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Alexander Skarsgard - Met Ball 2013 Red Carpet

Alexander Skarsgard - Met Ball 2013 Red Carpet

Alexander Skarsgard is a dapper dude on the red carpet at the 2013 Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (May 6) in New York City.

The 36-year-old Swedish stud suited up in Calvin Klein Collection for the annual gala.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

The night before, Alex met up with Leonardo DiCaprio at the after party for a Great Gatsby screening.

This year’s Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrated the opening of the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition, which will be open to the public this Friday!

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris, Nicholas Hunt; Photos: Getty, Patrick McMullan
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  • Lau


  • NYC

    I’ll admit it, he does it for me.

  • Barbara

    Hottest man!

  • Jenny

    He always looks so tired

  • Brunette Lady again ?

    Alex brought his GF that really tall brunette lady with him from recently

  • MiaMia

    Whomever she’s pretty!

    All logic aside, they should date purely for the aesthetic factor.

  • glue

    It’s Hanneli Mustaparta and she is a blogger who is working with Calvin Klein so they are co-workers and not a couple.

  • Keiko

    OMG, this is not the woman from the street. That’s some woman associated with CK and they were both assigned to the same table.

  • Strange

    Alex is hot like fire !!

  • MiaMia

    Coworkers can be couples .

    They should give it a go they take pretty pictures together.

    Yes, I realize that is a stupid reason to date.

  • morin
  • Was he alone

    So who did Alex arrive and leave with? where was keith? He was seen arriving at NY with him and yet he has disappeared.

  • JMG

    It doesn’t matter what he wears – whether it’s a suit and tie, or a tshirt and skinny jeans; it doesn’t matter how he’s groomed – long hair, short hair, facial hair or none; Askars is one very gorgeous Swedish hunk!

  • MiaMia

    He can date a man if he wants to either way or both is fine by me.

    Just like the visual.

  • Rupert

    He looks great. And I think it’s funny that he attends the Met Gala NOW, but wouldn’t a few years ago when…

  • Morin


    Well then he was too busy filming ‘True Blood’…

  • Morin

    From the tumbler: SO TRUE

    “Mixed feelings about Alex leaving True Blood.
    If it’s true, but I have a gut feeling it is. I also have a gut feeling Eric’s gonna be killed off which would be a huge blow for the audience since he’s pretty much the guy candy of the show. I have mixed feelings, though—-I am legitimately hurt over the idea that Eric may die. It’s not because I’m a Sooric shipper but I just feel that he has such a wealth of emotion and history and complexity about him that I’m kinda pissed he doesn’t have more of a presence on the show. I want to know about his past. I want to know more about his escapades, his relationships, his troubles—-why did he go from being a loveable jackass when he was a human to an ice-cold monolith as a vampire? And most importantly, I want to see his time with Godric. (My OTP forever.) If he is going to be killed off, I want to at least have Godric acknowledged. I want him to come to terms with Godric’s loss because I don’t think he has dealt with it yet. I want him to find peace and let it be known that he’s happy to join Godric again. I just REALLY hope it isn’t because he’s sacrificing himself to save Sookie and I also REALLY hope Billith doesn’t kill him. I’d be so super pissed”.

  • Joe


  • chelle

    Why is everyone convinced Eric dies on show?? Hello can we say that would effectively end the series? It would for me

  • maría

    @chelle: maybe because he have so much. free time in the midle of the season?if he dont return to la soo i starting to thinj that is true

  • @5

    Same lady? on the carpet with AS

  • This is getting Messy


    yes that is her and they are leaving because Alex has his Met ticket in his pocket, she also posted a short video that they were waiting for a car you could see Alex in it checking his phone and by “They” being Alex, the CK director guy he pose with and this guy and some other CK people so no they didn’t let just together they left as a group.

    Gosh you guys are so desperate to hook up Alex you are not looking at the bigger pictures. Geesh!

  • Macy

    He looks great, but again, this is not the theme of the ball. There is nothing punk about this. Zachary Quinto on the other hand, nailed it as a guy. You can be a guy and still adopt the theme of the costume ball and most guys, and girls for that matter just didn’t live up to it. I wish people would take more risks for this party. It’s not the usual red carpet.

  • De la tour

    @@5 thy left as a couple why wud she be with Alec in car if she wos not dating Alec

  • maría

    @This is getting Messy: please link to the video

  • MiaMia

    Not desperate they just seem more than friends. That picture with her hand on his neck is very familiar. You don’t pose with casual friends or coworkers that way.

    I like this pairing she is somewhat famous so she is used to the spotlight and what goes on with it but not so famous as to cause a supercouple madness like Bennifer part 1 or Brangelina.

    She has well developed interests of her own , so she is not leaning on Alex to further her brand and name.

    Though she is not Swedish she is Scandinavian so they are likely to have cultural similarities more so than say between Alex and an American, French, or Japanese woman.

    Lastly, she is 30 years old, only a 6 years age difference very appropriate.

    I agree with the others on MetBall fashion, leave punk to the real punks everyone else just looks silly.

  • Keiko

    The truth is, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s dating her or any other person in the entertainment field. Because there’s one thing we know and that’s when Alexander peddles his “I’m not part of the Hollywood scene” he’s completely always lying. Of course, he doesn’t believe he’s lying. He believes his friends, dates, lovers, and acquaintances are somehow special **artists** and not those silly Hollywood people (though he’s dated those, too, and many of them), but that’s really a lame attempt at justifying his choices and his total lack of interest in connecting to normal people.

  • Keiko

    And I’m absolutely now sure that Hanneli is the woman from the street/apple outing.

  • Cadulech

    If she was they why no one say anything? think about it,many already knew her.Also no,i don’t see be her.Both are very different.
    I do believe the street girl never met Alex before.

  • Cadulech

    Also how a terribe bf Alex is,dating someone and at the end of the night go by himself (many pics online).

  • Keiko


    Oh please, honey. Why so naive? If I wanted to keep my private life private I would meet my lover somewhere AFTER the event. Getting into a car alone means nothing. Nothing at all.

  • OBI

    you guys are old, blind and IN F*IN SANE. That is and I repeat not the same woman. It is 2 different woman with 2 different names. You old, blind insane idiots. Another obvious that you old blind bats refuse to see he left the after party ALONE but I am sure you old bats saw her walking behind him all that time because he is so tall.

  • Sneaky


    I would meet my lover somewhere AFTER the event. Getting into a car alone means nothing. Nothing at all.


    Then that is not a GF that is called a shag or booty call so in the end still nothing to get excited about.

  • Music Fan

    ok he does look ravishingly good her but at the same time I feel he looks tired though…i don’t know I miss that glow he had when he was at the Calvin Klein launch of its fragrance or at the Battlefield or True Blood premieres…Even in WMK he looked good. but maybe its just me.
    Ahahaha The DAY that Alex will announce his marital status to the person he is with, I just want to see your reactions. Yall need to chill…enjoy him while you can and be honest to yourselves; a man like this never has issues to find someone to warm his bed,so stop speculating if it’s the girl from the street he walked with, or Lucy Griffith, or Charlize Theron, or this lady from the art gallery…#Evillaughter#bwahahahahaha.

  • Too funny

    What proof do people have other then 2 pics of her 1) in the shot with him and others with her cell phone 2) with her arms around him for a pose pic
    and how can you tell this blogger is a Booty call, date one nighter did they leave together alone were they flirting it up at the met? where there reports that they couldn’t keep there eyes off each other? , is there a video out there ? All I am seeing him arriving and leaving alone and it’s been the same with the other NYC events he has attended since Thursday.
    This has all started since that brown headed lady unidentified took a walk with him in manhattan ? and now they must be an item , and it begins
    Let’s see if it’s the same brown headed lady from the outing
    Alex is banging her upwards sidewards upside down
    there officially dating,
    Alex is a liar
    oh god another model

    Etc etc etc I feel sorry for his future GF/wife

  • Loulou

    NEWSCOM has one pic of Leo bending his head next to Katy Perry at the MET’s after-party.
    If you’re interested….

  • Macy

    Who the hell cares about this girl? Seriously, why do people do this with every single person he’s next to? In three days it will be some other poor girl getting connected to him. Unless we actually see him out on a date with someone more than once, then move on. And no, dates do not include just walking down a street or going to a work event.

  • Morin

    This is Alex masseg to TB and Eric fans: Im still at NYC, do the math

  • Môd

    @Morin: “Everything ends, even the immortals”

  • Mathematician

    This is Alex masseg to Morin: at the airport and flying out of NYC. Go back to math class.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Dates don’t include just walking down the street?! Killjoy! :)

    And my favorite pic from last night:

  • Cafélady

    He looks great here! And the suit is just superb. But I would also say, that he also looks a bit tired. He said this himself recently in an interview, that he definitely doesn’t get enough sleep presently. No wonder with that tough schedule…

    As for this pic with this CK-coworker Lady: Oh, sure – surely they are secretly a couple , because she lays her hand on his shoulder, and bends to him a bit more. We had this a while ago once already; of course, and how could it be different – this sort of picture posing, by a lady sitting next to him (how could she…! ;) LoL), means; they are at least engaged…(ironic on)…no wait..this sort of posing in a pic means they are married…at least!…;))

    Really, ok, this lady was just a bit briskly, and used the possibility to posing next to him, in a picture – and now? No reason for going crazy and to interprete too much into it. Not everyone is a shy person.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: #41 I like this pic too. But I fear, we destroy the fantasies of the relationsship trolls with it: What, no ladys – who walk next to him? Shocking! ;)

    He is usually very patient with posing for pictures – anyway on events like this. So I guess, the more work as actor he has – the more we will see in the future, pictures with him and some actresses, models, singers etc. who posing next to him. So means that, that he is secretly engaged/married with all of them then? ;) LoL

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: Some of the after party pics, when he’s walking down the street, are pretty funny. I’m pretty sure he’s secretly married to everyone who wanted a pic with him.

  • What no GF with him

    Oh darn waite no brown hair model GF with him leaving NYC didn’t someone on another AS post say Alex took brown haired model lady with him when arriving In NYC airport….Well he must have either shoved her in his suite bag. left her on the plane or left her in NYC lol or he is just a really crap and forgetful bf that he has a GF lol :) or it was all in the fans oh sorry trolls imagination running Wilde.

    Alexander Skarsgard departs jfk airport
    Posted on May 7, 2013

  • chelle

    @ladybug: @44 Well he is Swedish. LOL!!!

  • MiaMia

    I too feel sorry for his future wife/gf.

    Alex’s fans can’t handle even the slightest mention of him being with a woman in a relationship even one that is casual imagine the reaction to something serious!

    I feel for that poor woman.


  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: #44 Thanks for the link. You are right, there are some funny pics. But like I said; he looked a bit tired in some of the pics. Not only owed for his schedule, but I guess, also the long flights he has constantly to do. Anyway, if he flies once again to sweden. What probably will be the case in the next time (weekend), I presume. So again – nothing with enough sleep then.

    I like it very much, that he knows how to wear both – casual clothes as well as the a bit more elegant. He looks good, no matter what he decides to wear – but I like him especially in casual (and his hammarby-shirt! LoL). A bit untypical for a woman, I know…*sigh*..

  • Macy

    Sadly, if your standards are low enough, I guess it could be considered a date.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: Well, some of the after part pics from the Met Gala were probably alcohol related. But I noticed how tired he seemed during last Thursday’s press stuff for WMK.
    And he’s still got The East and TB promotion coming up.
    Maybe he’ll sleep for a couple of weeks after he finishes filming TB.