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Tom Cruise: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Premiere & After Party!

Tom Cruise: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Premiere & After Party!

Tom Cruise makes a low profile exit out of the Star Trek Into Darkness premiere held at Dolby Theatre on Tuesday (May 14) in Hollywood.

The 50-year-old actor headed to the film’s after party to hang out with the stars. The film hits theaters tomorrow!

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Tom just came off of his world tour for his film Oblivion, which is currently in theaters – be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!

Next up for Tom is All You Need Is Kill, which is scheduled for release on June 6 of next year.

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15 Responses to “Tom Cruise: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Premiere & After Party!”

  1. 1
    Anne Says:

    Tom Cruise is a nice guy. After the divorce he has done much PR to show the world that he is a normal guy and not a strange religious fanatic. I think it’s a lost cause, people do not see him with the same eyes. More, will keep watching your movies.

  2. 2
    laly Says:

    I don’t care about his crazy religon.. he still has the most beautiful smile.

  3. 3
    Rupert Sanders Says:

    he looks great for 50

  4. 4
    Seriously? Says:

    Tom Cruise is NOT a “nice guy”. A “nice guy” isn’t second in charge of a dangerous cult. A “nice guy” doesn’t give millions of dollars per year to a cult that believes that the mentally ill and those with physical handicaps should be “disposed of quietly and without remorse” (yep, thats part of their scripture). A “nice guy” doesn’t give millions to and participate in running, a cult that destroy’s families, viciously attacks their “enemies”, lies, holds people prisioner, participates in human trafficking….and so much more. A “nice guy” knows better than to fund and run a group that is so hateful.

    Before you decide that TC is a “nice guy”, learn about the group he helps to run, funds and promotes. He’s an ACTOR. He ACTS like a nice guy when he’s PROMOTING A MOVIE. Its HIS JOB to ACT NICE with the fans and in interviews. In real life, he’s NOT NICE at all. Just ask those who have worked for him or know him personally.

    Educate yourself.

  5. 5
    piner Says:

    @Seriously?: “those who have worked for him or know him personally” sayhes a great guy on set and of dbag!

  6. 6
    chris Says:

    @Seriously?: people who have worked with him say hes a great guy u dbag troll!

  7. 7
    Anne Says:


    If Scientology is all about, because the FBI does not investigate? Tom is not a victim of Scientology, he is a victim of his religious fanaticism. He would be so in any religion. I think the revolt by the abandonment of the father or the non-acceptance of their sexuality …. whatever.

  8. 8
    annie Says:

    Tom lost being a nice guy, when he became a fanatic, ”we are the authority”, unfortunately that spills over in his private life ”I am the authority” of everything.
    Saw an interesting pic yesterday, it was ex wife Katie choosing some dresses for Suri.
    Nothing paticularly earth shattering, pretty normal actually, but I can still see in my mind, two yr old Suri picking out her own clothes , and showing her like or dislike of the clothes with a shoe.
    Remember seeing a video of Suri and Katie at a park years ago, it was freezing, and there was Suri sleeveless , coatless, and there was an apprehensive Katie trying to coax her to wear a jacket, no way , Suri was a little adult, she had to do it her way, according to the script.
    Now this little girl wears jackets , tights , leggins, her hair is pulled back with cute headbands and clips, she goes to proper school, where she learns different languages, mixes with other kids , see her having playdates, and attending birthday paties, instead of being homeschooled, by his sister.
    Some say you don’t know these people, but you can easily see different things without being on the inside.
    And Tom probably is a nice guy to people on the outside, because it’s impersonal. It’s in the personal sphere he wants to control.
    If he believed in Tom a bit more, and not some crap, that tells him how to live his life, he probably would be an unbelievably nice person.
    Might wake up one day to the fact that he’s not an authority on anything , especially on how to sustain a relationship, because that falls in the personal box.
    But I do think that he is a great actor and movie maker, and I liked Jack Reacher, O blivion doesn’t seem to appeal to me at the moment.

  9. 9
    shia Says:

    please kho’s fans get out Tom’s site, No one want to see her, no one want to know what she did, her “normal life” shown to paps I’m not interested in.

  10. 10
    Anne Says:


    Because the difficulty in accepting that this star, handsome, rich and famous, who does his own stunts, in private life a man is extremely insecure, needy and lonely? He is human. Too much control is synonymous with insecurity.

  11. 11
    Anne Says:


    leave you.,

  12. 12
    Marie Says:

    Now I know why Isabella and Connor are not in university …..homeschooled, by his sister. Lol

  13. 13
    shia Says:

    Are you sure Bella is not in university?

  14. 14
    annie Says:

    Hi Anne…. how you going?

    @ Shia
    sorry if I offended , but you know Kho did give birth to his child, you know the one, child of his loin , of his body, of his blood, so I don’t see why she shouldn’t be mentioned, as the mother of his daughter.
    are you saying she no longer exists, like on Tom Cruise Forever site, where they post pics of Suri but cut Katie out of the pic.
    At least the Katie sites still have Tom and Katie pics or Tom and Suri, obviously nobody told them otherwise.
    i get it Katie is a suppressive person….sorry i forgot!

  15. 15
    shia Says:

    oh I’m sorry, I never go to see kho’s website, so I don’t care how you did, cut or not cut. but I’m very happy I can never see kho in TCF, it’s great. 23333

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