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Anne V & Behati Prinsloo: #HarrysParty Pair!

Anne V & Behati Prinsloo: #HarrysParty Pair!

Anne V plants a kiss on Behati Prinsloo at super hairstylist Harry Josh‘s first annual #HarrysParty on Saturday (May 4) held at The Jane Hotel in New York City.

The supermodels, both of whom dated Adam Levine in the past, were joined by a number of other stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Hilary Rhoda, and Will Forte.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Anne V

“harryjoshhair thanks for yet another great party!!! #HarrysParty,” Behati later tweeted.

Make sure to check out Harry Josh on Facebook and on Twitter at @HarryJoshHair!

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anne v behati prinsloo harrysparty pair 01
anne v behati prinsloo harrysparty pair 02
anne v behati prinsloo harrysparty pair 03
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anne v behati prinsloo harrysparty pair 05

Photos: Justin Campbell
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  • Read

    Is it just me or this is so freaking odd??

  • umm

    Why did this deserve a new post?? JJ’s way of confirming Adam and Behati’s breakup?

  • LL

    Leo DiCaprio was there too? Well I mean of course, it’s his environment…surrounded by models…smh…

  • Eva

    @LL: ALOT of people who attend to MET BALL tomorrow evening go to Harry’s pre ball the night before. He is a hair dresser to many models and hollywood stars.

  • heatherly

    cute photo of a and b.
    females should bond not hate.

  • jas

    Jared if they broke up u need to do the giant yellow bolt of lightning please.

  • lOL

    supermodels? lol…Maybe Anne but all Behati does is VS. Anne at least does commercial and fashion work.

  • Sam

    WOW! LMAO.

  • ann

    So I guess they’re finally friends again after Adam? I guess that’s good, but I doubt Anne V is going to be bringing her boys around Behati again.

  • krystal

    I would agree that Anne Is closer to supermodel title.
    she does a lot of high fashion runway and high end campaigns like for Chanel. she has also been on lots of mag covers.

  • mgfd

    Jared Karolina Kurkova was also there, she is more famous then both of these girls….not cool to leave her out.

  • kelly

    Photo looks a staged op. Anne kinda looks like she would rather be doing anything but being around Behati.

  • KSB

    Go Anne! !!! Always great to be the bigger person.

  • jane

    hahahaha that was awkward i guess

  • Liza

    Behati Prinsloo is so cute. She is my angel! #smiiiiile :)

  • Angie

    Seriously! This is so strange.

  • GoodRiddanceAdamLevine

    Dear Adam Levine, Take your winey scrawny ass on, who cares if you quit social media. Stop being a baby. Stop crying for attention. It would have been better if you just left without a speech. You let your family and friends use you for attention. Now you wanna cry about it. You got exactly what you deserved. Maybe you should just quit music too. Do us all a favor. Take your daddy abandoned me at a young age and shove it up your ass. Is that why you keep turning your back on people who care about you? Now you want to say f**k your fans? Wow BRAVO ADAM BRAVO! Good luck with next years album really are the douche people say you are. You deserve to be alone and miserable.

  • Really

    Someone’s really bitter. How did Jared not have that post moderated?

  • pink

    THE EXES OF MR. ADAM LEVINE… as they say “birds of the same feather were left together” UNITE THE EXES! LOL. :))))

  • http://@HannahTherese14 Hannah Therese F. Avila


  • Rachel

    @GoodRiddanceAdamLevine: Please dig the sand out of your vagina. Or take a Ritalin.

    Also both Anne and Behati look awkward in that picture. More so on Anne’s end. So fans need to quit trying to make a story out of this picture, kind of like Jared is trying to do by posting this picture. Shameful on his part, since Anne’s supposed to be a friend. Or did he forget that Behati helped Adam cheat on her?

  • Rachel

    @Really: Have you even taken a look at Adam’s a$$hole fans giving him crap on Twitter? It’s funny how none of them accept any responsibility for his decision to back away from Twitter. That goes for the Mermaids, the teenyboppers like MariSky and Fans_AdamLevine. They’re horrible fans who tweet at him all day long and never shut up about him. They need lives.

  • KSB

    Have to admit as long as I been posting on JJ I agree with @goodriddanceadamlevine. I know Adam didn’t sell his soul for fame (illuminati) im sooooo sick of hearing about that s hit. And it was a joke please no idiots go around saying he sacrificed Anne for Fame. But this is the price you pay for what you want. , deal with it. Lindsay Lohan , rhianna,chrid brown ect… get harrassed SECONDLY! And by tthat I mean every second of the day. They get death threats called junkies there family and friends post pictures of them and get backlash too. They do the same thing Adam does get the same backlash he gets but 100 times worse. He needs to suck it up. And if he’s having a mental breakdown don’t give the media something to use against him. I like Adam I like his music but I guarantee his next yr album sales will flop. People fell in love with his randomness and ability to not care what people thought about him. Take that away and he’s not interesting anymore. He claimed he wanted to make the media look like f ucking idiots but he’s doing a great job of making himself look like one instead.

  • Nicole

    Exactly. BRAVO Rachel. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Ask not what you can do for your friends, but what you can do for you Website. Shame on you, JJ!!!!

  • Getalife

    Adam Levine “people who know too much” only know what you and your so called fame hungry friends put out there. If you don’t like it, be careful who you share information with and most importantly – don’t read it. It’s not rocket science

  • Chameleon

    I guess this means that Adam and Behati are done. PR stunt picture.

  • KSB

    @getalife I agree 100%

  • Delia

    Ya know kids, there doesn’t always have to be drama. Ex’s can still be friends and past/present/future girlfriends of the guy can be friends too. Some of you think you know a little too much about Adam Levine’s personal life. Clearly these two women’s maturity level soars way above some of you nitwits here. If they don’t have a problem, why do you? Get a real life.

  • Berry

    @ Delia – Adam’s pr?

  • KSB

    @Delia yeeeeeeaaaaaa sooooo your here preaching about others need to get a life but your on a gossip site too. Well if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black.

  • what

    Wow some people are way too caught up in celebrity drama. Concentrate on your own life. No one is forcing you to like these girls or Adam or his choices.

  • Loser

    I wonder if Leo picked himself a new girlfriend. Him and Adam could swap notes lol

  • mof

    oh get a grip. maybe they dont hold bitterness and grudges like many of you petty gossipers seem to do. Being bitter only affects YOU. not anyone else. so you will not progress in life living in the past and not forgiving people.

  • Delia

    @KSB: Yeah honey, I’m reading Just Jared just like you. The difference is you seem invested in Adam Levine’s personal life and I don’t give a rat’s a$$ who he dates. Reading about celebrities is one thing. Thinking you know private details about them and is something completely different and disturbing. Time to take a reality check in the mirror.

    @Berry: Sure, that sounds good. I’m Adam’s pr. Cause clearly he needs my help with a few loonies on Just Jared. You’re welcome, Adam.

  • Adam

    Thanks Delia

  • Delia

    Waiting for my check Adam

  • KSB

    @Delia again you look like a hypocrite and a jackass. You claim you have a life yet you came back here to see if someone responded to you and posted more comments. What an awesome life you have. Sounds like your a little invested in Adams life as well.

  • Delia

    @KSB; Of course I’m invested in Adam’s life. I’m his PR.

  • KSB

    @Delia of course you are ;)

  • Delia

    @KSB: Hey @Berry said it first.

  • KSB

    @Adam I thought you were done with social media lol. WELCOME BACK HAHAHA! !!! You people crack me up

  • bliss

    @adam what the hell are u doing here hahahhahahah

  • SaraJ

    Maybe he’s looking at pictures of his two hot lovers.