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Chloe Moretz to Play Young Prostitute in 'The Equalizer'

Chloe Moretz to Play Young Prostitute in 'The Equalizer'

Chloe Moretz stops to take a picture with an awaiting fan as she arrives at Pearson International Airport on Wednesday afternoon (May 8) in Toronto, Canada.

The 16-year-old actress, who was accompanied by her mom Teri and brother Trevor, is reportedly back in town to film Carrie re-shoots.

It was just revealed that Chloe has landed the lead role in the upcoming film The Equalizer opposite Denzel Washington and from director Antoine Fuqua.

Chloe‘s role was initially meant to go to a twenty-something actress, but after she read for the part with Denzel, it was re-written to be a young prostitute similar to Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, according to Deadline. Sounds so exciting!!!

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  • Warren

    Yep, pretty exciting! Sexy Chloe! Gotta see and buy that movie for sure.

  • Bina

    Why not give the role to the 20s actress? Gees. Instead Hollywood wants to give some 16 year old this illusion that she’s edgy cause she’s playing a teenage prostitute.

  • Susan

    @Bina: Agree, hollyweird strikes again.

  • KissThis

    Reese Witherspoon also played a prostitute around the age of 16 or 17. Hmmm… wonder if their careers will go in the same direction.

  • Cam

    “Hollywood wants to give some 16 year old this illusion that she’s edgy cause she’s playing a teenage prostitute.”

    This comment makes zero sense. Sounds like jealousy.

  • XYZ


    And urs sounds like stupidity

  • ann

    It’s great that Chloe’s getting meaty roles, but I noticed that she keeps getting the ones that deal with adult content. I hope she’s grounded enough in her personal and family life to keep everything in perspective. She’s a bright young talent and I’d like to see her keep working without falling into the Lohan trap.

  • Fercat

    She’s also an American citizen. :D

  • Ceara

    Oh what a surprise, same girl that said the c word for a movie when she was only 10 is playing a prostitute. Shocker.

  • billy black

    What I’m curious about is why her managers and agents would send their SIXTEEN year old client up for a role that was originally casting for someone in their TWENTIES

  • Awe

    the funny part is that of you say something bad about an actress crazy fans came with the “it is jealousy” please kids go back to tumblr

  • Cam

    The assertion that being given a role in a film was done to “give her an illusion she’s edgy” is a moronic statement no matter which way any of you slice it. Idiotic comments like that and the ones that followed are not new to JJ of course.

  • jack

    Chloe taking this role is not because she wants to be edgy or trendy..she is trying to grow as an actor….trying to be the best she can be at her craft….not all of us are happy making $2.13 as a waitress for the rest of our lives….some aspire to greatness and I believe this young lady is doing just that…..I predict an Oscar within the next 5 years for her….she is that effing good…..just watch her …and her saying the ‘c’ word …please people you can hear that on the playground, food court, salad bar….stop trying to be so PC….it don’t work and it ain’t ever worked…Let the girl be and watch some cinematic magic unfold……her parents have done a fantastic job and she is not train wreck coke whore lohan-wanna be……..

  • Bina

    @Cam: Jealous? BAHAHA. Where would you get that cliche conclusion, imbecile? I said give the role to someone it was originally intended for. Where did I imply, that should be me? How is it moronic what I said? This is not just offering a role to someone that was already written, this is actually changing a role that was meant for an adult to go to a teenage actress who was 15, like a few months ago to play a prostitute.

    How can you be so transparent and dense? They are trying so hard to peddle this girl as a “mature” and “edgy” actress by casting her in roles that are just shock value oscar bait garbage.

  • Bina

    @jack: Greatness? She played a 13 year old sexualised rape victim wielding a gun and that film was torn to shreds by critics. Don’t give me that BS. There is a reason she has a fanbase of creepy older men who have lusted after her since she was 12.

  • Cam

    @Bina: Asserting that those working on a film pick someone for a role just so she can have “an illusion that she’s edgy” is moronic. I don’t know how to state it any more simply than that.

    Since they let her audition for the role they obviously had no issues with the possibility of a 16-year-old as the character going in. They obviously liked what they saw. What do you care if they dial back the age of the character as a result of her impressing the cast and crew? When you cry over that it makes you sound like you have some sort of personal animosity towards the girl.

    I’d love to know which role she has done ever at any point was considered oscar bait.

    By the way, how the hell do you know who her fanbase consists of? I’m guessing you’ve never come face-to-face with one of them.

  • Jim

    Chloe has immense sex appeal. That’s why they cast her in this movie.

    She’s had sex appeal from a very early age.

    Most guys even found her sexy in the first Kick-Ass movie. That’s why the debate started about her being sexualized in that movie, when she wore that completely normal schoolgirl outfit.

    She wasn’t sexualized… she simply was sexy.

    And the photo shoots and videos she’s done have basically all played on her sexiness. And she knows the effect she has on men, just look at the clothes she picks for herself, leather skirts and see-through blouses when she was thirteen.

    Yeah, she was hot already at 12 and everybody knows it…but hush, hush, we can’t say it out loud.

    But sex sells, so, again, that’s why they cast her in this role.