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Angelina Jolie Covers 'Time' Magazine After Mastectomy

Angelina Jolie Covers 'Time' Magazine After Mastectomy

Angelina Jolie looks as beautiful as ever in a portrait on the cover of Time magazine‘s latest issue, which was released shortly after she revealed news of her preventative double mastectomy.

The issue, which hits newsstands this Friday (May 17), explores the effect that the 37-year-old actress’ reveal will have on other women and science in general.

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The mag notes that when Angelina started adopting children, adoption became more popular around the world. And when she named her children Vivienne and Maddox, those names became more popular as well.

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WHAT EFFECT DO YOU THINK Angelina Jolie’s reveal will have on the world?

Bigger cover pic inside…

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angelina jolie covers time magazine after mastectomy

Photos: Melodie McDaniel-Trunk
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  • gennline

    She will show people that they can have informed choices and power over their own lives.

  • Liz

    Angelina is by far and away the most overrated actress in Hollywood. I really don’t understand why people and the media worship the grounds she walks on. She could take a dump in the middle of Times Square in New York and the media would hail her as “brave” for showing the world that you can go to the bathroom in public. Get real!

  • Marija

    The most beautiful woman and person ever. Truly.

  • Ellen

    Yes she did a brave thing but millions of other people do it too. Not just the surgery but even adopting. She’s got the $$$ to afford it while most peoples insurance doesnt cover it. People would need to give up their life savings to get that done. People in regular life who do it while struggling, where is their Time magazine cover. Nothing against Angelina, I like her but making her into Mother Theresa and giving her mag covers for something which women have been doing for years in unnecessary.

  • Kart

    please make sure the women in your lives make the time to take care of themselves and their health needs

  • Chups

    I commend her for being so open…she is drawing awareness to cancer and I don’t care if she can act, dance or sing she is bring a discussion to an issue that most women are not comfy with. Breast and Ovarian Cancer runs in my family and the women in my family look at it as a taboo as do many woman in the world especially when it comes to taking away a body part. Most parts of the world especially the country I am from look down on it and feel like you;re loosing your femininity…that your no longer a woman. For her to be open about it and knowing that her voice counts then this will open the discussion that many of us are afraid to have with our doctors and family members.

  • Carrie

    No offense but where was that “Angelina Effect” when The Tourist came out. She boosts adoption rates but not the box office sales.

  • R U sure

    Very brave.

  • Jan

    There was not a lot of publicity when Christina Applegate had it done and other stars that have had it done. Such a big deal over Jolie. The majority of women cannot afford to even have the test done, let alone the surgery. They just have to take their chances. If Jolie could get it fixed that all women can have this test free and help in paying for the surgery, then it would make a difference.

  • sillyme

    Wow, so much for privacy. I guess a Lifetime movie or documentary will be coming soon.

  • juju

    great cover

  • juju

    man u b i t c h e s r stupid
    angelina has nothing to do
    with that cover or article
    that photo is an old photo from 2011

  • Tina

    This is a ridiculous. She had a mastectomy! She took a test that cost $3,000! She was able to afford it and that’s that! She didn’t cure cancer for goodness sakes. She wasn’t even dying! She took a preventative measure and she shouldn’t be on the media 24/7 for this kind of thing. Many women die because they can’t afford this test excluding the fact they would have to get a second opinion and find out too late. Many women survive. Where the hell is their cover? that’s because they’re nobodies and Angelina – a movie star is sooo important…

    Give me a break. Thumbs down all you want because I know this site worships her but I just wanted to give my 2 cents.

  • Marieme

    I love her and welcome any and all positive attention on the real Angelina. I find it amusing how so many haters are suddenly backtracking their previous negative opinions on Ange. The rest of us have seen her true, heartfelt goodness from the get-go. We’ve always known both she and Brad don’t do anything unless it comes from the heart. Bless her!!

  • Fabulous!

    Beauty, Compassionate, Talent, Brains and so much more!

    She is a TRUE class act!

  • ha ha

    So much for the been there done that sex symbol Ange used to be, thats riri and miley, etc now. This chick in her older years wants to become a tatooed, ex-slvtty, ex-junkie, ex-cutter Mother Teresa. And its working. Her agent is fvcking brilliant!!

  • Lola

    She’s brave and genuine. I love the fact she accepts she’s famous and try to do something good with it, getting attention to good causes.

  • Verity

    @Ellen: I disagree. Putting a face to this is necessary. While there are women and men who have had this procedure, many more have no knowledge of the BRCA gene, or the steps taken. Now that a public figure has come forward, those who may have a family history can arm themselves with this knowledge and approach their family doctor. Angelina did address the issue of cost in the New York Times article.

  • nani

    Each day I worship her more and more! Amazing, gorgeous woman!

  • BP


  • Verity

    @Tina: Angelina did address the issue of cost especially regarding those with low income in the New York Times article.

  • Lol

    Publicity and Promotion: Check /

  • Josephina


    It is isn’t just the money that she has that made the treatment successful. Please consider the following:

    - proactive thinking and the DECISION to get tested
    - research and weighing all the options of what is best for her and her family
    - courage to go through with the recommended treatment
    - team of top rated doctors
    - having a loving, supporting family there by your side
    - having an intimated partner who reassures you that his love will only deepen, encouraging you along the way in case fear or doubt grip you
    - getting tested early enough to minimize risk
    - getting tested BEFORE diagnosis of breast OR ovarian, uterine or cervix cancer
    - great love for your children, not wanting them to live without a mother
    - great love for your spouse, a reason to grow old together

    Angie had a concert of persons on her side and by her side. She did not go through this alone. She is a very blessed woman.

    Brad and Angie really do have a deep love for each other. Love is such a beautiful thing.

  • cmac

    It seems like a drastic measure that should be a last resort.

  • janekay

    Angelina rocks! always have!

  • Fabulous!


    Why are you so angry?????

    You are acting like she did something wrong to share her story. It is great what she has done as far as open up her VERY personal ordeal to the world. She is an international movie star who is viewed as one of the worlds most beautiful women whether you can stomach it or not. Therefore, anything like this coming from her will travel and be in the news for a few days.

    She has done many great, brave things over the years through her travels to dangerous countries to be an advocate for those who need to be heard here in the US and abroad. She gets attention for that but this is greater because it is something that affects everyone whether you are a cancer victim or not. Plus today so many are choosing this option celebrity and non-celebrity. My local news interviewed women who had made the same choice because of Angelina’s admission. So it got people talking and that was the purpose.

    If you have too much disdain for her to see what she did is good, then to bad for you.

  • Josephina

    @ha ha:

    EXCEPT…she doesnot have a PR agent.

    Don’t insult her and confuse her with Ticky, Tsk, Tsk.

  • mrst

    Angie is an icon. She continues make a lasting impact. God bless the Jolie-Pitts!

  • whatwhat

    I think she did a brave thing by telling people what she done, because she did had to do it, but being the person that she is she shared that information to help others as she always done. So people should stop hating on her. I always love the genuine love that Brad and Angie have for each.

  • lurker

    Brave and loving haters suck

  • BP


  • juju

    it’s a pity that u jealous b i t c h e s
    r to blind by hate
    to see that the conversations
    n the amount of awareness
    raise by angelina coming public
    with her story
    is fantastic for women
    this cover n all that came out today
    that angelina has nothing to do with it
    but r also a result of her op-ed
    r very important

  • Luna

    Great, just when we thought we were finally getting rid of her and moving on from her and her ridiculous publicity stunts she rolls right back in with another one. She must have known from the getgo that this was going to cause a ton of media attention. Why not just do these surgeries and tests and not talk about them until a few years later (like other actresses have done in the past)? But nope, not Angelina! She needs to be in the press. She needs to be in the center of attention. She craves it. For Angie, it’s not about spreading awareness…it’s about getting more good publicity…for HER!

  • naturegirl

    There is none more gorgeous

  • hopeso

    LOVE YOU MUCH!!!!!

  • Hilma

    My Lady for Beauty, your Bravery your Courage throughout these few month i an in awe of you…

  • Daleann

    @Luna: TRUTH

  • Josephina


    Angelina spoke because she wants women to consider the option of taking better care of ourselves. For her, she has a family trait that predisposes her to breast cancer and ovarian cancer. She could have waited for more symptoms to appear like most women, or take a more cautionary approach: get tested early. Imagine that!

    Sometimes when you test early you may have to make a decision based on the test results. For the sake of her children and Brad, she chose a path that inceases her chances of living longer so that she can be with them longer.

    I have a mother just like her. She has sacrificed everything for me and my brother so that she could be with us longer. If you have never known a deep love like this, then all you will see is the “transaction” of a double mastectomy.

    There are those of us who know how to love on this level and then there are those who have people around them who will never sacrifice anything for them or love them unconditionally.

    They are the ones who will not understand.

  • Fabulous!

    Luna and Daleann = Dumb & Dumber

  • Oh puhalaease

    Nah, pr manipulation is when you use your fake ring to get the cover of People magazine’s Oscar coverage talking bout I’m gettin married soon or you call paparazzi to follow you in NYC because youre shilling shampoo. If anything a star such as angelina jolie announcing that she has removed her breasts is not good Hollywood pr. This is the type of news publicist want to hide for fear of losing a movie role. What angie has done is much bigger and for better reasons than “put me on da cover of people magazine so I can get attention for something that’s not happening and maybe I can get more acting jobs.” Ya know??

  • Henry88

    @Ellen: I completely agree with you. But, perhaps, she’s one of the very few celebrities to be politically and socially aware. I think she’s just using her fame to raise awareness reguarding issues and topics such as this.

  • Fabulous!



  • yuck

    so overrated with that big forehead vein protruding out and those huge wrinkled fish lips with those ugly set bulging eye balls. never in a million years thought she was anything spcial looks or talent wise.

  • ha ha


    do you think she didnt know about Time cover, all planned. Once again I am entitled to my opinion and I ask you nicely pls dont confuse me with an anniston fan, it has nothing to do with that creep, cant stand her. Not thinking Ange is sincere is an isolated opinion, has nothing to do with any other celeb for that matter.

  • Just terrible

    @yuck: sucks for you then that’s she’s a worldwide phenomenon. No matter what’s she has done in life the world has been interested but this was like no time before. Some “fans” can only wish and hope their faves had this level of love and attention. SHE IS NOW AN ICON UP THERE WITH LIZ TAYLOR. brad is not her burton. He is a user like Eddie fisher.

  • Just terrible

    @ha ha: damn now she controls what TIME puts on the cover. Bow to the goddess and go have a seat. Thanks.

  • ha ha

    and btw, i think Ange is a beautiful and talented actress, but thats all I appreciate about her, I couldnt care less about her supposed “causes”.

  • anustin

    my girl is doing very good!!! thank you,anjie.bless you,always.

  • Just terrible

    @ha ha: did you bow ? Don’t talk about the queen without bowing and kissing her ring. Thanks.

  • ha ha

    @Just terrible:

    yup she sure has the clout