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Nicole Kidman: Cannes Film Festival Jury Photo Call!

Nicole Kidman: Cannes Film Festival Jury Photo Call!

Nicole Kidman waves to her fans while arriving at the Martinez Hotel for a Jury Photo Call on the eve of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday (May 14) in Cannes, France.

The 45-year-old actress is a member of the feature films jury at the festival this year, along with directors Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee, and Lynne Ramsay, and actor Christoph Waltz, among others.

Nicole will be promoting her film Grace of Monaco at the festival, but it wasn’t finished in time for it to be screened this year. Check out some new images from the flick at THR!

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nicole kidman cannes film festival jury photo call 01
nicole kidman cannes film festival jury photo call 02
nicole kidman cannes film festival jury photo call 03
nicole kidman cannes film festival jury photo call 04
nicole kidman cannes film festival jury photo call 05

Credit: Anne-Christine Poujoulat, Alberto Pizzoli; Photos: AFP/Getty
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    Gorgeous as ever


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    Eat crow haters! She is drop dead gorgeous!

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    Since when has Granny Freeze had boobs?
    Just like everything else FALSE! Maybe all the botox went to her chest as well.

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    Lol at all these haters that can’t believe how good Nicole looks without the help of any botox – guys, she’s had nothing done in YEARS and she looks AMAZING! Get used to it!

  • Oh dear

    Princess DisGrace of Botoxia has arrived!!

  • OMG … The Hair!!

    Nicker’s is having a very bad wig day!

  • Looselipz


    Nicole continues to have fillers in her face, noticed especially in her lips and forehead and obviously in the smile lines. There’s nothing natural about her. Don’t be fooled.

  • Reconstructing Nicole

    1. Remove Wig
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    She was so naturally and classically beautiful especially during the 90s, now she looks so fake. why nicole why??? :(

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    Why? Because Nicole is extremely conceited and vain and refuses to age naturally and gracefully.

  • Angel

    Stunning as always!

  • jerry

    The face is screwed and the bolt ons are comical, if your paths crossed you would probably mistake it for a transvestite.

  • janekay

    she looks gorgeous…i love her hair!

  • Randy

    She looks amazing, the best she’s looked in Years!

  • Em

    Nicole’s PR team needs to put out an emergency call to every wig maker throughout Europe because what she’s currently sporting on top of her head is not good enough.

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    She is so beautiful.

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    After seeing her hair and face here, I will never own a bottle of Swisse vitamins. Is Jimmy Choo making skis?

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    Sequins during the day … Tacky Nicole.

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    Oh my god! That woman is flawless!!!

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    nicole looks amazing

  • KissThis

    She looks really…. un Nicole like. Too much filler and botox perhaps? I like her natural look better.

  • not impressed

    tacky dress, tacky shoes, tacky hair color.

  • http://yahoo jk

    It’s gone beyond silly, she’s pathetic. A 45 y/o in complete denial that’s she’s no longer in her 20′s. She’d have a lot more fans if she’d go quietly into these years w/o being so self-centered. It wasn’t necessary for her to judge at Cannes, it was just her ongoing desire to pretend she’s young and single again. Watching the complete disregard she has for her children makes a person wonder if the older children weren’t better off with Cruise.

  • Sara

    she looks beautiful! Fresh from spending some much-deserved downtime with her loving husband and darling little girls!

  • Macy

    Stunning, classy and respected as an actor. It’s an honor to be on the Cannes panel of judges.

  • x

    @sara … much-deserved downtime?? She constantly makes the choice to work and spend very little time with her little girls.

  • TC

    Beware – a demented life size blow up Nicole Kidman doll has been spotted wandering the streets of Cannes!

  • http://none Yasmin


    Same haters of Nicole using different names , just accept the fact that Nicole Kidman is a beautiful and good looking lady ,she doesn’t look like a frozen barbie , actually human body’s anatomy and physiology , the bodies are keep working and the dead skin feel off and changed by a new skin , if you know about Mitosis , just review your science subject. And Nicole body ‘s metabolism is is working well , as she is a very healthy , so tall and slender person eating good foods
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    Nicole is not conceited , her haters same person with different user names are conceited .

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    @Oh dear:

    Nicole is not disgraced , she is graces with lots of blessings in her life.
    Stop watching her, if you doesn’t like her get off from here. You are bullying her in writing!

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    Nicole did not pretend she is in her 20′s , you are making stories , and it’s none of your business what she is doing , her fans are still her fans what ever her life is , you jealous person as her hater using different names. It happens that Nicole Kidman is one among famous and successful actress in the Hollywood and Global. The Paparazzi is chasing her to take her photos .

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