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Angelina Jolie Covers 'Time' Magazine After Mastectomy

Angelina Jolie Covers 'Time' Magazine After Mastectomy

Angelina Jolie looks as beautiful as ever in a portrait on the cover of Time magazine‘s latest issue, which was released shortly after she revealed news of her preventative double mastectomy.

The issue, which hits newsstands this Friday (May 17), explores the effect that the 37-year-old actress’ reveal will have on other women and science in general.

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The mag notes that when Angelina started adopting children, adoption became more popular around the world. And when she named her children Vivienne and Maddox, those names became more popular as well.

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WHAT EFFECT DO YOU THINK Angelina Jolie’s reveal will have on the world?

Bigger cover pic inside…

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angelina jolie covers time magazine after mastectomy

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190 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Covers 'Time' Magazine After Mastectomy”

  1. 1
    gennline Says:

    She will show people that they can have informed choices and power over their own lives.

  2. 2
    Liz Says:

    Angelina is by far and away the most overrated actress in Hollywood. I really don’t understand why people and the media worship the grounds she walks on. She could take a dump in the middle of Times Square in New York and the media would hail her as “brave” for showing the world that you can go to the bathroom in public. Get real!

  3. 3
    Marija Says:

    The most beautiful woman and person ever. Truly.

  4. 4
    Ellen Says:

    Yes she did a brave thing but millions of other people do it too. Not just the surgery but even adopting. She’s got the $$$ to afford it while most peoples insurance doesnt cover it. People would need to give up their life savings to get that done. People in regular life who do it while struggling, where is their Time magazine cover. Nothing against Angelina, I like her but making her into Mother Theresa and giving her mag covers for something which women have been doing for years in unnecessary.

  5. 5
    Kart Says:

    please make sure the women in your lives make the time to take care of themselves and their health needs

  6. 6
    Chups Says:

    I commend her for being so open…she is drawing awareness to cancer and I don’t care if she can act, dance or sing she is bring a discussion to an issue that most women are not comfy with. Breast and Ovarian Cancer runs in my family and the women in my family look at it as a taboo as do many woman in the world especially when it comes to taking away a body part. Most parts of the world especially the country I am from look down on it and feel like you;re loosing your femininity…that your no longer a woman. For her to be open about it and knowing that her voice counts then this will open the discussion that many of us are afraid to have with our doctors and family members.

  7. 7
    Carrie Says:

    No offense but where was that “Angelina Effect” when The Tourist came out. She boosts adoption rates but not the box office sales.

  8. 8
    R U sure Says:

    Very brave.

  9. 9
    Jan Says:

    There was not a lot of publicity when Christina Applegate had it done and other stars that have had it done. Such a big deal over Jolie. The majority of women cannot afford to even have the test done, let alone the surgery. They just have to take their chances. If Jolie could get it fixed that all women can have this test free and help in paying for the surgery, then it would make a difference.

  10. 10
    sillyme Says:

    Wow, so much for privacy. I guess a Lifetime movie or documentary will be coming soon.

  11. 11
    juju Says:

    great cover

  12. 12
    juju Says:

    man u b i t c h e s r stupid
    angelina has nothing to do
    with that cover or article
    that photo is an old photo from 2011

  13. 13
    Tina Says:

    This is a ridiculous. She had a mastectomy! She took a test that cost $3,000! She was able to afford it and that’s that! She didn’t cure cancer for goodness sakes. She wasn’t even dying! She took a preventative measure and she shouldn’t be on the media 24/7 for this kind of thing. Many women die because they can’t afford this test excluding the fact they would have to get a second opinion and find out too late. Many women survive. Where the hell is their cover? that’s because they’re nobodies and Angelina – a movie star is sooo important…

    Give me a break. Thumbs down all you want because I know this site worships her but I just wanted to give my 2 cents.

  14. 14
    Marieme Says:

    I love her and welcome any and all positive attention on the real Angelina. I find it amusing how so many haters are suddenly backtracking their previous negative opinions on Ange. The rest of us have seen her true, heartfelt goodness from the get-go. We’ve always known both she and Brad don’t do anything unless it comes from the heart. Bless her!!

  15. 15
    Fabulous! Says:

    Beauty, Compassionate, Talent, Brains and so much more!

    She is a TRUE class act!

  16. 16
    ha ha Says:

    So much for the been there done that sex symbol Ange used to be, thats riri and miley, etc now. This chick in her older years wants to become a tatooed, ex-slvtty, ex-junkie, ex-cutter Mother Teresa. And its working. Her agent is fvcking brilliant!!

  17. 17
    Lola Says:

    She’s brave and genuine. I love the fact she accepts she’s famous and try to do something good with it, getting attention to good causes.

  18. 18
    Verity Says:

    @Ellen: I disagree. Putting a face to this is necessary. While there are women and men who have had this procedure, many more have no knowledge of the BRCA gene, or the steps taken. Now that a public figure has come forward, those who may have a family history can arm themselves with this knowledge and approach their family doctor. Angelina did address the issue of cost in the New York Times article.

  19. 19
    nani Says:

    Each day I worship her more and more! Amazing, gorgeous woman!

  20. 20
    BP Says:


  21. 21
    Verity Says:

    @Tina: Angelina did address the issue of cost especially regarding those with low income in the New York Times article.

  22. 22
    Lol Says:

    Publicity and Promotion: Check /

  23. 23
    Josephina Says:


    It is isn’t just the money that she has that made the treatment successful. Please consider the following:

    - proactive thinking and the DECISION to get tested
    - research and weighing all the options of what is best for her and her family
    - courage to go through with the recommended treatment
    - team of top rated doctors
    - having a loving, supporting family there by your side
    - having an intimated partner who reassures you that his love will only deepen, encouraging you along the way in case fear or doubt grip you
    - getting tested early enough to minimize risk
    - getting tested BEFORE diagnosis of breast OR ovarian, uterine or cervix cancer
    - great love for your children, not wanting them to live without a mother
    - great love for your spouse, a reason to grow old together

    Angie had a concert of persons on her side and by her side. She did not go through this alone. She is a very blessed woman.

    Brad and Angie really do have a deep love for each other. Love is such a beautiful thing.

  24. 24
    cmac Says:

    It seems like a drastic measure that should be a last resort.

  25. 25
    janekay Says:

    Angelina rocks! always have!

  26. 26
    Fabulous! Says:


    Why are you so angry?????

    You are acting like she did something wrong to share her story. It is great what she has done as far as open up her VERY personal ordeal to the world. She is an international movie star who is viewed as one of the worlds most beautiful women whether you can stomach it or not. Therefore, anything like this coming from her will travel and be in the news for a few days.

    She has done many great, brave things over the years through her travels to dangerous countries to be an advocate for those who need to be heard here in the US and abroad. She gets attention for that but this is greater because it is something that affects everyone whether you are a cancer victim or not. Plus today so many are choosing this option celebrity and non-celebrity. My local news interviewed women who had made the same choice because of Angelina’s admission. So it got people talking and that was the purpose.

    If you have too much disdain for her to see what she did is good, then to bad for you.

  27. 27
    Josephina Says:

    @ha ha:

    EXCEPT…she doesnot have a PR agent.

    Don’t insult her and confuse her with Ticky, Tsk, Tsk.

  28. 28
    mrst Says:

    Angie is an icon. She continues make a lasting impact. God bless the Jolie-Pitts!

  29. 29
    whatwhat Says:

    I think she did a brave thing by telling people what she done, because she did had to do it, but being the person that she is she shared that information to help others as she always done. So people should stop hating on her. I always love the genuine love that Brad and Angie have for each.

  30. 30
    lurker Says:

    Brave and loving haters suck

  31. 31
    BP Says:


  32. 32
    juju Says:

    it’s a pity that u jealous b i t c h e s
    r to blind by hate
    to see that the conversations
    n the amount of awareness
    raise by angelina coming public
    with her story
    is fantastic for women
    this cover n all that came out today
    that angelina has nothing to do with it
    but r also a result of her op-ed
    r very important

  33. 33
    Luna Says:

    Great, just when we thought we were finally getting rid of her and moving on from her and her ridiculous publicity stunts she rolls right back in with another one. She must have known from the getgo that this was going to cause a ton of media attention. Why not just do these surgeries and tests and not talk about them until a few years later (like other actresses have done in the past)? But nope, not Angelina! She needs to be in the press. She needs to be in the center of attention. She craves it. For Angie, it’s not about spreading awareness…it’s about getting more good publicity…for HER!

  34. 34
    naturegirl Says:

    There is none more gorgeous

  35. 35
    hopeso Says:

    LOVE YOU MUCH!!!!!

  36. 36
    Hilma Says:

    My Lady for Beauty, your Bravery your Courage throughout these few month i an in awe of you…

  37. 37
    Daleann Says:

    @Luna: TRUTH

  38. 38
    Josephina Says:


    Angelina spoke because she wants women to consider the option of taking better care of ourselves. For her, she has a family trait that predisposes her to breast cancer and ovarian cancer. She could have waited for more symptoms to appear like most women, or take a more cautionary approach: get tested early. Imagine that!

    Sometimes when you test early you may have to make a decision based on the test results. For the sake of her children and Brad, she chose a path that inceases her chances of living longer so that she can be with them longer.

    I have a mother just like her. She has sacrificed everything for me and my brother so that she could be with us longer. If you have never known a deep love like this, then all you will see is the “transaction” of a double mastectomy.

    There are those of us who know how to love on this level and then there are those who have people around them who will never sacrifice anything for them or love them unconditionally.

    They are the ones who will not understand.

  39. 39
    Fabulous! Says:

    Luna and Daleann = Dumb & Dumber

  40. 40
    Oh puhalaease Says:

    Nah, pr manipulation is when you use your fake ring to get the cover of People magazine’s Oscar coverage talking bout I’m gettin married soon or you call paparazzi to follow you in NYC because youre shilling shampoo. If anything a star such as angelina jolie announcing that she has removed her breasts is not good Hollywood pr. This is the type of news publicist want to hide for fear of losing a movie role. What angie has done is much bigger and for better reasons than “put me on da cover of people magazine so I can get attention for something that’s not happening and maybe I can get more acting jobs.” Ya know??

  41. 41
    Henry88 Says:

    @Ellen: I completely agree with you. But, perhaps, she’s one of the very few celebrities to be politically and socially aware. I think she’s just using her fame to raise awareness reguarding issues and topics such as this.

  42. 42
    Fabulous! Says:



  43. 43
    yuck Says:

    so overrated with that big forehead vein protruding out and those huge wrinkled fish lips with those ugly set bulging eye balls. never in a million years thought she was anything spcial looks or talent wise.

  44. 44
    ha ha Says:


    do you think she didnt know about Time cover, all planned. Once again I am entitled to my opinion and I ask you nicely pls dont confuse me with an anniston fan, it has nothing to do with that creep, cant stand her. Not thinking Ange is sincere is an isolated opinion, has nothing to do with any other celeb for that matter.

  45. 45
    Just terrible Says:

    @yuck: sucks for you then that’s she’s a worldwide phenomenon. No matter what’s she has done in life the world has been interested but this was like no time before. Some “fans” can only wish and hope their faves had this level of love and attention. SHE IS NOW AN ICON UP THERE WITH LIZ TAYLOR. brad is not her burton. He is a user like Eddie fisher.

  46. 46
    Just terrible Says:

    @ha ha: damn now she controls what TIME puts on the cover. Bow to the goddess and go have a seat. Thanks.

  47. 47
    ha ha Says:

    and btw, i think Ange is a beautiful and talented actress, but thats all I appreciate about her, I couldnt care less about her supposed “causes”.

  48. 48
    anustin Says:

    my girl is doing very good!!! thank you,anjie.bless you,always.

  49. 49
    Just terrible Says:

    @ha ha: did you bow ? Don’t talk about the queen without bowing and kissing her ring. Thanks.

  50. 50
    ha ha Says:

    @Just terrible:

    yup she sure has the clout

  51. 51
    um Says:

    I think it would be epic if insurance companies not only cover the surgery but the testing as well. There should be free mobile clinics for the economically challenged like they have free mamograms.

  52. 52
    anustin Says:

    oi anjie got a publicist now…….she/he knows its all planned.

  53. 53
    bwahaha Says:

    Now we have to swallow all her goodness all of a sudden. Yes Angelina, you’ll be a goddess, queen, role model and everything in this world.

  54. 54
    ITA Says:

    Chups – ITA

    See another pov. All credit to the source and writer.

  55. 55
    cee Says:

    Love you Angie and wish you well. Haters get a hold of yourselves please.

  56. 56
    groundcontrol Says:

    There’s no stopping Angelina when she sets her mind to something.
    Now we will see pressure to ensure women are knowledgeable about the deadly BRCA gene mutation, to ensure affordable and accessible BFRCA testing for those affected, and to ensure affordable and accessible treatment.
    Bravo Angelina for speaking up and sharing your experiences. The thousands of comments in support are heartening. Also very touching are those comments pouring out of those facing this decision and this operation who report how much Jolie’s NY Times OP Ed piece and her medical details have helped them.
    There is no talking to the ignorant and hateful. We know what they are doing.

  57. 57
    thelookoflove1365 Says:
    If I wasn’t a fan before, I am now.
    Perhaps the most difficult, lifelong challenge faced by female actors and, for that matter, by all women, is the challenge of escaping their bodies and into less material worlds — the worlds of character, of mind, and, arguably, thus, of freedom. The sad fact is that while leading men draw audiences with charm, leading women draw audiences with their flesh.
    Of course, this has occurred to Angelina Jolie. One gets the feeling that she has been on a career-long quest to get audiences to correlate female physicality with strength, instead of just sex. She seems to seek out roles that connect body with different forms of strength, from the wiseacre, physical strength of Lara Croft in “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” and later Jane Smith in “Mr & Mrs. Smith,” to the emotional strength of Lisa Rowe in “Girl, Interrupted,” to the courageous resolve of Mariane Pearl in “A Mighty Heart,” to the independence of Evelyn Salt in “Salt.”
    The very best actors play out their most personal, psychological and political explorations in their choices of role. And Jolie has been on a very interesting road for some time. Yet, something about her New York Times Op-Ed about her double mastectomy was different.
    When Jolie starred as Croft, most of the media attention focused on her body, specifically, on the fact that a woman with two of the most fabulous breasts on the planet had to have them enhanced with prosthetic inserts, in order to portray her popcorn heroine adequately.
    As three of the nation’s prominent film critics wrote at the time:
    Roger Ebert: “Lara Croft is a major babe…. It is cold on the tundra, and everyone wears fur-lined parkas. Everyone but Lara, whose light gray designer cape sweeps behind her so that we can admire the tight matching sweater she is wearing, which clings tightly to those parts of her body that can be found a foot below and a little to the front of her great ears…. She looks great, is supple and athletic.”
    Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers: “Among the special effects, the stone monkeys rock, but you might be more distracted by the fact that Jolie’s breasts seem to balloon and deflate from scene to scene.”
    Slate’s David Edelstein: “Male stars tend to project either a gee-wiz diffidence or a manly stoicism; they rarely acknowledge that the mayhem is a substitute for getting laid. But Jolie telegraphs, ‘Come and get it, big boy.’ With her pistols strapped to her bare thighs, she goes spread-eagled under an attacking robot and then comes up firing, laughing as she takes the colossus down.”

  58. 58
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    Jolie addressed this cultural discussion of her breasts in a June 2001 interview with Prairie Miller of the website, who asked Jolie: “What changes did you go through for your, you know, bust-out role as Lara?”

    Jolie replied:

    “C’mon, I’m not so flat chested to begin with. When I wear a tight T-shirt, I look a certain way. So it wasn’t like we had to completely change me. You know, we just had to enhance me a little.”

    “I’m a 36C. Lara, she’s a 36D. And in the game, she’s a double D, so we took her down some. But we did give her a bit of padding there. For me, it was simply one size. So it was like having a padded bra. But no, I am not flat chested anyway.”

    “So we still made it Lara Croft, but we didn’t go to any extremes. And Lara doesn’t apologize for herself, and for having that, you know, recognizable shape. So I’m not going to apologize for her either. Personally, I wouldn’t want those breasts. They seem kinda funny to me.”

    “But we did want to put in something for those hardcore game fans. Lara has those big breasts in the game. We didn’t want to make them as big as in the game, but at the same time we didn’t want to take away from her the things that are, you know, her trademarks.”

    “But I don’t know what all this fixation is about anyway. There are certainly lots of women in movies with big breasts. I mean, there are a lot of actresses with huge breasts, and characters with nothing but cleavage.”

    What Jolie has done with her announcement this week is take one of the most sexualized bodies in the history of American culture and transformed that body into a force for good, spanking all of the creepy male film reviewers and audience members who weren’t getting her message. Jolie, now famously, writes in her Op-Ed: “Life comes with many challenges. The ones that should not scare us are the ones we can take on and take control of.” But she didn’t just take control of cancer. She took control of something much more elusive, wild and damaging — her body’s reception, the ways in which her physicality is received and theorized.

    From now on, her breasts will no longer be big, firm or “supple.” They won’t even serve as a public symbol of her fertility or of her interest in the task of mothering. Her breasts are now something more matter-of-fact. They are simply dispensable physical objects. She absolutely robbed them of their cultural, symbolic power. And what’s so completely thrilling about this, is that she did it on her own, one single woman — one single decision — against the machine.

    I was never that into Lara Croft, Jane Smith or Evelyn Salt. But Jolie is my new hero.

    Alexandra Bradner has taught philosophy at University of Kentucky, Denison University, Marshall University, University of Michigan, and Northwestern University.

  59. 59
    Hah Says:

    Whaaaa… Times mag has a cover ready for publication in a day after the announcement? This is now smelling a little suspect. The angelina effect? Seriously? Is this about the issue or is it just, once again, a cover for building brand strategy

  60. 60
    from a long time fan Says:

    Long time fans of Angelina (long before Brad) know that her grandmother died of cancer at 45 years of age. Her mother died of cancer at 56 of age. She is doing what is right for her life. You do the same with yours.
    Secondly heart surgery was very expensive in it’s infancy. Now it’s available to most people with insurance. Hopefully this will happen with the test/surgery Angelina had. But with all things it has to start somewhere.

  61. 61
    Cassi Says:

    Angelina has this power over people, whatever she says, people listen. I read a report that New York hospitals got tons of calls from women ask for gene tests that Angelina did.

  62. 62
    remember da truth Says:

    Carrie #7 love how you say “no offense, but…” then pick the one major ‘flop” that Angie has had among major releases (obviously small pictures do small numbers).
    When The Tourist is considered a flop for doing $278 million in box office, I guess you’re doing alright.

    And what does that have to do with helping women feel okay about getting a mastectomy, that still has such a stigma that women choose risking getting cancer over the surgery?

    Obviously, you are searching, reaching, trying hard to find some fault with yet another good deed done by someone you know leads a better life than you, in every way. Why don’t you see what you can do in a small way to improve your life and the lives of others around you instead of wasting energy on trying to bring someone above you down to your level of uselessness?

  63. 63
    groundcontrol Says:

    Reread the article, dimwit.
    “So this week, when a woman known for her powerfully iconic beauty announced that she had undergone an elective double mastectomy to reduce her genetically high risk of breast cancer, it was a cultural and medical earthquake — a revelation so arresting it became the subject of TIME’s newest cover story, which will publish to Thursday morning, before hitting newsstands Friday

    Read more:
    I read Angelina’s Op-Ed early Tuesday morning right after midnight Monday night. This is not a fast turn around at all. These are reporters who, if they are any good, work under fast deadlines all the time. They will have had 2 full days to report and write on it by the time it is published online Thursday and then hits the streets Friday. It’s not as if they are drones who work only 9 to 5. They work round the clock when they need to. That’s what NEWS is.
    Must you come off as some conspiracy fueled fruitcake? Stop embarrassing yourself and go back to your mother ship.

  64. 64
    an opinion Says:

    @Hah:Seriously walk into the tech age

  65. 65
    Luna Says:

    I know right? The Time cover is very supicious. Also, to those saying she doesn’t have PR…yeah right! That’s what she wants you to believe. Truth is though, everyone in Hollywood has PR. Even if you can’t see them or an actor tells you they don’t have one, they are always lurking around somewhere in the background. Celebs need PR for a reason. It’s not like Angelina is the queen of Hollywood or anything (although I’m sure her stans believe she has such power).

  66. 66
    remember da truth Says:

    #59 Whaaa? you mean news that comes out and changes online every few minutes can’t possibly be able to be printed for publication the next day, as newspapers have done for centuries, with an old photo pulled and leaked to publicize it?

    Really, are you so determined to find a conspiracy that normal news cycles are now “suspect”? How long did it take print publications to write about the Boston bombing? Or the IRS announcement? or any other news that comes out?
    Get real…. Your determination not to face the reality that Jolie’s announcement has a huge impact and will also be a ratings boost, big seller, and hit-getter is blocking you from making sense.

  67. 67
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    The name changing trolls are stupid. It is NOT Angie’s fault that magz, tabs, blogs, legit & none legit news, entertainment, ect cover or dissected her NYT op-ed. All these people are doing are feeding from the same op-ed that Angie wrote. Angie did NOT talk to every single publication that are publishing stories about her & her mastectomy.
    She did NOT sit down with a Time mag reporter for an interview & had her picture taken for their editorial or cover story. Time choose to cover Angie’s story and she has nothing to do with it. And that’s their prerogative.
    OMG, you trolls are giving me headache with your lack of comprehension, lack of empathy, or even lack of simple common sense. Because you hate Angie, you want to believe all these things that only exist in your head.
    A person who does not feel an empathy to a fellow human being on her/his misfortune or difficulty is a sociopath/psychopath.

  68. 68
    Josephina Says:


    Yep, you are so right. They are the shameful knuckle-draggers…

  69. 69
    yolly Says:

    As TIME MAGAZINE cover ” ANGELINA EFFECT”.How many people will be saved by telling her story, by opening up to her double mastectomy? That’s so brave of her & use her popularity to educate others about Double Mastectomy.Kudos to you Angie. So proud to be your fan & Brad’s fan too.God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  70. 70
    Brad & Angie fan forever. Says:

    @thelookoflove1365: Trolls are crazy.

  71. 71
    yolly Says:

    My hats off to Angie.You are so brave & always thinking of others who will benefit by teling to the world about your double mastectomy.Go Angie !!! Brad will always be there to love & support you.

  72. 72
    yolly Says:

    @Fabulous!: ITA. Angie will help a lot of people.

  73. 73
    troll mania Says:

    Wow- nine years- thousands upon thousands of day nights of stalking the JPs and their fans have caused more troll hallucinations. What does this imagined publicist look like? Is it a man or a woman?? Do they work for free? Have an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter? Yeah, that makes sense.

  74. 74
    maleficent Says:

    @Luna: Why so much hate ? Angie is doing a lot of good things to people.

  75. 75
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    @reply | flag this
    # 63 groundcontrol @ 05/15/2013 at 7:23 pm
    Reread the article, dimwit.
    “So this week, when a woman known for her powerfully iconic beauty announced that she had undergone an elective double mastectomy to reduce her genetically high risk of breast cancer, it was a cultural and medical earthquake — a revelation so arresting it became the subject of TIME’s newest cover story, which will publish to Thursday morning, before hitting newsstands Friday
    Read more:
    I read Angelina’s Op-Ed early Tuesday morning right after midnight Monday night. This is not a fast turn around at all. These are reporters who, if they are any good, work under fast deadlines all the time. They will have had 2 full days to report and write on it by the time it is published online Thursday and then hits the streets Friday. It’s not as if they are drones who work only 9 to 5. They work round the clock when they need to. That’s what NEWS is.
    Must you come off as some conspiracy fueled fruitcake? Stop embarrassing yours.
    TY for posting this. I’ve read it already but glad you used this to highlight the troll’s stupidity. They are like these uneducated & uninformed person hellbent on proving to others that he/she knows what’s going on, then come across as a buffoon.
    I shake my head in amazement on how these trolls manage their daily life. If they are this stupid, I wonder, if they are working, in what capacity? Because I don’t think they are capable of separating fiction from fact. Or even articulating their argument w/o coming across as stupid. Are they this uninformed at their work place, because by God, they will get fired right away.

  76. 76
    maleficent Says:

    @Josephina: ITA with your comment.

  77. 77
    Some Bunny Says:

    Awesome lady Angelina Jolie is. A good role model for every daughter today. She is a hero saving lives, I hope her blessings are as many as all the lives she saved. Especially the children. That touches me more than anything.
    Blessings to the JP’s and to their family and Fans!

  78. 78
    whatevah Says:

    People are really stupid and ignorant. It’s not because she’s famous, rich and that she can afford this procedure etc.

    What all this about is she’s famous and she used that platform to bring more awareness about this disease. People talk more about it openly, **** i don’t even know about those mutated gene and we have a cancer history in our family. Sure there’s a lot of women that have this done and have cancers and we don’t know about it because they don’t have the means to put it out there like Angelina.

    Now that she got this procedure, everyone was talking about it and I even learned something that i didn’t know before, thanks to her.

    So those people who’s bitter why don’t do us a favor and shut your hole for once and let others appreciate what this woman have taught us.

  79. 79
    Jones Says:

    Angie and Brad do not have publicists and her Time cover story is no conspiracy. She made the cover of TIme because 1) her covers sell like hotcakes and Time is leveraging her popularity to sell their magazine 2) this topic is newsworthy and, thanks to Jolie, has been a non-stop conversation since the her Op-Ed was released and 3) when you’re a weekly publication, you can’t afford to be “behind the eight ball.” News moves fast and you have to be able to capture it. They scrapped whatever cover story was in play and made a quick turnaround to be apart of this conversation. Pubs do this regularly. Especially weeklies. It’s part of how the news business works people.

  80. 80
    PR help u get Gigolo Says:

    PR can set up D-Z list Stars meet A-Z hunks just asking Jen LunaHor
    Today Jen LunaHor got Mr.McGreedy Gigolo be her soul mate.
    Jen LunaHor trust her PR more than her own family.
    Jen LunaHor invited 200 guests on her 1st married without her own mother .
    Jen LunaHor will invite 20 guests on her 2nd married this time her own mother will get invite ,Jen LunaHor is still thinking thoughts anout when is the best time to get married with Mr.McGreedy
    PR had annouced it since last year that Jen will ring a bell and say
    I did I do and I will .
    Used PR got A -Z list hunks,toy boy…etc
    Used yourselves got rock stars,A-D list stars,millionaires.

  81. 81
    Cold Hard Math Says:

    Like I said on the other thread, bravo. Wishing good health and happiness to her, Brad and their family.

  82. 82
    Dc Says:

    Angelina the warrior goddess! <3. What a beautiful picture of her. She looks peaceful and serene, elegant andclassy.

    I will say it again she's brave, strong and courageous.

  83. 83
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    You know what trolls? I prefer this Time story of Angie because it will help & educate others who has the same medical issues as hers. Even to those families who do not have a family history of cancer, at least now we are all informed. And isn’t this what Angie was hoping for? To help educate women about this disease and maybe push our politician & insurance mafias to do the right thing so that, we can have universal health care for all. (praying)
    I prefer Angie’s Time story to X’s People story of her so called wedding plan. Hers was just screaming ME, MYSELF, & I, publicity stunt. Did you bitchh about i?. It was self-serving & has NO social relevance or intent to help others. See the difference between Angie & X?
    Angie used her status as a platform to help other-that shows she’s a GIRL’S GIRL. While the other one is JUST A GIRL, CLUELESS & SELFLESS AT that..

  84. 84
    Luna Says:

    @Jones: You are an idiot! Brad and Angie most definitely have publicists! They are A-listers for crying out loud. They do not manage their own careers and images. In no way is that humanly possible. Brad and Angie also have managers, stylists, agents, personal assistants, nannies, bodyguards, drivers, housekeepers…you name it. Hell, their publicists probably have personal assistants.

  85. 85
    Idiocracy Says:

    Preemptive Lobotomies for anyone who needs a Hollywood actress to prompt them to read and research matters which may pertain to their own health. baaa sheep

  86. 86
    Some Bunny Says:

    @from a long time fan:

    I am a long time fan too. I love Angelina Jolie the way my own mom loved Princess Diana. Why not have someone like Angelina Jolie as our role model today? I mean CNN was chasing her years before Brad Pitt did. She doesn’t ask for all the attention, she just hopes to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I can tell you after being a fan for almost 20 years now, wow, i feel old… but she has always been like this, so genuine and real. Something she contributes to her own mother, and it is the way she isn’t diverted by the personal stuff. Unstoppable!!
    I find that not only does she fight to educate and empower women, but she takes the spot light off herself, and shines it on the causes she believes in. Saving lives is a cause she believes in. I believe this to be the key to all her inner beauty and loving generosity. Thats huge to me. That is why Angelina Jolie will always be a hero in my eyes.

    Blessings to the JP’s and to their family and fans!!

  87. 87
    busted Says:


    Jones you are so right. They don’t have a Publicist. It is well known that they don’t. Because if they did that would be known too. Some of the trolls are obviously about to hang themselves. so angry and upset about Angie and her influence. Let’s just focus on her, Brad and family. Ignore the fools that are spinning out of control.

    just laugh at them and move on.

  88. 88
    Lys Says:

    LOL at trolls trying to spin this negatively.

  89. 89
    Luna Says:

    @busted: Wow, you guys surely stan hard for them. Once again, every single star in Hollywood has a publicist. You might not notice them all the time, but they do have them, including Brad and Angelina. Stop this nonsense crap about how they are too good for publicists or whatever. They use them just as much as everyone else.

  90. 90
    Niecy Says:

    What an inspiration. I can’t wait to see the world response to losing the ovaries! Cutting body parts will replace piercings and tattoos for sure. Ang is THE trend setter.

  91. 91
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    For the nth times, Brad & Angie do NOT have publicist, only managers. Angie has a manager who is, I believe point of contact for when studios/people in the industry wants to send scrips to Angie for her to read. Brad let go of his publicist 3-4 years ago(?) now.
    And yes, they both A- listers who don’t have a publicist because they don’t care about what you & others are thinking about them.
    And yes, they have stylist, nannies, bodyguard, housekeepers, personal assistant, drivers, but NOT a publicist.
    And Yes, they manage their own careers & do NOT need hand-holding from any publicist.
    And Yes, you are pissed that they can do all the things they are doing w/o a publicist. Now ask Huvane to hold X’s hands & wipe her snut-nose. she’s been crying because she is relegated to ‘irrelevance.”

  92. 92
    silly Says:

    No, not every star has a publicist and it is a FACT that Brad and Angie do not have a publicist. Angie has always said she likes to speak for herself and Brad got rid of his 6 or 7 years ago. They have better things to do with their money than spend millions on lie tellers and spin doctors. All more reason to admire them both.

  93. 93
    Pearl Buck Says:

    Nobody adopted until Angelina did it.

  94. 94
    new thread Says:

    ———— new thread —————

  95. 95
    Jones Says:

    @ busted – Yes, these trolls are absolutely ridiculous! And you are correct it’s a very well known fact that Angie and Brad don’t have publicists. They are both extremely successful at managing their own image. Angie has been doing it for years, long before Brad even entered the picture. She is particularly media savvy and decides what will be released to the public and what won’t. I guess it’s hard for the trolls to understand this because when you’re idol is someone like ticky who can’t even have a thought without the help of her publicist, then the idea of Angie and Brad managing their own image must be beyond all levels of comprehension for them.

  96. 96
    el Says:

    She is brave, ok, but Im sooo tired of seeing these headlines every time I check any website… :X

  97. 97
    Some Bunny Says:

    The hens are really losing their shite over all this attention Angelina Jolie gets!! She has a light of her own, so bright and beautiful, its not her fault. LOL but its hilarious to watch the wannabes try to spin up reasons Why oh why does Angelina Jolie do something to help others for the greater good … Since their idol is fictitious and has such selfish motives and still can’t act or get a movie blockbuster, they don’t think its fair. but I smile and say its just, “Karma!”

  98. 98
    Just terrible Says:

    @Luna: pump your breaks, fool. For years Angie only had a manager Guyer kasinski. No agent and no publicist just a manager. She tried having an agent at Caa right when She got with brad Eddie fisher but left them after a year. After directing a film she finally hired an agent for directing before that she was agent less. She still doesnt have a publicist. So stfu and do your research or stay quiet. brad Eddie fisher has multiple agents, publicist, manager. He claims to have dumped his publicist but when you have power agents you don’t really need the publicist.

  99. 99
    Piper Says:

    Luna: take a nap. your insane jealousy is showing.

    I guess it’s time for me to buy TIme this week :)

  100. 100
    Passing Through Says:

    # 51 lurker @ 05/15/2013 at 1:05 pm

    blah blah looks like FF is empty,poor hens they are in denial and meltdown mode
    You comment about the FFers made me wonder about something – in light of yesterday’s news, are they STILL insisting that Angie’s a smack addict? LOL.
    And then there’s their belief in the lies of Mr. IUC, Mel and BooHooHoo. Angie and Brad just kept 3 months of a delicate medical problem from leaking to the media…but…these FF idiots really think that people in Brad and Angie’s circle talk to lowlifes like those 3 sleazeballs and that they’re not pulling their stories out of their asses? Fvkcing morons. They all need to retire to the Home of the Criminally Stoopid – otherwise known as Ticky’s guesthouse…but only on the days she’s not making Squiggy live in it.

  101. 101
    anustin Says:

    el @ 05/15/2013 at 8:49 pm

    She is brave, ok, but Im sooo tired of seeing these headlines every time I check any website… :X

    i dont think got this news…..go and park ur azzz there….

  102. 102
    Bravery Says:

    #33 Luna

    What is with all your anger? Hating on someone you don’t know.

  103. 103
    Lucy Says:

    I think its great that she had the courage to remove her breasts. BUT telling her kids that she wont leave them is not the truth. No one knows about life and when the lord decides to take us. Also not everyone can afford to have this test done as she is so wealthy or insurance will not always pay for a test just cause a person wants a test. I am sure she got some perfect implants, the best her money can buy and the people who go and support and see her movies! people need to be realistic here. she has millions. i am not being negative just truthful. its also none of anyones business what a woman does with her body… Blessings to you angelina.

  104. 104
    anustin Says:

    am buying time and people this week.

    new brad thread.

  105. 105
    anustin Says:

    egad!! Lunatic.!!!! they,dont,have,a,publicist. the end.

  106. 106
    Bravery Says:

    #44 haha

    The public perception of Angelina that you seem to believe was created by tabloid coverage for many years. She has no PR firm to represent her, so she does not address the many lies written about her. “IF” you were to delve into her life by following her many humanitarian projects, you may change your mind about her. Please think about it. Thank you for reading this. :-)

  107. 107
    Really.... Says:

    Your an idiot, it’s not about box office ratings… adoption and cancer prevention are more important than ticket sales! Ticket sales don’t keep people alive, adopting a child giving them a home does, taking steps to prevent cancer does.

  108. 108
    Betsy Plakas Says:

    So much respect for Angelina, she’s an extraordinary inspiration and beautiful woman in celebs world, sehe’s a true honest humanitarian. xoxo.

  109. 109
    Luna Says:

    I just love how Angelina’s stans can’t handle the fact that there are many people who don’t like her and they are not “bitter and jealous” of her. Everyone has an opinion on these celebs. If you can’t handle a little bit of celeb bashing then maybe you need to stay off the gossip sites. Not everyone worships her bony haggard ass like her stans do.

  110. 110
    Ⱦamsin Says:


    I know what you mean. This is beyond disgusting and embarrassing. The level some people are sucking up to this master media manipulator. The way she orchestrated all of this to benefit herself- is there anything sacred to this vile, self-serving woman then? After exploiting cancer patients and minimizing their condition with this act, I don’t think there’s anything she wouldn’t do.

  111. 111
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Really JJ staff? “The effect on the world”??? LMAOOOOO….

    What revelation is that? The same thing that the likes of Sharon Osbourne, Christina Applegate and Edie Falco had. Why is it different now? Why dimissing their efforts like that? You claim to stand apart from gossip blogs and present celebrities in objective ways yet you put this crap out to benefit one of your staff worker’s relatives (hello Francis Bertrand) and put her on a pedestal as a living deity. Disgusting!

    Shame on you for being a tool to this evil woman’s master plan. I hope it was worth it!

  112. 112
    melissa Says:

    I think she’s amazing and her ‘coming out’ about this makes total sense given her political and personal platforms. the attention she is getting (perhaps over the top to some) is because she is a HUGE star; any other women in Hollywood who have had cancer are just not in her star stratosphere and do not have the power to impact change the way she does. so Christina Appelgate, Sheryl Crow, etc. just won’t reach the same worldwide audience AJolie will, so the attention is for a reason. Like her or not she is a world symbol and a great one at that

  113. 113
    groundcontrol Says:

    @Passing Through:
    Hey PT. I wondered the same thing but they will come up with some bizarre reasoning ( & I use that term very loosely) to explain their delusions. LOL!
    Like their crazy idea that they broke up years ago but they are always together to trick everyone or when they aren’t seen in public Brad lives in Santa Barbara and Angie in Los Feliz (that’s the latest twist on their lunacy).
    I am so happy for Angelina despite my initial tears. It really touched me and as if I needed more respect for her, my respect for her just grew exponentially.
    There are literally thousands of comments all over the place from Facebooks pages (like Nicholas Kristoff), NY Times, CNN and all over.

  114. 114
    No publicist - read Says:

    REPOSTING – Thx Phool for below:

    Jolie: From girl with tattoos to girl with a cause
    Posted at: 05/15/2013 3:06 AM

    (AP) LOS ANGELES – In her bad girl days, Angelina Jolie’s body was a billboard for tattoos that said such things as “Billy Bob.”
    Now she’s sharing intimate details of her anatomy to help women at risk, going public with her preventive double mastectomy to greatly reduce her high odds of breast cancer.Its the latest peak in Jolie’s turn-around from hedonist to humanitarian, party girl to inspirational poster girl. The way she went public with her medical story on her own terms, in her own time _ with a New York Times op-ed piece Tuesday that caught the media fishbowl of Hollywood completely by surprise _ reveals a woman who once seemed out of control to be one of Hollywood’s most forceful and compassionate stars, using her fame with surgical precision to promote matters dear to her
    “I’m in awe of her. She remains one of the most inspiring women that I’ve ever encountered,” said former Paramount Pictures boss Sherry Lansing, who heads the Sherry Lansing Foundation for cancer research. “By letting people know about her personal issue, she is touching countless women who have the same genetic mutations, and she is showing them that they have choices and they can be empowered and can take care of their own health. And by doing so, I believe she is going to save countless lives.”Jolie’s come a long way from her wild-child days of 10 or 12 years ago.
    But since then, while paparazzi stalk Brad & Angleina and entertainment reporters scramble to chase the latest rumor that Jolie and Pitt are finally going to wed, they have emerged as the ultimate Hollywood power couple. They switch off on film projects so one is free to mind their six children, they travel the world talking up good deeds. “If she wasn’t one of the top actresses in Hollywood, she’d be one of the top publicists,” said Howard Bragman, vice chairman of “It’s hard to think of a couple that has a better image in this town, both for their careers, family, humanitarian work. … They’re very good at it, and one of the reasons is they have a very intimate circle that they trust, and they don’t go beyond that. It’s unusual in Hollywood circles, but they’re very strict about their personal life, about what gets out there. When something gets out there, it’s usually planned to get out there. It doesn’t leak. They don’t even have publicists.”
    A special envoy on refugee issues for the United Nations, Jolie, 37, has become as much about causes as career.
    She still makes big studio entertainment such as next year’s “Maleficent,” a twist on “Sleeping Beauty” in which she stars as the wicked sorceress who puts a curse on the fairy-tale princess. Yet Jolie puts her humanitarian interests on screen, too, making her directing debut with 2011’s “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” a war drama about two lovers _ a Bosnian Muslim woman and a Bosnian-Serbian man _ caught up in the horrors of work and rape camps.”There is no difference between the star Angelina Jolie and the woman Angelina Jolie. The choices she made even as a director are still strong,” said Thierry Fremaux, director of the Cannes Film Festival, where Jolie has been a frequent guest with films such as “Changeling” and “A Mighty Heart.”
    As for Jolie’s op-ed piece about her mastectomy, “we all know that she didn’t do that for herself but as giving an example to all the women on this planet Earth who are suffering from the same disease,” Fremaux said. “We knew she was a great star, but she’s a great person, as well.”Jolie wrote about her mother’s death from cancer at 56 and that she carries a gene herself that, according to doctors, left her with an 87 percent chance of breast cancer and 50 percent chance of ovarian cancer. She describes in detail the procedures she underwent from early February to late April to remove tissue and reconstruct her breasts with implants.
    She was treated at the Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills, Calif. Dr. Kristi Funk, who founded the center in 2007, read a short statement to reporters Tuesday, saying “we hope that the awareness she is raising around the world will save countless lives.”
    The procedures reduced her risk of breast cancer to less than 5 percent, Jolie wrote.”I wanted to write this to tell other women that the decision to have a mastectomy was not easy. But it is one I am very happy that I made,” Jolie wrote. “I can tell my children that they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer.”
    One of the most remarkable aspects of the story is how two of the most recognizable people in the world were able to make repeated incognito trips to Pink Lotus, where Jolie writes that Pitt was there for every minute of her surgeries. Jolie and Pitt are hounded by the press, so how they kept this a secret is anyone’s guess.”It’s almost unspeakably amazing. In this world ther

  115. 115
    lylian Says:

    Time Magazine cover: Amazing!
    I receive a message from a friend that in singapore, her photo and her story was front page news.
    Ques: Are we going to use the Time magazine thread or the newer Brad steps out thread? Personally I prefer the Time Magazine thread. Let the losies gabber on in the Brad steps out thread. Not that they will if they know the JP fans are on the Time magazine thread. They claim to be sick of Angelina and all but will continue to haunt the threads that JP fans go to. LOL!

  116. 116
    lylian Says:

    I guess we are moving to the Brad steps out thread.

  117. 117
    No publicist - read Says:

    Source: AP. Even publicist experts in HW think they should be publicist cause they are good at it WITHOUT it. LOL

  118. 118
    No publicist - read Says:

    Trolls and haters – right there above is why you should never believe the tabloids cause nothing is leaking from the Jolie-Pitt. See AP article above

  119. 119
    Joe Says:

    @Ⱦamsin: #111

    Tas, THIS! This Time cover is the REASON why so many loathe AJ and her fiancé! Right now you can not watch the evening news, get on the Internet or, read the morning news without having this broad thrown in your face. Way too much!!! She is NOT the first, and she certainly won’t be the last! What she did was NOT brave and she is NOT a hero. A HERO is the man/woman who puts their life on the line daily for your freedom. That loons, is a HERO!


    My hope is that she will use some of her millions to start a Foundation for women who would like to have the Brca Testing done, but have no insurance or cannot afford it. Right now under Obamacare (God help us) Brca Testing is NOT COVERED! Nor is the reconstruction part.

  120. 120
    lurker Says:

    angie is amazing

  121. 121
    Ginger Says:

    I have a feeling she will be a legend like Elizabeth Taylor or Princess Diana… Especially all the work and organization that she is part of and being as beautiful too, she definitely will be a legend.

  122. 122
    lurker Says:

    hollywood and the world love her

    Maria Shriver ✔ @mariashriver

    Kudos to Angelina Jolie for using her voice yet again to inform and inspire.


    I lost my Mom to Breast cancer & am embarrassed to admit that I’ve been too scared to get tested. I feel differently today #AngelinaJolie

    Paris Hilton ✔ @ParisHilton

    I really admire Angelina Jolie. She is so strong & brave. Her speaking about this could save many women’s lives to check & prevent cancer.
    1:26 AM – 15 May 2013

    Tom Arnold ✔ @TomArnold

    Angelina Jolie is heroic today because she forced us men to think about and even talk about something very uncomfortable. Our wives health.
    9:11 PM – 14 May 2013

    Jennifer Love Hewitt ✔ @TheReal_Jlh

    I have always admired Angelina Jolie. But reading about her brave decision I’m completely blown away. What an amazing woman. Inspiring.

    lisa rinna ✔ @lisarinna

    Angelina Jolie thank you! My Mom and Sister have both had double mastectomies and it saved their lives and they are cancer free #brave
    4:57 PM – 14 May 2013

    Mario Lopez ✔ @MarioLopezExtra

    Always liked Angelina Jolie… After today she’s a real hero for being so brave in sharing her story & educating millions of women.
    4:07 PM – 14 May 2013

    Brenda Song ✔ @BrendaSong

    I <3 Angelina Jolie. My mom is a 2 time breast cancer survivor. This was so moving.
    1:56 AM – 15 May 2013

    Patton Oswalt ✔ @pattonoswalt

    Not sure if I could ever face harsh reality as calmly, pragmatically, and fearlessly as Angelina Jolie did. Still kinda stunned.

  123. 123
    notebooks Says:

    This is so over the top. Insurance companies are no doubt prepared to say no to any calls about covering this test. So who is she really helping… This is just like all her photo Ops overseas. Doesn’t accomplish anything…

  124. 124
    Lindsay Says:

    SHE IS A COMPLETE IDIOT!!!!! This procedure is ridiculous! If you take care of your body, it has the power to be healthy NATURALLY! We are not born with too many parts, especially to remove parts that are not diseased or cancerous is stupid! Studies show taking VITAMIN D daily will reduce your breast cancer risk by 90%! Eating vegetables and exercising daily will reduce it to almost the same extent! Use your head people, she is not a role model, but a scared and foolish woman!

  125. 125
    lurker Says:

    you are a stupid ass,just STFU

  126. 126
    lurker Says:

    sad to burst you bubble FF hag,Angie already changed the game,in many hospitals women are calling their doctors to take control of their health,she started the conversation

  127. 127
    Jen The HAG Says:

    Joe @ 05/15/2013 at 11:13 pm @Ⱦamsin: #111

    Tas, THIS! This Time cover is the REASON why so many loathe AJ and her fiancé! Right now you can not watch the evening news, get on the Internet or, read the morning news without having this broad thrown in your face. Way too much!!! She is NOT the first, and she certainly won’t be the last! What she did was NOT brave and she is NOT a hero. A HERO is the man/woman who puts their life on the line daily for your freedom. That loons, is a HERO!
    Well braindead it’s not Angelina’s fault that magazne’s, bloggers, everning news choose to feature Angelina Jolie.. the reason is because AMGELINA JOLIE is an ICON and everything that she said or write everyone read it and wants to follow.. see YOU DIMWITTED HAGS are all in every ANGELINA JOLIE thread .. you hate her but you are all obsess with her.. now ask yourself why do you do it??? now STFU and go sit in a corner..!!!

  128. 128
    Mr and Mrs Smith Says:

    I’m 25 and I Have the Angie Gene

    Working closely with hospitals and research centers, FORCE members routinely fill groundbreaking clinical trials on breast and ovarian cancer. The group helped pass a resolution declaring September 29 National Previvor Day. Later this year, it’ll team up with director Steve Bernstein to screen Decoding Annie Parker, a film starring Helen Hunt and Samantha Morton that chronicles the history of BRCA.

    But it seems nothing has brought as much attention to the cause as Jolie’s own public coming out. “We all just kept emailing and texting each other saying, ‘Can you believe this?!’” says Karen Kramer, vice president of marketing for FORCE, of the actor’s op-ed. “What Angelina did was so brave. She achieved, in single one moment, what we’ve spent years fighting for.”

  129. 129
    Jen The HAG Says:

    lurker @ 05/16/2013 at 12:10 am

    sad to burst you bubble FF hag,Angie already changed the game,in many hospitals women are calling their doctors to take control of their health,she started the conversation

    Even USA today has posted — Could Angelina Jolie influence the Supreme Court? because Myriad Genetics wants to patent two genes that can identify an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

    “The news sent Myriad’s stock soaring Tuesday by calling attention to the genetic tests available for increased cancer risk. The company performs about 250,000 tests a year, and more than 1 million women have been tested.”

    Now HAGISTON that’s how influential Angelina Jolie is .. so bow to the QUEEN …bwahahahahh!!

  130. 130
    cristina santos Says:

    angie may God bless you more! you are an inspiration to many! we love you more for doing this! we will continue to pray for you and your family. you will stay healthy and happy until you turned old and gray w/ brad and your children!

  131. 131
    Mr and Mrs Smith Says:

    This needs to be reposted from the above article.


  132. 132
    Mr and Mrs Smith Says:



  133. 133
    groundcontrol Says:

    Preemptive Lobotomies
    Don’t be stealing my lines, b1tch.
    This has really become a worldwide event. A simple, quiet Op-Ed piece and the world explodes. Hell, the inside of some trolls’ heads are exploding.
    I know exactly where this is going and I couldn’t be happier.

  134. 134
    Sasavalasala Says:


    Very well said. I hope your family gets well.

  135. 135
    ..... Says:


    thank you ! I was thinking the same thing. finally someone wrote it. thank you !

  136. 136
    hi Says:


    you are so right. this all worship thing is getting annoying.

  137. 137
    //// Says:


    so true. and I also think that the really sad part is that Applegate and the rest of them women ACTUALLY BATTLED CANCER, they were fighting the real fight to stay alive, while jolie is perfectly healthy and
    just wanted to prevent it from happening in the future.

  138. 138
    ......... Says:


    you wrote every single word I was thinking about !!! it’s ridicules.
    if I could I would give you all the green arrows in the world. thank you !

  139. 139
    YatchO Says:

    Angelina is a beautiful woman. She has a good heart and good intentions. She will help bring awareness around the world about this illness. Hopefully we can find cure to speed up saving lives of those who are suffering right now.

  140. 140
    bob Says:



  141. 141
    xyz Says:


  142. 142
    busted Says:


    well let them inject a cancer cell in your body and then you wait and come back and talk.

    I’m ROTFLMAO at how upset you freaks are. You are mad that she is getting so much coverage. That she is being praised. And all you freaks are mad..

    good day all around.

  143. 143
    (:)Y Says:

    It’s good she save her family the pain of one day loseing her… Say something nice and move on with the rest of the world….. the stupid fans
    Trying to make her a SAINT is Sally ….. The OLDHAGS acting like one of their family member has DIE and they are in graving the loss …..the trolls
    Trying they best to put her down….. Both are losing…..

  144. 144
    lylian Says:

    Bringing over from Brad steps out thread:
    I read that after a mastectomy, reconstructed breasts may not have much sensation left in them. So, I was just chatting to a doctor friend of mine over dinner about this and she said that MOST LIKELY she will have some feeling left in her breasts. In fact she said that she may have almost normal feeling left in her breasts and nipples.
    Apparently a lot depends on how the surgery was done. But in her case, Angelina’s surgeon managed to save both the skin of her breasts and the nipples. The nerves run in the subcutaneous layer between the skin and the breast tissue and if not too much damage is done when:
    (a) cutting into the breast and
    (b) removing the breast tissue,
    then the reconstructed breasts will still retain good sensation.
    By way of example my friend explained that when a woman has a caesarian, the cut is lateral to the abdomen and that minimizes the nerve damage because of the way our nerves grow. On the other hand if you cut in an inverted Y shape along the chest and abdomen as you need to for some types of surgery (for example liver transplant), then you MAY not recover very much if any feeling at all in the abdomen because the nerves were cut through causing too much damage. Without doubt skilled surgeons of mastectomy would know how nerves run in a woman’s breasts and have picked the pathway inflicting the minimal damage to the nerves. The surgeons were able to do this because she did not have any tumours so her surgeon didn’t have to cut in a way to first remove any tumours. A point to make here is that Angelina herself said that she had only a few small scars.
    And hopefully, her surgeon has good hands. Because despite all the scientific and medical knowledge all competent surgeons will possess, some surgeons have good hands and some are just kinda not so good hands and it makes a difference.
    BTW, higher fees does not mean better hands in a surgeon . For that, you have to ask another doctor, may be an anaesthetist. Other doctors/surgeons/anaesthetists know which surgeons have good hands and which don’t!

  145. 145
    Joam Says:

    That could happen to any woman, we are not out of danger, and this is a difficult and hard decision!

  146. 146
    KIM Z Says:

    I feel that to do this procedure as a proactive thing took a lot of guts no matter how you cut it. Sure she has money that does not have anything to do with the actual procedure…human being is the only factor in that..Anjelina is a MOTHER that wanted to be around for her children and she took the steps to make sure that will happen. She is not done she will have her ovaries removed in an attempt to decrease the ovarian cancer also.

    This was a VERy admirable thing and the epitome of MOTHERHOOD in my opinion. She is a woman that has used her fame to change things; the way some think, the way things are done. Do you honestly think that when she does her UN job that those people even know she does films NO THEY DO NOT… to them she is someone that truly wants to help others

    KUDOS to you and congrats to your family for having such a mother in it.

  147. 147
    busted Says:

    that cover is stunning..

    she is a beautiful woman inside and out..

    Prayers Angie.

  148. 148
    Mocha Says:

    F&(*&*&ing haters are gonna f^(*&*&(*ing hate!
    While I was shocked and sad over the news, I’m also happy because she made such a brave choice, the children will be very happy and proud of her as always. She always inspired me so much. I’m constantly scared of having breast cancer and that I’ll lose my breasts if I do, but looking at Angie, now I feel I have to be brave like her. I don’t know how to say it but yeah she is the most inspiring woman I’ve known of. I wish you to stay with your family for a long long time, dear Angie :)

  149. 149
    angierocks Says:

    Angie is an Icon.Class and Beauty inside out.An inspiration.

  150. 150
    tommy Says:

  151. 151
    tommy Says:

    I am so inlove with her

  152. 152
    fhd Says:

    oh please she still has stinky brown water in the morning. gimme a break.

  153. 153
    NAN Says:

    So many coward fake fans run around here huh ? fhd
    Someone still thinking thoughts about her new life with Mr.Posh Gigolo.
    15 years ago her agent set her up with an A list hunk,
    Life is so Funny huh?

  154. 154
    Daring Says:

    Get really informed…she’s no saint…

  155. 155
    Ⱦamsin Says:


    Joe, if you think about it, her mother died of cancer years ago, and it’s only now when she’s bringing her up and claiming to be inspired by her, but before that she was never talked publicly about supporting any cancer-related cause. So she made one op-ed piece and her PR team is trying to convince us she’s as a leader in the fight against cancer and a life savior. LOL!

    It sort of like Pitty using the excuse that he really knew poverty while he was filming Troy but he never cared about it enough to set up a charity until he was part of the Brand several years later. You have to laugh at these demented JP trolls whose own unhappiness won’t let them them see past the B.S curtain and to realize how their disgusting, filthy use every noble cause to promote their own agendas.

  156. 156
    sl Says:

    FAKE FAKE FAKE Story….to garner sympathy and press and to make all the ignorant women of the world rush out to chop off their body parts.
    Come on folks, anyone ever hear of anyone getting reconstructive surgery within 3 months????? First, the story claimed mastectomy performed on April 27. Because anyone can glimpse her at any given moment that ridiculous story was changed and oh yeah mastectomy was really in Feb and reconstruction April 27.

  157. 157
    sl Says:

    @Verity Pls do yourself a favor…do not go chopping off body parts. Cancer is a fungus and can be cured with baking soda.

  158. 158
    rj Says:

    sl, what has angelina ever done to you? your hate for this woman is truly unbelievable. hope you overcome it, and also hope you don’t come down with this sickness.

  159. 159
    Christine Says:

    I am a big fan of Angelina, Brad, & their beautiful family. I give Angelina a lot of credit for choosing the most preventative route in her situation. I would make the same choice, scary as it may be. Don’t forget, she lost her Mother at 16, I’m sure that had a lot to do with deciding to take this step. I was a cancer nurse for many years, & have seen the horror of this disease first hand. I’m sure Ms Jolie-Pitt is speaking publicly about her decision to raise awareness and hopefully make it easier and less expensive for the average woman to have access to this testing & treatment. She certainly does not need to exploit a health problem to get attention.

  160. 160
    TribalTribal Says:

    I think that what she did was brave, but it is sad that out of all the faces breast cancer has made disappear, it had to be Angelina Jolie’s face that got people’s attention.

    It ultimately is no fault of hers, but the fact that we are so superficial we’d rather witness *one* pretty person endure reality than know about thousands of others who go through it every day.

  161. 161
    TribalTribal Says:


    Where are you getting your facts? Angelina’s mother died in 2007 when Angelina Jolie was 32 years old. That’s a big difference than having your mother die when you are 16 years old. Tragic still, but big difference.

  162. 162
    NAN Says:

    @Cristine confusing that she is a big fan of Handjob not Angie.
    HandJob was exposed herself that she got abortion since she was 16 year old.
    Cristine thinking thoughts that was Brave to tell the world that girl shoud do that like Handjob huh ?
    Handjob is BBF with Mrs.Posh Gigolo
    Both of them can understand each other about their past 20+years ago !

  163. 163
    just thinking Says:

    May you be swallowed by a deep sink hole and be gone in a second.

  164. 164
    reachel Says:

    This picture was taken by Brad Pitt, he is good.

  165. 165
    Susan Says:

    Good morning J-P fans.
    Just read PEOPLE mag in the Supermarket, not worth buying, nothing new, I don’t even believe they use any source, just what is floating around.
    They hardly publish any stories lately when Angie go on any UN trips, not getting a penny from me.

  166. 166
    paranoid angie Says:

    she is a shame for the women!

  167. 167
    pipo Says:


  168. 168
    paranoid Jen lose face Says:

    She is lose her face that she Never Ever can compare with Angie .
    8 years gone by and she is still be Ms.No Can Do !
    She is The Loser and The Sycop@nt star of HW !

  169. 169
    KellyinSeattle Says:

    Some people say , so what – Angelina has money and could afford care….so, does this mean she shouldn’t have had the procedure ?? Damned if she did, damned if she didn’t. Bottom line: Effortlessly beautiful and sophiticated….great cover!!

  170. 170
    What Ever Says:

    I think if you are bashing her for this you should shut the hell up! She is bringing awareness to a topic that should be talked about. She is being looked at because she is who she is. I think that is fine in my book as long as you get what is important…. CANCER. Everyone whether you like her or not you have posted a comment here and that just goes to show you how many people are listening and paying attention. We need attention to this. Even if you don’t go and have a test performed for 3000.00 maybe it will make you think ..Oh yeah maybe I should have my pap test and breast exam. Im damn sure that people are wasting their money on other bullshit like cars, shoes and purses they can’t afford and say they can’t afford to have medical test done. We have testing sites all over the place ..You can have test run for 500.00 at some of these places. And let’s be real here…We also have great organizations for just this purpose if you do not have the money for an exam and it is FREE! So do not hate.

  171. 171
    lan Says:

    you are pathetic!

  172. 172
    ann Says:

    Hope she had two tests to make sure. Isn’t this a fairly new test. How are the doctors so sure of her chances of getting breast cancer. It does seem a very drastic decsion to make. It is her choice, just hope it doesn’t make other woman go off and do the same thing. Doesn’t seem like best answer not to get cancer, to cut things off. Check out Christine Northrop’s opinion on this.

  173. 173
    steffie Says:

    @Liz: what she did is true love for her kids. You will do things that’a for them and not yourself. This woman has touched so many lives, she has came from a wild child to a magnificent being. Haters, this is not the time for you, its all about women’s health and who this will touch.

  174. 174
    steffie Says:

    @Carrie: Carrie, that was a movie this is real life. Many actors much famous than Angie movies has flopped, ask Meryl.

  175. 175
    steffie Says:

    @Jan: They talked about Applegate also, the only difference she had cancer and had to have it done, Angie does not have cancer, this will help women before they get cancer.

  176. 176
    steffie Says:

    @ha ha: you are an idiot.

  177. 177
    steffie Says:

    @Marieme: I agree. people that are phony does not give have of their pay to charity. Brad and Angie are the real deal.

  178. 178
    neer Says:

    Since the shocking but inspiring OP-ED of Angelina Jolie (“My Medical Choice”) came out in the New York Times, a lot of people has expressed their admiration, support & respect to AJ. It was PHENOMENAL!. There are so many, I mean really MANY news features, blogs, opinions, letters, messages of people who commend the courage & sincerity of AJ. Fans or non-fans alike expressed their objective thoughts about the matter. It really generated wide coverage WORLD-WIDE. It is just overwhelming to read them on the internet and listen on videos.
    The first time I read her Op-Ed, I was teary-eyed. I was emotional & I am not shy to admit it. AJ touched my emotions. It’s the way she wrote it. Other than my initial surprise reaction, I like that it’s simple, honest, sweet with a touch of humor & informative. She was very eloquent and the TONE & manner it was written was very AJ. If you are familiar with how she writes her past op-eds, or her book “Notes From My Travels”, or even the way she answers during interviews, you would really know it’s HER. Reading it is like she is talking or speaking in front of you. She is so direct but could feel her motive why she shared her well-kept personal experience to the public. It’s really her intention that by sharing her medical choice she can inspire other women to consult medical experts if they happen to share the same situation.
    So what this piece taught us?
    It gave us important information about women’s health issue & give us the inspiration to know our FAMILY HISTORY. And that by gathering enough knowledge & tests and consulting proper medical experts & opinions, we have medical OPTIONS how to deal with it. AJ didn’t ask the public to do the same course of action she took. She is just sharing her experience to show that there are choices one can make. She is sharing that her choice is what she thought is best for her sake & for her family given the circumstances. She is encouraging us that if faced the same fate we can do something about it depending on one’s situation. She is telling us to be strong & learn to face it. She is telling us that SUPPORT SYSTEM such as family can help ease what one is going through. She is telling us that there are medical professionals who will guide us & give us the possibilities & the reality. In other words, she wants to inspire us through bravery, honesty & power somehow.
    To be honest, I for one didn’t know about BRCA, or have very little knowledge about preventive mastectomy & the like. Many people have little or no knowledge about gene-testing at all until AJ’s op-ed came out. Undoubtedly, it really created discussions among families, friends, professionals, media, all people from all walks of life around the world. Through her experience, it gives the public the REALITY. The reality about women’s health issue.
    Why her op-ed is “everywhere”? why did it attract so much attention?
    Simply because it is ANGELINA JOLIE. She is Angelina Jolie. Sure, she is not the first woman who had undergone gene-testing & mastectomy, moreso preventive double mastectomy BUT she is the most POPULAR, the most RECOGNIZABLE personality or face who has ever admitted about it. Remember, she is very well known NOT only for her talents BUT because of her physically-blessed assets. And for her to admit what she went through, it gives the public a new perspective. That this is not about movies anymore. This is not about entertainment anymore. This is about reality. That her experience is about HUMANITY somehow. Besides, when she speaks, people listens & discuss. And that is exactly what is happening now. Thus, this serves her op-ed purpose. As I understand, she is very grateful to see people taking this and having serious, empowering discussions of women’s health & medical options.

  179. 179
    Hal Says:

    Oh what WOULD the world do without Angelina here to save it. Wondered why we hadn’t seen mother of the year taking her kids knife shopping in a while!

  180. 180
    JD Says:

    A very smart and strong woman. Clap, clap. Thanks for standing up to make a voice for such a fast spreading illness. May there be cure soon.

  181. 181
    Real Saint Says:

    Angie be strong, we got your back! What you did is very brave. Going public is so humbling of you. Prayers to you and your family, you are a saint miss Jolie!

  182. 182
    Fiducia Says:

    Spero che le altre donne siano più intelligenti ed equilibrate di lei.
    Penso che la sua scelta sia stata troppo drastica ed affrettata.
    Nel tempo la medicina ha fatto tanti passi avanti per riuscire ad asportare e curare il tumore al seno senza mutilarci.
    Questa sua scelta è come ignorare e vanificare il lavoro e la ricerca di tante persone.
    Liberissima di fare questa scelta per se stessa, alla luce anche di quello che ha sofferto con sua madre, ma vista la sua popolarità ed influenza sulle altre persone avrebbe fatto meglio a non pubblicizzare questa sua scelta, doveva restare una scelta personale.
    Sono giusti i controlli preventivi periodici ed accessibili a tutti e non solo ha chi ha possibilità economiche, in modo da intervenire in tempo, quando il tumore è ancora circoscritto e quindi le probabilità di guarire completamente sono ottime.
    Cosa dovrebbero fare tutte quelle donne che il tumore lo hanno già avuto ed ora si controllano per prevenire un’eventuale recidiva? Si dovrebbero togliere a scopo preventivo entrambi i seni? Perchè allora non ci togliamo preventivamente tutto quello che può essere attaccato da un tumore?
    Tre anni fa mi è stato asportato solo un quadrante e mi reputo molto fortunata per averne perso solo un pezzetto ed ora mi controllo annualmente….. spero nel buon Dio , nella buona sorte e nella ricerca di non doverci passare più.

    Dovevi avere più fede Angelina !!!! Sono molto triste per te.

  183. 183
    Oraclina Says:

    Angelina – yet another victim of the Cancer industry. So misguided, and now unfortunately misleading thousands of other women. we need to eat healthy food, and take care of our physical and mental health and not chop off our prefectly healthy organs. We need to wake up, somebody’s making enormous aounts of money out of our fear.

  184. 184
    BP Says:


  185. 185
    Kim Says:

    I believe she has made a great step for women. Hopefully, insurance carriers will help those of us who cannot afford the same care the same option. After almost 8 surgeries, I requested the same procedure but was told no because I do not have the BRCA1 gene, just the lovely scars from removing every little thing that pops up! High risk people of other sorts should be allowed the same decision to make.

  186. 186
    groundcontrol Says:

    You’re a total moron if you think what you eat can remedy a gene mutation.

  187. 187
    Epaminondas Says:


    Brave she is, you are vulgar, insensitive and the worlds worst film critic, keep your nonsensical comments to your self.

  188. 188
    Lilian Says:


    I wonder why you people are sounding terrible and bitchy. Angelina can afford to handle two surgeries n you cant is it her problem? Is she the cause of your situation or did she cause your cancer situation? Beyond the publicity stunts, she is making a statement that even if it runs in the gene and the risks are high there is still a chance for u assuming u can afford it to still survive through genetic screening procedure. Do something, sort yourself out and stop taking it out on others and being bitchy about other peoples success in life.
    Angelina I salute your courage.

  189. 189
    angela Says:

    it does seems that this site really worships angelina. she does do good, but she is not the only one, and she is no ‘saint’. how can they say that adoptions went up after angelina adopted?? many celebs adoted, yes, even before angelina. many people have had the surgery before her too. as others have said before, her agent is brilliant at PR. christina applegate was one of the first to talk about this publically, and educate people about the gene, where is her cover? seems like the press is just kissing “brangelina” butt. not too long ago angelina was doing the drunken leg pose, but somehow she got away with that… come on now, these people need to stop putting all their business out there, addicted to fame?? seriously.

  190. 190
    photo Says:

    someone earlier stated that this photo was taken by brad pitt. no, it was taken by Melodie McDaniel.

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