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Reese Witherspoon to Reunite with 'Walk the Line' Director

Reese Witherspoon to Reunite with 'Walk the Line' Director

Reese Witherspoon steps out to do some shopping on Wednesday afternoon (May 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 37-year-old actress has lined up yet another new project and she is set to reunite with her Walk the Line director James Mangold for the upcoming adaptation of the memoir Three Little Words. Amanda Seyfried is in talks to star in the film as well.

The film is “a true-life Dickens-esque tale of a young Florida girl who entered the child welfare system when she was four. [The story] centers on the relationship between the girl and the unpaid volunteer (Witherspoon) who discovers her nine years later. The volunteer must search for and convince the biological mother (Seyfried) to surrender her parental rights so the teen can begin a new life,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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  • ace11

    You would think after last weeks incident she would be trying to lay low

    But there she is smiling/smirking to the cameras like nothing happened

    Her selfishness knows no limits

  • I know all

    She needs to do a sex scene. One with lots of nudity.

  • Paul

    @ace11: Don’t be an idiot. What the hell else is Reese suppose to do? Walk around looking all depressed!!??

    Reese’s behavior was stupid, she apologized, the end.

  • Duh.

    I think the whole incident was a publicity stunt… I haven’t seen her in any news for MONTHS and now all of a sudden she’s everywhere. Smart move?

  • KissThis

    People, get over her “incident.” It’s not a big deal, at all. Other celebrities have done much worse.

  • Justme

    She does seems happy and smirky alot for a person who just went through a public DUI incident. She seems to be loving the attention. But she’s a skip and a jump towards 40, hasn’t had a hit movie in almost 10 years so likely milking the attention. As she is a classic a “Do you know who I am” entitled person, it’s maybe no wonder her large ego knows no shame.

  • JillyRo

    I though DO YOU KNOW MY NAME was 5 little words not 3?!!

    Hahaha, that quote will follow her arround ALWAYS. Wait until she does the press for any movies, the puns will be out full force LOL. Including “I am an American Citizen Sir” and many other silly things she said that night. LOVE how she has become a LOL joke!!

  • WhatATool

    “Do you know who I am?” YES a Phony Hag!!

  • Pattycake

    @Duh.: Right, right. The tapes of her spouting lies and acting like an ass where a planned event. And the DUI for her husband? Another staged event? If you hadn’t seen RW in the news months before this, then you haven’t been paying attention. In fact, I think you might have been in a coma.

  • Frozoid

    Does she do anything else besides shop?

  • Lisa

    Another Hollywood LEFTY, do you know who my name, i above the law. WILL NEVER PAY TO SEE YOUR FILMS AGAIN.

  • alice

    Lefty????? Crazy, certainly. Her chin sticks out more than ever. Ugly, inside and outside.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    You´re absolute right, KissThis!
    In the series of pictures before, one of the non-sympathisants posted again under my moniker (post # 73). This “wrong Dirk” is an intrigeous snake!
    Fine to see Reese again! She looks fantastic! And she looks happy!
    And that makes me happy, too!
    I like her casual clothes, yep! Especially the green jacket, yep.
    She is and will always be a magic wildwood-flower for my heart – like Edelweiss, yep !
    Her Spirit will always make my heart Dance!

  • The Bird

    That’s who I know!

  • MnL

    Phony Biscuits and Gravy

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    I´ve said it once, I say it twice:
    The Bird = MnL
    A manipulator needs always 2 names (or even some more??), ha-ha!
    Puleeze, you need only one single birdcage to post your stupid insults!
    You sound like a gross pigeon! But not like a little cute bluebird!
    BTW: I guess, that “Surf´s up” is this intrigeous snake, who posted with my moniker in the last series of pictures!
    Is he someone, who thinks, that he still can play the role of “Sebastian” of the movie “Cruel Intentions”, who thinks: “I am the GREAT SEBASTIAN,
    I could get all the younger women (that are younger than Pattycake!) I want. Oh, look at my great muscles! Oh, look at my six-pack! Oh, look at my tattoos!”
    “Sebastian-Time” is overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Get a Life!!!
    Of course, this is just a speculation!!! So, don´t get angry, if you read this,
    “Surf´s up”. Cool down! I am so fair, that I say, that it´s just a speculation.
    Think about this fairness!
    @Pattycake: Please, don´t get passive aggression now!
    And don´t tell my now, that I just project myself onto you. I know, that you have a GREAT SHIELD, that protects, what your heart is speaking.
    BTW: I want to marry a women with a similar age of mine.
    I would always Plump for Reese, whatelse! She would always and
    foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreese be the best choice for my heart, yep!
    Even in a million years!
    But of course, Jim is now her chosen one. And my heart accepts that.
    And puleeze, I am not Reese, who is posting this!!! I am Dirk!

  • MnL

    @Dirk Reese_Fan

    I have never said anything about your manic rants and crazyness. Don’t open your mouth when you know nothing about who I am. I post as MnL and that is it! Keep to yourself when it comes to my moniker or I will report you for harassment. We are entitled to our words whether you like them or not.

  • SMH

    I remember the days when you could come to gossip/entertainment sites, give your opinion about the topic and everyone would respect it whether they agreed or not. NOW you have commenters attacking commenters because they stated their opinions which doesn’t jive with theirs? Pathetic! Takes the fun out of it!

  • Casey

    Shoulda heeded Steve’s advice, Reese!!