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Adriana Lima Heads to New York City After Delayed Flight!

Adriana Lima Heads to New York City After Delayed Flight!

Adriana Lima rolls her animal print suitcase through LAX Airport on Wednesday (May 15) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old supermodel at one point tried to cover her face with her boarding pass, but kept smiling regardless!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adriana Lima

“Extremely bored… Delayed flight!! Agh…” Adriana tweeted while waiting for her flight at the airport. “NYC!!!” Adriana tweeted seven hours later – glad she finally got there!

10+ pictures inside of Adriana Lima rocking animal print as she makes her way through LAX Airport…

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adriana lima heads to nyc after delayed flight 01
adriana lima heads to nyc after delayed flight 02
adriana lima heads to nyc after delayed flight 03
adriana lima heads to nyc after delayed flight 04
adriana lima heads to nyc after delayed flight 05
adriana lima heads to nyc after delayed flight 06
adriana lima heads to nyc after delayed flight 07
adriana lima heads to nyc after delayed flight 08
adriana lima heads to nyc after delayed flight 09
adriana lima heads to nyc after delayed flight 10
adriana lima heads to nyc after delayed flight 11

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Delilah

    Jared!!!!! You gotta do better. You do this for a living.

    “Delated” is not a word. You are looking to say, “DELAYED? ”

    Get it together.

  • rosie

    the most beautiful woman in the world!! go adriana

  • Q.

    She’s a goddess!

  • Frozoid

    thats a MAN baby!

  • tk


  • test


  • xana

    I like her “file folder butt”

  • V

    beautiful as always

  • bigdawg

    @xana: lmao. she really does have one long squared white girl shaped booty. Its funny just because she has boobs and a big upper body (huge shoulders,fat head etc) she gets called curvy. She has the thinnest most shapeless chicken legs i have ever seen. funny austin powers smile too.

  • barmirandafan

    wow manly!

  • kay

    @bigdawg: LMAO. You life must be bitter. What fat head?? Huge shoulders? Really? lols. And if she has a flat butt then some humans don’t have butts at all.
    You hater a$$ is so faulty.

  • yawn

    Off to shoot her 10 millionth vs panty catalog shoot? I wonder why shes only in demand by one company ? hardly call that a supermodel…Shes justs like Heidi or Laetitia.

  • kay

    Heidi and Laetitia are not supermodels? haha. Ok. Adriana is focusing on VS and VS is focusing on her. She doesn’t need to be working with every other company like she’s not making enough money from her VS contractS. She works outside the brand now and then. Only when she chooses to.
    She’s not some fameho who greedily grabs every cheap little project that comes her way

  • Juliet

    I love her loads. what a chameleon. It’s like it’s not the same bombshell who attended a VS event days back. she looks more pretty than bombshell-gorgeous here. Such a winner

  • meri

    Oh my God! She is so pretty even in her casual wear!!

  • Kimmy

    @yawn: Apparently the reason she has not branched is because Victoria’s Secret paid her off. She would rather poop around with her daughter and her family and her husband and blow millions flying between LA NYC Miami Serbia Spain Italy and Brazil, making the most $$$$ for her time when away at work. By the way, Victoria’s Secret models are not supermodels. Never were. Never will be.

  • Kimmy

    @kay: REAL supermodels have variety, like Gisele. The reason Gisele has done just one runway show a year for the past several years is because she does everything from charity work to her own lingerie line. Victoria’s Secret is a cheap little project a lot of girls have in their career, like GQ. Adr. just happened to be the best at hawking gaudy bras panties clothes shoes accessories makeup perfumes the lot for a once respectable turned classless brand.

  • Kimmy

    #16 Not to mention London and wherever else they fly to….

  • Gerr

    @Kimmy: The reason she’s all over VS is because of the terms and agreements in her contract. VS doesn’t want to share her. For such a cheap panty catalog model, it says a lot that VS, a multi billion dollar worldwide famed company is still holding her tight.
    Leatitia has done multiple runway and high fashion covers and eds and she’s still workin with other high profile brands including L’Oreal. Heidi and Tyra has done their occasional high fashion work and they’ve done everything else, from tv shows to movies to their own products.
    That kind of behavior screams supermodel
    Stay dumb

  • LOL

    @Gerr: oh little girl who thinks VS models are “supermodels” (lmao) needs a lesson in supermodeldom…
    Germans: Claudia Schiffers career EATS panty/z list reality star Heidi Klum (in terms of prestige) career.

    Black models: Naomi Campbell is THE supermodel in demand legendary MUSE. Tyra can do all the CHEAP reality tv she wants, she has never and will never have Naomi’s status.

    see the differences in status or shall I go on? panty modeling for years is laughable and embarrassing.

  • lolol

    Her hater are so stupid haha. Denial much?

  • lolol

    @LOL: is it laughable and embarrassing for your bank account too? And the fame and VIP treatment you get everywhere you go? Just curious.

  • janie

    Most beautiful girl in the world…period. Her haters can fall back. They will never be her…..hate on.

  • Kimmy

    I’m surrounded by idiots. All you are so dumb. No one knows what supermodel is no more because the legacy of real supermodels is 80s and 90s. The 2000s…. especially Victoria’s Secret turned into a big greedy company that pumps out cheap quality lingerie and products. No one cares they shoot in all these exotic locations and have an over the top fashion show every year. Victoria’s Secret is trash. Victoria’s Secret is not high fashion. Never was. Never will be. Never could be. Even at its best in the late 90s early 2000s. Fame is disgusting. Fame is overrated people who thrive on the limelight. Real people with talent and class don’t give a damn about fame or VIP. @LOL is right. And I aint even hating. @Gerr: Way to restate exactly what I already said. Adr. IS a cheap panty catalog model. Victoria’s Secret is a multi billion dollar worldwide famed company because it whores itself to impressionable girls and young women is still holding her tight because she’s the best at hawking all their garbage. She does it all! For a price. Classic Victoria’s Secret customers know Victoria’s Secret that once was a right of passage for women is dead. This generation also knows Gisele is the last good real supermodel. Tyra is full of herself and Heidi is self serving. Naomi and Claudia Schiffer are class.

  • Kimmy

    Adr.s pretentious. What has you done that is so great? Nothing.

  • Kimmy


  • Kimmy

    Ive more respect for Doutzen and shes just a model.

  • lolol

    You seem to have intentionally forgotten Adriana made it when victoria’s secret had models like Leatitia, Gisele, Tyra, Heidi, and even when Naomi was doing the shows. You have a problem remembering that part right?
    And are you stupid? Who ever said VS is high fashion? Why does it even have to be high fashion? Do you not know there are commercial models who are ten imes more successful than high fashion models?
    “Victoria’s Secret turned into a big greedy company that pumps out cheap quality lingerie”
    You basically said their lingerie are quality and affordable. So what exactly is wrong with that? Seems to me like you’re the idiot here.
    Go tell the millions of people that shop at VS and millions of men and women who fancy their angels that VS is trash and see if they won’t laugh at you. I bet even models they made in to somebodies like Miranda, Candice etc will laugh at you. You see, they are too realistic and unbiased to realize the power of the brand

  • @Idiot

    Oh my god. I shouldn’t even be explaining this to you. You are so stupid. CHEAP QUALITY, POOR QUALITY, LOW QUALITY,……. take your pick. Victoria’s Secret is not class. You’re most likely a newbie who has no idea the real Victoria’s Secret. I’ve followed Adr. since she first started in the 90s so dont tell me shyt. Supermodels, sweetie, are high fashion. IDIOT. Those who shop at Victoria’s Secret are majority low class. And it did not used to be that way. As I was saying, Victoria’s Secret is not the same as it once was and among the early 2000s was their last good year as far as overall charm, high class and superior quality so just stfu and gtfo.

  • @Idiot

    K thnx

  • FYI

    For genuine brand turned big greedy company it all comes down to $$$$