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Gerard Butler: From New York to LAX!

Gerard Butler: From New York to LAX!

Gerard Butler keeps it cool and casual as he arrives at LAX Airport on Wednesday (May 8) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was in good spirits as he drank a bottle of water and made his way through the terminal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

The night before, Gerard posed for photographs at The Great Gatsby screening after party held at The Lambs Club in New York City.

Earlier in the week, Gerard looked dapper dressed head-to-toe in Dolce at the 2013 Met Ball.

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  • clip

    either you are gay or you worship him as your hero
    you’re a buttkisser nonetheless

  • serpent

    “So she’ll get torn to shreds like all the rest.”
    Goes without saying, unfortunately.

  • clip

    watermelon is probably right
    he would make women miserable
    he doesn’t seem like the romantic type of guy
    he’s gay

  • Sockalina

    @Watermelon: I never heard that about Hamm’s live-in. I thought they were madly in love.

  • @Lou The Queen Of Socks

    Ding-dong, ding-dong… Time to make your entrance!

  • Watermelon

    I am sure he loves her.
    In his mind, I am sure his love for her as a person has nothing to do with sampling “side” items…
    I agree with serpent, no man is worth that. unfortunately, for many women here married to actors and rich athletes…it’s worth turning a blind eye to keep the name and status (ie. Vanessa Bryant).

  • Watermelon

    You think Gerard is gay?

  • @Watermelon

    @Watermelon: Please don’t engage this TROLL. He/she comes onto EVERY thread with page after page or “He’s gay”, “He’s gay, “He walks like a gay man”, “He’s gay” .
    Same s/hite, different day.

  • emmmmm video of Gerry at gas station

  • emmmmm
  • emmmmm
  • Prancing Pony

    @serpent: “He is a commitment phobic but I don’t think he’s given up on the idea of marriage all together.” – ITAWY. Maybe it’s a case of timing…when you meet the right person everything changes. JMO.

  • http://P Yuck

    @ Newbe

    Is that your pathetic attempt at being cutting? Not very impressive, but then again you are a phannie, I can’t expect too much from a dowsy woman who thinks GB is amazing.

  • Watermelon

    @@Watermelon: Ok, haven’t been here in long while so playing catch up.
    @Prancing Pony:
    I think he is looking for a good “match”. I think we all are? I even think that he “thought” Madalina was or could be “it”…but that went cold as soon as Butler touched ground in LAX after promoing OHF, all it takes is a tall Beyonce or Adriana Lima lookalike to walk by him and it’s Maddie who ol
    It also depends on how maturely he handles that “right” relationship, determine if it even lasts. If he’s not ready to accept that kind of commitment, no matter how badly he wants something real, ain’t gonna happen.
    It’s also obvious that he is using the wrong criteria to look for a partner. Tall? Check. Strong facial features and cheekbones? Check. Takes clothes off for a living? Check? Has a better body and is fitter than he is? Check.

  • Watermelon

    …I should add “powerful looking” (his words)? Check. LOL

  • serpent

    “It’s also obvious that he is using the wrong criteria to look for a partner. ”
    Well said.
    We are all superficial on some level, but most people are willing to be more broad minded when it comes to matters of the heart.
    Madalina really screwed with his mind, IMO.
    Because physically, he could not have built a more attractive woman (by his standards) if he tried.
    But like everyone, she has her own mind and issues. Couple that with his own demons and the physical lust fades quickly.
    I have a feeling he is starting to get sick of the revolving door hook ups himself.
    My bet is, if he finds the one, he’ll settle. I don’t see him screwing it up.

  • Somebodyelse
  • GFW

    Gerry’s back in LA and it is not because, Ms. Dar, he does not like NYC. He does. It’s an intellectual capital of the world. He is an intellectual warrior so to speak. It’s got an energy that suits him. All is well. His next producing project is being filmed there. I suspect he’ll be back.
    He needs to lead where he his.
    Blog? This came from it…
    “…we don’t really change, we learn to perform better. The kindest form of management is the truth.

    Surround yourself with people who can take you there, to performing better. People who see what you see and see what you miss.”
    who is not Karen
    who thinks the less he acts their is a chance he’ll lose confidence in that much how when unemployed we secretly need the money but like being off but if he wants to take a break I stand behind that too as only he knows what serves him best
    who thinks his best work is ahead of him because he’s honed a lot of life lessons this past year and knows about love’s endurance
    who thinks everyone was standing close because it was crowded and she could have a soft voice and he needed to hear her and some people will say anything to get read including Ms Sour Grapes Lainey who met type but her sourness kept her from bleeping on his radar years and years ago and she still holds a grudge for it

  • GFW

    This place does not speak to your heart. Why are you here? What is here you must see?
    in staff retreat again today
    who has to get shakin’ to bounce
    who can’t wait to see The Great Gatsby this weekend
    who still manages her soft place to land even if its got a few lumps in its mattress ;o)

  • emmmmm

    10 May 2013
    Ghene deal breaker between MĂDĂLINA and GERARD BUTLER! See that would be dumped actor!

    Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler are a couple no more, said sources close to romance. But if the media speculated that the deal breaker would be infidelities actor who can hardly resist a beautiful woman, well the situation seems to be fixed is wrong.

    Gerard believes that Madalina was the one who cheated and furious actress from Romania when he saw her in the company of her former boyfriend, footballer Marco Borriello. Genoa and beautiful Romanian striker spent together in a week- end in mid-March, in a club in Italy. A photograph of them circling Madalina Borriello was published by a famous Italian journalist, Selvaggia Lucarelli on his Twitter account. He wrote the explanation Photo: ‘People’ Plastic ‘(No club name) do nothing but talk about Madalina Ghenea and Boriello who were intimate last night. Photograph I found. ”
    Images that our olteanca dance club athlete and that seemed extremely close him out of his mind Scottish actor.
    The press in Italy and overseas speculate that is the reason for the tear, but everyone expects a formal response from both.

    Thanks @somebodyelse

  • Peter Pan

    @Somebodyelse: Honestly, I suspect Gerard cheated first and MG thought by being seen with her ex, Ger would drop everything and run back. Unfortunately for her, she is dumb and gave him ammo to make this her fault. They were rocky in November and after Thailand. He hides his hook-ups well.

    He got bored of her. She is naive and dumb. He will never have a trusting relationship because he picks twits that are all apperance. Her career is done. He threw her away.

  • Peter Pan

    Also, he showed her a pic on his cell publically to get her mad. She is stupid. He was dumping her after his premier. He had to show he was capable in having a relationship for OHF. Now that is done, he is done.

    Come on, it was all planned out. Talk well about her until the movie takes off and then adios.

  • Tinkerbell

    @Peter Pan:
    Why is it so hard for you to believe the he was ‘in deep like’ with Madalina and she was the one cheated?
    Face it. He got dumped for a younger, hotter guy.
    Some fans don’t want to accept that because it means that he really cared about Madalina.

  • Peter Pan

    @Tinkerbell: ok, Gerry may have been crazy about her initially. But his behavior is not respectful to any potential wife. Red flags all over the place. He comes from a place of hiding and distrust. She is stupid and became more insecure. A smart woman would have a mature understanding of each other. Also, if he was crazy about her, no man would want their woman months away from him. They were glued to the hip initially. He gave her the Oscar parties as a token. He was done way before the club pic came out.

  • apple

    Right! Gerry said he was in deep LIKE. It was Madalina that said he was her true love, her first real love, she is in love with him, she loves him sooooo much. Your theory doesn’t make sense when she was the one who was in love, and Gerry wasn’t. Madalina got dumped. Gerry’s had one foot out the door during this whole relationship.

  • cheating

    if she cheated on him, i think its a good move actually.
    he’s gay anyway so it doesn’t really matter that she cheated because it did it first by being gay.

  • Joshua

    @Tinkerbell: He was partying with Mel and Leo in Miami and did not see her again until Oscar weekend. Is that a man in love? Nope. “Deep like” is insulting to any woman who says she is in love.

    Our Gerry says he stays friends with some of his ex gfs. Not this one. Love is forgiveness and respect. He loves himself more.

  • shame

    @apple: whatever the rights or wrongs, facts or suppositions, he’s a much debased public figure when he returns to skirt sniffing, married women, club hook ups and modelising and trying to keep it quiet. A complete slime ball who deserves no respect. He needs someone to take his heart and put it through the mangle to make him grow up and realise the sun doesnt shine out of his a*se.

  • cheating

    he talks to women all the time and most of you here take it to mean he’s cheating and you get all excited and proud about it
    mg should not be limited to gb as the only man in her life after all he himself is gay to begin with. she is young and has a life and shouldn’t waste it being exclusive with a gay. they can be friends. they don’t have to sleep with each other.

  • cheating

    girl needs to get out there and make friends with a lot of guys, even the gay ones. they come in handy when you need them.

  • Joshua

    MG cheat! She had too much to lose.

    Who thinks this theory flies?

    Whatever. He got out. Gave her some pr and ran.


    Gerry was into Madalina in a big way – last year!
    After Thailand, he seemed more interested in spending time by himself and his friends.
    But he has tried to help her out a lot since they’ve been together. The commercial, taking her on the red carpet and so forth.
    So as repayment, she cheats on him with Marco???, who, no offence to the Gerard fans on here, is way hotter and way younger.
    He knows that he looks like the middle aged idiot who tried to tell the world that his 24 year old lingerie model GF was, “perfect”. NO Gerard she wasn’t. And you got played.
    I feel sorry for his next GF because he is going to rethink everything before introducing her to the world.
    He got bitten by a viper and he knows that everyone is laughing at him.
    You can’t take Leo’s sloppy seconds, and try and present her to the world as “perfect”, only to be over yourself, without becoming a laughing stock.

  • cheating

    nah she’s young, she has more to lose by tying herself down to a 50 year old loser.
    he has way more experience than she has.
    it’s not really fair to expect her to be exclusive to him, to not have other relationships besides him.
    i bet she doesn’t date a lot of different men. she’s probably picky and i don’t really blame her for being that way if she is.

  • cheating

    wasn’t marco there first before mg?
    how is that cheating then?

  • cheating

    that should say
    wasn’t marco there first before gb?
    doesn’t that make gb the interloper?


    It was obvious too from her TV interview that something bad had happened between them.
    You do not cry when shown clips of your uber hot and famous boyfriend saying incredible things about you.
    Most women in the world would love to have him say such things about them NOT cry.
    You cry if you know it’s over.
    More so, if you fcked up.
    The Rome stroll was the last straw for them.
    Before, he played along.
    Something happened in Rome and he kicked her to the curb.

  • cheating

    in the rome pics he doesn’t look sincere
    she is the better person

  • Let’s make a contest # 92

    # 92
    The announcement of Gerard Butler soulmates’ contest is true and we willl communicate here more details with email address next week.

    Meanwhile please think of the photo and a story you would like to present yourself to Gerry. More information is to follow soon!

    Please do not be discouraged by the tough competition. Gerard believes in as many soulmates as possible. Watch this interview:

  • cheating

    personally the only reason he ran down to rome is because he wanted to be there when history was being made, she was his tour guide

  • cheating

    kinda like when he stayed behind for the storm last year. same thing.

  • I think

    …. the Romanian papers are grasping at straws to try and explain the breakup. They don’t know anything. All they have is one photo of MG dancing with two men – an ex and another man. That’s it. Long before that was Gerry and his hand-on-b.oob photo in Mexico with a woman who wasn’t MG. If we’re just going to go by pictures, Gerry’s was more inappropriate than hers. I think Gerry couldn’t wait for the OHF sell job to be over, so he could drop the Romanian and be a free man again.

  • cheating

    didn’t he stay behind with the leo for the sandy
    ok peeps
    you been warned

  • Madalina was DUMPED

    She pulled the same “act” all of us model types who are tall and attractive think we can do: subtlety REMIND the guy that there a gazillion other guys that want us (I am a married model in NYC/Italy etc)…unfortunately, this immature attempt at eliciting an emotional response from a guy usually BACKFIRES. He was already getting tired of her – coupled with her flirting and he sees hot chick somewhere BAM its overrrr.

  • cheating

    dumping her is an emotional it not?
    he’s pissed off. so he dumps her….emotional response.
    what a jerk
    you’re supposed to forgive those things. and act like nothing happened.

  • Somebodyelse

    I remember that a couple of days ago, someone posted on previous thread that someone saw Gerry and said he was furious:
    “Alex Vasey
    What do you do if you walk pass an angry Gerard butler on the phone at time square, I’ve seen that motherf/ucker in 300!!”
    Maybe he was furious when he heard about what she said in her interview (“if this relationship is over, I ask everyone in advance to be the same as before and not scold me, not be upset with me”), and that means she recognize it’s her fault, or maybe he found out about that night MG spent in an Italian club with her former BF, that took place before he spent some time with her public in Rome, everybody but him knew about that (BTW, not good for his image), no man would like to be in this position.

  • cheating

    maybe he is furious because leo stood him up for a ride home because leo dumped him
    it happens


    That is the best theory I’ve heard so far.
    I think he didn’t know about Marco until recently.
    He feels like an old fool, who’s been had.
    He told everyone that she was a good person. He wanted people to look beyond the cliche of the middle aged man with the young model. Only to be made a joke of by his little Maddie.
    Wait for the fallout because it could take years.
    NEVER cross a Scorpio.
    This trick doesn’t know what’s coming to her.

  • LOL

    Yes we know for a fact he “stays friends” with his ex-girls.
    -We saw or heard of Laurie C traveling with him two full years after last being seen in Miami with him;
    - Last year we read the report of him hanging with the fitness girl Alicia in Austin Tx THREE full years after he was reportedly boning her;
    - Jeannia didnt we see him on the beach with her and her sister in 2011 maybe FIVE years after they were “supposedly” an item?
    Not sure what criteria he uses to keep “some” around and “lose” others but he definitely does keep his black book. I have a feeling clingy Maddie is going to be a dumped for GOOD like Brandi “one-night-stand, who the fµck are you” Glanville and Selita Ebanks.

  • Maddie stans are pathetic

    MADALINA was D U M P E D.
    Doesnt matter what for – it was probably because she fcked up and started BLABBING to the press about sh*t she wasn’t authroized to talk about,.
    Dumb girl. She was sooo in love and talking fcking BABIES – and you think she dumped HIM?!
    get over it.

  • cheating

    he’s defintely dumpable
    so many can come up with a list as to why….
    maybe you should go take a bath
    it will put things in perspective
    he’s gay