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Gerard Butler: From New York to LAX!

Gerard Butler: From New York to LAX!

Gerard Butler keeps it cool and casual as he arrives at LAX Airport on Wednesday (May 8) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was in good spirits as he drank a bottle of water and made his way through the terminal.

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The night before, Gerard posed for photographs at The Great Gatsby screening after party held at The Lambs Club in New York City.

Earlier in the week, Gerard looked dapper dressed head-to-toe in Dolce at the 2013 Met Ball.

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  • Somebodyelse

    @FFS: Are you paranoid or something? I didn’t promote any romance. I just told my opinion about FACTS that did happen and about I think that make sense. Cut the crap with these “wishful thinking” or “promote romance”, as I would have some advantage in this. Anyway, theoretically speaking, it’s way better to “promote a romance” than to promote a forged Gerry who would sell himself for nothing, like you do, but I don’t take personally like you these things, I don’t attack anyone who has got other opinion like you do, saying he has an agenda or other craps, I think anyone is free to post his opinion, or should be. I didn’t know that by saying/thinking Gerry had a true relationship (which lasted more than a year), after he hugged and kissed his mate several times in public, means you have an agenda. On other words, by believing what you see, by believing Gerry and his acts, someone is definitely suspicious, and having a hidden agenda, and by not believing Gerry, being paranoid and distrustful and saying, in other words, he is phoney/mercantile/not authentic (PR and stuff), that it means someone truly care for him and is a good person. What overturned values you have…

    And who says it’s important to me, I just having fun, saying what I really think. I’m a Romanian native and care for MG. But if this cheating thing is true, I’ll change my mind about her, and also my position. I really wanted them to be happy, I believe in love and all this. And I like Gerry as well as a person as well, he seems to be a good person, not only a good actor.

  • Lesbian alert

    @Clamsie: Where have you been Clamsie, and how’s the girlfriend? Oh sorry, I mean husband. That is what you call her isn’t it?

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Miss that messy hair:
    OwenCoyleJnr96 Owen Coyle Junior 30m
    What a lovely guy @GerardButler was last year.

  • @Somebodyelse

    We can all tell your Romanian, or a troll, because no one but a Romanian or a troll would still be here trying to talk about a relationship that’s OVER. Quit promoting her here, and go to her facebook page and ask her questions if you love her so much. One Romanian dates a celebrity and all the effing Romanians come out of the woodwork and act like it’s an achievement. You guys have nothing going on in that country, that’s for sure.

  • C.A.

    A fan mentions on GBs FB page along with a comment on “Vicky Green” that the GB/MG relationship is over??!!?? Anyone??!!??

  • dargabriel

    Greetings And Happy Early mother’s Day. Hi Gb22, Looks Like Gerard Is Happy To Be Closer To His Other Half, Myself,Yourself,Ourself. I Can Only Hope And Pray Butler Is Ready To See An Abundance Of Sunshine, Positivity Instead Of Celtic Fog. Smile Butler, you’re A Shining Star Now, All Your Wishes,Hopes, Desires Are Coming Tenfold, You Deserve All Of This And More. i’m Smiling Upon You,Your Family,Your Friends, And Fans. it’s Ok For Butler To Stay In One Place For A Bit, Much R&R Needed. I Will Ask The Same Question, Where R TheSsmokes? I Believe My Butler Is Hearing Me From Great Distances. I Hope Everyone Brings Great Light To Their Moms, I Surprised Mine And Showed Up In Reno To Spoil Her. Gb22 And For Dargabriel Only, Thank You For Messages And The Divine Knowledge You Own, you’ve Said Things Like A Leash Of Some Sorts, I Understand And Straight Teeth, Haha, I Know Certain People Cross Paths With You In Your Life To Give You Things Sometimes Like A Life Long Dream Of Having Straight Teeth And A White Smile, This Is Good Light. Keep Watching Butler No Smokes And Casual Relationships With Many Women, He Is Surrounded By It, We Are Equal, Surrounded By Men, Who Believe To Be The One. For All Of You, We Recieve Offers, But Those Offers Alot Of Times Are Just Tests, We Say Thank You, But No Thank You And Move Forward, You Will Indeed Know When Its Ultimately Right, Look At The Eyes A Reflection Of Oneself And The Energy Viberation,Then Buckle Up Tight And Enjoy The Ride. Tarzan Meet Jane, Come Ride My Rope, Lol, First Thing I Thought Of. Take Care. Love,dargabriel

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Rovelte ‏@Rovelte888 24m
    @GerardButler Hi Gerry! I ’m so excited to hear that you’ll come to Japan at the end of this month!! I’m looking forward to seeing you !!!!

  • @ somebodyelse

    @@Somebodyelse: /Can’t get enough/Alina(the russian whxre)

    Cam down bxxch!!!

  • FFS

    @Somebodyelse: You just called me “paranoid” and then go on to say you don’t attack anyone? You are definitely just trying to stir up shit here. If you want to believe they had a romance, keep believing it. There’s nothing left to discuss. It’s a done deal. If they were in love, and you believe that, they are not now. The end.

  • !!!KRIS

    Oh my goood!! This man is….HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://deleted @ somebodyelse

    or Alina (The russian whxore) or Can’tgeEenough.

    just chill.bexxch.! You WILL NEVER HAVE GERRY REGAEDLESS!!!!!
    GOT THAT! worthless POS!!!

  • Tanya

    @HIS EGO IS BRUISED:”" After Thailand, he seemed more interested in spending time by himself and his friends.”

    A few people have said that things started going wrong in Thailand and at the time was there not a story that she was annoying him big time? Something happened there and things just got worse as time went on.

  • Tanya

    @Joshua:” He goes on Most vacations with Freddy.”

    Lots of single people go on vacation with friends of the same sex, it doesn’t mean they are gay!

  • dargabriel

    Dearest Gerard, Archangle Gabriel/Hope Energies Are Between San Francisco And Mt.shasta. Enjoy Your Travels. Love, dargabriel

  • Tanya

    @Krista:” He’s likely to change his phone number again if she doesn’t p/iss off”

    He’s already changed it, he just sent me his new number, lol.

  • http://deleted alert

    GB at LAX on the way to Italy! OMG it’s not over.

  • nr007

    @C.A.: You should read more comments on this thread but watch out for trolls ;)

  • LAX

    @alert: Italy is not the only place we fly planes to.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    “Glasgow University’s well-heeled alumni include self-made men such as former RBS chief Fred Goodwin, current HSBC chief Douglas Flint and 300 actor Gerard Butler.”

  • Somebodyelse

    @FFS: No, I don’t call you ‘paranoid’. I asked you if you are paranoid because you suspect me of some agenda, you attacked me out of the blue, when all I was doing was to gave an neutral opinion about things. Suspecting someone for nothing, but an opinion, no offense, looks like paranoia manifestation, but generally speaking, we use to say someone is ‘paranoid’ when he’s overly suspicious, not necessarily thinking he has cronical disease.
    But you and another one, I see, are not standing the assumption that they had a real relationship (as all the facts are clearly suggest that), and became aggressive towards anyone having this opinion, that’s not normal and it means you are emotionally over implicated.
    I didn’t say it is not over, on the contrary, I was the one who posted that information, giving a link to that article. If I would want to “save the appearances of a loving relationship, I wouldn’t have done that, would I? Why don’t you put your mind to work before making accusations of “agenda” or “troll”? How could I promote her, or a romance, when I was posted the news and translated first her words in her last interview, her crying and saying it maybe over???


    @alert: I work at LAX , he is not even here today , nor was he here last night . Stop Lying !!!!!

  • Hilarious!

    All of this”HE dumped HER” No, “SHE dumped HIM” when no one even knows for certain there’s been a dumping at all!
    You’re using as proof of a breakup stories in the Romanian press, the very same Romanian press that everyone disparaged when they were reporting an engagement was imminent!


  • http://deleted @ Liar Liar

    Yeah right! Is that what you do on your shift? you should be fired, do your job …
    stalking celebrities!! UGH! What a loser!

  • C.A.

    @nr007: haha I know but can’t be bothered to go through the trolls and the haters accompanied by soulmates and twinflames so I just act like most men do to women … Do not read the instructions – better just ask ;-)

  • crazy

    @LIAR LIAR: Poor soul, looking at may 9 when he was flying in from nyc.
    boy has this place gone to hell and doesn’t look like its coming back either. So you don’t have mg to kick around any more now it’s gb, his friends and every move you think he makes. While he is out living his life, having fun, enjoying the people he meets with much joy, laughing and eating well.
    You don’t know squat about who he spends time with and who he is relaxed with. Google and watch the fun. You are a bunch of dead pans, full of spite and hate and wasted your life here.

  • Daily News


    By the law of averages even the Romanian press must get something correct sometime.

  • http://deleted @ Daily News

    @Daily News:
    Keep hoping ..just don’t hold your breath too long…..side effects are dangerous…


    @@ Liar Liar: Kick Rocks !!!! at least I have a job.


    @crazy: You talkin to me ???? I could give a Monkeys dong who he is with , I just disputed with the person lying saying he was at LAX . Are you that person ???? Busted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • go away trolls

    @alert: funny since she is still in Romania doing shopping shopping shopping which she claims she hates, AL must have made the final payment on the contract and I don’t mean her annoying little friend

  • Beg to Differ! Respectfully…


    All of this”HE dumped HER” No, “SHE dumped HIM” when no one even knows for certain there’s been a dumping at all!


    A man…ANY MAN…ALWAYS “invests” his time in a relationship when he knows there’s a future in it! WHY?! Because the woman HE LOVES is there along with his HEART and SOUL…


    It’s just a well-known FACT!!


    The TRUTH IS…these two RARELY spend time together indicating SOMEONE has indeed moved on! Otherwise the world would have been subjected to posts and pics from Miss Maddie, taunting the fans of Butlerdom and feeding her own publicity machine, no??

    Given Gerard doesn’t feel the need to explain their extended bouts of separation to the media…it is plain to see which one of them has…


    The bottom line is Gerard is EVOLVING…which means he’s “investing” his time where his heart is…and this will be plainly evident soon enough…

  • ButlerforPres

    So for Gerry to be in a relationship for more than 3 minutes, the women must be perfection to look at. Then at minute 5, he’s bored.

  • Touche’…

    @Daily News:

    “By the law of averages even the Romanian press must get something correct sometime.”


    I LOVE brilliance and wit…can I marry this comment???

  • a survey

    i find this a curious thing: people always want to know who dumped who.
    i would be interested in finding out what it means.
    if a male is the dumpee, what does it mean
    if a woman is the dumpee, what does it mean
    if the male is the dumper what does it mean
    if the woman is the dumper what does it mean

  • Gerard Butler Grows…

    New LOVE in his life…
    New PROJECTS coming down the pipe…
    New EXPANSION in his career…


    So happy for the guy…


    Congratulations Gerard…

  • All the same troll

    331,333,335, 336
    I give you three guesses who it is

  • looking for new love baby

    @cheating: You are kidding right. Outer beauty has nothing to do with inner beauty. Sometimes inner beauty shines through in a non specific way, Inner ugliness also diminishes outer beauty.

    See Campbell, Naomi.

    Outer beauty is 80% genetics, 20 % maintenance unless you of course alter the genetics which one can do and this woman sadly has.

    If you want to be really harsh, many men who are totally shallow say you have to check out the mother before you commit to a woman long term. If mom is still hot you are good to go. Genetics! For example, Cindy Crawford’s mother and sister are just as gorgeous as Cindy now.

    If a man is bored by a beautiful woman that is because just being pretty, looking good together, does not make a relationship unless you are both similarly shallow. And people who are that shallow are always looking for the next better thing anyway. Because they are shallow.

    Why did a Prince Charles prefer a Camilla Bowles over a Diana Spencer? Well also because he wasn’t marrying for love but for the heir and the spare. Yes arrangements still exist don’t they only Diana didn’t seem to get the brief at first.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “He restores my soul.” Psalm 23:3a


    Ya’ll know why?
    Because you guys are STILL discussing her!
    She has her own category on JJ and Gerard’s threads are still dominated by her.
    Let. It. Go.
    He’s moved on, surely the rest of you can.

  • Gerard Butler Grows…

    @Peter Pan:

    “Every model/actress is his type! As long as they look like the Hollywood accepted ideal, he is willing. He is a follower manipulated by mainstream Hollywood.”


    You know sadly enough, Gerard has actually admitted to this. But he has also acknowledged that he (his spirit) has moved on from that way of “being”…as he’s grown TIRED of the emptiness that way of life has produced for him.


    Your PROOF…Madalina now gives interviews explaining the huge amounts of time spent away from each other…


    It’s not hard to believe that a man like Gerard, brilliant as he is, eventually moves on to “substance”; something more “soulful”…and he absolutely knows that it has nothing to do with A TYPE.


    Just as I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to be held constantly to missteps made by you as an adult…neither does Gerard! And…given his recent departure from his previous relationship and the woman who now holds his attention currently…he’s clearly demonstrating something very…”different”.


    What I can promise you is this…she is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the woman he left after the now infamous “Rome stroll”…

  • @All the same troll

    It’s Dar.

  • Worshiping Your Comment!

    @looking for new love baby:

    Good to see that brilliant minds do exist on these boards…


  • Daisy

    @Gerard Butler Grows…:
    “And…given his recent departure from his previous relationship and the woman who now holds his attention currently…he’s clearly demonstrating something very…”different”.”
    No offence GBG, but I read energies and you are completely off base. There is no one holding his attention now. He’s actually much more preoccupied with work. His heart is mending faster than he believed it could and it has surprised him deeply. But it is email after email after email that has his mind focused now. Not family. Not friends. But work.

  • No, she’s not

    Whatshername isn’t winning. There is only one troll here who keeps bringing her up. Everyone else has moved on. It’s either her or a friend of hers who’s trying to keep the attention on her.

  • AMEN!!!


    “Our Gerry says he stays friends with some of his ex gfs. Not this one. Love is forgiveness and respect. He loves himself more.”


    And you’re right Joshua!! THIS IS an obvious sign that privately Gerard is learning to love himself more which is playing out publicly…


    Shall we lift up our glasses [of sparkling cider out of respect for Gerard's sobriety] to toast this good news? There is indeed much to celebrate…as more evidence will reveal itself.

  • Nawww

    You go ahead, Amen. I need to go do my laundry. I have my own life to lead and you should, too. You should put as much energy into your own life as you are putting into thinking about GB. Later…

  • But Then There’s The Truth…


    Yes indeed, work is very important to Gerard, yet Gerard isn’t working every minute of the day! And, unless you are holding Gerard’s hand every moment…it would be quite difficult for you to make such a blanket statement right?


    Gerard likes to keep to himself…generally speaking…and you should know why! But then again…if you really did KNOW him, you wouldn’t be putting yourself out there to be corrected by someone on a board.


    That’s the beauty of posting on these boards…ANONYMITY! And you never know who’s on the other end posting…

  • Ha Ha

    @All the same troll: It’s GFW.
    They ‘paginate’ the exact same way. Embarrassing display of socking here.

  • Daisy

    @But Then There’s The Truth…:
    I’m not a psychic that can foresee events. I’ve never claimed that.
    I can only interpret the present moment through energies.
    You are correct that work does not occupy his mind 24/7, but in the past week or so, it has been dominant. I cannot see into next week or beyond that.
    But I maintain what I said before. Friends, or any other loved ones is not what has him preoccupied at present. I feel him being happy about this. He smiles when he reads emails.