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Brad Pitt: I'm Emotional Over Angelina Jolie's Double Mastectomy

Brad Pitt: I'm Emotional Over Angelina Jolie's Double Mastectomy

Brad Pitt has spoken in an interview about his partner Angelina Jolie‘s decision to go public with her double mastectomy surgery, which she wrote about earlier in the week in an op-ed piece.

“I’m quite emotional about it, of course,” the 49-year-old World War Z star told USA Today. “She could have stayed absolutely private about it and I don’t think anyone would have been none the wiser with such good results. But it was really important to her to share the story and that others would understand it doesn’t have to be a scary thing. In fact, it can be an empowering thing, and something that makes you stronger and us stronger.”

Brad added that during the process, Angelina traveled to the Congo, London, and New York. “This was during Stage 2 [when the double mastectomy was performed],” he said. “Literally it was just weeks after she’d had truly major surgery.”

He also chatted about how he and Angie‘s children, Maddox, 11, Pax, 9, Zahara, 8, Shiloh, 6, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 4, dealt with the process. “We set up our own little post-op recovery that became pretty fun. You make an adventure out of it.”

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  • s

    @Rich Girls: I think the same. Boob job and good publicity.

  • nada

    frank grillo (@FrankGrillo) tweeted at 11:19 AM on Wed, May 15, 2013:
    I’ve met countless tough guys and heroic and brave dudes.
    Angelina Jolie is the baddest , bravest of all. #heromom

  • Rocky

    SO HAPPY SHE HAS HIM IN HER LIFE. HE’S A GREAT GUY!! Having an aunt who I adored die of Cancer was a horrible thing for my family and especially her children. Wish we knew back then about this, we could have had her longer in our lives. THANK YOU Angie and Brad for getting this out to woman/men and making them aware of the choices one has in their own destiny.

  • nikki

    @Rich Girls: @s: seriously people?!!do you think she’s THAT stupid to fake something like this?!!

  • Rocky


  • E.

    I hope everything works out for the best. Any woman going through such an epic change needs all the support she can get. Godspeed.

  • Just terrible

    @Rich Girls: yes but the question is why do if for his lame arse movie instead wait until maleficent comes out in a years time when she’s really fully healed. It is because she is on percocets and not thinking clearly, I would not be surprised if he wrote the article for wwz.

  • Rich Girls

    No she really did it but my issue is why is every other story about this? Raises suspicions about her agenda. The woman is not sqeemish. She has had fake boobs, plastic surgery, did needles and cut herself. She doesnt mind mutilation anyway.

  • brave Angie

    Stop whining and skip posts you don’t like. There are plenty of other choices. It is so wonderful and generous that the JPs are willing to share their story. Anybody who has been through tnis or knows someone that has been through this is painfully aware how scary & lonely it can be. Once again, the JPs send good into the world.

  • Dc

    Brad is good, good man!

  • troll in pain

    fat tick old manny embarrasses herself AGAIN and troll is in pain- so much pain they must spew lies about the sweet JPs. What a very sad life and your clearly bad karma will come back to bite you if it hasn’t already.

  • an opinion

    For those who fell off put by Angelina making the decision. NBC Today Show piece today on Angelina’s decision. In the segment, they talk to a pregnant mother of two toddlers who made the same decision as Angelina to have preventive surgery.

  • Brad loves Angie

    Brad loves Angie and Angie loves Brad- it’s beautiful!!!!

  • Isa

    Beautiful words from Brad. I think there is nothing more important in that situation that to have the support from your family. Way to go Angie!
    Please check my ff ….

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  • anustin

    why bother ur azzz coming and posting on JPs thread???? get the h2ll out of here…plain and simple

  • tarragon

    she’s had so much plastic surgery, this was a cake walk

  • Sara

    @Rich Girl & Just Terrible: first of all Angelina only wrote one article and Brad only wrote one statement about the whole issue. It’s the media who is splitting the articles into several pieces and publish it separately.

    Next to Just Terrible – what an ugly person you are inside. Not everyone is like Jennifer Aniston to say something personal whenever she has a movie out. WWZ will be a success without this because Brad Pitt is famous and very famous outside USA.

    Both of you have showed me that there still people out there who are ugly inside that they simply cannot even sympathise with someone who is going through a terrible ordeal. The only thing I can say is that Karma is a bitch…

  • Rich Girls


    This is what a “comment and share” section is for. It doesnt say “POSITIVE comment and share” so anyone could write whatev their opinion is, so you could get the H out of the thread if you cant deal.

  • Amelia

    @Rich Girls:

    She made her comments. The MEDIA is the one mentioning every chance they can, so get over yourself already. Go read a book and stop being so damn negative.

  • awwww

    I am so happy Angie has Brad in her life and helps her through everything.

  • Lily

    Brad is the most amazing man ever.

  • Rich Girls


    I save my sympathy for peeps with no money and healthcare, who have no nannies to help with young children, who dont have a luxirious hospital room with docs and nurses waiting on thrm 24/7 in their mansion. Yea I m such a bad person that I dont really care about Queen Angelina, but real peeps in need.

  • Manis

    Walk the walk.. and talk the talk our Beautiful drop dead gorgeous Iron Lady Angelina Jolie<3
    She is so positive that makes others be stronger than she is. She has a goal that is ahead of her humanitarian. Nothing can prevent what she wants to be…. God bless you Angie, Brad and your six beautiful children's…
    Good morning to all JPs fans around the World :)))

  • ellen

    Now will announce it constantly! to take the focus off of the failure that he and World War Z had.

  • jilly

    @Rich Girls: I so agree with you! Their PR team makes everything into a Mother Theresa mission for this one! Nice having new boobs and even better not to get cancer but does every woman have the luxury of doing what she did, NO. Stop talking about it, my stomach can’t take it anymore!

  • Angie, i love you… kiss

    Angie is envy by all the jealous-haters coming here. it´s clear like water.

    Angie is so unique, so extraordinaire, so wonderful, so talent, so beautiful, so special that provoke the most disgusting and insane jealous-hate that the world ever seen.

    People like Angie come to this world from time to time. it´s a privilege to live in the same time that this amazing brave woman.

    Even when she have done such difficult and courageous medical procedure the Jealous-haters full of red envy don´t wait time to spit their venom without shame.

    Now the haters can say that Angie have done a plastic, a boob job and for the first time they will not lie…. it´s truth.

    But i really glad that she have done a boob job because she don´t want to have cancer, she don´t want to do the terrible cancer treatment for many years, she don´t want to suffer like his mother and because she don´t want to die young,

    Angie wants to live many years more with her beautiful childrens and with her lucky Brad by her side.

    Angie choose to live without the dead sentence pending inside her body.

    the jealous-haters are so disgusting and small that they can´t live with a woman so strong and powerful and beautiful. They wish all the bad to the Jolie-Pitts cause the jealous-haters have the same mind of a psicopath or a sociopath or a danger criminal or insane clinic mind. The jealous-haters are a kind of danger people in our society. they live for spreading hate and for bulling, they have pleasure with this insane bulling.

    A jealous-hater that post here is the same kind of person who will do a hateful crime in the street without shame.

    We try many time to talk with them but it´s not possible. A jealous-hater mind it´s already build for spit hate and evil. they will not change. They will hate and envy any person with good values and any person that will do good actions for others. Special if that person is amazingly beautiful like Angie.

    For me, i hope the jealous-haters could be discovery in our society and put in a medical institution just like any criminal is put in the jail.

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @anustin: the b.itch girl aka Jilly..aka RETARDISTON ….can’t handle the FACT that Angie is loved&respected all over the world…this “b.itch girl” is pizz off cuz nobody cares about her idol..the sugar granny takes the paid gigolo furniture shopping!! not front page news!!! bwahaha

  • Ssshhii_baby

    JILLY=stupid Bi.tch girl!!! bwahaha I knew you would start talking to yourself!!!! see right through you…ain’t that right, evil Ellie? how’s your fake daughter, Jesse? bwahahaha!!!

  • Amelia


    So go hide in a skunk hole. Idiot!!

  • marina

    Wow, Angelina does care too, she and Brad have donated millions to people in need. Those people and children are probably grateful to those donatore, like the children with cancer in that Missouri hospital.

  • Valmira

    with so many useless celebrities out there, people come here make nasty comments about Angelina ,she deserves an award,for her contribution to humanity,

  • Were the morons

    yo jilly, or justilly from female first, how does it feel to be on the winning thread? Guess to feels better than being succumbed to a bunch of losers at ff.
    also, since you hate Angie so much, why do you and your hens all participate in an Angie and brad thread at ff?

    We can careless about ticky, but do you see any of us making a thread with tickys name on it and then writing on it daily?

  • So sad

    Did you guys see the People article about her removing her ovaries? So sad for her.

    From Peoples website:

    ” The mother of six is also planning to undergo surgery to remove her ovaries. Because of her “faulty” BRCA1 gene, she still faces a high risk of developing ovarian cancer, which her doctors estimate at 50 percent.”

  • Rocky



  • Lavagirl

    @s: rich girls and s, I’m assuming that you’re both young healthy women. Cancer may not affect you right now but sooner or later you will know someone who’s going to be affected by it, be it a friend, family, co workers, loved one or worse even yourself. Let’s hope that your words will not come back to haunt you and that people will treat you better than you’re treating Angelina right now.

  • ha ha

    Angelina is not human, she is a rich and famous celeb. Celebs arent real people they live on a separate planet called Hollywood. You posters knock nay sayers but you’re all so gullible. Being sick and dying are the only taste they finally get of reality. They live their lives better than sny normal humsn beings why shouldnt they know what its like to get sick and die like a real person?

  • Ssshhii_baby

    schizo jilly@jilly: schizo Jilly I like your new name, stupid bi.tch girl!! suits you!! I mean you are so stupid! you even wrote on your idol’s page how proud you are that your old hag is “rich enough to take care of both of them”so what if he is a paid gigolo!!! bwahaha …yes!! we all know how you RETARDISTON think …just as long as the old hag can pay someone to be her lil bissh it’s all good in lala Loonifer’s land!!! it’s killing you stupid bi.tch girls to know your idol was a stupid fool to lose a real good man like Brad!!!!bwahaha!!! stupid girls bwahaha!!!!

  • Rocky


    So very true.

  • lurker
  • jen the hag

    Rich Girls @ 05/15/2013 at 12:13 pm @Sara:

    I save my sympathy for peeps with no money and healthcare, who have no nannies to help with young children, who dont have a luxirious hospital room with docs and nurses waiting on thrm 24/7 in their mansion. Yea I m such a bad person that I dont really care about Queen Angelina, but real peeps in need.

    yeah right and what have you done to help those people.. going to the internet and bashing those people who really help like Angelina Jolie .. FYI Angelina built schools for those people and foundationg like MJPF who help people in remote areas in Cambodia become self reliant ..and not just dole out. Google it you might be surprised how many countries she has help so far.. and not just lip service like your idol and her army of HAG Army like you

  • Rich Girls


    Why dont you spend your time caring about real people? I do, so if you think I will suffer because I dont care about a fake like Angelina so be it, its you who should spend uour concerns on your real friends and fam more than this alien.

  • jen the hag

    Rich Girls @ 05/15/2013 at 12:59 pm

    why are you concern that we are concern about Angelina’s surgery?? ..hypocrite much.. because if you are NOT CONCERN you will not be here in ANGELINA’s thread .. braindead!!

  • LaCroix

    Some of these comments aren’t even worth replying to.. Yea she chopped off her breasts for publicity.. how dumb can you people be? Or better yet how much hate do you have inside of yourselves? Pathetic.

  • Rich Girls

    BTW please dont mistake me for a fan of that creep annistin. Nope sorry to disappoint you, not commenting because of her, its not always about that idiot with her love Squiggy.

  • Ann mukherji

    Well, i’d say it was not really required. If women start thinking like that, they will have everything removed..breasts, uterus, ovaries, whatever other organs that can be removed.also its no gurantee that cancer will not strike any other organs and may be that organ is not quite removable.if it has to happen, it can happen anywhere in the body.also i have not heard about both the mother and kid having cancer and that too of the same parts.
    You cant escape this if it has to happen, just like you cant escape an accident if it has to happen. Its an extreme measure she took with no gurantee that she has avoided cancer for life. I spoke to a doc friend and she agreed aswell.

  • lurker

    Angie making the trolls go crazy she is news sall over the world been trending on twitter last 24 hours,still news,please ignore the trolls they lost today,angie’s respect and love just increased by 10000000000%

  • Not Right

    There was a study about this a few years ago, and many women began removing their breasts only for another study to come out to say the first one was wrong. If this was her choice then fine, but she is now going to set a trend by having women who have perfectly healthy breasts remove them. This was a personal choice she made and she should have kept it personal.

    She also has a 50 percent chance of getting ovarian cancer. Will she get a hysterectomy too?

    I too know first hand about dealing with cancer. I lost my parents and father-in-law too it, but her public statement was not needed, and I don’t see anything heroic about what she did at all.

  • marina

    Bitter h ags. They are so negative and closed minded that instead of making sense, they look bad only agreeing with each other.
    So transparent.
    Noone has the certainty of a long life. Noone. Why not living it on a positive note intead of carrying other person’s grudge?

  • lurker

    blah blah looks like FF is empty,poor hens they are in denial and meltdown mode