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Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower - Met Ball 2013 Red Carpet

Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower - Met Ball 2013 Red Carpet

Mortal Instruments co-stars and real life couple Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower stay true to the theme of the night at the 2013 Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (May 6) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress wore a Moschino lace and silk tulle gown embellished with safety pins, crystal, and metal studs, topped with a vintage Moschino biker jacket decorated with badges, pins, studs and graffiti.

Jamie, 24, wore a Moschino tuxedo with safety pin embellished collar and cummerbund and black and white spectator shoes. He even wore a nose ring and two earrings!

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Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: Wire Image
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  • panda

    Beautiful couple.

  • Cuomo

    Finally people who did ‘punk’! This is what it looks like to have fun with designer fashion. It’s not that hard!

  • Danielle

    Like her look! Props 4 doing punk!

  • kate


    Only two celebrities I’ve seen who actually bothered to take part in the theme

  • lacey

    Aw Jamie looks adorable.

  • Barbara

    Perfect and theme appropriate.

  • Tracy K

    I love this couple, Lily is beautiful.

  • Bailey

    PMSL… I love these two, but that dress and Jamie’s tuxedo… come on! Are they competing for best fancy punky dancing couple or something? Dancing with the Shadowhunters… I just can’t….

  • Rupert Sanders


  • Name

    talk about trying hard to be the next rob and kristen, don’t even get me started by telling that no one wants to be the next kristen. everyone wants to be when we’re dealing with fame and money.

  • Emily

    I would be surprised if she wasn´t his beard

  • Manda

    How can anyone buy that he’s straight? I’m positive she’s his beard.

  • Tru

    Not a huge fan of Moschino but this is cool. Lily seems to be one of the few people who got the memo that it’s a punk-themed costume ball! Dress, hair and the eye-make up are so cool! I dislike the jacket as I’d rather see the details on the dress.

  • grace

    Finally someone did punk! and please, it’s like every couple wantde to be a couple just because they wanted to be the next robkris. I mean that ex-couple was even fake from the start. Totally ew.

  • Gwen

    These two have never seemed like a real couple, always seemed like a ploy for their movie. Every other starlet their age posed without their significant others, but not these two. Why? Obvious Showmance.

  • Cate

    Lily is usually a pretty classical dresser so I’m impressed she is one of the few people to truly go all out for the Punk theme! The dress looks fab but I wish the vintage jacket wan’t obscuring it. I love the outrageous make-up especially around her eyes so much.

    @Name: Lily is already extremely rich and she is more famous than Jamie. No-one wants to be the next Rob and Kristen. That relationship is a tabloid drama mess.

    @Gwen: They posed together as they were both dressed by Moschino. Last year Lily posed everywhere with Brit Marling as they were both dressed by Valentino. I guess they were dating each other too as an obvious showmance!

    How exactly are they a showmance? Lily has attended other more high profile events solo, they have only attended two events as a couple since they started dating last July and haven’t been pictured together since February. Fans have met them together in London, NY, Toronto and Hong Kong. If they were a showmance they would be calling the paps, talking about their relationship, posting pics together, attending everything together. Honestly I really don’t get what someone as beautiful, sweet and sophisticated as Lily sees in Jamie but they are clearly real.

  • Maria

    Uh, there were quite a few others who did punk very well, like Anne Hathaway. Lily just looks like her usual gaudy self. She has the WORST red carpet taste. Lace doilies are always part of her dresses.

  • Bailey

    Isn’t it funny how Kristen’s fans are everywhere trash talking about Lily and Jamie? Why? Because they’re way more talented? Or because they’re a REAL couple not affraid to hold hands, kiss and show tender afection when together? Twilight and Kristen are 200% done, so get over it and don’t be so envious of other actors and actresses. Kristen had her time and screwed it; now move over.

  • tanya

    @Bailey it’s bonnie wright fans as well. They tweet the article then a couple come on here talking crap using different names to make it look like Jamie/lily are hated when in reality it’s just some little 13 year old whohas no idea what they are talking about

    If lily and jamie were a showmance they wouldnt spend most of their time away from the cameras in a low profile area in south east london. If they were a showmance his family/friends wouldnt tweet about things/places they are all going together. Just saying.

    If they were a showmance they would be shoving their relationship in everyone’s faces 24/7 taking pictures of themselves and going to every sinlgle paparrazzi infested event there is.
    If you want a showmance. Google Kim Kardashian and leave these two alone

  • Lili

    So ‘Manda’ commented the exact same thing as ‘Emily’ only 25 minutes later and reworded…

    All those ‘hate’ comments within 10-25 minutes of each other…

    Yeah your definitely not the same person/same group of people.
    Lily and Jamie are just living their lives, I suggest you start doing the same with your own.

  • Jackie

    I think the fun part about the MET gala is to have fun with the theme of the night.
    Some people did it, and did it right. But, Lily and Jamie were, by far, the most good-looking couple of the event.
    They embraced the PUNK theme, in a good way, not making it forced or whatever.
    Stop with the hate, everyone. Let them be. They look amazing together. And that’s it!
    I think this two were the best dressed couple on the carpet (Even if I would have prefered that Lily didn’t wear the jacket, the dress is amazing by itself)

  • W

    Aw its Taylor’s ex and Cauis!

  • Bean

    You are SPOT ON! I totally agree.
    I would have preferred she didn’t wear the jacket as well, but then again, she took a risk and it wasn’t totally bad. :)

  • nina

    I like Lily but I don’t see the attraction in Jamie.

  • milena

    @Cate: i love, your comments! I agree with everything said

  • Linda

    I can not see what she sees in him. He looks like a female, but a gross sickly one at that. She can do SO MUCH better.

  • Bailey

    @Linda and those who think Jamie’s not good looking….Well, maybe Jamie has some HUGE HIDDEN TALENT… plus his funny sassy and awesome personality… Lily’s wide smile speaks volumes, she seems really happy! So kuddos fot them!

  • Melanie

    I will never understand his appeal, he looks like a drug addict.

  • Lily

    At least he doesn’t judge people over the internet based on the way they look. Lol.

  • Melanie

    @Lily: Hon, this is a gossip blog. It’s what we do. You don’t like it, you might wanna hop off this blog.

  • BookJace

    @Lily: If this guy doesn’t want to be judged, he might want to look into a different job career, one that’s not meant to be in the spotlight. Especially as a lead actor in a teen series where being a heartthrob is part of the job. I’ve said it since the beginning that he was miscast terribly as Jace. Thankfully Robert Sheehan exists, who will hopefully override Bower, but it’s going to be laughable when Clary chooses Jace over Simon in the films. I preferred Jace in the books but it’ll be Simon in the films, unfortunately.

    Oh and I’ve looked at his twitter, before he stopped tweeting once he got too much hate from fans (boohoo), he’s “judged” plenty of people before, so you’re wrong.

  • Lily

    @bookjace @Melanie

    Calm down. go store that hate away and do something productive lol.

    I’m not even a mortal instruments fan so don’t know why your ranting at me about it hahaha
    Sounds like your just crying like a baby because Jamie got cast instead of someone else. Aww boohoo.

  • BookJace

    @Lily: yeah, you’re not a fan. Right, suuuuuuuure.

    Jamie is ugly and people will continue to say so. If it doesn’t bother you, why comment? ;)

  • Julia

    @BookJace Your gall astounds me. Of course everyone who enters into the movie industry will likely be judged and of course not everyone will find them attractive while others will faun over them. However, just because you don’t find him attractive, doesn’t mean you should feel the need to point out every flaw which you see. It’s a matter of opinion, and if you don’t have anything nice to say you may as well not say anything. Yes, this is a gossip blog but ‘gossip blog’ isn’t codeword for ‘please, go ahead and badger on about how horrible these celebrities look’. Gossip is defined as “casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true,” and blog is defined as “a web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.” Put them both together and neither spell out ‘a place to hate on celebrities’. Sure, you could argue that these people are going out and making tons of money, so they can take a little hate or that it may be part of their job, but that still shouldn’t be an excuse. Hating people you’ve never even met is absolutely insane, and any excuse like the ones I just mentioned just makes it even worse. And, if you dare say ‘oh, but if I were a celebrity, I could take the hate’, then you’re really just ignorant.
    I absolutely wouldn’t define myself as a fan of Jamie Campbell Bower’s, or of Lily Collins’. However, I’m seriously put off by anyone who feels like they’re ‘courageous’ enough to talk about how ugly or terrible someone looks on a gossip blog.
    I really, really hope that for your sake, someone in the world is talking about how ugly or horrible you seem or look right now. I’m not a big believer in karma, but in this case I really hope it comes back to bite you in the ass.

  • BookJace

    @Julia: Hey, Lily. It’s obvious you made a new nickname. Yeah, you’re no fan, yet you ramble about how much you want to defend them.


  • BookJace

    I’ll say it over and over: Lily/Julia/Whatever new name you’re going to make next, if Jamie didn’t want the heat on his looks, he shouldn’t have gone for a teen heartthrob role. He’s a bit of an ass himself anyway, he’s made judgmental comments on his own twitter about other celebrities. If he can do it, he can take it. He’s not attractive to a lot of people. End of story.

  • Julia

    @BookJace I can promise you, I’m not Lily. I’m not a stupid, ignorant person like yourself who who consider changing names just to argue the same exact point. But what’s even greater is the fact that you missed my point entirely. Good luck in life with that ignorance.

  • BookJace

    @Julia: Yeah, you are Lily. Lily/Julia/whatever is the only one who’s come back to argue “I’m not a fan but yet I’m here arguing so much about how wrooooong you are”. Please, it’s not like anyone here has personally insulted Jamie to his face. It’s the freaking internet, and he’s portraying a “heartthrob” character, people are free to express their damn opinion without you crying every two seconds. I think he was horribly cast. I can freely say so if I want to.

  • josh

    Not even close to punk

  • Damn

    Which ones the girl though?