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Chris Evans Flaunts Huge Biceps on 'Captain America' Set!

Chris Evans Flaunts Huge Biceps on 'Captain America' Set!

Chris Evans shows off his buff biceps in a tight muscle shirt on the set of his film Captain America: The Winter Soldier on Tuesday (May 14) in Washington, D.C.

The 31-year-old actor was joined on the set on the National Mall in the nation’s capital by his co-stars Anthony Mackie and Scarlett Johansson, who was seen wearing her Black Widow suit.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Evans

A local NBC news station caught some raw footage of Chris on the set. He even dropped down to the ground to do some pushups to pump up those arms!

Chris Evans on “Captain America” Set – Raw Footage!
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chris evans flaunts huge biceps for captain america 01
chris evans flaunts huge biceps for captain america 02
chris evans flaunts huge biceps for captain america 03
chris evans flaunts huge biceps for captain america 04
chris evans flaunts huge biceps for captain america 05

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  • Kirsten

    Hot! He seems like such a nice guy.



  • sarah

    sorry but, like Wahlberg, it looks steroid-enhanced. although unlike Wahlberg he looks really charming I must say.

  • yum

    Oh myyyy….Best body ever!!!!!!

  • KissThis

    He looks GOOD!!!

  • May


  • Molly Hooper

    as gorgeous as always. glad to see that he looks happy

  • Lola

    So damn gorgeus. Such a great guy

  • Maleka

    Steroids? You’re kidding right. These guys just workout and are proud of their bodies.

  • lol

    sorry they’re called *supplements* I believe, lol!

  • a

    he got the bumps he wanted like Thor. ;) hahahaahah ugh i love him.


    DAYUUUUUUUUM, PAPI!!! Mama like. Mama like.

  • LeLa

    bad hair plugs, smoker lines on his face and steroid induced muscles, combined with the clear love of himself makes him less than appealing.

  • Erica

    Used to love him, but now he is so gross. Sloppy second girlfriend and he’s way too into himself!

  • mikki

    he must have the worst hair pluggs in hollywood! Anthony cumia has better pluggs than chris! Don’t get him and those hollywood fake teeth are horrible

  • Erica

    For those who said his hair plugs are horrible he is not wearing hair plugs that is a wig he doesn’t go blonde to play CAP they put a wig on, but as for his real hair i’m not too sure what those are…

  • mikki

    @Erica: if you have seen him on the red carpet lately, yes he’s wearing hair plugs. Just look at the oscars and tiff. you can wear a wig over hair plugs

  • mikki

    @mikki: sorry!! i see now we are talking about the same thing;)

  • lois

    Fake hair,fake teeth, fake muscles, is there anything about this man that’s real anymore? No wonder he’s dating Minka. She’s even more plastic than he is. Must be the only time he looks like a real person these days is when they are together!

  • Kaite

    The man has conceited asshole written all over him.

  • Caco

    @lois He is plastic now, isn’t he? As fake as a Ken doll and if he keeps the steroids up, he’ll be as anatomically incorrect as one too LOL

  • Wendy

    I remember when he was attractive… am I old!

  • karen

    i would rather having him bold and wearing wigs for roles than turning all hollywood on us. God damm he used to be soo hot

  • Lynn

    Captain America isn’t hot anymore…..god he looks old and worn down.

  • Blue

    What all this hate for? Nobody is getting younger!

  • skunkur

    He has always been one of those actors that people either love or hate. He’s getting John Mayer and Wilmer V kinda hate now because of his personal life.
    I have to confess that i like him less now and i’m not exited for cap 2

  • Lynn

    @Blue: The man is an ass. It’s just now that he’s more famous, he can’t hide it as well. Also, all he ever was was looks, and now that those are going….well let’s just say an Oscar worthy actor…..he will never be!

  • Annette

    Someone said it before to that post about liking another actor and leaving him alone. This is what happens when you upset the fans. The popularity starts to dwindle and then that drips down to backlash.

  • Erica

    Ugh really JJ comment stuck in moderation again anyways @blue the hate is because he’s dating Minka and now every self proclaimed fan is bashing him because is people on here making reference to him having hair plugs big deal he admitted to loosing his hair so what a shocker. Fake teeth??? doubt it his father was a dentist so of course his teeth is perfect. It is not that deep that people should be mad at someone they don’t know for dating a person they not fond of its stupid and immature if I going to dislike CE its because he blatantly disrespected me or my fam not because he’s dating a famewhore. CE got his life we need to get ours and stay out of his and bashing him.

  • Blue

    I don’t think anybody knows him personally here so nobody should judge him!

  • Bonita

    Not to be too mean I think it’s funny that in articles about other actors some comments say stuff like “well at least he’s not with Minka Kelly” or “at least he’s not effing Minka Kelly” or “at least it’s not Minka Kelly because that would be a step down” and then there’s Chris Evans… I just want to pat him on the shoulder while shaking my head at him.

  • dcfxc

    do you know that i have met him and he is a really big guy his chest his arms his neck everything on him is big and i can not believe that such a big muscular guy like chris was choked in some movies