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Angelina Jolie's Double Mastectomy Doctor Details Process & Procedure

Angelina Jolie's Double Mastectomy Doctor Details Process & Procedure

Earlier this week, Angelina Jolie detailed her account of her cancer-preventative double mastectomy in an op-ed piece.

Now, the 37-year-old actress’ doctor has written an informative blog post, titled “A Patient’s Journey: Angelina Jolie“, to raise awareness and let possible patients know their options.

“On February 2, 2013, Angelina was in the operating room for the first operation, the nipple delay. Her partner [Brad Pitt] was on hand to greet her as soon as she came around from the anesthetic, as he was during each of the operations,” Dr. Kristi Funk wrote. “After the operation, her skin was slightly bruised but soon returned to normal. Two days after her procedure, great news arrived: the tissue behind both nipples came back completely normal.”

Angelina expected to feel well, to be active. On Monday, the pathology returned and I called Angelina to confirm our biggest hope: all of the breast tissue was benign. The final operation occurred on April 27, 2013, ten weeks after the mastectomies: reconstruction of the breasts with implant, which went extremely well, bringing an end to her surgical journey,” Dr. Funk continued.

To read more about Angelina‘s surgical journey, visit

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  • Shamu

    Do we have to read about this the whole summer??? Let’s give it a rest shall we.

  • amy

    She’s VERY lucky to be able to afford it. Average working class women can’t afford the test nor can they afford the implants. We’d LOVE to get it done and NEED to get it done but can’t afford it. Cancer is a multimillion dollar business. Look at the statics, how much actually goes toward research and how much goes to ADMINISTRATION. You’d be disgusted how much goes to administration, which means NOT FINDING CURES.

  • Manoush

    @Shamu: totally, we don’t need to know everyday details.

  • anustin

    brave and lucky girl. bless her heart.

  • perfect

    Now the doctor gives publicity about himself saying everything was wonderfully done because she recovered fast and there were no problems.
    I think that operation not only depends on the doctor but on the pacient’s ability to heal. He should stop “praising himself”.

  • 5 years worth of attention

    speaking engagements

  • BP


  • jeez

    Sooo this is pre- pre-cancerous removal

  • BP


  • Emma


    I agree…I know it was brave what she did, and I applaud her for that, but come on, you don’t have to turn this into daily news…she’s not Jesus…I mean while we read about her oh-so-great decision on every damn site, other women wait to die of cancer because they have NO MONEY to treat themselves…

  • anustin

    mommy is watching u,anjie.

  • T

    Remember way back when farmers plugged a watermellon, a cut a piece for you to see if it was bad or good then replaced the plug?.

  • marina

    Those who do not like tho read this, do not click.
    Her procedure will help those women out there who still do not consider mastectomies an option even if their cases have already diagnosed. Take off the stigma off it.
    D,not like it, do not read it.
    I saw that Kardashian post and laughed it off. I do not have to keep up everyday with her badly dressed bump if I do not like it.

  • kiKi

    @Shamu: @Shamu: Only an idiot,would waste time reading and commenting on something that doesnt interest you

  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    Sorry but this start to look like bs for brad movie

  • Dc

    Her mom is her angel watching over her. I think she’s a strong and brave woman. You are very Blessed Angelina! <3

  • Lyn

    “Nipple Delay” sounds like a cool band name.

  • zey

    @Manoush: This is important.. Cancer is a big deal and she has a HUGE platform .. Her putting the details out publicly is brave and important.. Men need someone like this for prostate cancer.. People are scared to talk about it … arent knowledgeable, and scared to get screened.. F cancer..

  • carri

    Way too much information. Some things should be kept private and stay private. Not to mention. she had this procedure done because she is wealthy. Most women cannot afford to have this done and insurance won’t cover it. So thanks for once again placing yourself among the elite. “Look what I did! I am so saintly and so special.”

  • zey

    @carri: you really are an idiot..

  • an opinion

    So let me get the straight. Celebs should stay quiet about things the majority of people can not afford.
    Didn’t Leo D have a private auction that most people could not afford. – Shut up Leo. We don’t care that it help other people
    Didn’t the Met have a Gala that most people could not afford to attend – Cancel this Gala forever even though it helps keep The Met open to all
    Jared stop showing all these celebs with their over price cloths and purses. Avg people can’t afford them.

  • sela

    wow, jealousy over someone taking actions to save her life,and sharing info that many women may find informational? takes all kinds i guess.

  • nok thailand

    BRAVE! STAY STRONG! Get Well Angelina! Take care of your self and your family.

    Pray for u. Everyday ^_^


  • Mkhay

    I hope she gave him permission to do this, or he’s an ass

  • Frenchy

    I have so many mixed emotions about all of this. I think Angelina should have waited a bit for this and just keep a close monitor of her health.

    I am happy she’s has bought awareness to Breast/Ovarian cancer issues including the monetary/insurance aspect.

    Waving to all fans all over the world.

  • Passing Through

    # 1 Shamu @ 05/15/2013 at 10:17 am
    Nobody made you click on the links OR read the stories, moron..

  • ella rae

    Very glad she and her dr. have decided to share this. Knowledge is a powerful thing.

  • lylian

    @Passing Through:
    I’ve been meaning to respond about to your post about how Jon voight didn’t know about the surgery till he read it along with everyone else in the NYT, though it appears her brother and Brad’s family did.
    You know, I think it was more than just Jon being a leaky boat that led to him not being told earlier.
    Having read his terrifying op-eds in the Washington Times when he ranted about Obama being influenced by Farrakhan etc.., I can absolutely understand why. Also, Angelina herself mentioned seeing him one day and all was well, then getting a stinker of a letter from him the next. I think Jon goes on unpredictable rants when he doesn’t get his way or when you don’t agree with him about some thing. Trouble is, you can’t predict when he going to go off his rocker.
    From experience, I can say – it’s not the rants that’s stressful and terrifying but the unpredictability of it. It makes you tense all the time wondering if and when and what is going to set him off and where and how he’s gonna explode. Good to see Angelina take care of herself. With all this shite about her double mastectomy, the last thing she needed was having to worry about her dad leaking the information or going on a rant publicly because he doesn’t agree with her decision to go for a prophylactic double mastectomy.

  • DULC€

    @Shamu: @Shamu:
    If you don’t want to read about this, DON’T click on this topic, NOBODY is forcing you to read about this!! HONESTLY, THIS TROLLS ARE GETTING MORE STUPID!!




    Reporter, who is battling breast cancer, says Jolie’s revelation was “helpful,” but women battling metastatic disease are “brave”

    Revealing? Sure. Helpful? Maybe.

    But “classy” and “brave”? I don’t think so.

    I woke up this morning and groaned at the headline glaring from my iPad. Not at Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a prophylactic double mastectomy — that was smart and right — but at the reaction to her choice to go public with such a personal decision on the op-ed page of The New York Times, the highbrow equivalent of the cover of People or the 8 a.m. hour of Today.

    I immediately thought of an interview I had with Edie Falco just a couple months ago. We talked about, to paraphrase Jolie, her medical choice — to keep her breast cancer diagnosis a decade ago private.

    “When I was going through my treatment, I didn’t tell anybody,” she told me. “Because I don’t want that. I don’t want anybody’s pity. I’ve been through it. I’m strong. I have access to the best doctors because I’m on a TV show. I mean, ridiculous good fortune is all around me.”

    That’s classy.

    And who are the brave ones in the country’s breast cancer conversation? They’re so quiet as to be all but ignored. They’re the women with metastatic disease, especially the young women I get chemo alongside at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, the ones who really may not see their children graduate from kindergarten, let alone high school.

    As Jolie rightly pointed out in her piece, breast cancer still kills an unacceptable number of women every year. Those whose lives are in the balance, who don’t have the luxury of admiring their perky, reconstructed nipples, those are the women who need a worldwide platform.

    As Falco told me, “I see what some people are going through, and (my experience) really is nothing. So I mention it offhand because it really is offhand. That’s the God’s honest truth. I’ve been very, very lucky.”

    So has Jolie. Like Falco, she can tap into a network of the finest surgeons. (Yes, it makes a huge difference.) And she’s also lucky in a perverse sense: Considering that her mom battled ovarian cancer, Jolie knew that there was a good chance she carried the BRCA mutation. Other BRCA-positive women, those with no family history and therefore no reason to be tested, have no idea until it’s too late.

    Jolie is the new, gorgeous poster woman for a procedure that should be, and hopefully soon will be, de rigueur. Whether she likes it or not (and I’m thinking the former), she will forever be known as much for her increasingly conventional health choice as for her unconventional family. She is now the world’s most beautiful actress/mom/Brad Pitt partner and … preventative bilateral mastectomy champion?

    Falco, on the other hand, doesn’t even think about what she went through. “I look back, and 10 years have gone by,” she said. “It’s just a little blip.” Forget the mere threat of disease: Falco, like most cancer-afflicted women I know, refuses to be defined by her actual disease.

    “Major surgery” is having a double mastectomy to try and save your life, like I did. Radical is going under the knife in hopes that a modified radical mastectomy reveals that your cancer hasn’t spread to scores of lymph nodes. It’s not broadcasting a surgery that’s more headache than hardship. To get lauded as “absolutely heroic” for doing something that is (relatively) minimally risky and, frankly, the responsible thing — a proverbial no-brainer — boggles my mind.

  • DULC€

    The tabloids and so-called “insiders” were totally clueless about this!! This shows that nobody really knows nothing about what is going on with the Jolie-Pitts!!

  • BP


  • Bea

    Why is it Angelina’s problem if you can’t afford or do not have insurance? If you are at risk for the disease, the are resources available. Be proactive about your own health and stop whining about what other people are doing. By the way, are you also complaining about the celebs who spend tens of millions on homes, toys, vacations and clothes infringing on your ability to go out to dinner, buy a car, home or a pair of pants? I didnt think so. Hypocrites.

  • JOJO



    Angelina Jolie, has gone under the knife for medical, rather than cosmetic reasons and guess what – it’s news! Angelina’s double-mastectomy, undertaken because she carries the BRCA1 gene which doctors have estimated gave her an 87% chance of having breast cancer, and a 57% chance of having ovarian cancer, is pretty radical news.

    Our pop icons, our actors and our stars, seem almost immune to the petty, dirty tragedies affecting the rest of the world. Sure, their weight goes up and down, they get pregnant and adopt, they get married and get divorced, but rarely do they get cancer, which is a macabre and threatening shadow reserved predominantly for small bald children who are told to smile when some idiot shows up in their middle of their chemo for a photo-op. Kylie Minogue, Jade Goody and Barbara Ehrenreich are high profile women who have suffered through breast and ovarian cancer very publicly, but I can’t remember a female star of Jolie’s caliber ‘coming out’ about a preventive double mastectomy. As The Guardian writes “Health campaigners praised her decision to go public with the news, which she said was prompted by a desire to encourage other women to get gene-tested and to raise awareness of the options available to those at risk.”

    Woah, woah! Let’s hold back a little. What exactly has she done that deserves praise? She wrote about an invasive, often brutal medically (un?)necessary procedure which 56% of women with breast cancer in the US choose to undergo. Hands up everyone in the US who hasn’t heard of breast cancer and mastectomy! Anyone? Umm, anyone….?

    OK. So now, thanks to Jolie, we’re MORE aware. And guess what? There are really, really expensive tests you can get which tell you beforehand how likely you are to get cancer and die! Hands up who knew about that one? Oh, quite a few of you? Mainly the ones who can afford it, am I right? The ones who can’t afford it – well what good is knowing that there’s a test out there only privileged rich people can get?

    Jolie claims, in her stilted Op-Ed in The New York Times, that she wants to “bring awareness” to breast cancer, and specifically expensive screening tests which can calculate one’s likelihood of getting it. Ah, that old chestnut! When one can’t be arsed to do shit, make a statement and “bring awareness” to something. The Susan G Komen foundation, the Pink Ribbon Brigade and its horrendous pink walks designed to raise money for expensive and ultimately ineffective breast cancer “cures” at the expense of examining prevention highlight the absolute inefficacy of “raising awareness” as a means of combating a disease or reducing one’s risk of carrying it. The problem is, Jolie herself seems utterly unaware of what carrying the BRAC1 gene, and what having a high probability of breast cancer, means for most women in the US. She writes: “I want to encourage every woman, especially if you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, to seek out the information and medical experts who can help you through this aspect of your life, and to make your own informed choices.”

    Really, Angelina? You honestly think that the 27 million (20%) of women in the US who don’t have health care, and the 77% who apparently have it, but still have to forego care because they can’t afford it even with insurance — you think that your Op Ed is actually going to do anything for these women except remind them that they don’t have access to the expensive screening tests you seem to think people don’t undertake simply because they haven’t read your article?

    Do you think even if these women know they have the BRAC1 gene, that they can go to the extremely expensive Pink Lotus Breast Center for not one, but three “preventive” procedures, including nipple delay, mastectomy and expert breast reconstruction, which while some women who have had mastectomies have found to be absolutely essential for their recovery and self esteem, are rarely available on any kind of insurance because its deemed unnecessary plastic surgery?

    Jolie gives a trifling nod to the 77% of women in this country who probably can’t afford more than a Pap smear and a breast exam at Planned Parenthood when she writes:

    Breast cancer alone kills some 458,000 people each year, according to the World Health Organization, mainly in low- and middle-income countries. It has got to be a priority to ensure that more women can access gene testing and lifesaving preventive treatment, whatever their means and background, wherever they live. The cost of testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2, at more than $3,000 in the United States, remains an obstacle for many women.

    No, Angelina, it does not remain an obstacle for “many women” in the United States. It remains an obstacle for most women in the United States. Why don’t you raise our awareness of your own overpriced, privileged medical treatment awareness

  • Mona

    Força Angie!

  • billie

    Very inspiring, I am glad she went public with this. Every woman in my office is talking about this,many have decided to look into their family history for any cancer. Silence never helped anyone.

  • jea


    Northern Territory minister has labelled Brad Pitt “pathetic” for supporting partner Angelina Jolie after her double mastectomy.

    Country Liberal Party MP Willem Rudolf Westra van Holthe made the comment in a Facebook post last night.

    “Sorry, this is pretty pathetic really,” the member for Katherine wrote.

    “Angelina is no more “heroic” than the hundreds of thousands of women – mothers, wives and daughters – who undergo this type of surgery, let alone the millions of women (and men) who battle cancer in one form or another.”

    The minister for primary industry, fisheries, mines and energy was reacting to a story about the actor calling his partner “heroic” after she underwent a preventative double mastectomy following the discovery that she was carrying a breast cancer gene that killed her mother at 56.

  • Bea

    Why aren’t these so called journalists taking the government to task for the lack of healthcare available to at risk women with no coverage? Because they would have to actually do some research when it is easier to attack a celebrity? Did they attack Christina Applegate for smoking after her cancer surgery? Why isn’t Applegate, Osbourne, Rancic, etc being criticized for their obvious wealth and ability to pay? The answer as always, is jealousy. And stupidity.

  • marina

    Hahaha, well those who have access to writing publications against Angelina probably did not ad the part where she states that these procedures should be available to every woman who needs them, lowering the costs or finding other ways. These women want a piece of attention thrown to them.

    Also, of course other have had it worse than her. She says she was fortunate to finding out on time, since she knows fate was/ still is waiting for her, with her family history.
    More that mastectomy champion, what I got from the Jolie story is that these exams should be widely available so women have valuable information, since the check up are not always reliable.
    In her case, a mother with young children, and family history of cancer, it was probably the best decision.

    Others instead do not care at all for these topics, choosing to suntan, smoke, drink heavily, use their money for pleasure activities, and their time to stroll around and plan parties.

    These writers do not seem survivors, they seem jealous. ” she did not suffer, I did”, wtf is that?

  • jilly

    JO JO, Amanda and jea: AMEN! Thank you for your informative comments! Deluded fans are over the top, that’s also pathetic!

  • billie

    Uh, BRAD has every right to call his love, heroic,he loves her,admires her,think she walks on water…who wouldnt want a partner who loved and supported us that way. Good on you, Brad!

  • billie

    Oh and Brad DID include all other women who had this procedure as being heroic also.

  • BP


  • alana

    That mp is an idiot who obviously missed Brad’s saying other women going through this are heroic too.

  • Frenchy

    I agree PT. This story has only been out for only a day, ONE day and they act like it’s been freaking months! They better get used to it because Angelina has as of yet given an interview, if she will, about this issue.

    Breast/Ovarian cancer will ALWAYS been in the news until there’s a cure which when it happens (optimism) will also be in the news for a very very long time after. Angelina is a prominent person who is still a working actress and a philanthropist. She will always be in the news for as long as she is active in society.Either get used to that so just pass on stories about her.

  • colen

    Maybe she should stop starving herself. Such malnutrition can lead to heart problems. Does she think about that??

  • marina

    They are tired of the story because they are worse than us fans, they never leave the threads and are looking for negative tweets and articles, of course they become overwhelmed. Hehe.

  • For the record

    love the Jolie Pitts
    And more all the same person.

  • groundcontrol

    Okay, for the dumb bunnies on board here.

    TALKING about this. SHARING this experience. These are the things that cause changes. Hiding things does not cause change. Remaining silent about the prohibitive costs does not cause change.
    So if you really want access for those who can’t afford it and are not just dissing because it’s Angie then you should want a huge discussion about this issue. Angie is delivering that huge discussion like few people have done.
    SHARING medical procedures and how this patient handled it and how it affected this patient helps other patients and prospective patients.
    So if you really care about those who are facing this decision and facing this surgery and are not just dissing because it’s Angie allowing her medical details to be discussed by her doctor then you should want that information available to prospective patients. Angie is sharing and informing prospective patients about what they can expect in real terms.
    Knowledge is power. Knowledge about what may happen to your body and the chance to think about how and if you could handle what may happen to your body is power. Who the fuk would complain about that?
    . .
    We don’t need to hear from bitter Betties b!tching about Angie not having cancer so she should be dissed and ignored on this issue. These people have emotional or anger issues. They are not helpful. The USA Today lady seems emotionally damaged and quite frankly just sounds jealous that Angie got attention without getting cancer that this woman thinks she should have gotten because she had cancer.
    The Downer Chorus is quickly becoming idiotic and irrelevant.

  • Mia

    Thank you Angie for sharing this with us. You really have a great heart.. God bless you. We love you. Prayers to you.