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Gerard Butler: From New York to LAX!

Gerard Butler: From New York to LAX!

Gerard Butler keeps it cool and casual as he arrives at LAX Airport on Wednesday (May 8) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was in good spirits as he drank a bottle of water and made his way through the terminal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

The night before, Gerard posed for photographs at The Great Gatsby screening after party held at The Lambs Club in New York City.

Earlier in the week, Gerard looked dapper dressed head-to-toe in Dolce at the 2013 Met Ball.

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Mark my words the way that man carries on, he’s gonna get caught out big time on day. There’s something really off key about his attitude towards women. You mark my words.

geraldine @ 05/09/2013 at 3:38 pm

@The Big Picture: You’re full of it!

geraldine @ 05/09/2013 at 3:39 pm

@ The Big Picture

And here’s the proof you’re full of it.

Lainey says @ 05/09/2013 at 3:47 pm

@Boo Hoo: Same old phanny response, anyone who criticizes Gerry must be a woman rebuffed by him. Stop drinking the koolaid, he is not all that and a bag of chips to many many women., Besides Lainey has a husband who is good looking, age appropriate and funny. She don’t need no Spittle. She just calls em like she sees ‘em.

#53: Awww I remember that thread…too cute!!!

A lot of celebs who’ve had bad rep when it comes to young women have been badly caught out recently in the UK. So Mr Butler better watch himself.

thor's day @ 05/09/2013 at 3:54 pm

@The Big Picture: You people are naive, Gerry wheels and deals with the paparazzi all the time and so do all the celebrities that use the paparazzi He is very well known for not liking his picture taken with his dates, and this kind of bargain is common. It just so happens someone still spilled the beans without the photo.

He only posed for the photo ops with MG because they were getting paid for the “exclusive” story from Vanity Fair Italia and the proof lies in the fact that people saw her avoiding cameras at the airport saying you make money off this, even though the people trying to take photos were fans of Gerry and trying to explain it. Clearly her and Gerry or at least she had a deal with the photos from Oslo.

So when Butler whines about the paparazzi, it is tedious.

@Lainey says:

No, no koolaid for you, just some of Lainey’s bitter sour grapes. Who gives a shite what her husband looks like? I don’t even particularly care what her reasons are (since she won’t share them) but there is no denying that she loathes Butler and wouldn’t say a nice thing about him if he saved a boatload of nuns and baby seals from burning building. And she’s got a bully-pulpit from which to tell the world and convince some squishy minded people to do the same. Pfffft… you can consider yourself better than a so-called “phannie” but you’re just as bad for believing whatever Lainey spews as gospel.

@Lainey says:
Lainey was rebuffed by Gerry at one point. She always talks about Gerry like a woman scorned. Look at the language she uses with other male celebrities she hates. She has something against him.
Now, that does not mean that she’s lying about Gerry and Miranda.
For all the skeptics out there, I just have one thing to say.
Remember the Brandi incident?
We all called it a lie when reports came out that he asked people to stop taking photos of them.
And as it turns out, it was completely TRUE.
Miranda has been cheating on Bloom for years. She is a hot mess.
He was photographed with many models and women that night. There is no reason to ask someone to stop taking photos UNLESS there’s something fishy going on.

Lainey says @ 05/09/2013 at 4:08 pm

@And YOU?: She has shared her reasons for disliking him but never mind, your phanny sensitivity wouldn’t believe it anyway so no point telling you to look it up. I was a Lainey doubter myself but she has proven to be right on the money so many times, to the last detail in some instances, you can’ dismiss her – she sure beats the psychics hanging around here. Twinflames???

dargabriel @ 05/09/2013 at 4:09 pm

To Missing, I Need To Clarify Being In The Spot Light Of Fake Individuals isn’t My Cup Of Tea, i’m In The Spot Light At My Job, But Not The Same. And I won’t Stop Posting. I Hope you’re Having A Gorgeous Day. Cameras Take A Piece Of Your Soul, Gerard Knows This. Take Care. Love,dargabriel

Lainey says @ 05/09/2013 at 4:12 pm

@WRONG!: She hates Paris Hilton too does that mean she was rebuffed by Ebola? Michael D skewers Gerry all the time, though I guess his piece on Miranda and Gerry today was hilarious and somewhat complimentary, Did Gerry rebuff one of his passes. Perez Hilton runs hot and cold, Does that mean they have a love hate relationship? So are all the people who are nice to Gerry people who were not rebuffed by Gerry.

Think about how lame and knee jerk your reasoning is. You may disagree with Lainey but you really have to do better that trotting out that old phanny line of reasoning.

@Lainey says:

I’m not a “Phanny” by any stretch of the imagination and I sure as hell don’t give any credence to all of the “twin flame” business any more than I’m one of those that has to protect “the beauty of his soul”, but Lainey’s hatred of the man borders on the pathological.
(and FYI, I’ve been around long enough to remember something about a press line at Cannes or TIFF but it was vague then and it’s vague now and never seemed to justify the level of animosity.)

@Lainey says:
Read my post again idiot.
I think Lainey got brutally knocked back by Gerard. Hence the bitterness.
But I think she’s right about Kerr and him.
Just because you’re middle aged, unattractive and not Gerard’s type, maybe you’re defending the line of reasoning that she never came on to Gerard, because like her, you’re not his type and would also get rejected.
Next time, read a person’s post carefully before you respond.

@Lainey says:
” She hates Paris Hilton too does that mean she was rebuffed by Ebola”
Notice how I said, LOOK AT THE LANGUAGE she uses.
I never said she didn’t hate other celebrities. You’re just too simple to read between he lines on how she posts when she’s talking about Gerard.
You are a troll who doesn’t read anyone’s posts but starts hitting the reply button to get your little wet panties in a twist over Gerard.
Fu.cking hate these obsessive Gerard fans.

Lainey is not a woman scorned. She has been happily married for over ten years. Lainey and her husband run her site. Her husband writes many of the articles.

naomi = most naive award @ 05/09/2013 at 4:29 pm

@naomi: congratulations

Haven’t posted in a while, but this is crazy talk about the butler. He can’t have a conversation with another of the opposite sex without you jumping all over him. Okay, think of it this way, the next time, if any of you ever go out of doors, and happen to go to a store, parking lot, standing in line. Maybe look at a man shopping in the same store, you are being filmed. Before you even park your car, every move you make is being taped, every expression, every move, every item you pick up, put down is on film. Try to remember that next time and try to remember what the butler must feel like living in a fish bowl. Now don’t give me that garbage about how he asked for it and it comes with the territory, Just thing for a moment what that must feel like. Only difference is you aren’t in the tabloids the next week.
If you are wondering why the threads are garbage, go back and read the garbage you write and what you dwell on. Out of here.

” Cameras Take A Piece Of Your Soul, Gerard Knows This. Take Care. Love,dargabriel”
LMFAO! You take the cake, Dar! You’re talking about a man who makes his fortune behind a camera!

@Lainey says:
The phannies hate Lainey because she posts snarky articles about them. Lainey got wind of the GB fan conventions and she’s posted about them. She’s also written about all the hate Gerry’s fans send her in emails because Lainey doesn’t worship their boy. Lainey has called the phannies out on their several times on her blog and makes fun of them. That’s the real reason the phannies hate her.

@ Nuts

But he has asked for it. He’s spent most of his life dreaming about it and now he’s getting it with both barrels.

To the troll who can’t even choose a moniker,
It’s the phannies who are naive. They think anyone who doesn’t like Gerry is either jealous of him or has been rejected by him. That’s why Lainey mocks you people. Your stupidity is hilarious.

naomi = most naive award @ 05/09/2013 at 4:45 pm

calm down.
stop defending some useless human being who makes her living spreading lies about people.
i never said everyone that doesn’t like Gerry was rejected by him.
Michael K is awesome and wrote it better than Lainey ever could.
You’re just pissed because you’re on her payroll

naomi = most naive award @ 05/09/2013 at 4:51 pm

I never said she was wrong about Kerr and Gerry.
I never said that Lainey was wrong about anything that she writes about Gerry.
A lot of her site is full of lies, but some of her posts are true and have proven to be true. But she does post a lot of lies too.
But her getting rejected by Gerry is a well known fact from years back. Deal with it idiots.
She’s scorned and always salivates at the mouth as soon as she has dirt on him.
Idiots. Too many idiots on this board.

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