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Chris Pine Covers 'Out' June/July 2013

Chris Pine Covers 'Out' June/July 2013

Chris Pine shows off his gorgeous eyes on the cover of Out magazine’s June/July 2013 issue.

Here’s what the 32-year-old Star Trek Into Darkness star had to share with the mag:

On how negative reviews fuel his art: “One review said, ‘He’s a Rob Lowe lookalike with the charisma of a David Hasselhoff.’ I’ll take the Robe Lowe lookalike, that’s fine. But I remember the charisma part really f*cking well. It might have said ‘not even half the charisma of a David Hasselhoff.’ I don’t know why we’re programmed this way, but all I remember is the nasty sh*t. And, I swear to God, if people think it’s going to tear me down, it’s like kindling in my f*cking steam engine.”

On when his co-star Zachary Quinto came out: “So happy for him, oh man, I thought it was rad. It was really, really cool. He did it on his own time, on his own schedule. And Jonathan [Groff], who he’s dating, is such a lovely man. He’s a good guy and a great actor, and they make a fantastic couple. I couldn’t have been happier for Zach.”

On respecting Zachary’s privacy: “It was just who Zach was and that’s that. I’m sensitive, and I don’t ever want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Knowing that for Zach it was more about a career thing and that he was not comfortable at the time coming out”it was fine. It was something that we kind of tiptoed around and I just took it was a given, because that’s what he wanted.”

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Credit: Nino Munoz/OUT magazine
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  • Pinto

    He is super bottom. He really enjoys big, fat di@k in his tight @ss.

  • Turkey travel

    s really impressive. thank you very much

  • Alexandre Figueiredo

    Brazilian Caras magazine says that Michelle Pfeiffer “is single again”. No other source had noticed it. What do you think about that?

    Please, go to this link and read. The text is in portuguese.

  • Gwen

    “It was rad,” who talks like that, especially for a 32 years old.

  • Toni

    Thats sweet, he seems very sensible.

  • Bromance

    @Pinto: U @IDIOT!

  • loulou

    Super great guy, I loved this interview . Can’t wait for the next Star Treck !

  • Cyn

    Good article. It’s nice to see that he really has a good head on his shoulders despite his um..personal decisions. While I doubt this article will end the bickering between the two fractions of fandom, it’s a nice attempt to straddle both sides of the fence. As a fan of the Pinto bromance, I feel good about this article, but I can do without the sheepherding that’s going on in the social media outlets. It’s tragically inept and so painfully obvious.

  • NotConfusedAnymore

    What exactly is inept or painfully obvious? The movie promotion?

  • Niki

    Sheesh! here we go again with the swearing and the lies once again!
    ZQ dating Groff? oh yeah? Has ZQ ever confirmed that? lmao
    Pine is a pathological liar….

  • rainforest girl

    Chris Pine sometimes gets kinda confused……
    Like when he took Dominique Piek on the red carpet, posed for a bazillion pics and then said he never wanted to go on the red carpet but somehow ended up there…
    Like when he says he’s so very private about his personal life but all his er…”girlfriends” keep leaking into the gossip blogs..
    Like he says he never (lol) wanted to play Kirk but only went to his audition to meet JJ as a business contact when the truth is JJ was never there at his first audition..
    Like when he says he has “Spokian qualities” when Vulcans do not lie..
    Now he says Jonathan Groff is Quinto’s boyfriend when even Quinto can’t confirm it..
    I’m beginning to dislike this guy so much that I’m wondering how I’m going to watch him for 2 hrs in STID without getting really, really annoyed.
    Dude, just shut your face!

  • Anne

    Nice of Chris Pine to mention Zachqey Quinto’s bf Jonathan Groff but the fact still remains that Quinto has still not confirmed the relationship. It is also interesting that from a very long interview the last bit about Groff ends up in the summary here. Exactly like when Quinto did his OUT interview. Seems like there is a concerted effort to promote this “relationship”.

  • Cyn

    @NotConfusedAnymore: the herding has nothing to do with the movie.

  • Cyn

    @Anne: @Anne:

    And you’ve hit the nail on the head of the point I’m trying to make. I don’t ever see myself being a good sheep and jumping on the Grinto bandwagon because “omigoshitsfreakingadorable and Chris loves it!!!” Then again, I also side eye the “did you see what Zach said about Chris’s eyes, they’re such good friends for life!!’” It’s dumb and pandering at its worst.

  • also…..

    Totally agree. I’m not a “good sheep” either! I’ve never believed in Grinto. Not even when it first surfaced sometime in 2010. As the years pass the more absurd it becomes. In the absence of Quinto confirming a relationship, Grinto is just gossip, fueled by fake tweets, photo ops, ambiguous statements and the pr shills at tumblr. It has come to a point that now, even if ZQ confirms it, I’ll not believe him. The time for that is long past. So why don’t I buy into Grinto? if I start, this comment will become a page long!
    I think it’s good to keep in mind that Chris Pine has no problems lying. Even when those lies can so easily be traced back. Doesn’t sound like a smart guy to me. Not At All.
    I think Grinto was set up for 2 reasons.
    1. to keep ZQ’s real private life, private
    2. To make sure no one makes the “B” disappear from the Pinto “Bromance” LOL

  • Cyn


    In the meantime, Pine gets to enjoy beautiful Narnia. :)
    Yes, the pr shills on tumblr are the worst. That’s why I try to stay the hell away. Sometimes, I read something there and I think “who in the hell let their 12 year old here?! Wait, does a 12 year old really say that cr*p?” And when you have several different people/accounts repeating the same thing ad nauseam… After a while, I realized that the intelligent 12 year olds that I know wouldn’t be spending their time on the computer writing cr*p. It’s sad that the intelligent, thought provoking comments about the article get ignored in the midst of an agenda.

    Outside of tumblr, it gets a bit better, with the exception of twitter, which is in a class on its own. Twitter is amusing, though. It’s kind of interesting to see how long before a career-challenging comment gets deleted.

  • bullsh8t

    not a good sheep either… guy is obviously hiding something but i cant decide whether its that he’s deep in the closet, or that he’s a modelizing douchebag.. it could go either way. every interview he gives, he’s always “on”….there is nothing genuine about him whatsoever. look at the others around him in comparison…benedict for one who was completely charming and authentic on the graham norton show. while chris just seem to be playing the part of charismatic movie star, but it doesnt quite ring true.

  • Niki

    Yeah, I noticed that too in the Graham Norton show….Benedict decided to hug his fans so Piney decided to do the same! lol. Benedict is charming and funny, you can’t help liking him….I think Piney is deep in the closet – guy wants to be a big movie stah!! Now they are bickering on tumblr about why CP and DP broke up! Please, she was his beard.

  • bullsh8t

    @Niki: he also seem to mind that benedict was getting all the love on the show.
    about the breakup, ..funny how it all came out now when he has a movie to promote. no one but the fans even noticed it back when it actually happened.

  • Niki

    yes it’s funny how a lot of people are talking about the DP break up. I mean this happened months ago…so why bring it up now? My take on it… it shows he had a girlfriend, so he’s not gay! no way! can’t have anyone think Capt Kirk might be gay…not right in the middle of STID promotion!
    You just can’t compare Benedict with Pine. Benedict is a natural…

  • Anne


    The “omgchrislovesittoo” people at tumblr need to be aware that chris pine quite often contradicts himself. (that’s a nice way of putting it!) These are Hollywood actors and celebrity doesn’t exactly lend itself to honesty. Nimoy and Shatner played up the bromance during their time too but both were married and there was no internet. The pinto bromance is quite a different animal. Quinto is gay. Pine has a penchant to hook up with famew****
    And then we have the internet that records everything…. So how to keep the bromance going but stop the gossip? Well Quinto gets himself a fake boyfriend and Pine gets himself a model.
    Just gotta love Hollywood!

  • Nadine

    I’m still confused on how he contradicts himself or how he’s a liar, but what I’m more confused about are those people who apparently dislike him but still read articles about him and comment on them. It’s like you’re set on destroying him or something. Did he kick your dogs?

    I don’t know Mr. Pine, so maybe he is an a-hole, but, then again, I don’t know Mr. Pine, so maybe he’s a good guy. Either way, if you are not buying what he’s selling than move on to someone else.

  • Teepi

    Rumours about Chris being gay have persisted for years. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. It makes no difference to me, I’ll always be a fan. His sexuality is his own business. Unfortunately, the Hollywood film industry doesn’t tolerate high-profile actors being openly gay. I suppose it’s an “image issue” – can’t have a hero tough-guy being played by an openly gay male! It’s sad that this attitude still exists in this day & age but it does. I read an actor’s comments about the HW industry & he said it was “career suicide” for an A-list actor to come out as gay. Also there could be family issues too. No one really knows the truth about his private life, we can only guess.
    Puzzling info about CP & DP’s breakup. It recent reports it says the split was mutual & they “remain friends”. Reported in the National Enquirer (UK) a “source” close to the couple said that DP complained that Chris was threatening to destroy their relationship with his controlling ways. Apparently he told DP what restaurants to use & which films to watch. If she didn’t like it he told her to “get lost” or “leave”! It said he also rubbed it in her face that he was a famous star & she was lucky to be with him. Why would the “source” say these things but then it’s a completely different story a few months later & the split is mutual. It doesn’t add up.

  • Anne


    “I’m still confused on how he contradicts himself or how he’s a liar”
    Please read “Rainforest girl”‘s comment at #11. This topic has been extensively discussed here in the past pages if you want to read about it.
    “people who apparently dislike him but still read articles about him ”
    Human beings are complex :) why do they read about people who they dislike? maybe they hope he will redeem himself, maybe they are waiting for the bus accident to happen? who knows? personally, I’m kind of caught between the two!
    ” It’s like you’re set on destroying him or something”
    No one can destroy CP other than himself…your dog comment is a bit silly.
    No one knows CP. we have only his public persona to go by. I dislike what he’s become.
    “if you are not buying what he’s selling than move on to someone else.”
    I honestly don’t think you have the right to say that…

  • Anne

    I agree 100% I know what it’s like in HW. I also know CP has had gay rumors way back as 2007.
    I don’t believe anyone who is gay needs to come out (whether in HW or not) unless they are happy to do so. But I draw the line when gay actors get a beard, get into the gossip pages and asks us to buy into the relationship. Sorry ain’t happening! If things don’t add up, no way am I going to pretend they do because I’m a “fan”. That just makes you a sheep.
    Yep, that CP/DP break up was weird. The entire relationship was weird just like the “grinto” relationship. Sorry don’t believe any of it..

  • bullsh8t

    nadine please take your high horse and you move on if you dont like what we discuss here. this is after all, a GOSSIP site. i used to be a fan, but the more i find out about him, the less i like him as a person. i still like him as an actor, though my personal feelings do interfere with how i perceive him onscreen. this happens to alot of us. if that werent so, tom cruise would still be a big star. i come here to hear what other fans think, to see if they feel the same as i do and it turns out, there are a few of us that do. i enjoy hearing their take on it. some of them believe he is deep in the closet, me im undecided. i think he’s bi if anything. but like Teepi, i dont care if he is gay. so long as he stops pretending otherwise.
    teepi, chris has not really talked about his split with DP. only thing he has said is he’s single. it was DP who said they are still good friends. i mean what else is she gonna say.

  • niki

    comment #21
    So how to keep the bromance going but stop the gossip? Well Quinto gets himself a fake boyfriend and Pine gets himself a model
    Nail on head! lmao

  • NotConfusedAnymore

    In his video interviews Chris is funny, thoughtful and charming. In his latest magazine interviews he is a miserable (proof that money+ fame=unhappiness) self-centred prick with no passion or charitable cause to promote. He has a long way to go before he thinks he can be the next Paul Newman. Newman had purpose + optimism. Not to mention was married to a real woman in a real marriage based on a real relationship.

    I am just guessing here but maybe it is not the Chris we know in the these magazine interviews. I remember reading once that Farrah Fawcett fired her agent/manager because he used to conduct her interviews as her!

    She walked in on him rattling off a fake list of things she does everyday.

    If HW faked interviews back then, what do you think they fake now?

    In Chris’ earlier magazine interviews he came off as a good person, who believed in karma. He had a level head on his shoulders. He seemed sincere. He still appears to be this way on video but in text it is someone else *cough* publicist *cough* doing all the ‘talking.’

    I too do not like what he has become since he changed agencies. He is very fake. Come back to the real world Chris. We miss you.

  • rainforest girl

    Has the “lovely” Jonathan Groff ( sheesh, who even says that now!) been down graded from “fiance to “dating” now? How frustrating…poor Groffles, stuck in limbo for how long now? 3 years?!
    Sooo why won’t Quinto confirm the relationship?? hanging on to that last bit of integrity? LOL.
    I doubt the interview was faked. The interviewer actually has a tumblr account (haha) so much fangurling about his blue eyes and how intelligent CP is…..the way some people go on you would think Pine was the only blue eyed man in the entire universe!!

  • also…..

    Other than the dumb “lovely man” comment his interview is not too bad. Yes, the interviewer is a fangirl and I can pick apart a lot that is being said, but I think his gay friendly comments deserve some merit. But having said that I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that Pine is on the cover of OUT magazine and being really gay friendly (which, as far as I know he hasn’t been before) right in the middle of STID promotion. Is it to get LGBT bums on the seats? Yeah, I’m cynical like that when it comes to Pine. heh!

  • emellient

    you know guys what… the only one who act around as total douchebags – it’s you. not every hollywood star should like to be your bubble gum type thing. no need to bring negative to this guy just because you “feel something”. remember, what you feel not equivalent to “true story, bro”. end. p.s. about gay rumors… there is at least 1 about all actors, even about the most masculine and married one lol p.s.s. and reading all this comments i’m so happy that i will never be one of this hollywood stars. i will be stressed 99% of my life, because of people like you douchebags. you will call me “bitch”, “whore”, “liar”, “vainglorious” for the little thing that you maybe will not like or because you guys too sensitive, too love youselfs to understand that whatever you feel about star mostly never will meet the reality. and “thats the gossip site” thing will never excuse the fact that you badmouth someone. god help chris pine and the other poor stars like him. sometimes society can be just big and fat asshole.

  • huh?

    you sneak in 2 months after everyone left to comment?? coward!