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Owl City: 'Metropolis' Video Premiere! (Exclusive)

Owl City: 'Metropolis' Video Premiere! (Exclusive)

Check out the premiere of Owl City‘s new music video for “Metropolis,” premiering exclusively on

The musical project – made up of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Young – recently wrapped up a tour with Maroon 5 and also lent a song to the hit movie The Croods.

“Metropolis” is the most recent single off of Owl City‘s latest album The Midsummer Station, which is available now on iTunes.

“Hey by the way, got a new video coming out next week for this song called Metropolis. It’s pretty cool. #OCTMS,” Adam tweeted last week.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the video for Owl City’s “Metropolis”?

Owl City: “Metropolis” Video Premiere

Also pictured inside: Adam taking a break while helping launch the Oreo “Wonderfilled” campaign in New York City.

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  • Marc Goddard

    That’s actually seriously cool, I wish someone would do a video like this based on me ahaha :P

  • icca

    nyemnyem :3

  • Majors

    The Cinematography was Great, but the live action was quite anticlimactic. I didn’t need a super awesome show down, but the simple push and walk hurt a little with the background of the power of the drawn Super Hero and Villain.

  • Emily

    That’ so cool! That is what a real hero does :)

  • marleen

    awesome !

  • originalfan

    Right when he gets to the top, Adam embarrasses himself with this. This music video had the potential to be really good and also a top single on Billboard. But this video literally puts all of that in the trashcan. Adam, I’m an original fan from all the way back to Of June and I still love your music. But sometimes you make a few wrong moves that could potentially lead to higher success. I know you aren’t reaching for it. But please, no more childish nerdy videos. Especially no Hollister. I wish the best for you.

  • Kay

    So.. He can’t defend the kids who are getting beat up, but as soon as they go after his girl, he becomes the hero? Eh.
    Not my favorite Owl City video.
    But the song still rocks.

  • http://pepygnzls Amelie Blair

    I love this video. I love how it shows a kid finally standing up to a bully. Just love it.

  • Stacey

    When I saw the opening of it I thought ‘Cool! This looks interesting’ because I mean – comic superheroes right? The only word I can really come up with is limp. I love the song, but the video… It just didn’t go anywhere. It’s pretty accurate though, that sort of stuff is basically what DOES happen in high school – people see other kids being bullied and they just stand by and let it happen. Kind of disappointed that this is pretty much all the video shows.

    I’m agreeing with those about the ending though. Unrealistic, as if a guy like that and his mates are just going to wimp out just because the kid goes over, pushes him a little and takes the book walking off. It’s kind of giving the impression that if you get involved with something like that you’re not going to have any trouble… Wrong!

  • Rico R.

    I love the video’s message! Not as powerful as I had hoped it would be, but it still rocks!!

    I left my heart in Metropolis! <3

  • HalfwhiteNnerdy

    I have a bad feeling this will find its way into the “What exactly is this video saying about bullying?” bin.
    I can just hear parents now, complaining about its “harmful messages.”
    But, in school, you don’t feel like you have power, which is why superheros are so popular with children; it makes them feel like they themselves, the mild mannered everyday Joe (or Joanna) could one day find in themselves a hero.
    If nothing else, take it for that message.

  • Sunn

    I like this music video a lot! He wanted to help but he was constantly scared, and just when he was about to get the courage to make a move something happened, bell ringing, teacher coming, to stop him from helping. But at the end when no one would help someone in need, someone he cared about, he didn’t even think of the possibility he might get his butt whomped and took action, and not even violent action. He defeated the bully by being the bigger person. I love the look on the bully’s face at the end.. he was like “this guy… really?” lol

  • http://@tlsxoxoor@onumbrellabeach Taylor Samels

    I love it! Great video! Just wish Adam was in it :/

  • Мебели русе

    Love this song and the whole new album!!

  • Heather

    I loove the song and I have since I first heard it, but I don’t like this video. Many of the other commenters are right, bullying is often ignored by other students in high school, and it definitely shouldn’t be. However, I don’t think this video was appropriate with the song. Even separate from the song I think the video could’ve been done in a better way. I’ve been a fan of Adam for a long time, but I haven’t been liking the direction he’s been heading lately.

  • KissThis

    It has some slow moments, but it’s cute. I like it.

  • Maxime Charette

    I really love the song! I listen frequently that song in my bus. I love it so much! The video is cool but a bit wierd… The idea is pretty good! I love!! But the music don’t really match whit the video. Maybe you should remove <> and <> but I will even still love it.

  • ashley

    i love this song but not a fan of the video. Adam was not even in it, and the video didn’t even go with the song… too childish for my taste.

  • iforgot


    Haha, right? The Hollister ones are the ones that usually do the bullying.

  • Charles

    Like Owl City, huge fan, but I thought that this seemed unlike Owl City. Adam’s videos stimulate the senses, causing you to enjoy them. Vinilla Twilight was one of my favorite videos of his. It created the feeling of involvement. Like Ashley said, Adam was not even in it. That was a huge let down. Love the song, but didn’t like the video.

  • Dan

    One of, if not my favorite track off the mid-summer station.

    This video had an incredibly slow pace, and the comic cuts did not save it at all.

    I agree with some of the previous comments, this is by far the worst video he’s put out. I’ve loved almost all of them he has done, but this one really bites the bullet. I understand it was supposed to have a strong message, but that is meant for a PSA not a music video.

  • Annika

    Personally I love the video… And I think some of the other people here have the wrong idea… The kid saw him do this sort of thing to two different people…And the last time he saw it the bully just happened to be picking on the girl he liked…personally I love the superhero cliche (: dont take this comment the wrong way…I’m not saying you are wrong…I’m stating my opinion


    I miss the old, nerdy, electronic, owl city. Now, all his stuff is just Mainstream pop, except for Sillouettes. Not bashing, but i’m just stating my opinion.

  • Cynthia

    This is great. Others need to lighten up. It’s a music video, that is all. Just like most 14 year old boys wanting to save the world, and save their girl. Enjoy it, don’t try and read more into it that what is there. Fun imagination.

  • Andrew Seiler

    I enjoy all of Adam Young’s music and I try to listen to as much as I can… everything from insect airport to “the old” windsor airlift, port blue, seagull orchestra, sky sailing, the perfect theory and pretty much any other side project of adam young’s that I can find. There’s always been something about his music.. It’s like it gives me nostalgia for things that I can’t really put my finger on… If that even makes sense. His music provokes indescribable emotions and takes me to a place in my mind where I feel at peace and don’t have a worry in the world about all of the stresses that life brings. It makes me feel genuinely happy, entertained and sometimes even a little bit envious of the talents that god gave Adam. It’s the kind of music that gives you goose bumps and butterflies. First off, I ‘m not trying to say that I don’t enjoy Adam Young’s newest owl city album (TMS) and the direction that he’s taking the project, I just wish that his record label would let him write and produce all of the music on his own. I just really felt like they tried to push a hit out of good time since they didn’t really get one out of ATBAB according to the charts. (but in my opinion ATBAB was a masterpiece!) I really miss the old owl city sound… like that innocence and uniqueness. It was so pure. I still love the newest album and totally understand why he’s sort of changing it up and making it kinda more trancy sounding. Just would be nice to hear some of both the new and old sound. But the way I figure it… if it’s produced by Adam Young in any way… It’s gotta be great! :)

  • Andrew Seiler

    this song and video rules though !!!

  • http://tygralione kodi

    I have to say I liked the video, but it doesn’t suit the song in my opinion. It seems too detached. The events didn’t happen in accordance to songs stage, for example, the first superhero scene cut in quite nicely with the beginning of the first chorus, but was done before the chorus had finished. Plus I just don’t see the superhero theme for this song. I see star crossed lovers, but the bullying and hero stuff just doesn’t go with the song.
    I think both song and video are great, just not together. Possibly if he wrote a song based on overcoming obstacles such as bullying it would suit much better.

  • makaela

    what i think…is that adam young is amazing and gets better and better and this music video is amazing and when will he make one for bombshell blonde?

  • Teutonic_Knight

    This video shows you about, courage, bravery, and standing up for the people you care about. It also shows how one battles their own personal fears and how they can overcome them.

    Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.

  • Loreleihasadammentia


    Agreed. The shot of the school at the end was beautiful. The acting could be better, but it’s cute, because they’re kids.


    The illustrations made me feel like I was watching a Windows Movie Maker youtube remake….despite the wicked cool idea, I think they could have put way more effort into this. Low budget?

    Still my favourite song on The Midsummer Station, of course.

  • Reanne Michelle Donkor

    By far my favourite song off The Midsummer Station. Love this video! It’s great! You’ve thrilled us once again Adam! Can’t wait to hear your new music! x

  • Joseph

    This could have been so amazing. I think Adam Young is so awesome, and the idea is cool. But frankly, I think the production team let you down this time sir.

  • Kris

    love this song; happy to see a great video for it now too :D

  • Allie

    Like a few other people, I’m a massive fan of Owl City, but this is no where near up to the standard of his other videos. It just seemed to follow a load of cliches with a pretty predictable ending. There’s nothing particularly memorable or different about this video. It’s pretty inaccurate because that sort of bullying doesn’t even really happen. No one would ever just randomly beat up a child for no reason…

    Sorry but that’s just my opinion. I still love him and all his other side projects but I really think this years album has been a bit clumsy and messy on some songs.

  • micky bradford jones

    Very realistic. Very accurate. Very simple. Very inspiring! #win

  • owlcityforever

    i only have one “major” problem with this vid, and that is he let the two younger boys be bullied, but once a girl his age gets put into the equation he finally jumps in and saves the day.

  • SuperGirl

    I love Owl City, but, I mean, like that weak push would have stopped the bullying? He would have got beat up! And come on kid! Do something, stop the other bullies! You could have done something! And no one helps the bullied kid after he’s on the floor?! Come on people, where is this world going?

  • Charles

    @Dan: So true

  • Lea

    I’m really disappointed. All he did was help the girl in the end. I mean seriously? The other two boys aren’t important but when it comes to the girl that gave you a look at the beginning of the day, she means everything? I really didn’t like it and the whole comic book didn’t fit in at all. Quite a disappointment from Owl City for a music video….

  • Francine

    Who plays as the leading man?