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Jennifer Aniston: Living Proof Good Hair Day Web Series Launch!

Jennifer Aniston: Living Proof Good Hair Day Web Series Launch!

Jennifer Aniston poses for a pic with hairstylist Chris McMillan at the Living Proof Good Hair Day Web Series launch held at The Royalton Hotel on Wednesday (May 8) in New York City.

The 44-year-old actress was joined at the event by Living Proof Beauty Company CEO Jill Beraud.

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Check out the brand new series below, where Jennifer and Chris chat about why women are obsessed with hair – especially Jennifer Aniston‘s hair!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston at the launch of the Living Proof web series…

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jennifer aniston living proof good hair day web series launch 01
jennifer aniston living proof good hair day web series launch 02
jennifer aniston living proof good hair day web series launch 03
jennifer aniston living proof good hair day web series launch 04
jennifer aniston living proof good hair day web series launch 05
jennifer aniston living proof good hair day web series launch 06
jennifer aniston living proof good hair day web series launch 07
jennifer aniston living proof good hair day web series launch 08
jennifer aniston living proof good hair day web series launch 09
jennifer aniston living proof good hair day web series launch 10
jennifer aniston living proof good hair day web series launch 11

Credit: Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty
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  • Nancy Travers

    I love Jennifer Aniston. She is a true celebrity.

  • Beautiful!

    as always

  • Jentheho

    Her chin is hideous. Same boring fugly hair. Where’s the SNL skit? Huvsy pulled it off as soon as it when on.

  • Jennifer Aniston is


  • Cece

    She just seems like “living proof” of lousy hair to me. It is looking so dull, lifeless and outdated lately. The dress is kinda cute but the shoes — does she own those in every color???

  • test


  • Ertie

    Really tired of these actresses and their damn facial enhancements. Move aside already, out with the old, in with the new

  • kelly

    Her hair looks thinning, no body and flat (no shine). She may have had good hair during the Rachel cut days but not now. Bobbi Thomas does have great hair.

  • test

    She was never pretty but she used to be attractive. Now she looks like a mix of Kathy Griffin, Dustin Hoffman and an uglier version of Barbra Streisand.
    She needs to stop tanning it’s bad for her skin, ages her and she looks orange. she need to take better care of that hair too it looks unhealthy.

  • kelly

    Actually I think she looks like Katie Couric and Kathy Lee Grfford these days. They all must go to the same doctor.

  • test Jill Beraud has less make up, has healthier skin and hair and looks younger and more attractive.

  • Fakiston!!

    This chick need to give it up! Half that straw nest she calls her hair is full of infused extensions because she has damaged her hair with years of peroxide color to keep from being her real self.

    She is nothing more than this companies living lab rat to test their products and the only difference is they have to pay the rat.

  • Bony Angie

    Wow, Jen’ hair looks so luxury!

  • sandra

    @Bony Angie: the bony angie is healthy, she carried 3 children
    aniston ? 0

  • JillyRo

    I never understood the fascination with her hair. It often looks limp with no body and she wears it the same always, she has an Iggy Pop hairstyle!!! Heck I have better hair, do more with it each day than JA does. People who admire her hair must have crap hair themselves!! Because her hair is not extraordinary, it’s actually very ordinary (long and parted in middle, why do people find that WOW?!). But it’s funny how she is better know for her hair than anything else!!!

  • Bony Angie

    Perfect skin, perfect legs and the best smile in the world.

  • sandra

    @Bony Angie: she’s fake, she has the same publicist as reese, gwhynet, Chelsea always smiling but behind it’s another story

  • Bony Angie

    People find her hair WOW
    because she is beautiful nice and positive,
    and if woman is beautiful inside
    her EVERYTHING becomes perfect.

  • sandra

    @Bony Angie: perfect ! NO (lol)

  • jilly

    Jennifer is so gorgeous! Not only her hair but as #16 say, her smile! It could light up the whole street! Beautiful fit body and skin to die for. Now jealous girls, go back to your trailers and start crying and crying and crying some more.

  • jilly

    @Sandra: Your idol is melting away, pathetic!

  • bwhahaha!!



  • D.Scott

    Rachel is still so very beautiful.

  • Leens

    I love her! but i love my hair more :)

  • jilly

    @#22: You talk like you’ve seen up close and personal, I don’t think so! Oh, maybe in your dreams…

  • Bony Angie

    Yes, PERFECT!

  • anonymous

    This is the BEFORE part of the series, right? Because her hair looks limp and lifeless and frizzy. Who would buy a product that gives you that hair?

    I guess this company doesn’t have a lot of financial assets so they are hoping they can piggyback onto an outdated obsession with a hairstyle from the 90s rather than focusing on HEALTHY HAIR in the present.

    Whoever shot this is no Jennifer fan – lots of shots that emphasize her bad features.

    She also sounds like an airhead.

  • http://phone Gun

    She don’t really think people are that stupid, to spend money on hair products, that she don’t use.
    Her hair is like straw, badly damaged after years of bleaching and wearing extensionns.
    Hair is hereditay, you can’t make your hair thicker, your are born with all your hair follicles and as you aged you lose hair, a hair cut and hair products, can make your hair look thicker but it is just an illusion, as soon as you wash it, there is reality.
    Next, she will be plugging her plastic surgeon, because he performed a miracle on her, he can only work with what he is given, puffer fish look is in vogue these days.
    By the way did her wee guy run away like all the other men.

  • patricia s.

    Is this her identical twin brother? They have the same-sized chins.

  • Molly

    Fortunately, Jen does not need approval from any of you losers, LOL!

  • jilly

    Jen’s chin is the cutest, specially when she smiles. Love that girl!

  • jilly

    @patricia: Jealous much?

  • Bony Angie

    @patricia s.:
    Do you want to talk about sisters and brothers?
    Lets talk about Jolie’s brother.
    Nice KISS :)

  • jilly

    I wish you could post some pictures here. :)

  • jilly

    I’m allowed to post short comments with no name mentioning, you know what I mean?

  • The Ring

    You know what’s comical the way Jen the old cow plays her delusional fans a hand place over her stomach, a jacked or bag shielding her stomach and the desperate ones screams she’s pregnant
    Well either she aborts them every time she changes men or she has had the longest pregnancy in history…


  • meMeME

    The cinnamon face leather skin long chin scream mask on display her face matched the guy standing next to her



    Aniston filty black w#0re self
    aniston still whoring as usual
    doing NY
    leaving lots super stinky fawp
    many vile rotting soiled undergarment
    horrible stench
    Lola no helpaniston biggest ***** ever
    fawp thick on ground
    all over NBC studio
    all over Ellen coach
    all over furniture store
    all over doctor’s office
    all over chelsea mouth
    all over Cabo
    all over therapist coach
    float in the Hudson river
    float in the ocean
    plug LA sewer
    toxic biohazard
    use thickest rubber
    use gas mask
    use hazmat suit
    use long pole
    use net
    use tong like big blue one
    disease 4 you without
    u puke anyway
    you are warned now

  • Bony Angie


  • Bony Angie

    Hey # 38,
    what do want to say about ‘pollution’?
    Do you see Aniston in your night dreams?




  • Paula768


  • Ivy

    I have beautiful hair and won’t buy cr*p from this old lady. Why, her hair is thin and brittle! Yrs of abuse from bleaching her hair black to fake blonde hair is taking a toll on her locks. She is short and unattractive so I can just skip her. Bye bye poopy Jen!

  • http://Justjarde Gun


  • http://Justjarde Gun


  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Cute dress

  • Ashley L

    Wow, Jen is so pretty. Jennifer loves to please her Boyfriend with romantic gifts from AthenaToysDotcom

  • Ivermom

    Gorgeous woman!!!

  • TheDudeAbides

    Makes me want to see Shampoo again…

  • Janie

    i use almost no product but Living Proof along with Moroccan Oil are just the best. Living Proof = no frizz…..