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Who is the Mother on 'How I Met Your Mother'? Spoilers!

Who is the Mother on 'How I Met Your Mother'? Spoilers!


The moment finally came for fans of How I Met Your Mother when the mystery character of the mother was finally revealed during the show’s eighth season finale on Monday (May 13).

The show – which stars Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segal, Alyson Hannigan, Josh Radnor, and Cobie Smulders – uses voice-over narration as Ted (Radnor), in the year 2030, tells his children about the events that led to him meeting their mother.

The identity of the mother has been kept secret until the end of this episode, when a woman known simply as “The Girl with the Yellow Umbrella” is seen when the main characters are heading to the wedding of Barney (Harris) and Robin (Smulders)

Click inside to find out who is playing the mother on How I Met Your Mother

Cristin Miloti!

Cristin Milioti is a theater actress who was nominated for a Tony Award last year for her performance in the hit Broadway show Once.

ARE YOU SURPRISED by the identity of the mother?

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  • ann

    I loved this show in its first few seasons, but they really drew it out too long. I’m just happy Barney and Robin ended up together.

  • Jen

    I was completely underwhelmed. Especially if she is going to be a regular next season, I think they could have done better.

  • lauren

    from the episodes ive seen of it this show makes no sense to me.

  • Kandice

    Yes. I thought she’d at least be… pretty. And not look like a pre-braces teenager. That’s so mean, I know. I’m sorry. I hate to be that shallow but good grief, a story as long as this one needs a WOW SHE’S WORTH THE WAIT moment for goodness sakes. Honestly, I stopped watching the show a few years ago but the annoying storyline of ‘who’s the mother’ was BEYOND old.

  • Jen

    @Kandice: Indeed, when I do watch it is for Marshall and Lily and Barney and Robin. I stopped caring about the “Who is the mother?” story line around season 3 when we found out it wasn’t Robin. Ted is the “Ross Geller” of HIMYM. Overall you like him even though he is unbelievably annoying and narcassistic, but no one tunes in just to see him or his story line. As far as the mother, she looks nothing like I imagined. Mostly because she looks so young that it makes me uncomfortable to think of her and Ted together. I thought she was going to be super, super attractive because they established that all the guys Rachel Bilson’s character dates end up falling for this girl. I know her character has all these great qualities, but guys aren’t going to be leaving Rachel Bilson for her!

  • African Girl

    Stupid Show

  • Lucy

    Worst season finale ever. Disappointed.

  • Mkhay

    well that was useless…

  • Spot

    She should have stayed under the umbrella. Hardly worth the wait she is way too young and just not pretty enough for all the hype over the years.

  • gossipy

    highly anti-climactic.

  • Lola

    I hated it. Awful. Really? I hope it could be Robin’s little sister played by Lucy Hale, but this one is awful. Bad, bad choice

  • Aaron

    For all of you haters that are saying her looks are disappointing, shame on you. I think the writers did an excellent job of choosing the mother. For those of you that actually watch the show, it wouldn’t have been likely that Ted found a “smokin’ hot” model anyway. She seems like she will fit the show well. I think the mother is a cute girl and will be wonderful for Ted.

  • Roo

    i was still hoping it was robin and ted haha totally wasn’t going to happen but anyways i wished it was a character we saw throughout the seasons and had some connection with the past story. even someone like victoria…worst way to finish such an iconic series

  • Sanjeev

    Loved the earlier seasons but the finale was a letdown.

  • LiiL

    love the show. but this woman is,.jesus! Ted has got more attractive girlfriends during the years.

    I agree. I dont want to a model wife for Ted. But this girl aint cute anyway. They could have choosen Emily Rossum. She is a similar type, but “cuter”. I guess.

  • Oywiththepoodles

    What a letdown. They should’ve gone with a famous actress.

  • Jess

    @Aaron: I have watching the series since season 1 episode 1, and I didn’t expect that the mother was hot, but I did expect al least someone pretty and confident, the first impresion of this girl wasn’t that, and I am disappointed.

  • NE1

    uhm. a no name? we’ve been waiting 8 years, countless episodes of how he almost almost met the mother, and it’s someone nobody knows?whatevs.

  • Gymo

    First of all the show stopped being himym a long, long time ago, it became the -wait for it-Barney-Stinton show.

    secondly, the mother is in keeping with Ted’s character, he’s a dorky, wonky, introvert who has been shown to be preoccupied with how smart his dates are.
    So, it would have been out of character to have a beautiful airhead play her, and the idea of a beautiful scientist is just a male erotic fantasy.
    -As Ted once described his perfect woman as smart a little dorky and full of character.

  • Sallie

    I don’t mind her looks. But I expected a WOMAN, not a girl. Disappointing!

  • James

    She is kind of what I expected her to look like. I dont understand why people are shocked by the fact that she looks young due to the fact that she is supposed to be a recently out of college so yes there was supposed to be an age difference. Lets also mention the fact that she has not been given a chance to debut any of her acting talent. So im just going to wait for the next episode and see where it goes.

  • see

    amazing how a well known gay man can do work for so long as a character so into women it’s not humanly possible, Barney is way gaaay in his neat dress and overcompensating way he goes on about women, it was more likely Barney would be the ”mother” as in some sort of twisted tale, and hte kids be adopted, right?

  • looolaaa

    I am very disappointed about the girl, I have nothing against her personally but I was expected someone “better” to compensate the sadness and lonelyness that Ted has been through. Not a very famous actress, an unknow but more appealing.

  • looolaaa

    She is ugly, I am sorry if she reads this. Poor Ted…

  • Hugo

    This is not the mother… Robin is ! She’s got the umbrella for now, but “wait for it”. The show has been 1 episode of Ted and Robin meeting but not being on the same page about relationships. Then 8 years now of “wait for it”, implying the evolution of the two charaters so that they can finaly fit together. And eventualy ending up together at the end. If not, then the show just does not make any sense, since it is called How I met your mother, and not How I was in love with aunt Robin for at least 8 years before I had to settle for your mother.

  • LOL

    It seems all the girls here are self projecting…

  • Rush

    I am one of the underwhelmed fans. This is my honest reaction based on the big reveal and the few seconds we got to see the mother. And it’s nothing personal because as far as I’m concerned, Cristin can actually be amazing, funny, having great chemistry with Ted and we’ll warm up to her, end up love her and think she’s the perfect mother, but we haven’t gotten to that part yet. All we have right now about the mother is just the big reveal moment and so far I am unimpressed.

    As far as the big reveal go, Cristin is just not the person for it and yes, it is for something as shallow as the fact that she is just not pretty enough.

  • looolaaa

    Even Lily is prettier than her!… She got to have magic powers or turn the things she touches in gold to compensate her uglyness

  • looolaaa

    I want the head of the idiot that has picked this girl!

  • VM

    Sorry, but I was bitterly disappointed with the mother. We as the fans, were let down majorly. For 8 painstaking years we’d wondered how the mother would look like. It did not live up the hype it created.

    No one expected ted to get a super model wife, but they could have made her look pretty. Victoria was 100X better than this chick.

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  • Kristin

    I always secretly thought and HOPED that it would be Robin. They could have played it out like this —-> The narrator talks to his future kids about Aunt Robin….well, he could have been prepping them to tell them that “Aunt Robin” is actually their mother. Something could have happened where Robin ended up separate from them…the writers could have had a hayday of drama with that storyline, she could have ended up in a coma or had amnesia, or both, as in she only remembered things up until a certain point. THEN, to break the truth, the real story to the kids, he has had to give this entire background story. I really thought it would play out like this with twists and turns and a bang at the end. …. that would have been PERFECT, best show ever with that sort of twist! …

  • GOAT

    @Hugo: We knew from the very first episode of the entire series that Robin is not the mother….

  • Calyptra

    I don’t understand some peoples’ problem. I think she is a beautiful woman. Not Hollywood-beautiful but the girl-next-door-beautiful. She looks very sweet, has stunning eyes and a lovely smile. I expected “the mother” to be something like that and Milioti totally can pull it off.
    Do women nowadays have to take 5 plastic surgeries to be “pretty”?
    It is funny how women seemed more annoyed. In fact most of my male friends would love a woman like her. She may not have THE perfect appearance but she is radiating confidence and sweetness.
    As for her age. Yes she is a lot younger than Ted, but she is supposed to be so. She is playing the girl that was in Ted’s eco lesson. The writers wanted her to be young. It is not like she is supposed to play a 40-year old.
    I think they made an adorable couple. And the way Milioti looked and played I can totally understand Ted’s sentence in the last episode: “When I saw her I knew, I had too love her as much and as long as I could”.
    To me it was obvious that Ted would eventually end up wih Robin. The mother was there because Robin didn’t want and couldn’t have children. The writers wanted them together though. It also was obvious that Tracy had to die, because she was too perfect for Ted to break up with her. I knew it and it was the only end that made sence. It was still sad, as Milioti seemed a perfect match for the character “Ted” — physically and when it comes to character and behavior.

  • santi

    @looolaaa jajaja, totally, really ugly, Ted didnĀ“t deserve that woman