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Nicole Kidman: Jimmy Choo's Newest Face!

Nicole Kidman: Jimmy Choo's Newest Face!

Nicole Kidman has just been announced as the newest face for the Jimmy Choo AW13 campaign!

“I’ve always loved fashion and often use it as a way to get into character,” the 45-year-old actress said in a statement about her appointment. “There is a lot of complexity, mystery and femininity to the Jimmy Choo woman.”

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“I’m such a great admirer and feel enormously honoured to be working with Nicole Kidman,” creative director Sandra Choi added. “Nicole is one of the finest actresses in the world, who I knew could convey the empowered glamour of the brand. But she is also so nuanced and refined; she brings an attitude of defiance, strength, sensuality and elegance.”

Look out for the campaign images, which were photographer last month by Mikael Jansson, to hit publications in August!

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Congrats Nicole!

    She’s a lovely choice. Such a great actress and elegant woman.

  • davis

    Smart move from the new director. Would love to see the shots in the same color pallets as Julianne Moore for Bulgari.

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    yes, she’s the best choice is so elegant

  • QueenOfTrashin

    I saw her in a vitamine commecial last night, too. Times must be hard.

  • @QueenofTrash

    Times must be hard for you. You can’t spell vitamin.

    Nicole will do JC proud. I’m sure the shots are gorgeous!

  • kudos

    Does this mean she’s quitting her day job between this and the vitamins? Hope so.

  • fat chance

    Think not. Nicole just signed a new deal with HBO.

    Love this woman. The ads will be stunning no doubt.

  • Cate

    Good she’s at least shilling for a luxury company. I know it’s easy money but for a respected and talented actress she has made some very tacky ads for tacky products.

  • HBO – Reconstructing Nicole

    1. Remove Silicone Breast Implants
    2. Remove Cheek Implants
    3. Remove Skin Bleaching
    4. Remove Lip Fillers
    5. Remove Botox
    6. Remove Wigs

  • Q. The opposite of elegant?

    A. Nicole dry humping Kimmel

  • curious

    I wonder if Nicole will indeed be sporting a “new face” as “Jimmy Choo’s Newest Face.”

  • x

    Shoe campaign photographed in between recently returning from England and leaving for Cannes … so little “family time” for the little girls she so desperately craved.

  • Mollyme

    It beats some of the other barely known products/companies other actresses are endorcing. Jimmy Choo is a huge company. All the A listers wear JC.

  • Mollyme

    X, this isn’t 1950. Women can have children and careers. Take your hatred somewhere else.

  • @ Cate

    Get a sense of humor and get out more. I seriously doubt you were posting online silly comments about Naomi Watt’s Ingles Corte ads where she was riding an escalator in an evening gown carrying a giant stuffed panda. Nicole Kidman has never advertised for a tacky product nor done a tacky ad.

  • Achoooooo

    k, another thing to avoid

  • A True Gentleman …

    May 2013: He tells talk show host Conan O’Brien, “I notice that she’s just tagging along with me and she’s latched on to my guitar, and I’m like, ‘Hi, give me back my guitar,’ and the further I go, she is just keeping up with me…I’m thinking, ‘This woman is crazy,’ and I’M TRYING TO almost KICK HER OFF the guitar, LITERALLY. “I’m pulling the guitar neck SO AGGRESSIVELY and I look down and she’s got this top that I’ve snagged in my guitar and I’ve actually been pulling her along for about 40 feet. She’s trying to get untangled…So I untangled it all, like a fish from the net, and her whole top was just sagging down.”

  • oh please

    Skeptics were buying/wearing Jimmy Choos but will now avoid them? LMAO!

  • oh please

    @A True Gentleman …: Well we all know he does have some crazy “fans”, doesn’t he? BAHAHAHAHA!

  • Louise

    Wonderful choice to represent Jimmy Choo. Nicole Kidman is a very fine role model for humanity.

  • Oh dear

    Let’s pray old Botox Head does not attempt another crude and unrefined high kick in her Jimmy Choo shoes.

  • Angel

    Great honor for a great lady! Another feather on her cap! Bravo!!!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she looks nice when she’s at functions. but she has worked very hard in getting the looks that she wanted because she is not a natural.
    she was so boobless in eyes wide shut, thank god for extra padded bras or implants, but at the age of 46 you would think she could be more accepting of herself !!!

  • Oh dear

    @Angel … I think you mean another feather in her wig! Bravo!!!

  • Reconstructing Nicole

    7. Remove veneers from teeth

  • yep

    Congrats. Beautiful woman.

  • duh

    Stupid skeptic continues to make fun of Nicole’s high kick because she hasn’t been able to lift her own leg more than a few inches off the ground since 1995. A slovenly lifestyle sitting at your computer turns you into a bitter old hag kids.

    Nicole at Cannes has never looked better or happier!

  • Potential Disaster Avoided …

    2013: Nicole Kidman LOST OUT on the chance to star in movie musical MAMMA MIA, after Meryl Streep wrote a letter to producers and snagged the role, according to Abba musician Bjorn Ulvaeus. Ulvaeus tells Britain’s Daily Express that Kidman was in the running for the lead but adds, “Then we received a handwritten letter from MERYL STREEP saying how much she had enjoyed the show and we realized that was the age group we should be casting from. And she said YES straight away and that was the ‘open sesame’ for everything.” The Hollywood version of Mamma Mia proved a HUGE HIT at the box office.

  • x

    Kidman is no Streep and doesn’t even come close.

  • duh

    Meryl is no singer, and that fact was proven in her big closing solo number. Very weak. In fact none of those actors cast were good singers. The movie was a hit because it was escapist singalong fun. It had nothing to do with anybody’s acting.

    Uselessly trolling the internet I see and responding to your own posts. Nicole has you on such a short leash you can’t even leave the house.

  • The new resident Dog

    “Well, of course Randy is leaving as he said and I’m here to announce today that I’m going to be replacing Randy, which is fantastic” … Replacing Randy, how can you be a fellow judge on the show and then replace someone?

  • duh

    Replacing him because Keith is the only other judge with similar expertise, tact, and graciousness. He doesn’t hate certain genres of music but turn around and be fine with making a bundle off of it like Simon did with Carrie Underwood.

    What difference does it make? You’ll be watching along with the other millions of fans. You know, the ”no ones”.


  • x

    Really @duh, how do you come up with all your delusional cr@p. Mama Mia was a huge hit due to the right combination of hugely talented actors – minus Kidman!

  • duh

    The truth always trumps lies. In the UK alone the film made millions because of singalong showings just like Rocky Horror Picture Show. A musical about a girl who wants to figure out who her father is set to pop music is light anf fluffy fun.

    Btw, Streep, Firth, and Skarsgaard have all worked with Nicole and loved the experience. Skaarsgaard and Firth, twice now. Another skeptic myth busted…Kidman costars hate her and never work with her agai..


  • duh

    From Bjorn’s own mouth…they decided to cast from a different age bracket. He did not say Kidman was not good enough for the part.

    Just a tip for the future – when articles say an actor is in the running it doesn’t mean they want the part. It means the people funding the project have that actor’s name on a list of possibilities. I’m sure you’d like us to believe Nicole went begging and was denied because the producers thought she couldn’t act or sing.

    Go back to your padded cell, delusional hater.

  • duh is blindsighted

    Not much excitement regarding Captain Keith’s announcement he will be back to navigate the sinking ship ‘USS American Idol’ as it hits rock bottom next season.

  • duh is dumb

    That’s right @duh, keep twisting your delusional cr@p opinions to suit Kidman’s agenda.

  • duh

    Which is why the last remaining delusional skeptics are posting immediately upon hearing any sliver of information!

    The nobody’s interested line…classic Tara b.s.


  • NK wants every part …

    BLIND: This married A list actress knows she is losing her popularity quickly. So, she has informed her managers to get her in the next Twilight movie. When they told her there were no parts for her, she said, “Well have them make up one or I will find new managers. Who wouldn’t want me in their movie?”
    REVEAL: Nicole Kidman

  • LOL

    A second rate actress wearing second rate shoes.

  • ..

    What’s the bet she approached Christian Louboutin and they knocked her back!!

  • LA Times Job Search

    Work Wanted – Ageing, unemployed Actress available to shill any product for a quick buck. Strictly non-verbal product advertizing only as CANNOT act.

  • Cate

    @@ Cate: Whatever. I lke Nicole and thought that ad for Schweppes was just tacky looking and that ad for a Brazilian shopping mall was random. It has nothing to do with having or not having a sense of humour. I didn’t particualrly like the Chanel ad either despite it being such a very prestigious brand.

    Why would I talk about Naomi Watts? I don’t really follow her outside of her movies and have no idea what she has shilled for. I think she is a great actress but she isn’t A-list like Nicole so I’m not surprised to hear she has made some embarassing ads.

  • duh

    @NK wants every part …: LMAO Nicole has only ever had one manager.

    Skeptics are gullible and stupid.

  • More lies from duh

    2010: Kidman, who just in July shook up her PR representation by firing her publicist of 15 years PMK/HBH’s Catherine Olim, hasn’t had a manager since her early days as an actress. She was with Mark Epstein (quite the character) until her career really took off and she went solely with CAA. Kidman is a longtime CAA client, first with Rick Nicita, then with Kevin Huvane.

  • Bahahahaha @duh

    16 May 2013: Keith Urban told Kyle & Jackie O this morning that he’s not sure if he’ll be back or not.“I don’t know at this stage, I just know we’ve got the finale to do, and of course I’ve been spending all my time in the studio getting this album finished so there’s a lot of plates in the air right now.”

  • Train derailment is on track

    Crowed a bit too early didn’t you @duh … LMAO!!

  • http://none Lalaine

    @Oh dear:

    Oh dear !!!!! Nicole is not wearing wig in this photo , and in her most photos , the movie show is an art , design , made for a specific character of film project , don’t be ignorant , I suggest you must visit the Science Technology Museum , you can see there a photo Machine that you can change you appearance from infancy to late older adulthood and change you body image , structure ,you hair style , dress style and others , and there is also a website in the internet or you can buy a CD same you can alter your body image .
    Anyway , if you watch the Miss Universe , Miss World , the Local pageant show, they are wearing bikinis how they looked like , Nicole is all around lady , she can wear anything for fashion , what’s wrong wearing push up bra’s ? and if you watched her from her pubertal age , early twenties to the present , her body built are same just the person advancing age the breast getting bigger specially if you doing regular exercises , and if you become elder your breast is sagging no matter you are single never been touch still going to sag.
    So be open minded , don’t look and judge in one angle only , this is the 20th century the technologies more becoming progressing , don’t be naive . If you doesn’t like what you see don’t look , stop and concentrate in your own life how you going to progress more , lower income people are making money from 8,000.00 or below to 35,000.00 a year ! While Nicole Kidman is a Multi Millionaire , she is a very helpful person too . She is beautiful in and out , + she found her second love and she is very successful , the critics are coming down , if you want to be a good critics , joined a commentary website where in you can interview VIP’s and make your comments but beware you are prone to Libel if you are not careful . So be a professional commentator , not just hide your name and abusing your free speech ? Intiende?

  • http://Comcast Joni

    it does make you wonder who this sick person is that follows everything ever written about Nicole and then writes such hateful remarks. Sure is an UGLY person that would ever do this.