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Gerard Butler: Met Ball 2013 Red Carpet

Gerard Butler: Met Ball 2013 Red Carpet

Gerard Butler arrives on the red carpet at the 2013 Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (May 6) in New York City.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor looked handsome dressed head-to-toe in Dolce.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

The day before, Gerard rocked a cool pair of sunglasses while arriving at his hotel.

This year’s Costume Institute Gala Benefit – celebrating the opening of the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition – is co-chaired by Rooney Mara, Moda Operandi creative director Lauren Santo Domingo, Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci, and Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty, BroadImage
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  • MoS

    ahhh he cleans up well

  • Tae

    Gerald butler and January jones hookup. Anyone, anyone.

  • .

    He looks perfect here.

  • kelly

    omg how handsome and yes Gerry cleans up very well love the tux he looks happy and correct me if im wrong but looks like he’s alone hummmmm . (swooning ) luv me some gerry

  • Peg

    He is SO HOT!

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Cupcake, some posted the link for you at the end of the last thread.

  • cupcake

    Thanks ladies.

  • cupcake

    Always looking good in a tux.

  • dch

    I agree with #1, the man cleans up well. Gerry looks great here. Peace.

  • Yenta in NYC

    @Tae: January is hooking up with Liam Hemsworth. Google it, sweets. Besides? Tall, ugly, patrician icy blonde? Not even CLOSE…

  • Sugar

    Really REALLY getting tired of the moderation bs JJ. Its lame.


    I keep hearing about in Hollywood that GERARD doesn’t get nearly as much ‘ACTION’ as his handlers and PR would like us all to believe…that they want him to have this image as a “lover boy” so they do whatever they can to perpetuate that image…even have him seen hanging with certain females to make it seem like he’s just a player.
    What do you ladies think? Legitimate player or media propaganda?

  • No.

    I keep hearing about in Hollywood that GERARD doesn’t get nearly as much ‘ACTION’ as his handlers and PR would like us all to believe…that they want him to have this image as a “lover boy” so they do whatever they can to perpetuate that image…even have him seen hanging with certain females to make it seem like he’s just a player.
    What do you ladies think? Legitimate player or media propaganda?..

  • ALM

    He looks very good tonight!!!

  • Freddy

    Is Freddy standing off to the side?

  • emmmmm
  • ButlerforPres

    Now he is kissing up to Hathaway. Again he is after clout by association.

  • PsychoB

    OMG Dar is soo clairvoyant she predicted he’d wear dark tonight at this big BLACK TIE EVENT. I thought I’d give her kudos before she came on and reminded us.

  • ButlerforPres

    @ACTION: He chooses sleazy women to bed but shows he is charming for media propaganda. To get roles with Oscar winners, to get into parties. To be with the rich and powerful.

    Wonder why he stays in hotels rather than his apartment or house? I say that more people to hide behind or more options in his bed without being singled out.

  • Forever more

    Who is Gerry talking to in that video?

  • OOPS

    @ButlerforPres: Oh stuff it. Sick of hearing about it. She’s loving every minute of it or she would move.
    @PsychoB: Having a good laugh. Dar said she knew he quit smoking..oops. AND GFW ‘s intution said she didn’t think he would wear a tux. oops. Stars must be aligned wrong. Good one PsychoB.

  • ButlerforPres

    @OOPS: He knows he is good looking and charming. Butler’s purpose is to get her to act with him. I hope she is smart enough to recognize that hanging with him like Swank, Biel, and Aniston did very little for their careers. I know Thurman and CZJ cannot stand him.

    Everyone loves the attention. He even tried to play Beyonce, Pinto, etc… Smart women figure it out. Swank was the only one who is smart and he keeps a decent relationship with. Probably because he almost knocked out her eye during filming. Accident yes. But he felt really bad about it.

  • dargabriel



    I wonder if it is true, that several celebrities including G, were PAID to attend by a certain designer whose clothes they wore tonight. He looks Yawn, not at all HOTTT. This is a night of Daring. A night to get noticed. A night for a black leather jacket and tux pants, or a pink sweater and suede kilt. Where is GERRY? This guy looks like he’s just showing up for the paycheck. There’s no twinkle in his eye, no color in his cheeks at all. Disappointing.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Wow.. One thing is for certain.. Gerry knows how to ROCK a suit…he cleans up to perfection!! Hope he enjoys the Gala!! Cheers Gerry!!

  • Connie

    He does look good in a tux


    How can he be satisfied to just look Good. Everyone there tonight will look Good. G is capable of taking All the limelight, even at an event like this. G is GORGEOUS!!! Tonight he looks ‘good’. With all he’s been through in the past 2 years, his team needed a homerun, bases loaded, and out of the park. He has it in him. Where is the Fun Gerry? He’s not going to get chances like this too often. Sorry all, not trying to be a downer on our boy. OHF hasn’t really changed how he’s percieved within the industry or on main street. His inner glow is badly faded, and it shows. He needs to get out there and SHINE!!! It’s what the lad does Best.

  • Claire

    Gerry is looking mighty fine in that suit. I’m with those who think Madalina would be super pis.sed for missing this event. If I was his girlfriend and a model and he didn’t take me, there would be hell to pay.
    Her being photographed with Gerry at the Met Ball would have been worth more than 1000 Rome pap strolls for publicity.
    If they are still together, he is punishing her for something. Look at all the models that attended. This would have been very important for her. And the fact that he didn’t take her, says a lot! A man in love would want his girlfriend to succeed and prosper.
    Damn! Poor girl.

  • Having Fun at the Met
    Here’s a little shine for you Sunkist. Having some fun with jimmy fallon. Maybe he got burned out with red carpet photos when he was touring for OHF.

  • Alina
  • C.A.

    @emmmmm: OMG HE IS SMOKING ………………………. and looking at Katy Perry … OMG …. ;-)

  • Alina

    Sorry,type “Gerard Butler” and “search”

  • Violet

    @Claire: I think they broke up. MG said this in an interview today:
    Visibly excited, Madalina transmitted to people in general, and journalists in particular, a request that raises some questions. “If this relationship is over, you’re not anticipated to argue to be like before, you do not mind. It’s about my personal life, a very personal detail. That unfortunately we live in a world where relationships are consumed faster than it should.”

  • HAHA @ DARgabriel

    So Dar said that Gerard quit smoking in the last thread and that we wouldn’t see him smoking again.
    And yet we see him smoking at the Met Ball.
    Nice one Dar.
    Care to share any other ‘insights’ that you have about Gerry?
    You’re not his twin flame honey. I don’t doubt that you have visions, but they are not of Gerard. Your twin flame quit smoking and is waiting for you. Stop wasting your time on Gerry.

  • Gabardine Jacket

    @HAHA @ DARgabriel: Smoking again? Darlienne. Major misstep on that one :( why give these people ammo to come after you with?

  • HAHA @ DARgabriel

    @Gabardine Jacket:
    Dar is a nice woman. I believe that some people are born with a gift to ‘sense’ others.
    I’m not going to be cynical on this and just say that she probably can ‘sense’ her twin flame. But it’s definitely not Gerard Butler.
    I wish she’d follow her heart, not a celebrity. JMO.

  • goodness

    Much better!!

  • Psycho Fan on Gerard FB

    HAHAHHAHA You all need to go see. A woman by the name of V*ky tattooed a silhouette of Gerard on her breast. and she is pulling her shirt down. It’s really embarrassingly hilarious. Check the right side where people can comment – click and scroll down a bit. It’s truly SICK

  • hump day

    @ButlerforPres: I’d would think you have much less privacy in a hotel, they have security cameras on every floor, the security guards must have fun.

    I noticed a lot of people wussed out whilst others embraced the theme but that is to be expected. It is like high school, some people are just too cool for theme events.

    That vine video posted above, Gerry looks like he is having fun there.

  • hump day

    @HAHA @ DARgabriel: I guess the mumbo jumbo doth been exposed as fraud.

  • Claire

    @Psycho Fan on Gerard FB:
    Can you post a link to the image itself?
    Can’t access Facebook on my computer. Pretty pleeeeease?

  • Violet
  • Violet

    I also found this on Gerry’s FB:
    Ed Cid
    G! We keep coming across each other lol First Santa Monica pier, and then at Mondrian… heheh Stay humble my man! PS Your date is beautiful btw, good job
    8 hours ago near Los Angeles, CA

  • Claire

    Thanks for the link Violet!
    Gotta say, the girl has an awesome rack and the tattoo is actually pretty good. It’s just a pity she’s f.cuking CRAZY!
    WTF? Is she for real?
    Is this the psycho fan that attacks other posters on his Facebook?
    Run Gerry!

  • Claire

    Who could that date be?
    Is the guy referring to meeting Gerard months ago and he saw Gerry there with Madalina? Lots of people on Facebook and twitter referred to her as ‘beautiful’ when they’ve run into Gerry.
    Or is it a joke? Like Gerry had Lolita with him?
    Or is it Amy?
    But he’s saying your date IS beautiful, so is he at the Met with someone?
    So many questions.

  • PixieDust

    @Claire: I think that is not the V*ky girl. I think she found that photo on the web, photoshopped it and is using it as her profile picture. That is a PHOTOSHOP job. Hello.
    I think the guy saw Gerry at the Mondrian LA. He is referring to Madalina, unfortunately. She wasn’t at the Mondrian, but he “means” the girl you are dating.

  • Violet

    He saw Gerry at the Santa Monica Pier and at a hotel called the Mondrian, so he saw Gerry and his date in LA, I think.
    Madalina hasn’t been in LA since the Oscars, so I don’t think it’s her.

  • Claire

    Two opposing answers that both make sense LOL!
    It’s a weird post but I do think if he meant Madalina he would have said ‘girlfriend’ not date. Surely Gerard hasn’t moved on already has he?
    btw, I hate how the guy says “good job” on his date being beautiful. Yeah, Gerry, well done! Some people are trying to cure cancer but apparently landing a beautiful woman is doing a ‘good job’ – insert eye roll here -
    So that tattoo is just photoshop? Well, it does look pretty good. Either way, she’s still got a great rack lol!

  • Amanda132

    I thought Gerry looked very handsome and stylish in his tuxedo here at the Met Ball. I hope he had a lovely time and enjoyed his night out!