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Angelina Jolie Covers 'Time' Magazine After Mastectomy

Angelina Jolie Covers 'Time' Magazine After Mastectomy

Angelina Jolie looks as beautiful as ever in a portrait on the cover of Time magazine‘s latest issue, which was released shortly after she revealed news of her preventative double mastectomy.

The issue, which hits newsstands this Friday (May 17), explores the effect that the 37-year-old actress’ reveal will have on other women and science in general.

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The mag notes that when Angelina started adopting children, adoption became more popular around the world. And when she named her children Vivienne and Maddox, those names became more popular as well.

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WHAT EFFECT DO YOU THINK Angelina Jolie’s reveal will have on the world?

Bigger cover pic inside…

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angelina jolie covers time magazine after mastectomy

Photos: Melodie McDaniel-Trunk
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  • um

    I think it would be epic if insurance companies not only cover the surgery but the testing as well. There should be free mobile clinics for the economically challenged like they have free mamograms.

  • anustin

    oi anjie got a publicist now…….she/he knows its all planned.

  • bwahaha

    Now we have to swallow all her goodness all of a sudden. Yes Angelina, you’ll be a goddess, queen, role model and everything in this world.

  • ITA

    Chups – ITA

    See another pov. All credit to the source and writer.

  • cee

    Love you Angie and wish you well. Haters get a hold of yourselves please.

  • groundcontrol

    There’s no stopping Angelina when she sets her mind to something.
    Now we will see pressure to ensure women are knowledgeable about the deadly BRCA gene mutation, to ensure affordable and accessible BFRCA testing for those affected, and to ensure affordable and accessible treatment.
    Bravo Angelina for speaking up and sharing your experiences. The thousands of comments in support are heartening. Also very touching are those comments pouring out of those facing this decision and this operation who report how much Jolie’s NY Times OP Ed piece and her medical details have helped them.
    There is no talking to the ignorant and hateful. We know what they are doing.

  • thelookoflove1365
    If I wasn’t a fan before, I am now.
    Perhaps the most difficult, lifelong challenge faced by female actors and, for that matter, by all women, is the challenge of escaping their bodies and into less material worlds — the worlds of character, of mind, and, arguably, thus, of freedom. The sad fact is that while leading men draw audiences with charm, leading women draw audiences with their flesh.
    Of course, this has occurred to Angelina Jolie. One gets the feeling that she has been on a career-long quest to get audiences to correlate female physicality with strength, instead of just sex. She seems to seek out roles that connect body with different forms of strength, from the wiseacre, physical strength of Lara Croft in “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” and later Jane Smith in “Mr & Mrs. Smith,” to the emotional strength of Lisa Rowe in “Girl, Interrupted,” to the courageous resolve of Mariane Pearl in “A Mighty Heart,” to the independence of Evelyn Salt in “Salt.”
    The very best actors play out their most personal, psychological and political explorations in their choices of role. And Jolie has been on a very interesting road for some time. Yet, something about her New York Times Op-Ed about her double mastectomy was different.
    When Jolie starred as Croft, most of the media attention focused on her body, specifically, on the fact that a woman with two of the most fabulous breasts on the planet had to have them enhanced with prosthetic inserts, in order to portray her popcorn heroine adequately.
    As three of the nation’s prominent film critics wrote at the time:
    Roger Ebert: “Lara Croft is a major babe…. It is cold on the tundra, and everyone wears fur-lined parkas. Everyone but Lara, whose light gray designer cape sweeps behind her so that we can admire the tight matching sweater she is wearing, which clings tightly to those parts of her body that can be found a foot below and a little to the front of her great ears…. She looks great, is supple and athletic.”
    Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers: “Among the special effects, the stone monkeys rock, but you might be more distracted by the fact that Jolie’s breasts seem to balloon and deflate from scene to scene.”
    Slate’s David Edelstein: “Male stars tend to project either a gee-wiz diffidence or a manly stoicism; they rarely acknowledge that the mayhem is a substitute for getting laid. But Jolie telegraphs, ‘Come and get it, big boy.’ With her pistols strapped to her bare thighs, she goes spread-eagled under an attacking robot and then comes up firing, laughing as she takes the colossus down.”

  • thelookoflove1365

    Jolie addressed this cultural discussion of her breasts in a June 2001 interview with Prairie Miller of the website, who asked Jolie: “What changes did you go through for your, you know, bust-out role as Lara?”

    Jolie replied:

    “C’mon, I’m not so flat chested to begin with. When I wear a tight T-shirt, I look a certain way. So it wasn’t like we had to completely change me. You know, we just had to enhance me a little.”

    “I’m a 36C. Lara, she’s a 36D. And in the game, she’s a double D, so we took her down some. But we did give her a bit of padding there. For me, it was simply one size. So it was like having a padded bra. But no, I am not flat chested anyway.”

    “So we still made it Lara Croft, but we didn’t go to any extremes. And Lara doesn’t apologize for herself, and for having that, you know, recognizable shape. So I’m not going to apologize for her either. Personally, I wouldn’t want those breasts. They seem kinda funny to me.”

    “But we did want to put in something for those hardcore game fans. Lara has those big breasts in the game. We didn’t want to make them as big as in the game, but at the same time we didn’t want to take away from her the things that are, you know, her trademarks.”

    “But I don’t know what all this fixation is about anyway. There are certainly lots of women in movies with big breasts. I mean, there are a lot of actresses with huge breasts, and characters with nothing but cleavage.”

    What Jolie has done with her announcement this week is take one of the most sexualized bodies in the history of American culture and transformed that body into a force for good, spanking all of the creepy male film reviewers and audience members who weren’t getting her message. Jolie, now famously, writes in her Op-Ed: “Life comes with many challenges. The ones that should not scare us are the ones we can take on and take control of.” But she didn’t just take control of cancer. She took control of something much more elusive, wild and damaging — her body’s reception, the ways in which her physicality is received and theorized.

    From now on, her breasts will no longer be big, firm or “supple.” They won’t even serve as a public symbol of her fertility or of her interest in the task of mothering. Her breasts are now something more matter-of-fact. They are simply dispensable physical objects. She absolutely robbed them of their cultural, symbolic power. And what’s so completely thrilling about this, is that she did it on her own, one single woman — one single decision — against the machine.

    I was never that into Lara Croft, Jane Smith or Evelyn Salt. But Jolie is my new hero.

    Alexandra Bradner has taught philosophy at University of Kentucky, Denison University, Marshall University, University of Michigan, and Northwestern University.

  • Hah

    Whaaaa… Times mag has a cover ready for publication in a day after the announcement? This is now smelling a little suspect. The angelina effect? Seriously? Is this about the issue or is it just, once again, a cover for building brand strategy

  • from a long time fan

    Long time fans of Angelina (long before Brad) know that her grandmother died of cancer at 45 years of age. Her mother died of cancer at 56 of age. She is doing what is right for her life. You do the same with yours.
    Secondly heart surgery was very expensive in it’s infancy. Now it’s available to most people with insurance. Hopefully this will happen with the test/surgery Angelina had. But with all things it has to start somewhere.

  • Cassi

    Angelina has this power over people, whatever she says, people listen. I read a report that New York hospitals got tons of calls from women ask for gene tests that Angelina did.

  • remember da truth

    Carrie #7 love how you say “no offense, but…” then pick the one major ‘flop” that Angie has had among major releases (obviously small pictures do small numbers).
    When The Tourist is considered a flop for doing $278 million in box office, I guess you’re doing alright.

    And what does that have to do with helping women feel okay about getting a mastectomy, that still has such a stigma that women choose risking getting cancer over the surgery?

    Obviously, you are searching, reaching, trying hard to find some fault with yet another good deed done by someone you know leads a better life than you, in every way. Why don’t you see what you can do in a small way to improve your life and the lives of others around you instead of wasting energy on trying to bring someone above you down to your level of uselessness?

  • groundcontrol

    Reread the article, dimwit.
    “So this week, when a woman known for her powerfully iconic beauty announced that she had undergone an elective double mastectomy to reduce her genetically high risk of breast cancer, it was a cultural and medical earthquake — a revelation so arresting it became the subject of TIME’s newest cover story, which will publish to Thursday morning, before hitting newsstands Friday

    Read more:
    I read Angelina’s Op-Ed early Tuesday morning right after midnight Monday night. This is not a fast turn around at all. These are reporters who, if they are any good, work under fast deadlines all the time. They will have had 2 full days to report and write on it by the time it is published online Thursday and then hits the streets Friday. It’s not as if they are drones who work only 9 to 5. They work round the clock when they need to. That’s what NEWS is.
    Must you come off as some conspiracy fueled fruitcake? Stop embarrassing yourself and go back to your mother ship.

  • an opinion

    @Hah:Seriously walk into the tech age

  • Luna

    I know right? The Time cover is very supicious. Also, to those saying she doesn’t have PR…yeah right! That’s what she wants you to believe. Truth is though, everyone in Hollywood has PR. Even if you can’t see them or an actor tells you they don’t have one, they are always lurking around somewhere in the background. Celebs need PR for a reason. It’s not like Angelina is the queen of Hollywood or anything (although I’m sure her stans believe she has such power).

  • remember da truth

    #59 Whaaa? you mean news that comes out and changes online every few minutes can’t possibly be able to be printed for publication the next day, as newspapers have done for centuries, with an old photo pulled and leaked to publicize it?

    Really, are you so determined to find a conspiracy that normal news cycles are now “suspect”? How long did it take print publications to write about the Boston bombing? Or the IRS announcement? or any other news that comes out?
    Get real…. Your determination not to face the reality that Jolie’s announcement has a huge impact and will also be a ratings boost, big seller, and hit-getter is blocking you from making sense.

  • thelookoflove1365

    The name changing trolls are stupid. It is NOT Angie’s fault that magz, tabs, blogs, legit & none legit news, entertainment, ect cover or dissected her NYT op-ed. All these people are doing are feeding from the same op-ed that Angie wrote. Angie did NOT talk to every single publication that are publishing stories about her & her mastectomy.
    She did NOT sit down with a Time mag reporter for an interview & had her picture taken for their editorial or cover story. Time choose to cover Angie’s story and she has nothing to do with it. And that’s their prerogative.
    OMG, you trolls are giving me headache with your lack of comprehension, lack of empathy, or even lack of simple common sense. Because you hate Angie, you want to believe all these things that only exist in your head.
    A person who does not feel an empathy to a fellow human being on her/his misfortune or difficulty is a sociopath/psychopath.

  • Josephina


    Yep, you are so right. They are the shameful knuckle-draggers…

  • yolly

    As TIME MAGAZINE cover ” ANGELINA EFFECT”.How many people will be saved by telling her story, by opening up to her double mastectomy? That’s so brave of her & use her popularity to educate others about Double Mastectomy.Kudos to you Angie. So proud to be your fan & Brad’s fan too.God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • Brad & Angie fan forever.

    @thelookoflove1365: Trolls are crazy.

  • yolly

    My hats off to Angie.You are so brave & always thinking of others who will benefit by teling to the world about your double mastectomy.Go Angie !!! Brad will always be there to love & support you.

  • yolly

    @Fabulous!: ITA. Angie will help a lot of people.

  • troll mania

    Wow- nine years- thousands upon thousands of day nights of stalking the JPs and their fans have caused more troll hallucinations. What does this imagined publicist look like? Is it a man or a woman?? Do they work for free? Have an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter? Yeah, that makes sense.

  • maleficent

    @Luna: Why so much hate ? Angie is doing a lot of good things to people.

  • thelookoflove1365

    @reply | flag this
    # 63 groundcontrol @ 05/15/2013 at 7:23 pm
    Reread the article, dimwit.
    “So this week, when a woman known for her powerfully iconic beauty announced that she had undergone an elective double mastectomy to reduce her genetically high risk of breast cancer, it was a cultural and medical earthquake — a revelation so arresting it became the subject of TIME’s newest cover story, which will publish to Thursday morning, before hitting newsstands Friday
    Read more:
    I read Angelina’s Op-Ed early Tuesday morning right after midnight Monday night. This is not a fast turn around at all. These are reporters who, if they are any good, work under fast deadlines all the time. They will have had 2 full days to report and write on it by the time it is published online Thursday and then hits the streets Friday. It’s not as if they are drones who work only 9 to 5. They work round the clock when they need to. That’s what NEWS is.
    Must you come off as some conspiracy fueled fruitcake? Stop embarrassing yours.
    TY for posting this. I’ve read it already but glad you used this to highlight the troll’s stupidity. They are like these uneducated & uninformed person hellbent on proving to others that he/she knows what’s going on, then come across as a buffoon.
    I shake my head in amazement on how these trolls manage their daily life. If they are this stupid, I wonder, if they are working, in what capacity? Because I don’t think they are capable of separating fiction from fact. Or even articulating their argument w/o coming across as stupid. Are they this uninformed at their work place, because by God, they will get fired right away.

  • maleficent

    @Josephina: ITA with your comment.

  • Some Bunny

    Awesome lady Angelina Jolie is. A good role model for every daughter today. She is a hero saving lives, I hope her blessings are as many as all the lives she saved. Especially the children. That touches me more than anything.
    Blessings to the JP’s and to their family and Fans!

  • whatevah

    People are really stupid and ignorant. It’s not because she’s famous, rich and that she can afford this procedure etc.

    What all this about is she’s famous and she used that platform to bring more awareness about this disease. People talk more about it openly, shit i don’t even know about those mutated gene and we have a cancer history in our family. Sure there’s a lot of women that have this done and have cancers and we don’t know about it because they don’t have the means to put it out there like Angelina.

    Now that she got this procedure, everyone was talking about it and I even learned something that i didn’t know before, thanks to her.

    So those people who’s bitter why don’t do us a favor and shut your hole for once and let others appreciate what this woman have taught us.

  • Jones

    Angie and Brad do not have publicists and her Time cover story is no conspiracy. She made the cover of TIme because 1) her covers sell like hotcakes and Time is leveraging her popularity to sell their magazine 2) this topic is newsworthy and, thanks to Jolie, has been a non-stop conversation since the her Op-Ed was released and 3) when you’re a weekly publication, you can’t afford to be “behind the eight ball.” News moves fast and you have to be able to capture it. They scrapped whatever cover story was in play and made a quick turnaround to be apart of this conversation. Pubs do this regularly. Especially weeklies. It’s part of how the news business works people.

  • PR help u get Gigolo

    PR can set up D-Z list Stars meet A-Z hunks just asking Jen LunaHor
    Today Jen LunaHor got Mr.McGreedy Gigolo be her soul mate.
    Jen LunaHor trust her PR more than her own family.
    Jen LunaHor invited 200 guests on her 1st married without her own mother .
    Jen LunaHor will invite 20 guests on her 2nd married this time her own mother will get invite ,Jen LunaHor is still thinking thoughts anout when is the best time to get married with Mr.McGreedy
    PR had annouced it since last year that Jen will ring a bell and say
    I did I do and I will .
    Used PR got A -Z list hunks,toy boy…etc
    Used yourselves got rock stars,A-D list stars,millionaires.

  • Cold Hard Math

    Like I said on the other thread, bravo. Wishing good health and happiness to her, Brad and their family.

  • Dc

    Angelina the warrior goddess! <3. What a beautiful picture of her. She looks peaceful and serene, elegant andclassy.

    I will say it again she's brave, strong and courageous.

  • thelookoflove1365

    You know what trolls? I prefer this Time story of Angie because it will help & educate others who has the same medical issues as hers. Even to those families who do not have a family history of cancer, at least now we are all informed. And isn’t this what Angie was hoping for? To help educate women about this disease and maybe push our politician & insurance mafias to do the right thing so that, we can have universal health care for all. (praying)
    I prefer Angie’s Time story to X’s People story of her so called wedding plan. Hers was just screaming ME, MYSELF, & I, publicity stunt. Did you bitchh about i?. It was self-serving & has NO social relevance or intent to help others. See the difference between Angie & X?
    Angie used her status as a platform to help other-that shows she’s a GIRL’S GIRL. While the other one is JUST A GIRL, CLUELESS & SELFLESS AT that..

  • Luna

    @Jones: You are an idiot! Brad and Angie most definitely have publicists! They are A-listers for crying out loud. They do not manage their own careers and images. In no way is that humanly possible. Brad and Angie also have managers, stylists, agents, personal assistants, nannies, bodyguards, drivers, housekeepers…you name it. Hell, their publicists probably have personal assistants.

  • Idiocracy

    Preemptive Lobotomies for anyone who needs a Hollywood actress to prompt them to read and research matters which may pertain to their own health. baaa sheep

  • Some Bunny

    @from a long time fan:

    I am a long time fan too. I love Angelina Jolie the way my own mom loved Princess Diana. Why not have someone like Angelina Jolie as our role model today? I mean CNN was chasing her years before Brad Pitt did. She doesn’t ask for all the attention, she just hopes to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I can tell you after being a fan for almost 20 years now, wow, i feel old… but she has always been like this, so genuine and real. Something she contributes to her own mother, and it is the way she isn’t diverted by the personal stuff. Unstoppable!!
    I find that not only does she fight to educate and empower women, but she takes the spot light off herself, and shines it on the causes she believes in. Saving lives is a cause she believes in. I believe this to be the key to all her inner beauty and loving generosity. Thats huge to me. That is why Angelina Jolie will always be a hero in my eyes.

    Blessings to the JP’s and to their family and fans!!

  • busted


    Jones you are so right. They don’t have a Publicist. It is well known that they don’t. Because if they did that would be known too. Some of the trolls are obviously about to hang themselves. so angry and upset about Angie and her influence. Let’s just focus on her, Brad and family. Ignore the fools that are spinning out of control.

    just laugh at them and move on.

  • Lys

    LOL at trolls trying to spin this negatively.

  • Luna

    @busted: Wow, you guys surely stan hard for them. Once again, every single star in Hollywood has a publicist. You might not notice them all the time, but they do have them, including Brad and Angelina. Stop this nonsense crap about how they are too good for publicists or whatever. They use them just as much as everyone else.

  • Niecy

    What an inspiration. I can’t wait to see the world response to losing the ovaries! Cutting body parts will replace piercings and tattoos for sure. Ang is THE trend setter.

  • thelookoflove1365

    For the nth times, Brad & Angie do NOT have publicist, only managers. Angie has a manager who is, I believe point of contact for when studios/people in the industry wants to send scrips to Angie for her to read. Brad let go of his publicist 3-4 years ago(?) now.
    And yes, they both A- listers who don’t have a publicist because they don’t care about what you & others are thinking about them.
    And yes, they have stylist, nannies, bodyguard, housekeepers, personal assistant, drivers, but NOT a publicist.
    And Yes, they manage their own careers & do NOT need hand-holding from any publicist.
    And Yes, you are pissed that they can do all the things they are doing w/o a publicist. Now ask Huvane to hold X’s hands & wipe her snut-nose. she’s been crying because she is relegated to ‘irrelevance.”

  • silly

    No, not every star has a publicist and it is a FACT that Brad and Angie do not have a publicist. Angie has always said she likes to speak for herself and Brad got rid of his 6 or 7 years ago. They have better things to do with their money than spend millions on lie tellers and spin doctors. All more reason to admire them both.

  • Pearl Buck

    Nobody adopted until Angelina did it.

  • new thread

    ———— new thread —————

  • Jones

    @ busted – Yes, these trolls are absolutely ridiculous! And you are correct it’s a very well known fact that Angie and Brad don’t have publicists. They are both extremely successful at managing their own image. Angie has been doing it for years, long before Brad even entered the picture. She is particularly media savvy and decides what will be released to the public and what won’t. I guess it’s hard for the trolls to understand this because when you’re idol is someone like ticky who can’t even have a thought without the help of her publicist, then the idea of Angie and Brad managing their own image must be beyond all levels of comprehension for them.

  • el

    She is brave, ok, but Im sooo tired of seeing these headlines every time I check any website… :X

  • Some Bunny

    The hens are really losing their shite over all this attention Angelina Jolie gets!! She has a light of her own, so bright and beautiful, its not her fault. LOL but its hilarious to watch the wannabes try to spin up reasons Why oh why does Angelina Jolie do something to help others for the greater good … Since their idol is fictitious and has such selfish motives and still can’t act or get a movie blockbuster, they don’t think its fair. but I smile and say its just, “Karma!”

  • Just terrible

    @Luna: pump your breaks, fool. For years Angie only had a manager Guyer kasinski. No agent and no publicist just a manager. She tried having an agent at Caa right when She got with brad Eddie fisher but left them after a year. After directing a film she finally hired an agent for directing before that she was agent less. She still doesnt have a publicist. So stfu and do your research or stay quiet. brad Eddie fisher has multiple agents, publicist, manager. He claims to have dumped his publicist but when you have power agents you don’t really need the publicist.

  • Piper

    Luna: take a nap. your insane jealousy is showing.

    I guess it’s time for me to buy TIme this week :)

  • Passing Through

    # 51 lurker @ 05/15/2013 at 1:05 pm

    blah blah looks like FF is empty,poor hens they are in denial and meltdown mode
    You comment about the FFers made me wonder about something – in light of yesterday’s news, are they STILL insisting that Angie’s a smack addict? LOL.
    And then there’s their belief in the lies of Mr. IUC, Mel and BooHooHoo. Angie and Brad just kept 3 months of a delicate medical problem from leaking to the media…but…these FF idiots really think that people in Brad and Angie’s circle talk to lowlifes like those 3 sleazeballs and that they’re not pulling their stories out of their asses? Fvkcing morons. They all need to retire to the Home of the Criminally Stoopid – otherwise known as Ticky’s guesthouse…but only on the days she’s not making Squiggy live in it.