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Leonardo DiCaprio & Alexander Skarsgard: Pre-Met 'Great Gatsby' After Party!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Alexander Skarsgard: Pre-Met 'Great Gatsby' After Party!

Leonardo DiCaprio attends the after party for his highly anticipated film The Great Gatsby held at The Standard on Sunday (May 5) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor posed with his co-star Carey Mulligan, who also took pics with Kristen Wiig.

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Alexander Skarsgard was also spotted attending the film’s after-party.

Earlier in the week, Leo was spotted chatting on the phone while enjoying the Yankees game in the Bronx.

FYI: The party was sponsored by Quintessentially Lifestyle and MAC Cosmetics.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Alexander Skarsgard attending The Great Gatsby after-party…

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leonardo dicaprio alexander skarsgard pre met great gatsby after party 01
leonardo dicaprio alexander skarsgard pre met great gatsby after party 02
leonardo dicaprio alexander skarsgard pre met great gatsby after party 03
leonardo dicaprio alexander skarsgard pre met great gatsby after party 04
leonardo dicaprio alexander skarsgard pre met great gatsby after party 05
leonardo dicaprio alexander skarsgard pre met great gatsby after party 06
leonardo dicaprio alexander skarsgard pre met great gatsby after party 07
leonardo dicaprio alexander skarsgard pre met great gatsby after party 08
leonardo dicaprio alexander skarsgard pre met great gatsby after party 09
leonardo dicaprio alexander skarsgard pre met great gatsby after party 10

Credit: Dave Allocca; Photos: Starpix/JustJared
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    Leo looks deezed LMFAO


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  • MM

    Leo needs a detox. He looks puffy and boozy. Maybe from all the pro bono work he is doing for the environmen.t

  • Diseño Paginas Web Madrid

    Leo you should made a couple partys. Enjoy the life!

  • lala

    leo does look a little tired and bloated. probably from working a lot lately.

  • Sarah

    Leo doesn’t look so good….

  • Wizzer

    Leo, please stop slicking your hair to the back. This hairstyle does you no favours. Kind Regards

  • LIKE

    his face look fine, just that hair does not flatter him, AT ALL.

  • Strange

    Leo great actor . But come on dude way to much Victoria Secret Models & Booze . He looks totally wasted here . Can’t wait to see this film?.

  • #10

    Leo looks absolutely awful here. I don`t know it`s the hair or booze/partying ( he was seen clubbing several nights in NYC ) but it`s really not a good look. Kinda reminds me of Russel Crowe here and that`s not really a compliment.
    I`m moderately excited about Gatsby. There are things about it that I don`t really like but I will definitely watch it.

  • LC

    Why are people always picking on Leo here?! He looks amazing! Love you Leo!!

  • @LC

    Because this is not a fan site and people can have and post opinion that you may not like.

  • Z

    This hair don’t fit him, but his face is so gorgeous, his eyes, his presence… don’t need too much more.

  • Alex is dating

    Alexander took that tall brown head women from his NYC stroll to the afterparty .there dating

  • June

    @Alex is dating: yep, and she was at the maisie premiere too, they were giving out those little blue bags at it, that’s why she still had it the next day when they left his hotel.

  • lovely

    Love Leo but would love to see him as a hubby and daddy too. will it ever happen? I dont know. He has made it clear his profession is the most important thing, so a relationship will always come second for now. I dont understand why he cant have both? many actors,celebs manage both just fine.

  • BARF

    Bar seems the worst out of all his ex GF’s. she makes snipy ex boyfriend comments on twitter often. She is mad since Leo dumped her, her career went down the drain. The only time anyone talked about her after Leo was for kissing a fat guy on a viral video. Sooo desperate she is. and she needs to stop bashing my Leo. Dont bite the hand that fed your c list modeling a** b**ch.

  • Strange

    That explains why Keith is not around . I have read a lot of not nice comments about her . Homely etc . I hope he does not say he is lonely again that will turn out to be not true .

  • Teresa

    Why do he what ahead of his lady like that ? He trying to make sure that he would throw the paps off like he not dating anyone . Didn’t work . I think he been dating her . He is a terrible bf acting like he don’t know her . just walking . Sad . Taking her to a events, Start thinking everyone I think this has been going on a while I don’t think this is a new relationship at all. You don’t invite a person to all those events they been seen at unless they are together for a while and she spending nights with him too. Very clever just not clever enough . He is a joke and not a great BF showing no chemistry only behind close doors .

  • @BARF

    Who cares? Get over her already! Obsessed much?

  • Johanne

    Leo looks a bit tired, but good as always. He is such a great person, love him <3

  • Rupert

    Never got the Leo love. He can act, sure, but in real life he seems smug and repugnant. Alexander on the other hand? Just lovely.

  • Cadulech

    Someone has to explain to me all this talking? just talk,talk,talk of people but not proof of her in any event.Do i fee brunettes? yes! is not a strange colour? Do i see someone who look like her? No.
    Also where are the many blondes girlfriends?
    Stop the crap already

  • Ok then

    Well let’s put it plainly
    if Alex is dating the brunette tall girl then she must hate LA because I have never seen them together in LA or Stockholm infact anywhere, I have never seen any pics of her at an airport, dinner, outings, set visits grainy shots by fans / fan encounters events he recently attended , the only people I always see are keith, bjorn, fares fares , Caroline W , and don’t five me casual relationship in NYC keep it on the down low because he is super private and overly protective of her identity you cannot hide a relationship for that long
    twitter, rag mags ,Facebook the whole universe lol etc would be
    exploding if she was his GF.

    Few simple strolling along together Pics have got out of hand.

  • ladybug

    @June: well the wmk premiere was Thursday and this was Saturday. And I do not recall seeing any blue bags from the afterparty.

  • Wonderboy

    Leo is always savvy. Check out this famous observation he once made.

  • Patti

    Fan site has identified that the same chick from NYC walk was
    with him @the after party yep they was able to identify her standing behind just her arm with a clutch bag and by the nail polish ..yeah i know the nail polish same colour.

    Judge for yourself and see what you think ? The guessing game was it her or not. Lol

  • This is getting Messy

    Dude that is not the same girl she is more fuller figure and tan the other girl was paler and thin she had on a jacket and she still look thin no way without a jacket she is going to look fuller in the arms. There are many more pics of him arriving by himself and he was all over the room there are pics by himself posing and with JJ and this woman in the orange dress was not there. I mean she is wearing an orange dress of course she has orange nail polish. JFC people come on! What more do you want. Just because it happen that a woman had orange nail polish on and was standing next to him doesn’t make it proof and she was there talking to a man with curl black hair look at the pictures.

  • This is getting Messy
  • Cadulech

    The street lady have it red and the one of the party orange LOL

  • Cadulech

    Also the girl of the street is taller than the one of the party

  • lol

    @Ok then:

    I agree.

  • hmmmmmmm

    No words for orange nail polish gate.LOL.

    All words for how much I like that Acne jacket. Alex has always been on the edgy side. Anyone remember the Gucci party (during the Evan Rachel Woods gate) where he worn the brown Owens leather jacket. It’s cool.

    Anyway, and to whoever that lady was (the one strolling with him who could be the same one who is connected to the arm in he picture with the orange nail polish who is carrying a gold bag now instead of the blue bag etc etc) LUCKY GAL!


  • Cadulech

    Well yes is the same,she just eat more LOL

  • Cadulech

    @This is getting Messy:
    Oh thanks for the pics,that show he is indeed single and not with any street girl.

  • quack quack quack

    for the life of me i don’t see how women find skarsgard attractive, omg look at him

  • ded

    @quack quack quack:

    We are looking! Are you looking? Do you need glasses?! Because seriously hello handsome swedish man name Alex

  • ladybug

    @hmmmmmmm: “No words for orange nail polish gate.LOL.”


    But yes, considering that most of the comments for the past few days have either been relationship trolls or responding to them (I’m guilty as well) perhaps its time to truly just ignore them.

    I wonder what happened to the brown leather jacket. I hope it got stuck in a box somewhere and he’ll find it and start wearing it again.

  • ItSEtsYou

    “Asked what he would do to sweep a woman off her feet, Leo said he would not throw parties, give diamonds or truckloads of roses just like Gatsby. “I will just be myself,” he revealed. “I think that women ultimately don’t respond to those things. I think that they have to just feel comfortable with you. That’s all, you know. I think there is a lot of speculation for many different men as to what women are attracted to and there are many misconceptions. I don’t think women of quality don’t care about those things.”” – what a charmer he is :)

  • Hanna

    Some of us like both Leo.

    My guy is good and sweet to the core, but he also knows how to sweep me off my feet be a little romantic.. Make an effort sometimes in big ways and sometimes in smaller ways.

    You might want to reassess your method if you ever want to settle down.

    Why do they always asks the single guys questions? Perhaps the ones they should be seeking tips from are the ones that managed to get a wife.

    On nail polish gate. Whomever the girl is I like the dress and the color of her nails.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: #38 As for the brown leather jacket: he said once in an interview, that “I’m the one who the clothes he likes, wears again and again” – or at least something similar (I can’t find the interview at the moment). So according to that quote, he isn’t one of these celebs, who wear something only one time and then shoot it into the trash…

    So I presume, we will see that he wears this leather jacket again, someday.
    Except, he gave it or lent it to one of his younger brothers…;)

  • hmmmmmmm

    Hey guys. I am watching the live stream of the Met Gala and my eye caught a tall dude. Yep Alex is there.

  • ladybug

    @hmmmmmmm: Yes, per CK’s twitter he is attending, so hopefully pics soon.

  • hmmmmmmm

    @ladybug- I spotted him in the background when they were interviewing and kept on saying “get out the way”.LOL. I tried to see who he was with but they kept on cutting back and forth :( arrrrggghhh!
    Guess who they cut to …………………….yep Kate Bosworth.LOL.

  • ladybug
  • Dina

    she was also at Coachella

  • Cadulech

    She was also in the Met Gala,just that she wanted to change her hair.Now is blonde,she is the one who was behind Alex in one pic.

  • MiaMia

    Wouldn’t it be funny if KBos and Alex got back together. Sometimes things go better second time around.

    KBos used to be gorgeous circa 2002 then too much weight loss and too much work on her face ruined her.

  • maría

    @MiaMia: yea right…soooo funny

  • D


    skelator ;)