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Vanessa Hudgens Sells Clothes for Make-A-Wish Foundation!

Vanessa Hudgens Sells Clothes for Make-A-Wish Foundation!

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her sick nails while hiding her face on Monday (May 13) in Studio City, Calif.

Last weekend, the 24-year-old actress rocked cute leggings after breaking a sweat at a pilates session.

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“So I recently did some Spring cleaning and decided to get rid of some of my clothes. I discovered this app called Poshmark. Pretty much you can sell your own clothes and create your own personal vintage store and buy from the closets of women across the country. Loveeee!” Vanessa recently shared.

Vanessa added, “So I’ve uploaded a few items to my Poshmark closet and all the proceeds from your purchase will go to Make-A-Wish.”

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vanessa hudgens sells clothes for make a wish foundation 01
vanessa hudgens sells clothes for make a wish foundation 02
vanessa hudgens sells clothes for make a wish foundation 03
vanessa hudgens sells clothes for make a wish foundation 04
vanessa hudgens sells clothes for make a wish foundation 05
vanessa hudgens sells clothes for make a wish foundation 06
vanessa hudgens sells clothes for make a wish foundation 07
vanessa hudgens sells clothes for make a wish foundation 08

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  • Malu

    People can hate her, but none of their fave celebrities are as down to earth as she is! Love her

  • andrew

    she is lovely

  • noel

    she is so sweet! i love her little messages on twitter.

  • hannah

    why so perfect Vanessa?? love her so much

  • Ausfin Bulter

    my girlfriend and her tree trunk legs.

  • marie

    I <3 U V

  • JCF

    i love you Vanessa, but i HATE your nails.

  • linnie

    over 60 pictures from the journey 2 promo photoshoot! with the rock and josh


    Bless her sweetheart! She is giving as she is spiritual.

  • yets

    hi beautiful.

  • linnie
  • Haters Suck!

    You can hate on her criticize her for no reason that’s your prerogative. But one thing you can never question is Vanessa’s good heart. She’s a genuinely sweet person and nothing anyone says can change that.

  • belle

    that’s why I love her <3

  • tina

    As always giving selflessly. Love this girl.

  • linnie
  • linnie
  • linnie
  • linnie
  • linnie
  • anney

    she looks so good!!! i love her legs

  • IMO

    Love this girl, love her heart more. As beautiful on the inside as on the outside. Not a fan of the nails though I will like it when the fad is over
    since lots of yourg Hollywood has them. Her giving ,kind nature is one to be admired.

  • IMO

    @anney: Agreed her legs are shapely not like the stick legs on many starlets.

  • Warren

    That is very nice of Vanessa to give like that. I bet some Make-a-Wish children want to meet her!

  • Warren

    @Malu: I love Vanessa too, but there are other down-to-earth giving celebs. I know Miley is one of them.

  • Warren

    @hannah: Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. I love the name Hannah. Is that your real name?

  • tina

    @Warren: She has already done that and every year she host a spa day for children with cancer and their mothers.

  • BO

    @Malu , lol , actually the person whose thread you’ve taken as the dwelling these days , is faaaar more down to earth !

  • http://deleted BO

    we have the lowest high speed internet prices in the world !!! <3

  • Ann

    Vanessa is truely one of the most down to earth celebs in Hollywood. She takes time out of her day to reply to fans on twitter, she donates her clothes for charity, she hosts a spa day for cancer patients, she’s constantly involved with Make A Wish, she’s vistied sick fans in hospitals, etc. Anyone who says she doesn’t care needs to reevaluate their life. Anyone who knows her always says she is the sweetest person they’ve ever met. She has a heart of a gold. It’s just sad that people always focus on the negative instead of the positive.

  • freya


    How do you know ?my favorite celebrity is Ghandi .nobody in your side of shallowness can compete with that. because nobody can be be as much more deeper in earth than that

  • freya

    Trying to get a job in Hollywood hey Vanessa?

    Here are your Tips:
    You need
    1. ACTING CLASS big time
    2. Music lessons
    3. MORE voice lessons (because yours is so annoying despite what your 2 online fans with multiple accounts says)
    4. Poise lessons despite your numerous fitness routinr you don’t have one.
    5. a Dependable and credible stylist. (your over accessorizing makes you look like misplaced gypsy from the south of india and makes you looks tacky

  • J-ish

    Make-a-wish <3

  • Haters Suck!

    Well it’s seems you’ve learned a lot from Gandhi. As he would say close your mind and act like a b!tch. Oh wait nevermind.

  • tara

    Ghandi was not a celebrity @freya. He was a peace and civil rights activist. That is stupid of you to refer to him as a celeb. Look like you’re the one who need classes.

  • BO

    Oxford definition for celebrity is ‘famous person’ .Mahatma Gandhi is needless to say , famous , respected , worshipped , followed , looked upon as a god .so technically he could be called a celebrity .idol would have been more appropriate though

    and that is such a disgrace for Gandhi my dear idiotic knight in the shining armour riding the donkey .apparently you’ve had a brain switch with the donkey

    freya , last point . lol

  • Rachel

    @freya: Oh dear, don’t even say that. Zac don’t want/will never take her back by any means

  • Rachel

    Why are you bringing him up here? They have nothing to do with each other.

    Great to see Vanessa being helpful as always when it comes to charities.

  • Rachel

    #37 is me but #36 is not. I’m sure it’s evident by what is written in the posts, but still.

  • Nightwish

    FREYA! Let them kill vanessa on their own with their obvious spam and PR type comments. Nobody reads them anyways, and randoms avoid hudgens posts because comments are the same nonsense from the same supporters. These posts are all about family supporting their celebrity. Btw, true to all six above lol

  • Nightwish

    Hey, why knot we enoomerate further, for Vanessa’s edification lol
    7. Stop being an insatiable attentionwhore because people pick up on that easily. Posting instagram after gram may please your small group of existing hardcore fans, but it will turn off any would be converts because you seem majorly desperate for attention.
    8. Learn to interview in such a way that your thoughts have insight and come from deep within your mind instead of straight out of your butt. Watch Dicaprio interviews from early in his career for pointers, or zoe saldana interviews, or shailene woodleys, or even selena gomez. Selena is quite well spoken. Maybe you should go back to school to gain further insights from where substance can be drawn.
    9. Stop compromising your principles and quit acting like a cheap slutt at first opportunity. Nobody knows who you really are. Your character is all over the place. There is no defined “vanessa” because you act different ways just to please as many people as you can.

  • Nightwish

    Incidentally Malu, your spamming has become so hilariously fake, it has moved beyond stand up comedy status


    Dare I say Freya is Bo ?@Nightwish: Quit being a B I tC H, will ya?

  • mila

    hey i heard at any prices and the other zac’s movies are FLOPING soooooo hard

  • maria

    @BOHJI: You betcha. Spews the same drivel. Well, she is taking classes, has more poise than most girls her age (let’s see how KStew would have handled performing at the Oscars flawlessly), and sorry, but her main goal in life is not about being famous. Why do people think that’s all there is in life? She has balance in her life, between work, family, friends, her BF, time off, charity work, church. That makes her happy. Her friends always speak to how great she is. How many people in HW are described as being a good friend they can always count on? That’s who Vanessa is.

  • Nightwish

    @maria: We’re well familiar with your Hudgens drivel Maria, so say something new. Tell me something.. If your Hudgens is so unbelievable, why is she still a d lister? Answer is, she does a few things but she is not very good at any of them lol thats freyas whole point. Kristen happens to be extremely good at what she does. Thats why shes a massive star. Everything happens for a reason.

  • Nightwish

    ‘A good friend’ – now your reaching at the bottom of the barrel maria. If your close to van, tell her to fix her identity crisis. Ie, dont change how you talk when your around music people and switch personalities when around others. I hear her talk like jessica sanchez when she acts ghetto. Super irking lol

  • kelly martineau

    Nice of V to do what she’s doing. She allways hides her face with something. This women needs to find a a movie role. Getting tired of this.

  • kelly martineau

    Number 31 is so right about Vanessa. Can’t get a job anywhere. Other stars are getting movie rolls. But not her.

  • BO

    lol aunty anjabajal gadgematics and fakeonco’s famous excuse .any hater who hates on hudge is me .rotflmao and just fyi since your pea brains can’t remember , freya is a regular member and has been here before i have if i remember right .

    nightwish lol

    what i don’t understand is how oncofake has the nerve to talk of hudge and zac as if she knows them personally so well .’her goal is not that .her goal is that .her close friends say this .she’s so happy in her life unlike ex how does she know all this???mmm…..i’m having certain logical deductions .mmm…

  • tina

    This thread was going so well then all the crazies came out. For all the idiots with lists, tell me what’s the name of your movie? Apparently you must be a A-list star since you KNOW everything it takes. With three more movies coming out, after a highly successful indie (five times it’s budget, it actually made money as oppose to losing millions). She’s happy, and enjoying her life. I like the way her team never announces her movies till she’s ready to film, unlike others who had a lot announced then suddenly someone else is the star, lol. She not whining about not getting parts (like your girl) so I guess we can assume she is getting what she wants. At the end of the day she is happy where she is, and I’m happy for her.