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Jennifer Lawrence Jets Off to Montreal for 'X-Men' Shoot!

Jennifer Lawrence Jets Off to Montreal for 'X-Men' Shoot!

Jennifer Lawrence makes her way through LAX Airport to catch a departing flight on Sunday (May 12) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old Oscar-winning actress is on her way to Montreal to film scenes for her highly anticipated film X-Men: Days of Future Past, which will reunite her with ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult.

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“If possible, there was even less preparation because I was like, ‘I’ve done this before’,” Jennifer recently said about prep for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. “We had a lot of the same crew. Josh [Hutcherson] and Liam [Hemsworth] were there. Normally, when I do a movie, I’m meeting people for the first time, so it was amazing to be able to have the same group of people. It was so fun.”

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Kara Ackerman rings and carrying a rag & bone bag.

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  • Chloe

    Looking amazing like always! Love the outfit, especially the hat :)

  • gary


  • amy

    double chin

  • Allison

    She always seems to be “caught” at the airport.

  • Lola_uk

    Damn, that b!tch is ugly! thought that was a dude lol

  • gameofbones

    Are she and Joaquin Phoenix an item? I hope so. I love them both and think they’d be great together.

  • Tom

    The pap is so close, don’t they have to keep at some distance, can’t go right up on a person.

  • finn

    her face looks strange.

  • patch

    Overrated and medicore actress,she don’t deserve all the praise and awards she got.

  • Luu

    @ Lola ..where do you come from, what a nasty pig you are, who refers to other women as bi!ches , since it’s obvious you’re low rent , that’s what a women looks like without tattoos , fake hair extensions, and walking around with their azz and t!ts hanging out.

  • sweetness

    The ever busy and successful Oscar winning Jennifer always on the go!
    She deserves all the praise bestowed upon her. She rocks!

  • Selmay

    @patch: I have to agree, seems like a biatch too. Emma Stone, Rooney Mara, Mia Wasikowska are the names we will see in 20 years, getting amazing work still. You’ll see ;)

  • Awe

    her lips? Botox? lol

  • Eva

    Patch ::::::: because some loser posting on celebrity blogs should know what great acting is and who deserves praise for it, not the movie critics or her peers in the industry.

  • Avery

    How do you Botox lips, she freeze her lips so they don’t move, dumb idiots that post on Just Jared.

  • Ed

    She looks gorgeous as usual , God some many jealous hags making comments.

  • Mia

    Can’t believe we have to wait until November for Catching Fire. Wished they had released it in the summer , hate all these superhero movies. Jen looks amazing and the opposite of tri- hard 4 inch heels full face and hair. …… Love my Katniss.

  • patch

    @Eva: If you need critics opinion to know what movie or actor is good or bad then thats your problem. I don’t care about someone else opinion, I watch enough movies and young actors especially from Europe and Lawrence isn’t “a miracle” like some magazine called her :)

  • Sammy

    @Allison so true, it’s not like the paparazzi hang out at the LA airport because so many celebrities come and go from there, it’s because she wants some close up awkward pictures taken , the difference of when someone calls up paps , go and look at Kim Kardashians airport pictures.

  • Connie

    Love you Jen, so happy she hasn’t caved under the pressure of being stick thin like everyone else, and that she doing so well critically and commercially

  • lola

    Too much of this chick already

  • Yvette

    @Patch sorry to break it to you but your opinion means nothing, Jennifer Lawernce is not only critically succeeful but also commercially successful, which so few actors are AND Oscar ,SAGs awards are her peers, (other actress, actors directors, producers ) who voted for her. So critices , the public and the industry all praise her acting But some person who posts on celebrity blogs knows who has real talent and who’s really mediocre, OK there.

  • Pat

    She never goes to events, every few months it’s only pap shot of her running in and out of the airport love to see more of her instead of the same old famewhore’s Jessia Alba’s , Kim and her famewhore family, Rihanna,Oliva Wilde , that chick who dating Geroge Clonney, Eva Longeria

  • LiamFan

    That shade of that lipstick is so white trash.

  • Amanda

    Jennifer Lawernce always working poor girl never gets time off, maybe this summer sh* t she only 22 she needs to party more, Can’t believe I have to wait 6 months for Hunger Games Catching Fire to come out, love’d the book.

  • Lola_uk

    @Luu: excuse me b!tch but, did i hit a nerve or something?

  • Luu

    Lola …. you talk so ghetto and aggressive … Do you know any other word besides bi!ch , really some chick from the Uk posting on a celebrity blog thinks she can hit a never posting ignoramus blathering I just find you pathetic and sad, maybe you can’t help herself and that’s all you’ve known, referring to women you’ve never encountered vile names .. Brought up like a animal /become a animal .

  • Lola_uk

    @Luu: lol you’re so weak! why don’t you grow a spine and stop being so sensitive. you’re getting bent out of shape from comments made by a complete stranger via the internet! getting your feelings all hurt over gossip website comments; are you for real?

    And to top it of, you’re a complete hypocrite. you are offended by my name-calling but you call me nasty things in return.

    cheers b!tch! :)

  • Avery

    Really like that necklace, wonder if it means anything and who made it. So predictable after she won the Oscar all the jealous nelly’s posing the same old , she sucks , can’t act , ugly. Everytime a girl wins , who’s young, pretty , people ( mostly women) feel the need to take them part and down to their mediocre level.

  • Lulu

    Calling out your posts for what they are isn’t calling you nasty names … Calling you nasty names is calling you a “ghetto whore”, and so far the vocabulary you’ve used it’s obvious you are the UK version of the ghetto. “So weak” , ” you for real ” …. o’k there street tough. Grow a spine and stop being sensitive when people call women b!tches , is that what they teach in the ghetto, no a prefer my way calling out people like you for the need to degrade and dehumanize other women.

  • Lola_uk

    @Lulu: you know, being a woman doesn’t make you inherently special! the fact that jennifer lawrence (or you) has a vag.ina doesn’t mean that i can’t insult her. do you get this bent out of shape when people call men “d!cks” or “douchebags”? of course, you don’t because you are a hypocrite.

    in making those previous comments, the point was to insult. where did i degrade and dehumanise?
    again, grow up.

    ps. what’s with the obsession with the ghetto? you fancy some ghetto c0ck or did you get turned out by one? #DoTell

  • KissThis

    I adore Jen, she’s funny, talented, unique, and has great energy. BUT I hate her new hair. Just saying. It makes her look a lot older and not in a good way. We have all had bad hair styles though. I just think she looked her best in 2011.

  • Kat

    For those of you implying she called the paparazzi, she didn’t, A girl who was on her flight tweeted a picture of her while they were on the plane, so papz and fans showed up.

  • kris

    She is boring and overrated.

  • Chris

    I ‘love’ how everyone says that she is attractive and beautiful showing how the media controls their minds. She is not attractive. She is average (no one is ugly!). And she also is not a good actress…

  • Rob

    @Kat: yeah like they read the tweet and flew at the airport….oooh please of course she called them..most of the celebrities calls them! Wake up :p

  • Nicky

    @ thanks Chris for clearing how the media controls our mind, with making blanket statements on what you believe, so it has to be the truth.. so now I must think she is unattractive , untalented because you say so…. Wait What ????

  • Nicky

    Rob …….. Don’t know if you know this but paps hang out at the LA airport.. And I don’t known what that other poster is rambling on about since she flying out of LA and wasn’t on a flight.

  • Melina

    @Boring. And you would know how? have you had a conservation with her ? or is she supposed entertain you will walking into a airport… Let me guess you’re a fan of Rihanna… Boring what a stupid criticism, as if celebrities private lives are for the entertain of losers with no lives.

  • Luu

    @Lola.. Such a silly ignorant creature, ah really grown calling random people b!tches , so cool & tough…. What’s ironic is you telling someone else to grow up . It’s obvious you’er not the brightest bulb, but even you can knowledge that there is a whole cottage industry in our culture that refers to women as wh0res and bi!ches and that the equivalent objectification isn’t true for men. That’s difference of how I was raised to you, no I don’t call men or women vulgar names for no reason but to make me feel better about myself.

  • Lola_uk

    @Luu: fcuk you! you dumb c0ck-sucking kunty buckety wh0re! i hope you choke on a fat d!ck you kum-guzzling, weak-minded, hypocritical, scanky, hairy-arsed, pseudo-feministic, pizzle-breath b!tch!


  • Moco Loco

    She’s pretty in a girl-next-door sense but amazing looking? No. She is a very good actress but she is overhyped to the extreme. Hope she doesn’t get burned out because she is only 22.

  • Rupert Sanders


  • jean

    You people have to be real losers to sit behind a computer and dissect someones looks. She is there to make movies and nothing else. I would love to know what you gremlins do.

  • ontd

    @jean: It’s called a gossip site and that’s what peeps do here….we speculate on everyone’s sexuality and dissect their looks. If I was being paid a 7 figure salary and put myself out there I would expect people to dissect everything about me.

  • Jean

    @Ontd…There a difference from dissecting people looks to just naming calling because your a jealous hag and somehow when you look in the mirror your so much better looking then people who get paid millions in part because of their looks.

  • Matthew

    Macro loco******** Well to me she is amazing looks , on film where features are more pronounced she looks amazes especially in close up’s and who is better looking in movies now, in her age group I can’t think of anybody. And she is the only peron who ended awards season without every other day being linked to a new movie… She’s smart and picky about her projects. besides the films that she was scheduled to do before her Oscar I haven’t heard one new movie project .. So I don’t think she will get burned out.

  • Nia

    Love that maxi dress, so cute, she looking so good, love the hair colour.

  • ontd

    @Jean: You sound like a bitter, unloved bitch. Seriously, chill dude. Don’t take it out on me since you aren’t living the dream.

  • ontd

    @Jean: You are a bitter, unloved, undesired b itch.