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Kim Kardashian: Pregnant Date Night with Kanye West!

Kim Kardashian: Pregnant Date Night with Kanye West!

Kim Kardashian walks hand in hand with her boyfriend Kanye West while heading out for a dinner date on Sunday (May 5) in New York City.

“Date night with my ❤,” the 32-year-old pregnant reality star tweeted with a pic. Check out the cute pic below!

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Earlier in the day, Kim was seen rocking a sheer dress while grabbing lunch with her close pals Jonathan Cheban and fashion designer Rachel Roy at Cipriani in SoHo.

The day before, Kim was spotted promoting the Kardashian Kollection with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe in Houston, Tex.

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  • Someone

    It will be interesting to see what kind of parents they will be. I can’t call this one. Often times I can guess if a celeb will be a hands on parent or someone who leaves it to the nannies. I tend to respect the hands on ones more. Kourtney seems like a hands on mom. I am not sure if Kim and Kanye will give up their own whole thing and really devote themselves to the work of being a family and raising their kid, I hope they will. I am not sure how solid their relationship is. I know having to give oneself over to being a parent can really bond a couple- but only if both of them are prioritizing the child first and the relationship also,. If one of them still prioritizes them self or their career or what not then being parents together can be hard. I wish them luck and hope they do a good job and are kind t each other.

  • Carmen

    Her belly looks like a lumpy pillow here, and so much smaller than when photographed in Greece. What’s up?

  • Someone

    and by “hands on ” I simply mean the expression that means doing the work of raising one’ss child with one’s own hands rather than paying someone else to do it and focusing on other things.

  • Someone

    does it matter? it probably reflects her outfit or the angle of the picture

  • mrst

    I love these pics esp the tweet pic. Kimmie is really rocking these looks and Kanye is so handsome. God bless Kimye!!!

  • zey

    the tim@Someone: its weird because theyve spent so much time apart during the pregnancy.. I’m trying to picture her dropping everything like Kourtney and I can’t.. Once the baby comes that could change though.. Her and kanyes relationship dynamic over the next 5 years should be interesting..

  • Bobby

    Honestly I feel kind of bad here…Kim’s feet are clearly swollen but she feels the need to live up to Kanye’s standards and endures pain to please him…Kanye never looks happy with her and there was a video out of them somewhere in Europe, London maybe? Anyway he never opened a single door for her, not the car door, not the door into buildings, nothing, he didn’t even wait for her to get out of the car. If she wasn’t pregnant I guess that’s different but come on! I don’t know how long this will last.

  • Jessica

    Seriously day to day she looks different. Thin legs, fat legs, huge butt, smaller bump, huge bump, small bump again. Is it all padding?

  • sammi

    Kim looks beautiful!

  • vroom vroom

    love them, no matter wut ppl say, they keep going strong, real love

  • Sofia

    IS KIM IN MET BALL 2013?

  • Jenniebaby

    Wow! Strange looking baby bump. What’s up with it?!

  • jefferson

    poor girl, seems to suffer so much!
    i hope her baby will pop out soon and healthy.
    she does her best to look good, but everyone’s hormons react differently to pregnancy. gorgeous!

  • dildonia


  • Nedsdag

    @Carmen: I know. It was bigger in Paris as well. What gives, Kim? Also, it’s nice to see that Kanye has teeth after looking so sour.

  • daisy

    One hell of a fugly pregnant creature. Poor the fetus.

  • คําคม

    They look good !

  • reeven

    This pregnancy is sooooo weird, one day she looks a cute tummy, the next she looks reaaaally big, suddenly she looks a petite belly, then she looks misshapen or huge as a house, and in this pics she looks good and with a good shape, something is really wrong here.

  • TMI

    Whatever, I know she’s not the most popular celeb around but I hope they can stay together and raise this child well. No one, not even K Kardashian should be be pregnant than abandoned.

  • aranka paul

    She is a self appointed celeb, not one chosen by popular vote. Is she attending the Met Ball 2013?. No write-ups on that in any paper. She better choose a nice outfit, because if she attempts to show up in one of these sheer numbers, Anna Vintour will have a stroke on the spot. And who could blame her?.

  • Comparador Seguros Vida

    Congratulations Kim!!! Enjoy your moment

  • Yohji

    @aranka paul: She seriously better not attend. Why does she have to ruin the best night in fashion for me?!

  • skanks – r – us….
    that’s what’s up ….lol@Carmen:

  • Nicolette

    The shape of her bump is weird in these photos on her “date night”. I’ve noticed that on some days the bump starts rounding out higher under the breasts and on other days rounds out and sits lower. The shape and size change constantly. I’m probably one of the few that doesn’t think she’s pregnant and seeing photos like these does nothing to sway me from that belief.

  • How stupid!

    Grainy photo of her with sarong in Greece showed her belly button off center. She was showing higher as well. She should just keep wearing same fake bump to the end.

  • remember da truth

    You people are looking for any reason to be nasty because you can’t stand that someone like her that you feel doesn’t deserve any attention is such a magnet for it.
    Whoever said that she’s a selt-appointed celeb is delusional. She’s famous because so many people watch her show, rush to pictures and threads about her, adn comment on her and her family. Many have tried to have a reality show and none last for very long (Paris Hilton, anyone?) except Kim and family.

  • remember da truth

    Nice to see some of the pleasant, normal comments by people who don’t have anger issues. If your neighbor were pregnant and wearing misshapen, tight, inappropriate clothing, you wouldn’t immediately claim she was faking it. You’d just think she couldn’t dress nicely to save her life — same here.
    Although her career started with her styling others, she’s never been able to dress herself well. Kourtney runs the stores and seems to be the best arbiter of fashion, and Khloe dresses herself the best of them. They need all three to actually work together.
    Too bad Kim doesn’t take Kourtney’s advice on what to wear.

  • Colleen

    So not pregnant. It will be interesting to see how she pulls off the fake delivery. Renting out the whole floor of a maternity ward did not make Beyonce any more believable plus I don’t think her surrogate is in this country.

  • Colleen

    Misshapen, tight , inappropriate clothes don’t change the shape of your bump. Only other explanation is she has dropped and birth is now imminent.

  • cara

    Photo of her at Houston airport clearly shows bump starting under breasts.

  • real

    @zey: Kourtney was able to drop everything because her sisters did the work for her and she got paid. Kourtney also has a nanny.

  • real

    @Bobby: I saw the same thing and it upset me as well until Kim left his a$$ the next day. She went on to have fun in London with her friends and got to see Beyonce in concert. Guess what? He is holding doors open and opening car doors now. Kim’s no fool and doesn’t need a man for money that she would accept that behavior.

  • haha

    @Yohji: Are you attending? Oh yeah who in the h*ll are you? Let me see ,you are a nobody who doesn’t want Kim at the Met Gala because it will ruin it for you. How could it ruin it for you if you won’t be there. Seriously, GET A LIFE!

  • wow

    @How stupid!: Are you a forensic photographer? Didn’t think so! So please stop your nonsense.

  • comeon

    @Jessica: Yes my dear you have figured it out. She was ready to go through a full divorce trial which would have also required a paternity test from both the Kim, baby, Kanye and Kris. If it were fake she would have given Kris what he wanted so that she wouldn’t have to succumb to the paternity test. So please stop the stupidity your making my brain hurt.

  • Jessica

    No, I just have EYES Khloe.

  • Yohji

    @haha: No, but I do enjoy watching the show via stream and I’m not ashamed to admit that. Are you one of those people that think just because someone is famous, they are important? I just don’t this fatass famewhore trying to steal the spotlight from the people who are hosting (who are incidentally more talented than her, but let’s face it a piece of poop is more talented than her).

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    Kanye looks miserable – LOL.

  • Susie#1

    I hope Ms Wintour has a strong drink before they show up for dinner. What could they have in common to talk about? Fashion? I don’t think so; Kanye and Kim always look like they’ve slept in their clothes which don’t fit and aren’t flattering, and if Kim is listening to him for fashion tips, then she has no common sense.