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Jennifer Lawrence: Elephant Jacket at the Studio!

Jennifer Lawrence: Elephant Jacket at the Studio!

Jennifer Lawrence wears a Candela jacket featuring an embroidered elephant on the back while heading to a studio on Thursday (May 9) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress is back on the west coast after walking the red carpet at the 2013 Met Ball earlier in the week in New York City.

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Winona Ryder recently said that her “heart goes out” to Jennifer and Kristen Stewart.

“I have to say, I really wonder if I would become an actress if I was their age now,” she told Interview. “I’ve only seen part of Twilight, but I’ve seen their other work and they’re both super talented.

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  • Lou

    My heart goes to Mia Wasikowska and Saoirse Ronan. They have better chances of building a great and respectful career.

  • Katie

    @Lou Jennifer ALREADY has a great and respectful career. And Kristen is a good actor, Twilight and the media just ruined it for her. Mia and Saorise are amazing, but will most likely have low-key careers.

  • kanani

    @Lou: Jennifer Lawrence has a great and respectful career, and she’s only 22 and still fairly new to the industry! She got an Oscar nomination for Winter’s Bone in 2010 and WON (a well deserved) Oscar this year for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. She’s a great actress. I can’t say the same for Kristen Stewart though.

  • N

    Mia already has a fab career; it’s just that she doesn’t do major box office hits. Very interesting career and varied roles. A very good little actor but awful in terms of fashion taste.
    Winona Ryder: so beautiful, so famous at one time, and so crazy. She just has to say these kind of things as a subtle attempt to explain her kleptomania. It’s okay, we know you grew up in a crazy commune with a crazy godfather.

  • DD

    Jennifer, get a new hat!

  • Ann

    @ Lou … You don’t see the irony in your post, what those actresses will aspire is to win a Oscar…. What Jennifer Lawernce already has, for a thespian there is no greater honor for your work then a Oscar for best actress, even someone like Anne Hawthawy who won for best supporting actress knows she might never win Best Actress. And on top of that what those actress will never have is box office appeal, only rare actress have both, like Angelina Joile ( who a Oscar for Best supporting actress) very few others.

  • Ed

    DD: why she wore like twice… Why don’t you get a life.

  • A

    @Lou: I agree, but you have these clueless fangirls going “lyke omg, Jlaw and Kstew are wayyy better”.
    Never mind the fact that the Oscars are a joke and Harvey bought her the damn thing.
    Oh, and Winona was a much better actress at their age, she is just too humble and sweet to say it.

  • Sam

    @Lou… What a stupid comment , your heart goes out to these 2 actresses, are they terminally ill . What does Jennifer have to do with them or their careers, did I miss the memo and now every role in film is only going to be played by one actress and that’s Jennifer Lawrence

  • Ed

    @ A and I guess Harvey bought her first nomination for Winter’s Bone in 2010 before he even met her and I guess Harvey bought all those critics who praised her performance and the Toronto Film Festival audiences , and I guess Harvey bought the over 5000 Academy members that vote anonymously for Oscar ballots. So when a actress you like wins a Oscar it’s because they deserved it when someone you’re jealous of wins it’s because they bought it… Got It. Why couldn’t Harvey ( the all powerful) get a nomination besides a Oscar win for Leo DiCaprio for Django, he had more invested in that movie then, SLP. Like 4 times more OR Amy Adams for the Master.

  • Lulu

    @ Lou ????? Why don’t you save your sympathies for real suffering in this world , like those poor young girls who were kidnapped and had to become sex slaves to a deprived man for a decade… Then to two actors who are wealthy and famous and according to you will have great and succeful careers !!!! take about living up your one ass.

  • Ava

    What a cute jacket, I was looking for a army green long jacket for the spring. Poor Jen she hates getting paped, unlike the famewh0re who’s careers are getting their picture in celebrity blogs and going to events.

  • Cee Cee

    Always the same ridiculous argument in every Jennifer Lawrence posts.

  • Amber

    That’s a joke people, relax. I mean, it must be.

  • Amber

    “Jennifer Lawrence wears a jacket featuring an embroidered elephant on the back while heading to a studio”

    And this is supposed to be news?

  • Amber

    You sound like you’re 12. “Never mind the fact that the Oscars are a joke and Harvey bought her the damn thing” – lol what? Please, go learn about Oscar history, it’s role and importance to the film biz, and how the season works before displaying your ignorance so freely and hilariously.

  • Amber

    Lol, you’re trying to instill logic into these idiots deficient brain cells? Good luck with that.

  • http://yahoo She

    Jen is so cute . love her 1000 w smile . As for kristen she ruined it for herself . no one else and she cannot act to save her life

  • talia

    looks like nellie the elephant on her jacket

  • Marc

    There are a lot of great actors without oscar, like Gary Oldman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Julianne Moore, Joaquin Phoenix and more, who I think they are much better and talented than Jennifer, even Saoirse or Mia are more talented but they haven’t Jennifer’s luck and I’m not talking only about Harvey
    Sorry for my english!!!

  • Olli

    Oh here’s Moon face Lawrence!

  • Olli

    Gosh, for all her money and access to professional help Jennifer’s taste in clothes SUCKS. She seems to dress like a middle aged woman half of the time. She’s only 22……………………

  • C



  • Jill

    Yes she does dress old fashioned. People complain about Kristen Stewart’s style when not on the red carpet but at least she dresses her age. Does Jennifer ever wear jeans and a tshirt? She’s always in granny skirts and floppy hats

  • Wellaton

    Kristen has ruined her privacy because she was stupid enough making out with old guy in public.Comparing her life to Jen’s life is idiotic and direspectful.Winona should remember about her ”incident’,it also influanced her career.

  • Moya

    @Wellaton: Kristen had lost her privacy long before that incident so don’t just say it was HER fault. For some reason The Hunger Games stars don’t provoke the same frenzy as Rob and Kristen. When was the last time we saw Josh Hutcherson or when was he chased by paparazzi? Rob and Kristen never courted the press. Their fans are just obsessed with their every move. A big part of why Kristen’s cheating was such a frenzy was because she is a woman. Ashton Kutcher’s cheating barely caused a ripple. Liam H isn’t hated because he cheated with January Jones. It’s sexism and women are as guilty because it’s girls and women who are trashing Kristen all over comment sections and slut shaming. Jennifer was caught smoking dope in public too. don’t forget that next time you want to paint her as some intelligent, classy chick. Girl never stops talking about farting and shit!

  • sweety

    fat ugly cow!! LOL

  • sweety

    she is fake. Now she is running from paparazzi, but a few months ago she was posing.

  • ha ha

    Another granny skirt? she is an ugly old lady this one!

  • Awe

    her Oscar was a joke! she is fatty btw that’s why she’s running…

  • Awe

    @Moya: YEAH! I agree!

  • KissThis

    @Lou: I disagree, Neither Mia or Saoirse have the personality Jen has and that’s what a lot of people love about Jen. She’s memorable, funny, and energetic. She may not be the classic movie star – stoic and refined, but she has the IT factor.

  • Ava

    @Marc there is no great actress or actor who doesn’t have Oscar, there are not great actor who have then…… Gary Oldmen nor Leo DiCaprio are great actors just because you like means nothing.

  • Avery

    Yes unless she’s showing her ass and t!t or wearing what every other famewhore does then she’s dressed old. And if you don’t like she clothing don’t click on her pictures….. The only people fat and ugly are the ones posting comments on celebrity blogs.

  • Lulu

    Kristen Stewart will never been nominated for a Oscar, a Bafta, a Gloden Globe , Critic Choice Award or a SAG award… besides win any for best actress …and these actually average actress mentioned here will never win People’s Choice, MTV awards so suck it !!!!!!! that Jennifer Lawernce does and can in both .

  • Mia

    @ Cee Cee.))):$ I Know , it’s probably other actresses who can’t stand that Jennfier Lawrence is a critical succcess and is popular and box office success and gets on best dressed lists and on gets sexy lists like Maxim 100 , even though she not parading around in skin tight clothes or half naked, like Rihanna, Miley.

  • Katie

    @Ava That’s wrong…many great actors and actresses have Oscars.

  • Ava

    @ Katie.. Not everyone who wins a Oscar is a great actor but every GREAT actor has gotten a Oscar at one piont in their career… I guess we are saying same thing. @ Marc : who wrote a lot of great actors don’t have Oscar’s is what I was disagreeing with, every great actor has always a one point in their career won a Oscar, even if isn’t for their greatest work.

  • Amber

    “Jennifer was caught smoking dope in public too. don’t forget that next time you want to paint her as some intelligent, classy chick”
    Did you just imply that the millions in the US alone (not the mention the countless amount in the world) that smoke dope are unintelligent and unclassy? LOL!

  • Amber

    Are you moronic that you don’t realize people can see you’re the same person writing the previous 4 messages? Lmao.

  • sirius

    sorry she’s far from classy, and if smoking pot, talking about boobs, butts, farts, foods and getting drunk make a great personality then no wonder why her fans seems so dumb, they just on the same level.

  • gary

    totally agree

  • Laura


    I AGREE. U can see that her fans are crazy tumblr girls easily impressed with her ridiculous face expressions on tv, self-depreciating comments and because she is always seems to say the right thing. For Hollywood she is now the “IT GIRL” but we know that ones come and go. Not to mention that Harvey girls go from being the most loved to the most hated lol

  • Jones

    Her fans constitute people of all ages; teens (because of HG), plus all the adult ones that also liked the film (which are many), plus the older, mostly adult fans from the beginning of her career (like myself), middle adults & seniors, all the members of the academy that voted for her, members of the BFCA, SAG (her peers), HFPA, and every other award organization that voted for her, the millions that saw her at the Oscars and liked and praised her, and so on and so forth. She has fans from all walks of life, of all ages. I know you’re bitter and an imbecile, but hopefully you realize that now.

    Smoking pot, mentioning a funny, harmless incident about your boobs, talking about food, mentioning you took a shot, has nothing to do with being classy, or having a bad personality. On the contrary, she’s liked by millions because she’s so conversationalist, funny, easy-going, and doesnt take herself too seriously. You’re beyond resentful and moronic.

    No one cares about “it girl” status, neither does she. If you were to know an ounce of what you talk about, you’d know she’s actually said she’d rather not be relevant that way. If your definition of “it girl” is being an in demand ACTRESS, getting roles, then that’s something she’ll always have, since she’s very respected by her peers, very acclaimed, liked and bankable. She’s also not a “Harvey girl”. Again, if you were ever paying attention, she was very acclaimed and respected, and got a bunch of nominations including and Oscar nod way before Harvey ever came in touch with her, before she did HG. She’s far from Gwyneth Paltrow, who was never nearly as acclaimed and respected (in fact, she’s never been), who’s win is universally derided, and who’s win was her first and only nomination.

    But by all means, continue being an immature, bitter, and clueless imbecile. What are you, a bitter Twilight fan or something? Christ.