @Rachel: i really don’t believe people are going to reach out to each other and talk about missing so and so if they don’t absolutely have to. clearly none of the angels have reached out to miranda for “public relations” reasoning so it doesn’t make sense for them to do it with behati either.

  • Rachel

    These women are models, which is the only thing they have in common. Anne and Behati weren’t the only models at that event, but Jared knows that picture of them posing together brings traffic to his site. I’m sure the Anne and Behati fans are all changing their tune to “See! They’ve made up!” So predictable. Meanwhile, Adam was still the one who unloaded both.

  • HAHA

    Looks like Adam is sick of all you idiots! Way to go “fans”

  • Rachel

    HAHA- Actually, the list of fans Adam is referring to is relatively small.

  • AmyR

    I guess ClaireBloomy forgot about the two years’ worth of bullying Anne received from Behati fans. I guess bullying doesn’t exist unless it’s toward Nehru, right? Anyone remember which Mermaid ClaireBloomy used to be? They hide under new Twitter aliases all the time. I’m drawing a blank

    “adamlevine Behati was bullied in social media during the last months and you kept quiet! You did nothing! Why do you care now? MrGeneHong”

  • kj

    Wow just Wow. I came here to read about Maroon 5 at the music festival and THIS is what you people worry about? Why do you care? Unless he can order you out of a catalog you ain’t gonna be gettin’ any, and he could probably give a rats ass what you think about him.

  • GoodRiddanceAdamLevine

    Dear Adam Levine, Take your winey scrawny ass on, who cares if you quit social media. Stop being a baby. Stop crying for attention. It would have been better if you just left without a speech. You let your family and friends use you for attention. Now you wanna cry about it. You got exactly what you deserved. Maybe you should just quit music too. Do us all a favor. Take your daddy abandoned me at a young age and shove it up your ass. Is that why you keep turning your back on people who care about you? Now you want to say f**k your fans? Wow BRAVO ADAM BRAVO! Good luck with next years album really are the douche people say you are. You deserve to be alone and miserable.

  • Rachel

    @kj: I highly doubt you came here to read about Adam playing at Jazz Fest. You wasted more time complaining about the other posts.

  • Rachel

    @GoodRiddanceAdamLevine: Quit posting the same thing all over the place. Once is enough. We know you’re an angry moron. Find a new hobby.

  • Delia

    @Rachel – Seriously honey, you need to get your own life. Who ever Adam chooses to date or not date is his business. You sound obsessed with jealously. Step away from the computer.

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