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Gerard Butler: From New York to LAX!

Gerard Butler: From New York to LAX!

Gerard Butler keeps it cool and casual as he arrives at LAX Airport on Wednesday (May 8) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was in good spirits as he drank a bottle of water and made his way through the terminal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

The night before, Gerard posed for photographs at The Great Gatsby screening after party held at The Lambs Club in New York City.

Earlier in the week, Gerard looked dapper dressed head-to-toe in Dolce at the 2013 Met Ball.

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  • thursday

    I would venture to say that SOME, myself, post here because they are a fan of GB and his career…knowing full well they are way out of his league whether they are single, married (happily or otherwise) or divorced.

  • failure


    Why R U?

  • you write trash

    @Smart Girl: Smart girl? Wonder you know how to read. GB is hardly a has been and JJ is hardly an indication of how popular he is. Just read the posts and you already know that the educated mass is 5th grade to say nothing of the hatred spewing out their mouths. Very disturbed posts for sure.
    I doubt whether you have even seen any of his movies since 300. OHF is doing very well and Channings movie won’t be out til next month. So exactly what are you basing your trash on?
    No gb doesn’t pay JJ.. You do dummy, every time you click that button on here.
    BTW, what is wrong with stage or tv for that matter, lots of actors are doing it now.. Smart

  • Gabardine Jacket

    @thursday: LOl I think you mean he is way out of OUR league. No chance, but still a fan. There are sickos who think they ARE. Visit his Facebook page and peep the madness.

  • Um…

    @you write trash:
    You sound like a re/tarded eigth grader.

  • Some

    Funny, I consider him way out of my league, and most intelligent, sophisticated women would not be silly enough to give him the time of day. But if you are shallow, I suppose you are talking about looks. Then he is still not in the ballpark, my dear, because he ain’t aging well, and he’s not ‘all that’ anymore.

  • you write trash

    @Um…: Thank you, I am in 7th grade. I take that as a compliment. And the word is mentally challenged. Retarded is passe and rude.

  • thursday

    #154: Ha! Yes, that’s it! But either way really…he’s in the big league…fans are not.

  • Gerard’s Smelly Socks

    @you white trash:
    Just jumping in but do you realize that a re/tarded 8th grader has the mentality of a 2 and half year old? i don’t think poster was paying you a compliment.

  • Marie

    There are many that are way out of His league. Don’t sell yourself short.

  • thursday

    #160: no one should ever do that!!! Everyone is fabulous in their own way…no matter who they are or what they do!!!

  • Prancing Pony

    @Marie: and for #161 ITAWY :)

  • Old People Posting Here

    You are all pretty stupid.
    When you say someone is “Out of Your League” you mean they are waaaaaay BETTER THAN YOU; that you could never get with them because they are 1) better looking than you 2) richer than you or 3) more famous etc etc. They are OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE.
    Remember the movie? “She’s Out of Your League?” the one about the ugly little nerd who was in love with the popular cheerleader and everyone kept telling him, forget it man, she’s waaay out of your league! Then he got her in the end??
    When you say, “I’m out of his league” you mean that HE could never get YOU…that YOU are hotter. Hahahaha yeah ok.
    Which we all know is a hot lie because any one of you would drop trou in a second if this man showed up in your bedroom late one night and just wanted a “quickie.”

  • PsychoB

    If Gerry really is spiritual then he would believe we are all one and we are all the same. That just because he is a movie star does not make him any better or any worse than any of us. But as always the “if” has to be put in front of that statement.

  • Prancing Pony

    @Old People Posting Here: “Which we all know is a hot lie because any one of you would drop trou in a second if this man showed up in your bedroom late one night and just wanted a “quickie.”
    Um, speaking for myself only, the answer would be no.

  • Marie

    @Old People Posting Here:

    Ha! Believe what you will.

  • Brainiacs

    I think most people would say a “movie star” is usually beneath the large percentage of the population for many reasons. They just think they are superior because people tell them they are all day, and they equate money with superiority. Most celebrities are trash.

  • you write trash

    @Gerard’s Smelly Socks: I saw what you wrote on my name. Shame on you bad person. You are so wrong and know nothing. My friends and I read all about the stars and we think Gerry is hot. I am top of my class and my little brother has Down’s and has more brains in his big toe than the pigs on this place. You should be shamed.

  • Still here LOL?

    You really never leave, do you? The @Old People moniker gives you away. Don’t you think it’s time you address your fear of aging? And btw, just because you have no self esteem, you shouldn’t project that onto others. Not only would I never drop trou for GB, I would happily call the cops if he showed up in the middle of the night. Get real. But I guess we know what kind of a person you are now, not that there was ever any doubt. ROFLMAO

  • kelly

    @thursday: I totally agree with you and I am just a fan of his work love his movies(some of them) but not afraid to say I have a soft spot for a hot handsome Scottish mess ;)

  • Marie

    @you write trash:

    Yes. He most certainly does. God bless him.

  • Newbe


    I’d say you are way more concerned about what the Fannies think and do then they are about what any of the people think or say here. Including you. I say you better take your Prozac and and lie down before you have a brain hemorrhage. Really it’s going to be OK.

    Look on the bright side, maybe one of them will toddle over and read your comments and get really insulted.. One can only hope right?

  • DocP

    Remember what the Bible says, “those that were first will be last and those that were last will be first in heaven.”
    I’d rather be last here on earth for the short amount of time we are here and be first or at least in the upper top half, for all eternity.

  • Lelo

    Butler has a history of not caring about whether a woman is married or not if he finds them attractive. Back in 2005 when he didn’t have his own place in LA yet and was staying at the Sunset Marquee hotel, a woman was seen sneaking in and out of his room at odd hours. Someone who worked there made a post on one of the GB sites and told her story. Gerry was having an affair with a hot shot producer’s wife. She even posted a picture of the wife. The face was blurred but we could see that the picture had been taken at a movie premiere. I think it was for The Constant Gardener but I’m certainly not sure about that one. The post was up for a couple of hours and then deleted by the admin without explanation. Gerard doesn’t really stop at anything and he really does think that he’s God’s gift to women.

  • Karen

    @you write trash, One question when you put the “Pigs in this place” down, I would think you are also referring to yourself. As you are posting here. I believe this is still a free country and not every one is going to agree, that being said the intelligent thing to do is not call people names and show your rudeness. Mr Butler seems to be open and honest to the point it gets him into trouble. He helps a lot of people too. He graduated with an honors law degree. He’s worked hard to get to where he is. In a way I feel sorry for him because he still has a fear of being hurt, as he was by his father. For that reason I think he has the emotions of a 14 year old who still has a fear of being left alone.

  • Manny

    You need to turn up the volume, I can’t hear your “Oh Poor Gerry” sympathy violin yet…
    Re/tarded 8th Grader still has me laughing…. bless you.

  • monroe

    Miranda doesn’t really seem to be his type even though she’s tall, brunette and a model. Maybe it’s because she’s got blue eyes and pale skin.

  • What’s Missing

    @Karen: “he still has a fear of being hurt, as he was by his father ” How would you know that? Are you close confident of GB’s?

  • Manny

    @What’s Missing:
    I think Karen is our bedtime fairy tale reader for the evening.

  • What’s Missing

    @Manny: Well, Karen’s post does have the same tone as GFW and we all know that GFW is a fiction writer. Maybe she is a reader on GFW’s blog.

  • cupcake

    Hi gorls. Just want to say I enjoyed all the recent pics. Gerry looks really good . Keep them coming.

  • cupcake

    Sorry. I meant girls.

  • ButlerforPres

    @NiceToSee: Butler hit on Miranda before she got married. She avoided him then. Now after her fling with Leo, I wouldn’t be surprise that she hooked up with Butler. Orlando and she are not looking very committed.

  • Peter Pan

    @monroe: Every model/actress is his type! As long as they look like the Hollywood accepted ideal, he is willing. He is a follower manipulated by mainstream Hollywood.

  • Sockalina

    I’m out of his league. The guys I go for are honest, compassionate, decent, trustworthy and classy. Gerry has none of those traits. He’s a phony and opportunist (with women). He elevates “cad” to a whole new level. The fact that he can’t cobble a long relationship together and mean it is scary. Now that he seems to have added married women to his radar, I think of him as scummy.

    Face it girls, he’s got problems. He’s flawed in a major way. The only women he’s attracted to are the ones he can’t have like Miranda.

  • FO


  • serpent

    “The fact that he can’t cobble a long relationship together and mean it is scary.”
    Him and Leo seem far too interested in keeping their shlongs occupied than devoting real time and love to one woman.
    But both are getting very, very, very old for this sort of behavior.
    I still think Gerry is going to blow everyone’s mind one day and marry someone. She’ll be too young, too hot, and probably a model, but they’ll dote on each other and fans will lose their collective . JMO.

  • clip

    gerard is gay
    the stans who post here are his buttkissers

  • clip

    lei and gb are single
    they lick each other’s you know whatter

  • clip

    lei should say leo
    they are gay lovers

  • Sockalina

    @serpent: I don’t think he’ll ever marry. Hasn’t got it in him to commit or to love someone more than himself. He’s nothing but a player.

  • clip

    he’s gay
    playing games to cover it up
    he’s not getting action with women
    its just showbiz to get attention
    he’s not that good looking
    why would anyone want him?

  • serpent

    I agree that he’s a player. And until he finds someone that he’s comfortable enough with to settle down with, he’ll keep playing the field.
    What male wouldn’t in his position?
    But, we never thought he’d go public with a 24 year old lingerie model, and he not only went public but actually acknowledged her as his GF.
    These are baby steps but he’s moving in that direction.
    Listen to him on Stern.
    Even he says that the ‘game’ is gets very old and stops being fun.
    It’s like people get bored in marriages, he’s having the opposite problem.
    I’m no phannie.
    The woman isn’t going to be a middle aged average looking woman. She’ll be ridiculously hot but at least he’ll love her for real. JMO.

  • apple

    Ya, I did hear the Stern interview. He told Stern he wasn’t going to marry.

  • serpent

    Actually, he told Stern he wasn’t going to marry Madalina.
    When asked, Gerry said, “nah, you know me”.
    That question was specifically about Maddie. Later in the interview, Stern again asks Gerry if he’s got in him to ‘settle down’ and Gerry responded with “I can, I can, I can”, and then added, “it’s hard for me to say those words”.
    He is commitment phobic but I don’t think he’s given up on the idea of marriage all together. Again, JMO.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “And don’t sin by letting anger control you. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry.” – Ephesians 4:26

  • Gabardine Jacket

    I’m no Gerard stan, clip.
    Speak for yourself

  • Watermelon

    When he finally does marry, he will make that woman MISERABLE.
    Like Jon Hamm does to Jennifer Westfeldt. She’ll be so in love with being the “Mrs.” that she’ll hold on too tight and turn a blind eye.

  • Watermelon

    The women Gerard thinks are “hot” — the losers here, don’t.
    So she’ll get torn to shreds like all the rest.

  • serpent

    Plausible but for her sake, I hope not. No man, money or fame is worth that.