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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Split

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Split

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have gone their separate ways in their relationship, sources confirm to

The 24-year-old actress and 34-year-old actor currently co-star on the hit CW series The Vampire Diaries as Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore, respectively.

Ian and Nina are “consummate professionals,” and “will continue to work together and remain best friends, which is where the relationship started,” a source told Us Weekly about the break-up.

The Vampire Diaries season finale airs on May 16.

ARE YOU SAD that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have split up???

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162 Responses to “Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Split”

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  1. 126
    Sasha Says:

    Not surprised at all, everyone saw that coming. That sooner or later when the time is right press will say the are over the same as once press said they are together
    Hope that now ian can openly live his life and feel free to be with whomever he wanted from the beginning

  2. 127
    mmkay Says:

    Not surprised one bit. I think they both were over it but stayed together to promote and keep people interested in their show. Neither look very upset about it.

  3. 128
    david Says:

    @Sasha: and would it be?

  4. 129
    HeatherHarris06 Says:

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  5. 130
    verity Says:

    :( they were very sweet and together for a longtime its very sad. and just as delena was getting going on tvd. seem real for oncce wouldnt be the first split rumours for these two but i really hope its a lie

  6. 131
    av Says:


    I agree!!

  7. 132
    Pat Says:

    ‘Shipping’ real life couples is creepy anyway. And, imo, unhealthy. Who wants to let their own emotional state be affected by what two STRANGERS do with their love life? It baffles me. I will never understand why people spend so much time investing their time and energy into a celebrity couple they know nothing about, then feel soooo devastated and gutted when they break up. Crazy.

  8. 133
    mel Says:

    what i’d like to know is how it’s up to 9 on the real thing when neither nina or ian’s reps confirmed it. it came from a gossip site who is usually wrong and just likes to create rumors.
    and plus, these two were in different countries when the rumor came out. nina was in u.s while ian wasn’t. ian was calling nina is girlfriend a few days ago.
    I don’t see these two as one of the -lets-break-up-through- text type of people, they’re way too mature for that childish crap. and that quote some are saying that’s about nina on ian’s twitter, you’re wrong. ian is,like, in his 30′s. what guy in that age acts that immature? seriously…

  9. 134
    Sasha Says:

    well when same web site wrote that he broke up with his ex Nian shippers were first to trust and jump and down, when all over the world some solid sources says that they broke up Nian shippers says that it is just rumors
    Thta is hilarious
    they showed so many times that they broke up i guess even before NewYaer because they took friends with then for vacation and fans were to blind to see it
    they spend all week ends and holidays openly apart they looked stressed and pathetic and soo fake
    fans put to much pressure on them
    i can bet that at Upfronts fans wont see two professionals posing together for the show sake they will claim that Nian are still together
    Poor ian even if he openly goes with other woman fans will still say she is a friend and he is secretly married to Dobrev

  10. 135
    Pat Says:

    Nian shippers are hilarious. When magazines post articles stating Ian and Nina have broken up, they’re “rumours”. When fans read into Ian’s demeanour and passing comments at a Con, or twitter comments from fans, suddenly it’s the “truth.” They’ll believe ANYTHING that even hints that Nina and Ian are still together, but disregard the fact that basically every news source and publication has published an article stating they’ve broken up.

  11. 136
    marie Says:

    Today, ian confirmed that he’s still in a rel. with nina. Let this be a lesson to people to only believe things when the reps or the people involve confirm split, not a gossip site.

  12. 137
    Laurie Says:


    Here is another example of the Nian shippers hearing only what they want to hear. Ian’s comment today at the Con was him talking about something he said to someone at a PAST Con. Listen to the YT video carefully and he clearly is referring to a conversation that was in the past. Yet Nian fans are spreading this misinformation that he and Nina are still together. Shows such a lack of respect to twist his words to suit their own fantasy because they can’t handle what appears to be the reality.

  13. 138
    sammy Says:

    I think they split up some time bk , they have been spending so much time apart then every month do damage control when pple started talking by holding hands . They kept up appearances for the sake of the show . Don`t blame Nina shes young and changing is part of growing up , Ian should find someone his own age and stop being creepy.

  14. 139
    seriously? Says:

    You call yourself fans? You have turned this persons into your own muppets. They are people with feelings. So IF this is truth you should respect that. Stot twisting Ian’s words. He clearly told a storie from the past. But if you wanna keep that why don’t you keep what he told in the begining? That life as television leads you somethimes where you don’t like?
    Respect them for Gods shake.Stop twisting his words because it’s not the first time. If you admire Ian for him and what he does not who he dates.
    Sames goes for nina.
    And Sammy i aggree that Nina is young and has to live many wonderful things but Ian is not creepy. He is a wonderful man so keep this opinion to yourself if you don’t like him. At least respect all the others that like him.
    It’t not their age difference here the matter. We don’t know what went wrong. But enough with the speculations and the blame game. They are people, they are profecionals and IF this is true they don’t need you on their back acting all drama queens.

  15. 140
    lissa Says:

    guys, they’re still together. don’t believe anything gossip sites say, alright? unless it comes from nina reps or ian’s, then it’s true. let’s not act like overdramatic people…

  16. 141
    Sasha Says:

    well neither then neither their reps confirmed their relationships EVER it was fans who twisted their words and always assumed that they talk about each other not about anyone else and press sold it quite well
    The only time reps did a statement was very fast after marriage rumors were published in 2012. That was the only time when smth was official
    IF after this break up we will have fantastic reunion very soon and also very fitting to what’s going on on the show it will PROVE that whole Nian thing was always a showmance for ratings
    you really want to make them look as people who did used fake relationships for ratings, because when you claim that rumors which were posted exactly at the time of important episode are false then it is the same as you say the whole Nian is fake.
    As i say they will continue do their thing and will be seen together because they work together and are friends, but as was said before Nian fans made them as personal muppets!

  17. 142
    lissa Says:

    @Sasha: whoa. I didn’t say they’re fake or whatever. calm down girl.

  18. 143
    seriously? Says:

    For some reason my comment is awaiting moderation so i will try one more time.
    Sorry guys but i will aggree with Sasha here. The timing is weird.
    I really admire Ian – he is really smart and i love his work and i find Nina a beautiful girl and talented. I do believe that their relationship is/was real. This break up thing really got out of hand and we don’t have an answer from the reps – the time that we had the marriage rumors the reps declined them really quickly as did Ian and Nina themselfs. Now we have nothing and personally i believe that they don’t have to give as a personal statement. But IF after all this we indeed have a major reunion that fits the TVD storyline that would be really fishy. And i don’t want to see them as persons than used their relationship for the ratings.
    I will say again that i do believe that they have/had a real relationship but i don’t believe in the fairytale. They have’had a relationship like the rest of us that makes/made it’s course. Nothing more than that. They fairytales are nice but thats what they are:Fairytales.
    That being said, i will say that have some respect for those persons. If they decided to go apart it’s their choice. Stop putings things in their mouths, stop makings manips, stop looking for things like ”omg they look so happy so they are fine- they are profesionals what did you expect them? cry a river in fron of the fans?. When you have to work you have to work and you do it with a smile. People with children are geting divorces and their life continues so why wouldn’t they?
    They have the media having a party with their names right now so they don’t need you also. Reeal fans admire and respect them as individuals and really don’t care if they are dating or not. Sorry but they are much more than their relationship.
    At the end of the day they are not our friends. They are people that we get glimpse a of their life so we now nothing.

  19. 144
    seriously? Says:

    *know nothing
    Sorry for any other typos mistakes! Thank you!

  20. 145
    Sasha Says:

    I didn’t want to say that they are fake, i am sorry if it sounded so. It is just if there would be no official and direct comments about break up and then they will be suddenly all reunited in front of paps again especially with how for a long time they been pictured only when smth was in TVD (it is sad for me but i am not blind not to notice the pattern) THAT will show that their relationship looks like Robsten 2.0. Pure fanservice
    I might say that i don’t see them as a couple in love like Nian fans tend to write about them – for a long haul, secret marriage e.t.c
    I have a serious list of reasons why i think that they have close, comfortable relationships and they still have them. Just break up statement is a try to get off crazy fans from their backs. Because both Nina and Ian always gives vague answers (if they give any at all) about relationships and never call at each other as about lover, always just about friend and co worker. But the pressure is huge, pregnancy rumors, direct question about marriage. So this break up articles is just to throw fans back to earth. I am not saying that my POV is fac but what i see, that two people were very close, may be lovers, may be just very good friends who are forced to spend a lot of time together and play lovers on screen so off screen they try spend a lot of time together to not lose the chemistry (i am not crazy i read an interview with DiCaprio about shooting Titanic and he said that he and Kate spend as much time and week ends together as possible but as friends, so on screen the sparks would fly) but never been that serious as fans claim. And now may be Nina may be Ian need a personal space but because of fans and media they cant. Imagine what would happen if any of them would be seen with anyone else? Cheating rumors even if they are not true are worse than break up statement
    and this statement wasn’t denied by then or reps so i tend to think it is solid news. Bc if not they would do smth about it. They wont comment about break up the same as they never confirmed they are together.
    Fans see and expects too much and this is sad bc usually fans support actors and in this case they ruining careers and life

  21. 146
    Melissa Says:

    She’s too young to be married with kids. She should date hotter guys and she has a great movie career ahead of her. She needs some Passion Toys for those lonely nights at AthenaToysDotcom

  22. 147
    seriously? Says:

    You hit the nail here! Fans are really hard on them. I understood that you didn’t judge them as a fake couple. As i said i aggre with your previews comment. Till now they seem as a couple that broke up. Nothing new here. but IF there is a massive reunion then that will be weird.
    I believe that either way they won’t comment the whole thing – and the don’t have to. Not all people make a personal statement..
    But some fans should learn their boudaries. Being sad is one thing. Asking their family the casta and everyone that knows that of this is true is an other. They should take a step back and imagine their selfes in that situition. Would they like their family and friends being harassed so much?

  23. 148
    quinn Says:

    I think this is a PR stunt for tvd ratings. I’m not saying they’re fake couple (i believe they’re actually dating) just that the ‘split’ is to bring more ratings to tvd.. sorry if i didn’t explain that well enough lol.

  24. 149
    lilu Says:

    But if such cruel to their fans thing as break up rumors is a PR stunt made exactly at the day of an episode then it make sense to think that all their relatoinships is fake
    If they ok to make such stunt there is no problem for them to be PR couple at all

  25. 150
    FPP Says:

    Call it a Professional Opinion for what its worth….
    They are both actors, and apart from appreciating their FANS, they really owe them nothing with regards to commenting on this possible break-up…After all they are not emotionally nor are they personally attached to their Fans…They are people doing their job respectfully…
    Nina was smart not to comment on twitter about the alleged break up…
    However I think Ian may have acted impulsively with his twitter comment i.e. People change, etc…and later realizing what he said,( I mean it’s not like he could take it back once he put it out there) he then just tweeted normally after the fact…The reason I say that, is because when you tweet a quote such as he did, you open up a whole can of worms and it then becomes opened to “Perceptual Error” and of course you are going to get a lot of interpretations because of it…I would have continued on and not said anything…
    With regard to Ian quoting Lillian Hellman, If anyone knew anything about her you would know this ….That not only was she an Author/Screenplay writer but she was also a known Political Activist, i.e. Marxist/Communist Party…she was also linked with many Left wing causes….

    RE: Her Quote”People change and forget to tell each other”…(1905 – 1984)…

    She described how her relationship with Melby changed over time and how their sexual relationship was briefly renewed in 1950 after a long hiatus: “The relationship obviously at this point was neither one thing nor the other: “it was neither over nor was it not over.” She said that: …”to make it black and white would be the lie it never has been, nor do I think many other relations ever are. I don’t think it is as much a mystery as perhaps it looks. It has been a…completely personal relationship of two people who once past being in love also happen to be very devoted to each other and very respectful of one another, and who I think in any other time besides our own would not be open to question of the complete innocence of and the complete morality, if I may say so, of people who were once in love and who have come out with respect and devotion to one another”….
    Now lets all get on with our day and enjoy TVD :)

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